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[New Product] VeggieDent Dental Chews – a toothbrush in a treat!

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C.E.T. VeggieDent Dental Chews are like a toothbrush in a treat

In recent years, we’ve all become more aware of how dental hygiene impacts the health of pets (and humans) in general. Poor dental health causes plaque, tartar buildup, cavities, bad breath, tooth loss, oral lesions and the list goes on.

Teeth cleaning for pets can be a real challenge. Sometimes teeth brushing can fall to the bottom on a busy pet parent’s to-do list. The fact that many pets may be uncooperative during the teeth cleaning process can make brushing your pet’s teeth a dreaded task.

How to get your pet to participate in the teeth cleaning process

So, how do you reduce the time and effort it takes to keep your pet’s teeth sparkling and gums healthy?

Innovations in pet dental care have greatly eased the pet teeth cleaning process. While brushing is always necessary and vital to overall oral hygiene, there are ways your pet can help clean his or her own teeth and gums without even knowing it!

C.E.T. VeggieDent Dental Chews – A toothbrush in a treat!

VeggieDent dental chews

Offering your pet a daily dental chew, such as C.E.T. VeggieDent Dental Chews for Dogs is a great way to reduce plaque, loosen tartar and freshen breath all at once.

When your dog enjoys a VeggieDent Dental Chew, the mechanical action of the chewing along with the tough, chewy texture of the dental chew work to scrape away plaque and tartar, as well the bacteria that causes bad breath.

The less plaque, tartar and food particles left in your pet’s mouth, the easier brushing teeth becomes!

C.E.T. VeggieDent Dental Chews have a special Z-shape design to help your dog get a good grip for chewing, too.

There’s no replacement for regular teeth brushing, but using dental chews like VeggieDent is a great way to keep dental problems at bay while giving your dog a tasty treat.

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[NEW PRODUCT] Keeping pets calm just got easier!

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Adaptil and Feliway

Even the most well-mannered pets can experience anxiety and stress, resulting in some unsavory behavior. When we go through times of change, excitement or upheaval, so do they! Of course, we have the luxury of understanding our circumstances (and the reasons behind them) better. As pet parents, we must help our pets get through tumultuous times.

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Behavioral issues in cats may not be what you think

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HomeoPet Feline UTI+

You were away from home longer than usual. When you walk in your door, you’re hit with an overpowering odor… and you know just what it is. But why? You may jump to the conclusion that your cat sprayed or urinated outside the box as a passive-aggressive way to say, “Your absence is unacceptable! You’d better come home on time from now on.”

In reality, there may be something altogether different going on with your furry companion.
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[New Product] Prepare for spring mishaps with Vetericyn VF

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Vetericyn VF Pet First Aid

Spring is just around the corner, and your pet will likely be excited to spend more time outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine. With all the running, jumping and exploring come hazards and inevitable encounters with sharp objects or dangerous situations that may result in cuts, scrapes and wounds.

This is why it’s a good idea for pet parents to have a fully-stocked first aid cabinet just for pets. While you may be tempted to just use the same wound care products you have on hand for yourself and your other family members, these can actually be dangerous for your pet.
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Himalayan Dog Chews are a safer alternative to bones and rawhide

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Happiness is a Himalayan Dog Chew!

Happiness is a warm day, green grass and a Himalayan Dog Chew!

Knick, Knack, Paddywhack! Give the Dog a …
Himalayan Dog Chew?!

Isn’t it fun to give your dog a bone? You can’t help but smile watching as he wags his tail with glee and gnaws away for hours. Dogs love chewing on bones so much, they even write songs about it! Nothing matches the enthusiasm of a dog with a bone, but have you ever wondered if those bone shards could break teeth, cut gums or do some kind of damage to your dog’s delicate digestive organs?

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YEOWWW!® Organically Grown Catnip – The Secret Ingredient for Viral Cat Videos

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Yeowww catnip toys for cats

The Next Internet Sensation May Be Sleeping on the Back of Your Sofa

Watching crazy cat videos has become a global obsession! This is probably because cats have such a fascinating combination of physical agility, personality quirks and unpredictability.  In fact, the 2nd Annual Internet Cat Video Film Festival held at the Minnesota State Fair drew a whopping 13,000 cat video fans!

As any cat lover knows, part of the fun of sharing your home with feline friends is their unexpected antics. By nature, cats are curious yet cautious, brave yet jumpy, athletic yet clumsy. All of this ambiguity can add up to entertainment even top Hollywood film makers can’t match. And, they do all of their own stunts! That is, if you can get them off the couch.

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Claudia’s Canine Cuisine – The Perfect Gift For The Dog Who Wants Everything

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Claudia's Canine Cuisine

You’ve made your holiday gift list and checked it twice. Everyone you love is getting a gift, regardless of whether they’ve been naughty or nice! After all, the holidays are about love and forgiveness. Then, the panic sets in! You have that sinking feeling you’ve forgotten someone very important! Who is it? The mailman? No, you always give him a plate of your famous homemade holiday cookies.

Thinking about the mailman jogs your memory… You’ve forgotten to buy a little something for your best friend, who also happens to be the mailman’s worst enemy! But what’ s the perfect gift for someone who only wants whatever you’re having?

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Dermalone™ Ointment Treats Many Common Pet Problems

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Dermalone™ antibiotic ointment for dogs

As pet parents, we tend to get used to our pets’ scratching, chewing and head-shaking. Sometimes it’s hard to tell when these behaviors are indicating a real problem that needs to be treated — until it becomes annoying or distracting.

If your pet’s constant scratching and licking annoys you, just imagine how your pet feels! Constant irritation of the skin or ears could cause your dog or cat to withdraw from affection, negatively impacting mood and playfulness.

Finding a solution to your pet’s discomfort is a relief to the whole family. Since there are so many possible causes of scratching, chewing, head-shaking and the like, finding a single solution that can treat a multitude of sources is ideal.

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RenAvast is a Safe Solution for Kidney Problems in Cats and Dogs

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Kidney supplements for dogs and cats

The heartbreak of chronic kidney disease in pets

Few things in life are as painful as watching your beloved pet lose the battle with chronic kidney disease. Damage to tubules and tissues in the kidneys impact the natural filtering ability of these vital organs.

Kidney failure causes a dangerous buildup of toxins in the blood. If neglected, your pet could die as a result. Kidney disease is all too common in middle-aged and senior pets, and symptoms can often be mistaken for just the condition of being “old.” Left untreated, chronic renal disease can shorten the time you get to spend together by months or even years. However, there are steps you can take to support your pet’s kidney health.

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[Giveaway] Cuddle Carrier by Susan Lanci keeps small pets cozy and close

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Cuddle Carrier by Susan Lanci

It’s Saturday and you have a million things to do…pick up the dry cleaning, find a new pair of sling back heels for the wedding next week, and swing by the Art Festival downtown before it ends.

You know you’ll be gone for hours and you hate the thought of leaving your sweet little cuddle muffin home alone after working all week. She’s been lonely and misses her mama, but carrying her in one arm and your purse in the other will make for a long, clumsy day.

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