Daisy’s horrid, terrible, very bad day

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Daisy at vet1

Ohai friends. I’m relaxing in my fluffy pink sleeping bag on account of I just had a very  horrid couple of days! Would you like to hear about it? Read More »

Is pet insurance worth it?

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Pet Insurance Companies

The importance of health insurance coverage is undeniable in today’s economy. Health care costs are constantly going up, including veterinary health care costs. In the case of preventative health check-ups or even a health care emergency, you want to be sure all family members are protected and provided for – including those with fur.

Without a good pet insurance plan, you could find yourself faced with a heartbreaking dilemma. Some veterinary procedures and surgeries can cost thousands of dollars. For most families, there’s just not enough money in the budget to cover such an expense. Planning ahead with pet insurance could literally add years to your pet’s life. Read More »

How to prevent pet medication errors

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Become a well-educated pet owner

Since 1951, the most popular accreditation organization for health care facilities has been The Joint Commission. This organization in a lot of ways sets many standards in the health care field, and helps ensure that patients are getting the highest possible quality of care in certain medical facilities. Places like hospitals, home care agencies, psychiatric facilities, and ambulatory care centers all strive to get and keep the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval. Needless to say, The Joint Commission knows quite a lot about making healthcare safer for the human patient.

In veterinary care, we also have similar organizations such as the NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy) and their Vet-VIPPS program, which also has an accreditation process. Similar to the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval, online veterinary pharmacies strive to get the Vet-VIPPS seal in order to demonstrate their commitment to their patients’ health. Other organizations such as LegitScript also give their seal of approval to facilities who have agreed to strictly adhere to certain laws and regulations. In healthcare, the patient or client who is not a medical professional is very much dependent on the trust they have in the whole system and its medical practitioners. Agencies such as The Joint Commission and Vet-VIPPS fulfill a vital role in helping the patient bridge the gap of knowledge and sort through a lot of undecipherable and confusing facts to make a selection based on proven standards rather than on the toss of a coin. Read More »

Free dog biscuits for LIFE? And the winner is…

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Happy Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day! While I don’t really appreciate dog biscuits, I do enjoy a tasty treat on a daily basis. Today, I have a very important responsibility–I am choosing the winner of the Dog Biscuits for Life Sweepstakes! One very, very lucky dog will win a lifetime supply of Gourmet Dog Biscuits. Read More »

Bad “dog” breath: Learn how to prevent it!

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This is a guest post from Debra Jo Chiapuzio, president of the Emma Zen Foundation and a pet first aid expert. The Emma Zen Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on pet safety. The foundation’s main goal is to provide pet oxygen masks to firefighters and other first responders.

Brushing your pet's teeth can ward off dental disease!

It’s the month of amore, so pucker up and go give your pet a smooch! What? You didn’t brush your teeth? Oh I’ve been there- please go take the time to take care of that. But what about your pets? They feel like that daily, compounded by years if you have never provided proper dental care. Can you imagine NEVER brushing your teeth?

Did you know plaque turns into tarter in 24 to 48 hours? According to the American Veterinary Dental Association, “more than 98% of dogs with bad breath suffer from gum disease, and 80% of our canine friends develop it before they are three-years-old.” And we can do something about it!

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[Giveaway] How do you show your love?

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National Love Your Pet Day

We know you love your pet every day, unconditionally. To celebrate that unique bond you share, this Friday is National Love Your Pet Day! Think of it as Valentine’s Day for pets — a special time to express how much your pet means to you and show him, her or them how much you really care.

Recently, we asked our Facebook friends and fans what they’ll do to celebrate this holiday with their beloved pets. Some of their great ideas included: Read More »

Does your pet need a fatty acid supplement?

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Fatty acids help keep your pet's coat shiny and healthy

The word amazing is used and overused way too much these days.  A new cell phone, a new camera, a new car, anything that is new or different inspires people to walk around saying “It’s amazing!” What I find interesting is that as we look around us and try to find amazing things, we sometimes miss the fact that the most amazing thing of all is actually us. Our bodies and the bodies of other mammals are truly a work of wonder that function better than any man-made machine or gadget. Our bodies have a truly amazing way of regulating itself, fixing itself, creating things, and doing other fantastic things on its own without anyone’s input. Better than any chemistry experiment, our bodies can take one substance that is useless and convert it into something that the body can use. However, there are some substances that seem to be of benefit but for some reason, mammals do not synthesize in sufficient quantities. An example of this is omega -3 and omega -6 fatty acids. Read More »

Some cats are not ready for romance

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Did you all have a happy Valentine’s Day? I enjoy any day that celebrates love. Did you know that I was in love once? It was with a special cat named Skeezix. He had to go to the Rainbow Bridge, but I have lots of special memories of him, as well as this beautiful catnip heart he gave me one year. My brother Harley has never had a girlfriend. Harley decided that he might be ready for romance, and he asked me for some assistance. Read More »

[Sweepstakes] What dogs really want!

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Dog Biscuits for Life Sweepstakes

We’re celebrating Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day with a special surprise. It’s what your dog dreams about — a never-ending supply of delicious, delectable, delightful gourmet dog biscuits! Not just once every few months for a special occasion when Mom or Dad remembers, but tasty, crunchy goodness all the time, for life!

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Spinning out of control: could your dog have OCD?

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Tail chasing, running in circles, or snapping at nothing might seem funny to an observer not familiar with compulsive behavior in animals, but the reality is nothing to laugh about. I was visiting a friend this past weekend and most of the time I was there, his dog was running in circles after his tail. My friend from college was hysterical laughing at this odd behavior and he claimed that his dog does this all the time. Although normal and healthy dogs do sometimes run in circles, bark at the air, and engage in other excessive uncontrollable behaviors in response to a particular trigger, a dog suffering from obsessive/compulsive disorder may begin these behaviors without a trigger and medical literature suggests that the “patient” actually loses the ability to stop the behavior on their own. When I suggested to my friend that his dog couldn’t stop this behavior even if he wanted to, his response was “How do you know that he even wants to stop?” Point well taken, I kept my opinions to myself after that. I’m not trained in diagnosing illnesses but it does seem more difficult to diagnose mental or emotional diseases in pets than in humans since pets can’t clearly describe their feelings and intentions. The thing is that when a particular behavior starts to interfere with the normal life or the health of a pet, it is absolutely time to make an appointment with the veterinarian for a proper evaluation. Read More »