Your cat can be a good cat, too!

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By now, I’m sure you have realized that I am a Very Good Cat, on account of I (almost) never misbehave. Even though I do enjoy a good scratch every day, I never scratch where I am not supposed to scratch. You might think this took a lot of training and willpower, but you would be wrong. What’s my secret? I’ll tell you! Read More »

[Contest Winner] Meet Gorilla, a pug being given a second chance

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Change a Pet’s Life Day is today, and to celebrate, PetMeds is helping one adoptable pet get the surgery he needs to live a happy, healthy life!

Gorilla is ready for his life to change!

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[Event] What does your cat secretly want to know?

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National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

Does your cat often seem to be pondering the mysteries of life? Cats are famous for their instinctive need to know. Here’s your chance to give them a voice to ask the probing questions you’re certain they’d love to ask!

Join Daisy the Curly Cat, 1800PetMeds’ resident expert on being a cat for an enlightening question and answer session in celebration of National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day, this Thursday, January 22, 2015.
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Cats fighting? How to re-establish peace

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Cats are territorial

The neighborhood pet back when I was still living with my parents was a bicolor cat with beautiful black markings along the top of his back and around his tail. His long white hair always seemed well-brushed and he had a petite, fragile appearance that made him look adorable. His wonderful temperament and sweet look earned him the name “Mignon” from the patisserie owner, Mr. Martine. Mignon (which means “cute” in French) would run from neighbor to neighbor throughout the day to greet people and to collect as many snacks as he could. Who would think that Mignon could be anything but sweet and gentle? Read More »

Your cats have questions, Professor Daisy has answers

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Ohai! You might or might not know that January 22nd is National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day. Because I am a Smart Cat, there is hardly anything I do not know. The few questions I did have were already answered last year. (You can study those answers AND see me with my Mommeh, here.) However, I know that other cats probably have many, many questions. So, I have decided to put on my lab coat and help answer your questions! Read More »

Are these in your home? Prevent a pet poisoning

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Take your pet to the vet if you suspect ingestion of something toxic

Last Wednesday, while on my lunch break, I noticed that I had missed several calls from my friend Colin. He had left messages about the urgency of his situation and that I needed to get in touch with him immediately. When I called him back he started asking me if we carried something called vitamin K here at 1800PetMeds. Apparently Colin was concerned that his cat may have ingested some rat poison and wanted to treat the cat without proper veterinary guidance after doing some “internet research.” Since vitamin K is the clotting ingredient that gets disrupted when an animal has ingested an anticoagulant, he felt that simply giving this medication would be the answer. Since we don’t carry vitamin K and treating a cat poisoning at home is never recommended, I strongly suggested that he immediately take his cat to the veterinarian. When Colin noticed that his cat had stopped eating and drinking, became weak, had pale gums, and was having difficulty breathing he realized that ne needed to take the cat in for a checkup. It was lucky that he went in when he did, because the cat not only needed to get a vitamin K injection but he also needed intravenous fluids and a blood transfusion. Had he not taken the cat to receive the proper treatment, this poisoning would have most likely been fatal. Read More »

Help your pet sparkle on Dress Up Your Pet Day

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Daisy dress up1

It’s almost that time, one of the most important days of the year: Dress Up Your Pet Day! This holiday is January 14th, so you still have time to get ready (if you begin your preparations now). This year I have selected a two-piece number with a flouncy skirt and polka-dotted trim. Now that I’m all dressed up, I wish there was a special parade or party I could attend. I’d look good atop a parade float!

Daisy dress up2

I know you will want your own dog or cat to look fabulous, too, so I recommend you begin by reading some of the tips I have compiled. I am certain these tips will help every cat and dog be best-dressed! And if you do not want to dress up your pet, you can still enjoy browsing through my fashion retrospective. Which outfit is your favorite?

[Contest] Together, we can change a pet’s life!

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Enter the Change a Pet's Life Contest

Animal rescues and shelters do all they can to get adoptable pets ready for new homes. Sometimes though, there are problems that require expensive surgery or medical treatments that may be financially out of reach.

Imagine the difference it would make for a lonely, sick pet to receive much-needed medical care… AND a new, loving home!

With your help, PetMeds will change the lives of a few pets in need by contributing up to $2,000 towards the surgery and/or medical treatment needed to improve the life of one lucky winning adoptable pet. As well, PetMeds will cover the adoption fees of five other pets, and contribute $250 toward the third place winner’s medical or surgical needs.

So, where do you come in? Our Change a Pet’s Life contest is open to US animal rescues and shelters to change the life of an adoptable dog or cat by providing a needed surgery or medical treatment.

Not part of a shelter? You can still participate by sharing the contest with your favorite animal rescue group, and encourage them to enter one of their pets in need!

This is your chance to help make a huge difference to a pet in need while supporting the hard work and dedication of your favorite shelter. Participate in our Change a Pet’s Life contest and share it with other pet lovers so they, too, can help save an adoptable pet. Together, we can change the lives of pets that need our help.

How to Enter

To enter, just click on the button below and go to our contest page for full instructions. The submission period will run through 1/15/15, and we ask that all submissions are done through the rescue group to ensure correct information.

Following the submission period, the contest will be open to public voting! Encourage your supporters and communities to vote starting 1/16/15 to help change a pet’s life. Participants can vote once a day, and voting will close at 12 a.m. ET on 1/22/15. Good luck!

Enter the Change a Pet's Life Contest!

How misuse of antibiotics puts your pet at risk

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It's important to give antibiotics exactly as prescribed

My dog Duke is getting old. My children look at his face and see his graying hair and half jokingly remind me that he has changed quite a bit over the past couple of years. If it’s simply a cosmetic matter it wouldn’t be of much concern, but Duke has also been getting more illnesses than usual. A few months ago he developed a staph infection on his hind leg and last week he developed a respiratory tract infection. Both of these infections required antibiotics to clear them up. Although pets can get infections at any age, when they get older the immune system begins to weaken a little and their ability to fight bacteria is diminished.

The very word “infection” sounds scary, especially in relation to your pet’s health. But just what is an infection? An infection is caused by the presence and multiplication of an organism that causes disease. These disease-causing organisms are everywhere, and under most circumstances when these organisms invade our pets, the pet’s immune system is sufficiently strong to wipe them out. There are other times, however, when they are present in sufficient quantity or the pet’s immune system is not working optimally, that these organisms begin to cause illness. Basically, the body gets overwhelmed and these organisms begin producing toxins that cause symptoms in our pets. Read More »

The secret to successful New Year’s resolutions

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Happy New Year! I hope your new year is off to a great start. Most of us like to begin the year by making resolutions. Unfortunately, most of those good intentions are kicked to the curb because the resolutions are just too hard to keep. Do not worry, I have a solution! If you want to stick to your resolutions throughout the year, you just have to choose the right resolutions. You might be thinking, “Daisy, what are the correct resolutions?” I’m here to help! Read More »