Behind the Scenes of PetMeds’ New Commercial

Ever wonder what goes on in a TV commercial shoot? Late last week we were in Indiana filming for our upcoming commercial so we wanted to share the behind the scenes glamour that goes into making those spiffy 30 second clips. And as promised, you can see our PetMeds TV Star contest winner Bella on set!

Wondering what kind of dog breed the star of the newest PetMeds commercial is? Bella is a Pomeranian, and a quite adorable one indeed!

PetMeds Behind the Scenes - TV Talent with our PetMeds TV Star Winner Bella!

PetMeds Behind the Scenes - Bella, the PetMeds TV Star Contest Winner

PetMeds Behind the Scenes TV Commercial - Bella begging for a snack

PetMeds Behind the Scenes TV Commercial - Prepping before filming

PetMeds Behind the Scenes TV Commercial - One happy family!

PetMeds Behind the Scenes TV Commercial - Getting ready for the delivery scene

PetMeds Behind the Scenes TV Commercial - Spiffy equipment

PetMeds Behind the Scenes TV Commercial - Filming indoors. Smile for the camera!


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  1. They say Boo is the cutes dog in the world. I think Bella is
    also the cutest dog in the world and so is bella’s brother
    that is also owned by her owners.

  2. Hi Bella- you are ok but i think your mom is SMOKING HOT!

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  4. How much is that dog?

  5. If you are serious about getting a Pom, I encourage you to look at where you can find Pomeranians near you by breed and zip code. Dogs on Petfinder are in rescue and need to be adopted. Rescue adoption fees are much lower than buying from a pet store. Please don’t get one with the intention of breeding; small dogs have a high mortality rate unless you have lots and lots and lots of experience.

  6. Bella is such a love! I wish I could find a Pomeranian like her.
    I love sister has one named Foxi and she is adorable and smart.

  7. hello
    where can I purchase a bella?? luv her

  8. This is really Buttercup and Griffin, we are Pembroke Corgis, both rescued. Our Mum and Dad are members of the Ohio, Valley, Pem Rescue Society. We think, Bella, that you are adorable, and we watch your TV Stardom role
    Thank your Mum for doing all she does for your Rescue

  9. That dog is so adorable I can’t believe it is real. Adorable!!!!!

  10. Bella, the dog in the last picture that Kourtney is holding while she is standing at the front door with the petmeds box in her hand, is a pomeranian. She is groomed down to a more manageable cut

  11. I would like to adopt a dog like Bella. Where would I start to look for one.

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