Behind the Scenes of PetMeds’ New Commercial

Ever wonder what goes on in a TV commercial shoot? Late last week we were in Indiana filming for our upcoming commercial so we wanted to share the behind the scenes glamour that goes into making those spiffy 30 second clips. And as promised, you can see our PetMeds TV Star contest winner Bella on set!

Wondering what kind of dog breed the star of the newest PetMeds commercial is? Bella is a Pomeranian, and a quite adorable one indeed!

PetMeds Behind the Scenes - TV Talent with our PetMeds TV Star Winner Bella!

PetMeds Behind the Scenes - Bella, the PetMeds TV Star Contest Winner

PetMeds Behind the Scenes TV Commercial - Bella begging for a snack

PetMeds Behind the Scenes TV Commercial - Prepping before filming

PetMeds Behind the Scenes TV Commercial - One happy family!

PetMeds Behind the Scenes TV Commercial - Getting ready for the delivery scene

PetMeds Behind the Scenes TV Commercial - Spiffy equipment

PetMeds Behind the Scenes TV Commercial - Filming indoors. Smile for the camera!


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  1. What kind of dog is she holding in this last picture?
    We’re making bets.

  2. I want Bella!!! Is she for sale?

  3. What kind of little dog is this? just too cute

  4. She is a Pomeranian puppy.

  5. I am embarrassed to admit that that little dog was so cute and seemed totally controlled that I wasn’t sure the dog was real. I have 2 cavaliers, one big @ 25 lbs and one little @ 11 lbs. The little one is so adorable but no way he would only move his head slightly like Bella. Is the dog specially trained one to use professionally?

  6. what type of dog is being held that is wearing the pink bone collar

  7. is Bella a particular kind of pomeranian? If so what kind!

  8. Bella is one of the cutest puppies I have ever seen, she looks just like a teddy bear! I have been wondering for months what breed of dog she is, I was thinking Pomeranian, but I wasn’t sure.

  9. that is the cutest dog i have ever saw!! i rewind the commercial over and over just to watch the puppy 🙂

  10. Yep. My first thought was “teddy bear.” I don’t pay constant attention to the TV so when I looked up and saw a child’s toy in a pet commercial, I did a double take. My Yorkie looks a little like a teddy bear, but, geezzz! A toy that actually eats and poops!

  11. p.s. If it also reproduces, you can send me one!

  12. Its a carpenter. It does odd jobs around the house.

  13. what kind of dog is the small one in the commercial

  14. it is a new bread they are now making its a yorkie and pomeranian mixed they are called yoranians google them

  15. Who is the actress holding the adorable “Bella?”

  16. I think Bella is either a Pomeranian or a Pomeranian mixed with a Shiba Inu! She is so cute, but at some points she seemed not real so I am glad that she licked her nose so she showed us she was real.

  17. Yes. I noticed the lick and simultaneously she slightly moved her head. I bet keeping her fur perfect is somewhat of a chore. Costs 40 dollars every time our yorkie goes for a “do.”

  18. No I am not for sale!

  19. I am a Pomeranian. 100% Pomeranian.

  20. Karenena, I am 100% pure Pom. David, my mom does all my grooming so if you asked her, she would say it is a labor of love.

  21. Donna, I have had only basic obedience classes so I can do a pretty basic sit/stay and down/stay and it always helps if I am bribed by a food reward. I have not been specially trained, however, to do anything except look cute.

  22. valerie, I am a Pomeranian BUT I come from a “show home” so I come from the size of Pom that you see in the show ring at Eukanuba or Westminster. But Poms come in sizes from 3lbs up to maybe 30 lbs. We are actually Spitz dogs, and in Europe and other parts of the world we are classed as Spitz but by our weight, Google zwergsspitz, kleinespitz, mittelspitz, and grossspitz to see the differences.

  23. Ding ding ding ding!!! Christine wins a prize! I am a Pomeranian!

  24. Thanks, Lexy! *Bella blushes*

  25. BBBBBBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! Wrongo, anonymous. I am not a mix, I am pure Pom.

  26. Her name is Kourtney Hansen and I am Bella Pomeranian. We both have facebook pages.

  27. Michael I am a Pomeranian. Thank you for asking.

  28. I am spayed so I have never had any puppies but there are so many Poms just like me that need homes. You can go to and search for available Pomeranians near your zip code. Maybe the one you are looking for is there waiting for you to find her and make her Christmas the best one ever.

  29. I know Bella she is my friend on Facie Books and she is PERFECT!!!!!

  30. I know Bella to! She is my FB sister, and she is totally 100% pawfect!! She ROCKS!

  31. Gee THANKS, Fletcher!

  32. Awww Bailey, I will never forget who brung me to the dance!! Bailey was the biggest help and my campaign manager in the contest. Hey Bailey, we need to talk about a Presidential run in 2016. If you manage that campaign like you did this one, there will be homes for every homeless dog across the land!

  33. Bella is so cute,how much do they run. and is it hard to keep
    the hair like that.

  34. Valorie I would encourage you to adopt one from a rescue before buying one, and toooootally discourage you from going to a retail pet shop. There are Pomeranian Clubs on every state, go to to find a club near you, they can refer you to the Pom rescues near you. Try facebook and Buying from a reputable breeder of show poms can cost thousands and they don’t have a lot of puppies in their litters. We won’t talk about puppy mill breeders, whose breeding stock live in filth and misery. But the rescues will have Poms in every size, shape, color and age except newborns unless a girlie was already pregnant when she came into rescue. You can also email your city/state/zip to me at and I will try to locate rescues near you. Love, Bella

  35. Hi Bella. My name is Buddy. My human pets rescued me and they are the bestest people in whole world. I even get homemade food now! None of the junky store bought scraps off the floor! By the way, I am super handsome and fun! We should definitely hang out together.

  36. I had to find out what kind of dog was in the Pet Med commercials. Glad I finally found out Bella is a Pomeranian. You are the cutest dog I have ever seen. Look just like a little teddy bear and when you lick your nose my heart just melts. TOOOOO Cute!!!

  37. Everyone said exactly what I was thinking, Bella is the cutest most adorable puppy I have EVER seen, seriously! And every time I saw the petmeds commercial, I wanted her. And at first, I thought she wasn’t real too because I have never seen such a beautiful real puppy, she looked like a stuffed animal. And I had a feeling she was a Pomeranian too but I thought she would be mixed because she is just so pretty. Would I be able to find the same looking Pomeranian at If not, where can I get one? I want one that looks exactly like Bella, sooo cute!

  38. Thank you Simone! I am also the Pombassador for Southern California Pomeranian Rescue, so I would encourage you to look for your Pommie on or You can search specifically for Pomeranians and narrow your search down to your zip code! Good luck and I hope you adopt a Pommie soon!

  39. You’re welcome and thank you too!

  40. You are a great pombassador! My daughter would like to have her rescued Pomeranian, Sasha, cut and styled like you. What should she ask for or can you recommend somewhere in Southern California area? Thanks so much and keep up the wonderful work!

  41. You can print this picture and take it to your groomer and ask for a Puppy Cut. I have actually lost most of my coat (it’s a genetic thing) so my Mom just keeps me clipped short so I don’t look like an old blanket!!!

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  43. Love this pom!!!!!

  44. How old is Bella ?

  45. I am 7 years old now, but I will be 8 in August.

  46. I’m sorry…who’s the on-screen actress in this spot?

  47. My husband really hates little dogs,so I was pretty shocked when he showed interest in this one! I would love to have a Pomeranian.

  48. I lost my undercoat too and it isn’t growing back. Is there something wrong with me? Is there anything I should or can do to get my undercoat to come back?

  49. Buddy there are so many things that can cause a dog to lose his coat. Low thyroid is one, or something on the skin like an infection or a fungus is another. If you are a Pom, you might have inherited it from your pawrents like I did. It doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you, it is just something you inherited called Alopecia X. Alopecia is hair loss, and it is usually the same on both sides of your body. The X just means that the cause is undetermined. There are studies going on in two different places right now trying to find a genetic marker but none has been found yet. If it is something you inherited, then you shouldn’t become a pawrent because your babies will carry it too, and so will their babies. You might get some of your coat back on your own, it happens sometimes. You can google Alopecia X and read lots about it on the internet.

  50. Her name is Kourtney Hansen.

  51. I am in love with the little pomeranian – she has stolen my heart. I have had dogs for almost 80 years and never fell in love instantly before. I bring my dogs in when your commercial runs and they all love her too. I live in Indiana and had I know she was in my state I would have gone to see her. Thank you for sharing this extraordinary little girl.

  52. Bella is a doll. I had to put my Chow to sleep in Nov. Ihaven’t decided what breed I want now and when I saw the Petmeds commercial I fell in love with Bella.

  53. Bella is adorable! Just watched the commercial and had to know for sure what kind of dog she is….she looks like a stuffed animal – she is so cute!

  54. Thank you, Barb! Mommy thinks I am pretty cute too. I am a Pomeranian! You can also see the commercial on YouTube, just search PetMeds Commercial October 2011 and then add it to your favorites! Oh, and you might also want to tell PetMeds that you think we should do a sequel with me!

  55. Bella you hold your age well, I never thought that you are going to 8 in Aug. I thought you were a puppy and a darling one at that.


  57. Bella, you are absolutely adorable. I’ve been wanting a Pom and after reading all of your comments I am going to look for one in my area that looks JUST LIKE YOU :).

  58. Bella, you are absolutely adorable. I have always favored Yorkies, Schitzu’s, and Pom’s. After reading your comments I’m definitely going to look into locations in my area (Orlando, FL) where I can purchase a Pom that looks JUST LIKE YOU :).

  59. Shamel, there are so many Pomeranians in rescue right now so I would encourage you to look first at where you can search based on your zip code for a specific breed. It will show you pictures of Poms that are available. Don’t give up on your first try, because there are always new ones coming in while others get adopted out. Stay in touch with the local rescue groups and check back with them often until you find what you want.

    Love, Bella

  60. Bella – my Dad is not a dog person and he has been asking for weeks what kind of dog you are. He is so in love with you. I can finally tell him your Pomeranian. You are the prettiest little dog I have ever seen.

  61. Sometimes, i ask myself what kind of dog should i get .. but i need Shepherd, and want to get only this kind of dog.

  62. I couldn’t find a sweet adorable dog like you Bella so I have this darling kitten,named Billie. No offence. Dogs are still my favorite pet to have but this sweet darling kitten needed a home. Bella I wish you were mine. Luvs! Ya! Ann

  63. Yeah, the dog is cute, but the woman is gorgeous

  64. Though Bella is adorable, what breed is the black and white dog in the commercial?

  65. Abby PetMeds ProMay 8, 2012 at 8:35 am

    That dog is a beautiful Border Collie named Paige!

  66. Bella,
    You are adorable. I’m saving up to get a dog just like you! I have a Pomeranian Cocker Spanial mix.
    She is not as small as you. But she is a wonderful dog. Her name is FuFu. She looks at the television when your commercial comes on. I think she likes you. (:

  67. I noticed some saying that they would like a Pom and some saying that the spouse dosnt like “Yappy” dogs. Well I am one of the dont like yappies. However a Pom is not a Yappy dog if raised properly.
    We have two. Sugar Bear was bought for my wife as a gift. She is 11 pounds and such a lovable bundle of fur.
    Then I found Tel, my next Pom in my brothers rescue pound. He looked up at me and I knew I had to have him. He was a starved and caged puppy until then. Make me cry now thinking of how he was treated.
    That was christmas two years ago and he never leaves my side. He is at my feet now under the computer desk. One of my best friends in life.
    Oh by the way I grew up with big hounds and coon hunting so little dogs can win a big boys heart if just given a chance.

  68. Never mind the dog! What about Kourtney? Does she need a home and someone to get her pet meds?

  69. Bravo! Great for plugging dog adoption! Thank you!
    And I too agree that Bella is adorable! She does look like a little toy Teddy Bear, but I too thought a Pom. I love her look, so cute and I’m glad she got to her stardom very well deserved!
    All the best,

  70. If I were young…and single…and Kourtney’s type, then we

    would totally get married. (-:

  71. Yeah the Pom is cute like a little teddy bear but I want to know the breed of the white and black dog that is also in commercial

  72. Abby PetMeds ProJune 14, 2012 at 1:19 pm

    The black and white dog is a super-smart Border Collie named Paige!

  73. And Paige has her own page on facebook too!

  74. Revital CandiottiJune 20, 2012 at 11:54 pm

    Hello I have a yorkie he is small and also very charming
    Prince wan at the dog show in Tx, MIa best in show
    I am thinking to einroll prince in to a commercial …
    You can contact me also at 786-556-1600
    Thank you so much

  75. Revital CandiottiJune 22, 2012 at 4:44 pm

    Hi, I am trims to enroll my yorkie in to a commercial , can you tel me where I need to start , thank you

  76. They say Boo is the cutes dog in the world. I think Bella is
    also the cutest dog in the world and so is bella’s brother
    that is also owned by her owners.

  77. Hi Bella- you are ok but i think your mom is SMOKING HOT!

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  79. How much is that dog?

  80. If you are serious about getting a Pom, I encourage you to look at where you can find Pomeranians near you by breed and zip code. Dogs on Petfinder are in rescue and need to be adopted. Rescue adoption fees are much lower than buying from a pet store. Please don’t get one with the intention of breeding; small dogs have a high mortality rate unless you have lots and lots and lots of experience.

  81. Bella is such a love! I wish I could find a Pomeranian like her.
    I love sister has one named Foxi and she is adorable and smart.

  82. hello
    where can I purchase a bella?? luv her

  83. This is really Buttercup and Griffin, we are Pembroke Corgis, both rescued. Our Mum and Dad are members of the Ohio, Valley, Pem Rescue Society. We think, Bella, that you are adorable, and we watch your TV Stardom role
    Thank your Mum for doing all she does for your Rescue

  84. That dog is so adorable I can’t believe it is real. Adorable!!!!!

  85. Bella, the dog in the last picture that Kourtney is holding while she is standing at the front door with the petmeds box in her hand, is a pomeranian. She is groomed down to a more manageable cut

  86. I would like to adopt a dog like Bella. Where would I start to look for one.

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