Surprising ways pets are affected by relationship troubles

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Moving can be hard on pets as well

Moving into a new home and a new neighborhood is for most people a very stressful event. My recent move was prompted by a few changes in my family dynamic. No matter how much my wife and I tried, we were not able to make it work. After many discussions and tears, we both agreed it would be best to part ways. Our children are grown up now and are pretty independent, we quickly came to an agreement about splitting our assets, and it seemed that everything was going to be easy and amicable until a monkey wrench was thrown into the negotiations: What do we do with our pets?

We have two dogs and three cats that we both love equally, and now the custody battle was not over our human children but over our pet children. After many days of going back and forth, we were able to make the decision based on the preferences of the pets. Duke and Midnight seemed to follow my wife everywhere she went while Daisy was clearly “my dog.” I could almost see Daisy smiling at me when I would enter the room. So as strange as it sounds, we let the pets pretty much decide who lives with whom. Read More »

Have fun, but remember the meaning of Memorial Day

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Daisy shares thoughts on Memorial Day

I hope you are having a nice Memorial Day today! Most of the time I’m all about having fun, playing with toys, eating snacks and just generally having an all-around Good Time (especially on long weekends). But today is actually a serious and important day, because it’s a day for us to commemorate the brave men and women who died in service to our country. So let us take a moment to pause and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we could remain safe and have a nice holiday today.

Daisy would like to hear your Memorial Day plans

As long as you do not forget the true meaning of the day, it is still okay to have a good time watching a parade, having a picnic, or just lounging around the house in your pajamas all day. I am wearing my kerchief on account of I am hoping for some barbecue later today and I don’t want to get any sauce on my fur.

What do you have planned for today?

[Giveaway] Your pet will love these reduced calorie treats

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Daisy tries out Lean Treats

Now that I am getting older, it is harder to keep my girlish figure. And I dearly love my treats! What to do? The solution is simple…  reduced calorie treats! But this will only work if the treats are something delicious I would enjoy inside my tummy. And I am very particular about treats. So today I am going to try out these new Lean Treats and report on my findings. Read More »

[New Product] VeggieDent Dental Chews – a toothbrush in a treat!

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C.E.T. VeggieDent Dental Chews are like a toothbrush in a treat

In recent years, we’ve all become more aware of how dental hygiene impacts the health of pets (and humans) in general. Poor dental health causes plaque, tartar buildup, cavities, bad breath, tooth loss, oral lesions and the list goes on.

Teeth cleaning for pets can be a real challenge. Sometimes teeth brushing can fall to the bottom on a busy pet parent’s to-do list. The fact that many pets may be uncooperative during the teeth cleaning process can make brushing your pet’s teeth a dreaded task.

How to get your pet to participate in the teeth cleaning process

So, how do you reduce the time and effort it takes to keep your pet’s teeth sparkling and gums healthy?

Innovations in pet dental care have greatly eased the pet teeth cleaning process. While brushing is always necessary and vital to overall oral hygiene, there are ways your pet can help clean his or her own teeth and gums without even knowing it!

C.E.T. VeggieDent Dental Chews – A toothbrush in a treat!

VeggieDent dental chews

Offering your pet a daily dental chew, such as C.E.T. VeggieDent Dental Chews for Dogs is a great way to reduce plaque, loosen tartar and freshen breath all at once.

When your dog enjoys a VeggieDent Dental Chew, the mechanical action of the chewing along with the tough, chewy texture of the dental chew work to scrape away plaque and tartar, as well the bacteria that causes bad breath.

The less plaque, tartar and food particles left in your pet’s mouth, the easier brushing teeth becomes!

C.E.T. VeggieDent Dental Chews have a special Z-shape design to help your dog get a good grip for chewing, too.

There’s no replacement for regular teeth brushing, but using dental chews like VeggieDent is a great way to keep dental problems at bay while giving your dog a tasty treat.

Buy VeggieDent Chews at 1800PetMeds

Daisy shows off her Mother’s Day arts & crafts

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Daisy shows off her art supplies

Did you have a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday? I did! Do you know why? Because I made something extra-special for my Mommeh. These are some of my craft supplies. I had to wear these denim coveralls so I wouldn’t get my fur dirty. Wait until you see what I made! I am pretty sure that you will be a little bit impressed with me. Read More »

What you should know about “superbugs” and your pet

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We must all be responsible to help prevent the development of superbugs

Ever stopped taking a medication early? After all, the only one who gets hurt if a medication is not taken exactly as prescribed is the patient themselves, right? The answer to that question is actually an emphatic NO. A decision taken by one person can in fact hurt many. The topic of antibiotic resistance is something that affects every single person living on this planet.

There exists something called “superbugs” which are bacteria that are resistant to all kinds of antibiotics. Over half a century has passed since penicillin was discovered by Doctor Fleming; that one drug, in a variety of different forms, has saved the lives of millions of people. The overuse and misuse of antibiotics, however, has created a staph bacteria known as MRSA which can cause very serious illness and even death in a short period of time. These superbugs are extremely difficult to eradicate and are becoming an epidemic that is infecting the old, the young, the healthy, the sick, people, and animals. These bacteria have to be taken very seriously or we may shortly return to the “dark” age before the invention of antibiotics, a situation that we would not wish on our worst enemy. Read More »

What your cat really wants to do on Cinco de Mayo

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Harley gets stage fright

Hola! I’ll bet you were expecting to see DAISY here today! I volunteered because this story is about Cinco de Mayo and I am the party cat. Only now that I’m in the spotlight, I am a little nervous. I forgot what I was going to say! Um, er, well… Oh yeah, about Cinco de Mayo, or as I like to call it, Cinco de Meow. Read More »

Is it a mistake to “humanize” our pets?

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Play Time

In our society today, fewer people actually interact face-to-face with each other and are now more likely to communicate online. Because our social connections are becoming more impersonal, perhaps it’s only natural that people may look to their pets to fill this void, often treating them more like little people. The truth is, I’m not totally sure how I feel about this. There is a part of me that really enjoys seeing a dog dressed in a sweater or raincoat, or a cat with her own weekly blog. PetMeds employee, Abby, writes a blog for her Devon Rex cat, Daisy, which has many readers that get pleasure each week from reading about Daisy’s interactions with her troublemaker roommate, Harley (“the maniac.”) Our pets are part of the family, and there is nothing more entertaining than a beloved pet exhibiting human-like traits that we can ourselves identify with. Counting, reading, dressing up, obeying complex commands, flushing the toilet, and so many other human traits that we get our pets to “perform” do bring us great joy because it taps into something in our soul that finds humor when an animal acts like a human. There are times, however, when it’s important for a pet to be treated like the animal he or she truly is. Read More »

Reduce feline stress with one simple gadget

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Daisy thinks of ways to keep peace

Well, my earlier idea to keep Harley occupied with the catnip sardines did not work out exactly the way I had planned, but I have not given up my quest for some peace and tranquility. After all, I am no longer a spring chicken and  Harley is getting on my last nerve. But I have hatched a new plan that I think will work! Read More »

Don’t expose your pet to this hidden danger

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You could unknowingly expose your pet to dangerous medications

I was surprised to wake up a few days ago to an FDA Alert that a human medication called Flurbiprofen has caused serious illness in some pets. I’ve heard of this medication being used in human eye drops and some doctors prescribe a topical formulation to apply on the skin, but I have not heard of this non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication being ever prescribed for dogs and cats. Upon further reading, it became clear that this drug had in fact been prescribed to humans to be used on the skin but somehow it ended up getting on the family cat, almost causing kidney failure. This didn’t just happen once, but enough times to warrant this urgent FDA warning.

This FDA warning should alert us to the dangers of human medication becoming somehow dangerous to pets who live in the same household. The FDA Alert goes on to advise healthcare providers and pet owners to become alert to the dangers of this drug, and other topical drugs, to our pets. Even though the medication is being applied topically on the shoulder or the neck of the human, pets can get enough exposure to cause harm and possible death. Human medication can be extremely dangerous to pets even in very small doses. Pets do not metabolize all medication in a similar fashion as humans do, and a drug that is relieving your shoulder pain can be toxic to your dog or cat. Let’s look at just a few specific examples of the dangers of pets getting into human medication, keeping in mind that this list is nowhere near a complete listing of all the potential dangers.  Read More »