Why you should never spank your dog

Try positive reinforcement rather than spanking

Let’s face it, most dogs misbehave from time to time.  While it may be tempting to correct the bad behavior with a spank, you should never discipline your dog physically.  Spanking is confusing to your dog, may cause your dog to become hand-shy or fearful of you, and most importantly, doesn’t teach him the desired behavior.

If your dog is misbehaving, what is a better method of correcting him? Any unpleasant stimulus will work to let your dog know his behavior is unwanted.  A negative stimulus may be something such as a loud noise (shaking a can of coins, for example), or a brief tug on the leash.  The negative result teaches him to avoid the behavior.  Your dog must receive the negative stimulus at the same time the bad behavior occurs; otherwise, he will not associate the negative result with the behavior.  A stern voice is oftentimes all that is necessary to correct many dogs.

The best way to teach your dog the desired behavior is with positive reinforcement when he behaves correctly.  For example, rather than spanking a dog for urinating in the house, provide an opportunity for him to relieve himself in an appropriate place and then praise him lavishly when he performs.

Remember, your dog loves physical contact, as long as it is not done in anger. Most dogs even enjoy light spanking done playfully. Avoid physical punishment and you can ensure your dog always looks forward to your touch.

What are your thoughts on spanking a pet?

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  1. Angel Ms. Phoebe's Fur SibsAugust 18, 2015 at 12:40 pm · Reply

    I call spanking abuse and an act of ignorance and laziness on the owner’s part. It is just a stupid fix by a dumb human who cannot apply appropriate discipline because they cannot control their anger and do not have the patience to learn proper methods of dog training. I have met so many dumb people who do this and then are surprised when it does nothing to correct the behavior except make their dog fearful and aggressive of humans. Those who cannot understand and follow proper dog training and advice have no business having a dog or any other pet, and especially a human child. Stupid is as stupid does as the saying goes.

  2. I have a puppy, I reward her for going potty outside and scold her with a loud voice when she has accidents inside and bring her outside immediately. Lately she has been jumping on the furniture and urinating. I scold her and bring her out. But it happens multiple times a day now. I’ve never spanked her and I am against animal abuse but the comment the last said about ignorance and laziness is rude. I grew up learning that it was okay to flick an animals nose to correct something or make it stop and that it was okay to even hold the mouth closed of your barking dog to get it to stop. I was spanked and grew up just fine and respectful and not abusive at all. With that said, I am sticking to positive reinforcement for my puppy but what’s a better way to treat this case now it has escalated?

  3. to Mrs. Phoebes Fur Sibs.,

    If you called me or anyone i know “a dumb person”, not only would i spank you, but i would beat the shit out of you. i think you are one of those people who have “internet muscles” and are a complete coward. as far as spanking animals, a light tap, and stern, or upset voice is one way that may work. read up on animal psychology my dear friends, and disregard post by people like “Ms Phoebe”.

  4. That’s a load of crap. Do you know what a mother dog does to her pups to train them. She will beat the living crap out of them and that seems to have worked for several million years. I’ve whipped every dog I’ve had when they misbehave and none of them was hand shy and all became very obedient and well behaved. They become hand shy from abuse not discipline. There is a difference. You reward the dog for good behavior and show them love, they understand the difference. And if you beat the dog’s butt for jumping on the furniture and urinating, it would stop immediately.

  5. to Mrs. Phoebes Fur Sibs.,


  6. Phoebe’s,

    You are an idiot who probably has dogs that walk all over and dominate you without you even knowing it. The rest of us intelligent dog owners do not put up with that behavior.

    Does a mother dog or pack leader give a misbehaving dog a timeout, stern voice, or praise to control behavior?? Heck no! A misbehaving dog will quickly get its butt torn up by a mother/pack leader and it learns from it. So has every dog I’ve owned. My dogs have never been abused or fearful and have been some of the best behaved and of the best disposition that you could ever hope to come across….but there’s not a one of them that didn’t get a good whooping every now and then for bad behavior.

    The above posters and I apparently all share the same sentiment and obviously this works. Stop letting your animals (and most likely children too) make you their doormat. Physical punishment is almost always required in the raising of a pet or person.

    • The mother is not going to be its life long companion either….she knows that…and she never beats the crap out of her own pups either…that is absoutely not true….I would hate to see how cowed down your animals are…I can tell from the way you post things you are nothing but a bully …Period

  7. Mrs. Phoebes Fur Sibs, shame on you.

  8. My dog will bark at me when I’m doing something that doesn’t involve him. We takw long walks, go to thw dog park, play fetch, play in in our apartment. I give him a LOT of attention but if I answer the pjone or get on the computer or fold cloths he barks at me because it doesn’t include him. I tried the timeout thing and he lays down and stays there but it’s really not working in the long run (or so it seemed) I gave him two good wacks on his bottom to get his undivided attention and it worked (he does understand what I’m saying but he’s stubborn) and you better believe he was quiet after that. When he was a baby I could never but now he’s 7 months old and he thinks he rules me. Not gonna happen. I really don’t think a good wack on the botton at the time of the offense is “abuse” and he’s not confused about why he got spanked. It’s this same mentality that has our children running amuck now a day. Spare the rod spoil the child.

    Nonetheless I think to say you “beat the sh*t” out of him does sound abusive… I don’t know how literal that statement is but I wouldn’t do that. Just a wack on his bottom to get his attention and let him know I’m serious. Then nothing but love when we’re together and he know I love him.

  9. When my dog misbehaves, I yell at him and give him a spank on his bottom and he stops. Its not like a hard spank, just a light tap with my four fingers. Its not abusive, its corrective, and my dog understands that. Now whenever he misbehaves, I don’t even have to physically touch him most of the time, I just raise my hands with a scolding ‘no’ and he stops. Don’t be a wimpy owner. You are supposed to be the pack leader, and pack leaders lead by example of what and what not to do. My dog is in no way psychologically harmed and knows the difference between both forms of physical contact. He is never fearful of me, nor hand shy, except when he misbehaves of course.

  10. I spank my dogs so what. They sleep on the bed, get fed the best food, clean water everyday and walked 4 times a day rain or shine. I dare anyone to come to me and say I abuse my dogs. They know I am alpha and they will be treated well no matter what. The people who write these articles think dogs are not smart and can’t tell the difference between a spank and a touch.

  11. Let me start out by saying that I love my dog and I’m not a violent person who enjoys spanking her dog. It is a relief to see so many dog owners express their experience. I have spanked my puppy in the past and it is the only thing that worked. I feel awful and guilty and I don’t like doing it at all, but my dog is smart and she stops the behavior. She’s not afraid of me at all and does shy away from my hand when she is misbehaving to the point where she knows the hand means stop. She stops immediately and licks me and gives me kisses and I love her for that. I don’t have to actually smack her in the butt she already knows and gets a few chances before it gets to that point now. There’s a huge difference between abuse and lightly spanking. My parents didn’t spank me as a child but they didn’t need to. Just the fact that I knew they would if I misbehaved was enough to keep me out of trouble. Spanking out of love is not pleasant but sometimes it’s necessary. I think people would rather rule it out as an option as to avoid making it a gray area. I think it’s simple to recognize the difference between discipline and going too far. That’s where intelligence comes in to play.

  12. I had to spank my one of my dogs today. I own three (3), and while cleaning and cooking he is always underneath my feet. He fancies himself the alpha of the three. I have tripped over him and hurt myself many times in attempts not to harm him and instead have gained injuries daily. Today I am nursing a broken finger (not his fault) but am working in the kitchen and he’s constantly circling my feet, while the other two dogs stay quietly out of my kitchen as none of them are allowed. This particular dog seems to think the rules do not apply to him. So while I almost tripped on him again today and fell back on my counter hurting my wrist I decided I could not take it anymore. So I took my sandal and whopped him on the butt. He thought it was play time and kept coming back in and circling me while I cooked. I whopped him again and yelled to get out of my kitchen. Long story short (too late) he didn’t stay out, apparently my sandal does nothing, and my positive reinforcement training only works for the other two dogs. When I put this one in his crate (only a foot away), while I finished cooking, he barked the entire 20 minutes. I believe he is possessed, no other explanation.

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