PetMeds TV Star Contest – Grand Prize Winner and Runner Ups

PetMeds TV Star Grand Prize Winner - Bella

Grand Prize Winner: Bella
2nd place winner: Jeter
3rd place winner: Badger

Bella (pictured above) and her owner, Deedee, make fleece blankets as a fundraiser for Southern California Pomeranian Rescue.  We’re happy to invite them to meet us next week and be in our new 1800PetMeds commercial. They have also graciously donated the $1,000 cash prize to their local animal rescue, Southern California Pomeranian Rescue.

Congratulations, Bella, and keep up the awesome work you’re doing for those little pups that have yet to find a home!

We’d also like to thank all the participants for their hard work and dedication for voting and sharing their pet’s voting links. Your time and feedback during the contest are greatly appreciated. Although there could only be one grand prize winner, we feel all the pets that entered are winners in their own right.

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  1. Bella Pomeranian and her mommy are THE BEST pommy ambassadors for homeless poms you could possible imagine. Their generous and gracious efforts have helped make it possible to save MANY poms from abuse and many from a certain death. Congratulations, there couldn’t be a better winner for this contest!!!!

  2. We love you Bella!

  3. What breed of dog is Bella. She looks like a hybrid.

  4. How can i get a Pomeranian that looks like Bella?

  5. Bella is a Rock Star! Everyone in the room stopped talking and was watching Bella the first time we saw the commercial. At first she was so adorable we thought her to be a stuffed animal. No puppy could be that cute–Everyone exhaled in one breath, “She is tooooo cute!” laughing when we realized she was a real dog. Now everyone in the family wants a Pomeranian. Every time the commercial is on we all lean toward the TV looking for Bella. Can’t forget 1 800 PET MEDS with an ambassador like that!

  6. How can I get a Bella look-a-like??? I had no interest in pomeranians until I saw the 1-800-petmeds commercial! Then I had to google the cute lil puppy in the commercial! I want one sooo bad!

  7. Bella is so adorable she looks like a stuffed animal! I just want to say, however, that no one should run out and get a Pomeranian because Bella’s so cute. Research the breed first to make sure it’s a good fit for you. Pomeranians are adorable but love to bark a lot. This is what happened when Disney came out with the Dalmatian movie, everyone ran out to get one before researching the breed and dozens of Dalmatians ended up in the pound when the novelty wore off. So please, for dog’s sake, do your research before you go out looking for a duplicate Bella.

  8. I love this dog ! My Tasha, a pom, passed away a afew months ago at age 13 and looked just like Bella. She was a rescue. The best friend anyone could ever have. Poms are truly wonderful pets. I miss her so much !

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  10. I want to know this too!!!!

  11. Same here!!! I’d absolutely LOVE to know where I can find a precious little puppy just like Bella!!

  12. What breed of pom is Bella and where can I get one like her!!!

  13. How old is Bella and what kind of hair cut does she have? We have a tea cup Pom named Foxy (she looks like a fox) who we just adore. Thanks for your time.

  14. What breed is the larger black and white dog on the same commercial?

  15. i just looked up pomeranians/colorado and found a HUGE website of poms for sale! i’ve been considering a pom for some time now, amd i think i have decided to do it! :o)
    what i can’t decide is…which one!?! they are ALL so adorable! i agree with everyone referencing a stuffed animal…
    does anyone know which is better, boys or girls? and how about color? i know it’s just personal preference, but i could REALLY use some help deciding! just add your stae to “pomeranian” and you will be confused, just like me! thanx!!

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  17. This is the picture I promised. It shows my beautiful Lab-mix retriever, Angel, relaxing with one of her favorite pals, our cat named “King.” who thinks he is a King. Angel knows she is an angel.
    Elsbeth K. Colvin
    8404 Lockwood Roa
    Pasadena, MD 21122-4724
    Tp: 4 10-255-0661

  18. As cute as Bella is I believe they cut her hair as a copy of Boo! Look him up on Facebook . Boo has been voted worlds cutest dog and was around before Bella.

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