[New Product] VeggieDent Dental Chews – a toothbrush in a treat!

In recent years, we’ve all become more aware of how dental hygiene impacts the health of pets (and humans) in general. Poor dental health causes plaque, tartar buildup, cavities, bad breath, tooth loss, oral lesions and the list goes on. Teeth cleaning for pets can be a real challenge. Sometimes teeth brushing can fall to… [Read more]

Ease aggressive behavior and have a blast with your pooch!

Kong Tugger Knots are fun and durable tug-o-war toys that dogs love.

To ease aggression, your pet needs to be more active and to have some fun. But what type of activities can make your pet feel better? Playing tug-o-war with your dog can be a great outlet for pent up energy. Tug-o-war really helps increase your pet’s exercise, which in turn stops Fido from feeling stressed.

Keep your dog entertained & out of trouble this holiday

Kong Classic dog toy and Easy Treat

If you are throwing a holiday party, your guests may cause your dog some anxiety, which could lead to destructive behavior like chewing on furniture. On the other hand, your dog may smell the delicious goodies coming from the kitchen, and beg for “human” food that can cause an upset tummy. So keeping your dog occupied is key to avoiding unwanted problems around the holidays.

Each of us can make a difference–giving back this holiday season

Thanksgiving table setup

Here at PetMeds, we believe that Thanksgiving and the holiday season is also about giving back to the community. In addition to our donation program in which we give pet supplies to animal shelters and pet rescues across the country, some of our employees take the spirit of giving to heart in their personal lives,… [Read more]