Meet Jesse, Star Dog in the New PetMeds TV Commercial

If you haven’t already familiarized yourself with Jesse, now might be a good time! Not only is he known for his entertaining dog trick videos, but you can now see him in our latest TV commercial! You may recall from late last year we ran a pet photo contest looking for the Next Pet TV Star, and thanks to his ever-growing fan base, he was one of the finalists who later moved on to become our Grand Prize Winner which included a role in our latest TV commercial.

Jesse, on set of the PetMeds TV commercial

Fast forward a few months to the date of the commercial shoot, where Jesse and his owner, Heather, were flown out to the video shoot for his shining moment. Check out some of the behind-the-scenes photos and a few tidbits about this wonderfully playful pup!

Jesse, with PetMeds dog bone treats - that's some restraint!

Heather with her dog and best friend Jesse

Paige and Jesse - friends for life!

The star pups with their owners and trainers

Kourtney with Jesse

Get to Know Jesse

How old is Jesse? Did you get him when he was a puppy? Was he adopted/rescued?

Jesse is currently 7 years old, and will be turning 8 next Tuesday. He was born on March 5th, 2005. I fell in love with the Jack Russell Terrier breed when I lived in England for 3 years, thanks to a little JRT named Fraiser. I asked for a little dog of my very own, and after waiting 5 long years I finally received Jesse for my 16th Birthday. I met Jesse when he was 3 weeks old and visited him every week until I could bring him home at 8 weeks. We have been inseparable ever since.

What are some of his favorite toys?
Jesse loves Cuz balls. He will chase these for hours on end, but can de-squeak them in less than 5mins; earning himself the nickname “squeaker” by his family. I have yet to find another toy that Jesse is as crazy for. Jesse also loves playing with feather cat toy wands. His eyes light up when I pick up the toy, and will chase them, run in circles.

What is Jesse’s favorite treat?
Jesse’s favorite treat that he gets really excited to get is the Nylabone edible chews. He will dance and spin when he knows he is going to get one, he will tell me all about it.

Does he have any best friends/play mates?
Jesse has quite a few playmates. There is Kaine the German Shepherd and Lucky the Papillon mix puppy. There is also Bella and Kronos the Cattle Dogs, and Ash the Australian Shepherd. Jesse loves play wrestling with puppies and dogs his own size. He will happily play chasing games with dogs that are bigger than him.

For more on Jesse, visit his official web site, Facebook Page or YouTube channel.

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  1. We had so much FUN on the set of the PetMeds Commercial! It was such an awesome experience being in Indiana and meeting everyone. Thank you for everything~

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