Daisy’s tips for maximizing your Halloween treats

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A small Halloween bag is a mistake

Besides choosing your costume, one of the most important parts of getting ready for Halloween is selecting your Halloween treat bag. I hope you have not already gotten your bag, because I have some important advice to keep you from making a dreadful mistake. See this bag? It is NO GOOD, on account of it is way too small! This candy corn bag is cute, but the goal on Halloween is to get as many treats as possible, so you obviously need a much bigger bag.  Read More »

[Giveaway] Litter Genie Solves the Problem of Litter Box Odor

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Litter Genie Plus - available at 1-800-PetMeds
Worst case scenario: Your guests are about to arrive for the dinner party you’ve been planning for weeks. The table is set. The food is almost ready, and the whole house smells like Grandma’s delicious 6-cheese lasagna. Wait! What’s that odor competing with the delightful aroma of the dinner you’ve slaved over for 3 hours? No, not now! Beloved Mitzi has just used the facilities…and there’s no time to empty the cat box before your boss and co-workers arrive. You certainly don’t want to pass them on their way in your door while carrying a smelly garbage bag of cat litter to the trash!

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What you need to know about seizures in pets

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“Don’t talk to strangers!” is one of the first lessons we teach our young children. Then we send them off to school and teach them about competition for grades, competition for attention, and then by sometimes setting the examples for them, we teach the many reasons why it’s important to be wary of each other.

Pharmacy school education is geared towards educating the future pharmacists about physiology and how drugs act and interact in the body. By the time a student gets their doctorate in pharmacy, they know just about everything there is to know about medication. Some of these pharmacy students who wish  to also learn more about veterinary pharmacy come to spend one of their rotations here at 1800PetMeds where they learn about what we do, and how drugs can behave differently in pets. Read More »

Daisy takes a spin in the Cat Crinkle Tunnel

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I got this Crinkle Cat Tunnel to test out.  I will admit, at first it did not look like a very fun toy, on account of it was only a few inches long–I could run through this tunnel in less than a second. But then I realized that if you untie the sides, it expands real BIG! Read More »

[Contest] Share your pet’s adoption story – win $100 PetMeds Bucks

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October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month


Facts and tips about Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Every October, dog lovers and rescuers celebrate Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. This month was started by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) to raise public awareness of the millions of dogs awaiting homes in shelters.

The ASPCA commissioned a poll* in 2012 which revealed that pet owners who adopted their dogs from shelters are more likely to be happy with their experience than those owners who purchased their dogs from pet stores. In addition, shelter dog adopters are twice as likely** as pet store dog buyers to recommend the organization in which they got their pet compared to others.

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Pet medications and your nursing or pregnant pet

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October is American Pharmacists Month. During this time, we are supposed to remind the American public of the value of their “neighborhood” pharmacist, and how beneficial it is for your overall health to get to know your pharmacist. However, there is little mention of the long road and hard work it takes to actually become a pharmacist. Pharmacy students have to spend thousands of hours learning about the body, how drugs affect the body, how drugs interact with each other, and how to prevent having these same drugs that are supposed to do good from causing harm. Read More »

Cat afraid of the vacuum? How to keep the vacuum-monster away!

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If you are like many cats (and some dogs, too!) you might be a little bit scared of the vacuum cleaner. As your friend, I would like to reassure you that even though this thing roars loudly and rolls across the carpet like it’s gonna get you, it is NOT actually a monster. Read More »

How to create a home emergency kit for your pets

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The time to put together a pet emergency kit is before you need it! Remember, you can only work with what you have, but what are you supposed to be doing to prepare?

Have a home emergency preparedness kit! This can be one of those 55 gallon drums or a couple of plastic crates (especially the kind with wheels) so you could roll it to your vehicle if need be.

Once you have established a home version you could then create a “grab and go” style. Sometimes that is the type of vest a dog can wear with enough product for only a day or two.

There are wearable emergency kits with several days of supplies.

Your home emergency preparedness kit should contain:

1.   A two week supply of food for each pet stored in airtight containers. This should be rotated at least twice a year to ensure it is fresh, and also maintains that the food your pet is now eating is in their emergency kit. During a stressful situation is no time to add a change of food routine to your pets’ regimen. Remember a manual can opener if you feed canned food.

2.   A two week supply of water for each pet (count on 1 gallon per pet, per day).  Do not store this in direct sunlight to prevent algae growth and do not store plastic containers directly on concrete as they will start to leach chemicals. This also should be rotated, or you can purchase a water purifier chemical.

3.   A two week supply of any medications taken by your animals.  Remember to change out regularly so that you don’t have expired medications and to update when a pet goes on a new medication.

4.   A waterproof container or a plastic bag you could store inside a small dog or cat crate. Place inside each of the follow items:

  • Each of your pet’s vaccination records
  • Photos of your pet with your family as proof of ownership.
  • Medical and microchip records
  • Leash, harness and crate or carrier for each pet
  • A pet first-aid kit with a particulate mask and muzzle
  • Pet’s favorite treats, chew toys, bedding, food & water dishes
  • Litter, scoop & box for kitties
  • Cash

Supplies you should include in an emergency kit.

For more information on emergency preparedness, please visit the Emma Zen Foundation website.

Daisy’s antidote for the Monday Blues

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Daisy knows that many people do not enjoy Mondays

Pppffffftttt! I know, that is how many people feel about Mondays. And when our people are not happy, we cats are not happy either. Read More »

[Giveaway] Crinkle cat tunnels provide hours of playtime fun

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Ditch the paper bag as your cat's toy and upgrade to a Crinkle Cat Tunnel

If you’re a cat owner, you know it doesn’t take much to entertain your cat. Whether it’s a box, paper bag or feather toy, cats are known for being spry and energetic pets. Unfortunately, having your home strewn with empty boxes and bags may not be the most appealing home decor. Crinkle cat tunnels are not only more stylish than brown paper bags but they’re sure to provide your favorite feline with endless amounts of fun. Although cat tunnels are a fun toy on their own, having several makes for quite a playful experience, especially for multiple cats.

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