PetMeds®: Blood in Dog’s Urine

Blood in urine can have many possible causes

The presenting symptom of a pet urinating blood can have many potential causes. The most important question I ask pet owners with a dog having blood in its urine is to find out whether it is associated with urgency, straining, increased frequency, or difficulty urinating. In those cases, one of the more common causes is overgrowth of various bacteria in the urinary tract, which is usually best treated by a veterinary exam, urine analysis and possibly prescription antibiotics by your vet for pet medicines like Amoxicillin, Clavamox, Cephalexin or Baytril.

Most of the first time simple urinary tract infections usually respond within several days; however, if the symptoms are relapsing or don’t resolve, then a sterile urine culture is performed to look for resistant bacteria, thus allowing a better antibiotic selection, and/or x-rays performed to look for other abnormalities (like urinary tract calculi or stones).

If no known causes are apparent then a more complete workup including CBC/chemistry blood work, as well as ultrasound of the abdomen can be done to look for other abnormalities such as hormonal disorders like Cushing’s disease, diabetes, as well as urinary tract anatomic abnormalities, in addition to even polyps or tumors, particularly in older pets.

Many overweight dogs can sometimes have recurrent urinary tract infections because of anatomic problems associated with a deep seated or sunken vulva, as well as extra skin folds in the vaginal area, which may need surgical correction to prevent urinary tract infection relapse. Even after a thorough diagnostic workup, there are cases in which veterinarians are unable to figure out why a pet has recurrent urinary tract infections. In those cases, some vets will prescribe pulse antibiotic therapy the first several days of each month, or low dose PM continuous chronic antibiotic therapy given at bedtime.

There are also holistic options that can be explored like homeopathy or traditional Chinese medicine or acupuncture. For pets with simple signs of acute urinary tract infections or inflammations, I will advise pet owners to use immune boosting supplements like Cranberry Relief, which can boost the immune system of the urinary tract, along with vitamin C at various dosages.

In cases in which there is chronic bloody urine or bloody discharge from the urethra without signs of urinary tract straining, urgency or frequency, then those pets should have a complete evaluation. This should include not only urine analysis/culture, but also full blood panels to screen for diseases that could be involved with bleeding or clotting disorders such as autoimmune diseases of the platelets, genetic clotting abnormalities, tick borne diseases, etc.

With a systematic approach to dogs with bloody urine, most cases can be adequately diagnosed and controlled with time and patience.

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  1. I have a five year old Shih Tzu Bichon mix and she has been peeing a lot lately. When I took her out she peed two times then again in the house. When i was cleaning it up i noticed that it had some blood in it. She is acting normal except the frequent peeing.

    • Dr. Michael Dym, VMD veterinarianDecember 6, 2014 at 5:01 pm · Reply

      Could be urinary tract infection and/or stones in bladder, etc. Best to have vet exam and urine analysis to rule out infection, crystals, etc and possibly x rays if needed.

  2. I just brought home a six week old female pitbull puppy yesterday. She lets me know when she needs to go out, but today instead of running to me she went to the training pad. I watched from a distance and noticed it was kind of dark. I wend to examine it and it wasn’t dark red, but a lighter shade. This is the first time I’ve seen this. Do I need to take her in now, or tomorrow? She doesn’t seem to be in pain or discomfort.

  3. I have a ten year old spayed boxer who is spotting bright red undiluted blood from her urethra. she was initially diagnosed with a bladder infection, given antibiotics, infection cleared up but bleeding didn’t stop. she has since had x-rays, which the vet thought may show a tumor. subsequent ultrasound by specialist couldn’t detect anything and vet checked urethra with otoscope(?).
    vet is now recommending fiber optic examination of urethra/bladder by another specialist. what in you’re opinion may be causing the bleeding?

    • Dr. Michael Dym, VMD veterinarianJanuary 7, 2015 at 6:51 am · Reply

      Sounds like a bladder tumor to me by default diagnosis. Given breed and signs. Likely not a polyp and if infection/stone ruled out, then tumor the diagnosis. Without a biopsy though never 100 percent but really not much else it could be. I would ask vet about symptomatic management at this point with drug called piroxicam, which can help with BOTH bladder inflammation and cancer in extending life

  4. Thank you very much, Dr.Dym, for getting back with us. Your quick response is very much appreciated. Thanks again.

  5. 5 year old female pit bull in good health, urine pinkish as day progresses. First pee of the morning clear. Later in day pinkish. No other symptoms. Can’t call vet for 2 days as they are closed. any suggestions in the meantime.

    • Dr. Michael Dym, VMD veterinarianJanuary 16, 2015 at 1:03 am · Reply

      Most likely a urinary tract infection that needs antibiotics. A vet exam and urine analysis necessary to sort this out

  6. I have a 3 year old Shih-Tzu/Maltese mix. I moved back to my mom’s house about 4 months ago, and a few weeks after moving back I noticed there is blood in his pee. He is still very playful, eats normally, and does everything just like before. He isn’t peeing more often, and can still hold his pee all night. He does seem to take a few seconds or walk around more before peeing unlike before, but he doesn’t show any signs of pain or straining. I will see blood in his pee once or twice in a day or two, then it goes away and reappears after about a month. I took him to the vet and got him antibiotics but have not done lab testing yet. I just feel like it can’t be any kind of infection because wouldn’t that get worse over time? He isn’t peeing more blood or peeing blood more frequently in the last 4 month. He drinks fosset water and I’ve heard water in different area can cause crystals in dogs. I first saw blood in his pee after moving back to my mom’s so I’m getting a feeling maybe he has crystals from the water? Please provide some advice thanks!!

  7. I have a 3 year old Shih-Tzu/Maltese mix. I moved back to my mom’s house about 4 months ago, and a few weeks after moving back I noticed there is blood in his pee. He is still very playful, eats normally, and does everything just like before. He isn’t peeing more often, and can still hold his pee all night. He does seem to take a few seconds or walk around more before peeing unlike before, but he doesn’t show any signs of pain or straining. I will see blood in his pee once or twice in a day or two, then it goes away and reappears after about a month. I took him to the vet and got him antibiotics but have not done lab testing yet. I just feel like it can’t be any kind of infection because wouldn’t that get worse over time? He isn’t peeing more blood or peeing blood more frequently in the last 4 month. He drinks fosset water and I’ve heard water in different area can cause crystals in dogs. I first saw blood in his pee after moving back to my mom’s so I’m getting a feeling maybe he has crystals from the water? Please provide some advice to the possibilities, thanks!

    • Dr. Michael Dym, VMD veterinarianJanuary 16, 2015 at 12:56 am · Reply

      Still could be urinary tract infection so best to have vet exam and urine analysis and/or urine culture. Bladder stones also possible which would need x rays to diagnose.

  8. Please my best friend is a female English bulldog she is turning 4 years old she is unaltered … she has blood in her urine … she has been peeing on the floor and just recently as I was scratching her back all he hair is falling out … I don’t know what to do … I know due to past vet visits she has an over productive yeast gland in her left ear, an extra nipple… could there be something else I don’t know about… could there be something under the skin I cant see… she is my best friend through everything she has been there… please help me and tell me what I could do …

    • Dr. Michael Dym, VMD veterinarianJanuary 23, 2015 at 7:42 pm · Reply

      You need vet exam and evaluation as sounds like likely urinary tract infection which might need antibiotics. Try zymox otic HC for ear issues from 1800petmeds.

  9. I discovered on a Sunday my pet had blood in his urine. We took him to the emergency vet. He did a ultra sound xrays blood test all were negative for any thing. He gave him a shot of antibiotic that would last 14 days. Sent us home with pain meds. Six days went by and nothing I took him to the family vet. She looked him over and also seen nothing but a enlarged prostate. She sent us to the specialist. He did all the blood test ex rays, ultrasound, and seen nothing but the enlarged prostate. He talked to our vet they were sure that he needed to be neutered. So 17 days later and he still pees dark blood urine.
    I forgot to mention he doesn’t have any pain (that we can tell) or any kind of discomfort. He is eating good plays just like he always has.
    The vets are stumped. They said to give it two more weeks to see if they prostate shrinks maybe that will in prove hopefully in weeks to come.
    what is your opinion?

    • Dr. Michael Dym, VMD veterinarianJanuary 25, 2015 at 3:50 pm · Reply

      May be a good case for constitutional homeopathy, which is wonderful for treating the whole patient uniquely and from a constitutional symptom perspective. LEarn more about homeopathy at the website as well as my website Many homeopathic vets do offer phone consultations. Other option would be to see second internist. Make sure they have ruled out platelet disorders, clotting problems, etc outside of the urinary tract, as well as tick born diseases. Maybe a repeat ultrasound and/or urine culture from a different specialist may be indicated.

  10. Hi i have a nine month shitzu yorkie mix breed. We noticed blood in her pee. Was wondering if this is associated with her first heat. Or do i need bring her to a vet.

  11. My 7 year old female Basset hound urinates and at the end blood comes out, I have cephalexin 600mg that I had from a previous bacterial infection in her ears, can I give her that medication?

    • Dr. Michael Dym, VMD veterinarianFebruary 2, 2015 at 11:58 pm · Reply

      I would not recommend it unless you had urine checked at by vet. Could be infection, crystals, stone and/or polyp.

  12. Hello. My 3 month old pit bull keeps peeing brownish/reddish blood. Everything else with her is normal. Acting the same, eating the same and energetic as usual. It started this morning. She squatted as usual and it was like watery blood. No clots. No stentch. It’s every time she pees too. At first I thought it was maybe her period but there’s no way it’d be that much or every time she goes. Help- please…

    • Dr. Michael Dym, VMD veterinarianFebruary 16, 2015 at 4:06 pm · Reply

      Sounds like urinary infection. BEst to have vet exam and evaluation as may need antibiotics. You could try cranberry tablets from health food store.

  13. my 7 month old female pit bull has little drops of blood in her urine not every time and she does seem to strain and only drops come out sometimes it has spots of blood this just started a few days ago i been keeping an eye on her she seems fine should i get her some Cranberry Relief?

  14. I have a 10 year old chocolate Labrador. We came home tonight to a small puddle on the floor. He never has accidents so I was worried and while cleaning it up I noticed that it was brown in color and had small blood clots in it. He is overweight and takes Benadryl daily for his separation anxiety. Any ideas? I’m trying to get him to his vet in the morning since everyone is closed now.

    • He is still eating but it looks like he hasn’t been drinking as much today.

      • Ashley we have a 10year old as well and he had/has same problem. We took him to the vet and they ran some test and said he has chronic kidney failuer. Get him to a vet ASAP. Not saying it is the same thing, but we are now giving dog Subcutaneous fluids every day and some meds. He is responding well .

  15. Hi! My 11.5 year old Boxer – has been excessivly drinking, frequent urination, blood & blood clots in urine – been going on approx 4 weeks. (no loss of appetite) She recently started to urniate in her bedding area not aware what she has done. Our vet has performed a complete senior wellness blood work, x-ray, and Urinalysis. He has ruled out UTI, Diabetes, Kidney & Bladder Stones. She recently had an abdominal ultrasound that came back unconclusive.

    Any suggestions or ideas that I could have the Vet check ? He seems to be at a loss on what could be causing these issues and the testing coming out normal.

  16. My Shepard/greyhound mix is 14. She never did this before but peeing in the kitchen and it had some red, blood i think. First time this has happened and never saw blood before.

  17. I have a 2 yr shitzu and I noticed today that his urine was a very dark brown and bloody red. Im scared for him and would like to what to do.

  18. I have a two year old lab pit mix and when I took him outside I noticed his urine is stinky and dark in color today when I’m running back in hearing aid is in the living room floor and I was going to discipline him but then noticed he had a blood clot on the tip of his little wee wee so I checked again and pull back and there was more blood coming out what could this be

  19. I have a 7 year old miniature golden doodle. I took her to the kennel for the weekend, and they reported seeing blood in her urine. I asked them to take her to their vet, and they did a urinalysis and culture. There results came back … there was blood present, no infection.

    When I got back home Monday, I scheduled an appointment with our vet and brought in the results from the kennel’s vet. My vet ran another urinalysis and did an xray. No sign of blood in the urine and no stones. Also there were no signs of cancerous cells in the urine. Our vet said this appears to be an unexplained case of hematuria. Should I do anything else? While I’m glad it appears to be nothing, I’ll be kicking myself if something comes up later and I didn’t do enough to make sure my dog was okay.

    Thanks for your input.

  20. Hi. I have a nearly 1 year old female chihuahua. Recently had loose poo’s and today for 1st time went for a week and it was bright red/pink. I think it had a few small tiny clots. Not really eating. Weeing normal amount. Drinking normally. She is a little more quieter but otherwise her normal mouthy self when the door goes. Please…any advice??

  21. I have a 3.5 year old male neutered beagle. Noticed he was peeing brownish red. I brought him to the vet and his physical was normal(gums slightly less pink) and labwork was unremarkable. Labwork showed high but normal Hematacrit. Urine showed RBC and a small amount of WBC, small amount of bacteria, and no crystals. Also nothing noted during prostate exam. He is acting totally normal and only sign is the urine. Vet is unsure of Dx. We decided to start him on antibiotics and Vit. K. I will pick them up today. We also have a cat in the house that is indoor/outdoor and brings home dead rodents(cat is being treated for fleas and worms). Our beagle also enjoys eating everything…dead rodents, cat feces. Recently started wireless fence but his radius isn’t terribly large. We live on a few acres in New England and have plenty of wildlife….ticks,deer etc. Also he was receiving chicken jerky as a treat(Purina). We now are monitoring all outside activity or dog and cat, I threw away his chicken jerky and dog food. His dog food is Purina One with an occasional can of pedigree. I’m so scared I’m gonna lose him now and he means the world to us. Any advice?

  22. My moms 8 year old german shepard is peeing blood. I don’t mean just a little bit of blood, i mean pure dark red blood with little clots in it. My mother changed his dog food to a more natural food and she said it seemed to help but only for a few days. Hes not whining or acting any differently than he normally does, and he is not urinating more frequently, hes just peeing a lot of blood. What could this mean?

  23. I have 4 months old shih tzu, He is diagnosed caused of distemper.. He is negative from the test but when the second test which is for anti body is positive.. The vet gave me some medicine which is , doxycline, liveroline, mogard( i think), sangobium and ceelin.. He refuses to eat but we force feed him with science diet a/d and his waer has mondex on it. I really dont know why his eyes is reddish (not that red) and he has urinating with some blood on it (color red and orange) can you advise??.. I really dont know what is the cause. But the findings on his test was his platelets is low. Thanks in advance.

  24. My 5 year old bishon fries has blood in her urine . Should I take her to the vets now sat night or will Monday be ok . She seems ok in herself

  25. I just brought home an 8 week female labradoodle and I noticed her urine is pink tinged. Do I need to call my vet or the breeder?

  26. I have a 3.5 year old chow Shepard mix that is having blood and clots in his urine. I had blood work done in June 2015 the only thing not normal was his WBC and NEU. They gave him antibiotics and now is doing it again. I’m hesitant to take back to the vet again as it keeps reoccurring. Is there anything I can do at home?

  27. I have a 10 1/2 year old pitbull. I came in to let her out twice before going to work and she was peeing blood. Could this be a sign of a urinary track infection or something more?

  28. my 2 and a half yr old staff/lab cross has shown no signs of pain of discomfort and has been urinating normally. whoever at the end of his walk he did a few drops of bright red urine. is this an infection? or something more serious? vets only open in two days so a bit worried.

  29. i have a girl dog she has stared peeing blood offen she is almose 4 she weights 28lbs can i dr. this or does she need a vet. i live on ss but i can’t let her stay this way please help (she is my daughter) joe

  30. My chihuahua min/pin has had blood in her urine on and off for as long as I can remember. She’s been on antibiotics on and off too and been on a diet to dissolve kidney stones. Recent ultrasound showed no more stones but the blood in her urine keeps coming and sometimes she would strain pee concentrated blood. Could it be tumor in her bladder? Thank you so much for your response.

    • Dr. Michael Dym, VMD veterinarianMarch 19, 2016 at 5:50 pm · Reply

      I would think a tumor in her bladder would be detectable by ultrasound. I would recommend a consult with vet internist/specialist in your area. I would also ask vet about a trial with prescription drug Piroxicam, which can help with inflammation of chronic cystitis, and/or even as palliative care if cancer is present

  31. My dachshund mix was suddenly having accidents and having to pee every 5 minutes. Took her to the vet yesterday and they did X-ray blood work etc. she has stones in her bladder. Vet put her on amoxicillin and a special diet for a month. Today I noticed her urine is a pale orangish. Is that possibly from the amoxicillin?

    • Dr. Michael Dym, VMD veterinarianMarch 19, 2016 at 5:52 pm · Reply

      It is possible that it is a rare reaction to the amoxicillin, but it may be due to other issues as well. IF this persists or worsens, best to have recheck exam at your lodal veterinarian

  32. I have a 15 years old black lab retriever mix. She has been going to the vets (4 different Drs) since end of December of last year until now. At first I was told that she had a urine tract… Gave her some meds… Nothing helped. She has excessive drinking and pee a lot like uncontrollable. Then I went to different vet… They said she had a diabetes and that I need to give her 14ml insulin twice a day… I did for 2 months… Nothing change. Then another vet got the blood work and urine test… What she told me is that she had a blood glucose of 175 and was not spilling any glucose into her urine. These values are not high enough to want to treat her with insulin and would seem valid since she had not had any insulin for 2 days. I would expect the glucose levels in a true diabetic to be 300-500 with no insulin. Blood glucose levels will sometimes be elevated secondary to other diseases and I suspect that is what is going on. She appears to have a mild elevation in her BUN and her creatinine is in the high normal range (both of these tests are reflections of kidney function). More telling is the fact that she has relatively dilute urine indicating she is drinking more water than normal (which we see with kidney disease) and she has both blood and bacteria in the urine (indicative of infection). Her CBC and other chemistry tests are normal. She gave me some meds for it. Nothing. She refused to eat for a week. She acts normal but still refuses to eat. Only water. On Saturday I’m taking her to the vet and put her down. I don’t know what to do?? Am I making the right decision on whether to put her down or not. Please please help me!!!!!

  33. Dr. Michael Dym, VMD veterinarianMarch 19, 2016 at 5:54 pm · Reply

    I am so sorry as it does sound like very difficult situation in an elder animal with multiple likely issues, and as so happens in human medicine, sometimes geriatric patients dont read the book as their overall body systems simply break down, rather than being due to one specific disorder. My condolences and good wishes to you, as it sounds like you took wonderful veterinary care of her

  34. I went to see a 3-1/2yr old female black lab to adopt at some persons house she was very friendly. She was happy and urinated a little. I noticed the puddle was a redish color. they that they never notice that. the lab is also 90 lbs. which is overweight and is limping a little (front leg). my kids fell in love with her because really took to us exceptionally well and we felt the same vibe but we are not sure what to do. Please give some advise.

    • Dr. Michael Dym, VMD veterinarianMarch 22, 2016 at 3:56 pm · Reply

      Probably just a simple urinary tract infection. I would ask for an exam and urine analysis as she simply may need just antibiotics and then she should be fine for a new home.

  35. my 9 year old fixed female maltese shitzu peed on the floor 10 days ago and noticed a drop of blood in the middle of the wee – today she did 2 more wee’s on the floor – normal colour both with a red dot of blood in the middle
    should i be worried??

    • Dr. Michael Dym, VMD veterinarianMarch 29, 2016 at 4:34 am · Reply

      Best to take her to vet for exam and urine analysis and possibly x rays, as she may have infection and/or possibly bladder stones, which are common in this breed.

  36. My 14 year old chihuahua has cataracts and the whites of her eyes appear blood shot sometimes. She started her cycle the other day but there was a huge amount of blood when usually there is only a little bit like a ping pong ball size amount. the blood stain was bigger than her but it wasnt pee. Shes been eating grass lately and has been constipated… I’m taking her to the vet. What do you think is going on with her?

  37. Hi Dr. Dym,

    My 14 year old female shetland sheepdog had a non-cancerous cyst the size of a soft ball on one of her kidneys. We left it
    alone because of her age we didn’t want to open her up. December of 2015 she started urinating blood so we took her to the emergency. They did a sonogram and it appeared that the cyst flattened out and the the vet said he was glad the blood from the cyst was coming out and not poisoning the inside of her body. Now 4 months later she is still urinating blood and now it seemed to get darker. The vet are stumped. We tried a months supply of amoxilcillan but it hasn’t change. She is still eating, playing, and shows no signs of pain when urinating. She was on iron liquid also so her blood count doesn’t go to low. We have to check her blood every two weeks just to make sure she doesn’t need a transfusion. I made an appointment with internal medicine doctor. Any suggestions?

  38. I would consider homeopathy on case like this, as antibiotics not answer. See what internal medicine specialist says, but also learn more about homeopathy on my website

  39. We have a 15 year old poodle mix male neutered. Eats and drinks normal. Doesn’t act like he is in pain. Urinates more frequently. When he is done urinating he urinates bright red blood. He has had several urine tests and xrays. Has been on several treatments of amoxicillan and baytril. Urine tests come out negative. Culture shows some bacteria. Nothing is helping in fact there is more blood now. The vet is stumped and we are out of funds to treat him. Any thoughts on this? I love this little guy so much.

  40. I would ask about a test on the urine that many vet labs run called a Bladder tumor antigen test on the urine, which may be a good screen for bladder cancer. An ultrasound is also needed to rule out polyps, hidden stones, and cancer. If blood work normal, you can ask vet about palliative prescription drug called piroxicam which can help with bladder inflammation and even in some cancer cases

  41. I have a 12 week old puppy she started bleeding bright red when she going to pee what should I do and is she ok?

  42. I have a 4 year old old English bulldog. Stella has recently been going in the house when she normally wouldn’t and she has had blood in her urine and once it had blood clots as well .. she even has an odor that is just horrible .. I thought she was in heat but I remembered that she went into heat around the end of January begging February so Im not sure that she is any insite would be helpful thanks

    • I would strongly recommend a vet exam and have a minimal urine analysis done and/or possibly a sterile urine culture taken to see if bacterial infection and/or the best antibiotic to treat. Also x rays may be indicated to make sure no hidden bladder stones as well which may be causing symptoms.

  43. Hi, my 2 y.o shih tzu she has blood at the end of her urinating, pinkish color n her urine smells so bad different from usual. Doesnt seem to be in pain n healthy pallate, she also gained weight recently. Is this UTI ? What should i do? Can i use carnberry tablet ?

    • Cranberry is fine to try such as the OTC product cranactin from health food store and/or D-Mannose at dose of 1/4 teaspoon in with each meal. However best to have vet exam and at least a urine analysis to rule out infection, as may need prescription antibiotic. Also this breed is prone to urinary tract stones so an x ray may also be indicated to rule out stones

  44. My dog is peeing dark brown and it smells really badly. He acts completely normal and is showing no other symptoms. He also sometimes pukes yellow bile(once or twice a month). I took him to the vet and they ran a urinalysis and said his bilirubin was high? They gave him some antibiotics but they don’t seem to be working(been taking them for 5 days). What should I do? What could be wrong? My vet wants to take an x ray, is that the best course of action? He has been peeing dark brown for almost 2 weeks.

    • If urine bilirubin is high, I would ask your vet about doing a complete CBC/chemistry blood profile to see if a liver or blood disorder causing the bilirubin in the urine. X rays and/or ultrasound also may be needed to further workup underlying causes here

  45. My 7yrs old overweight lhasa apso dog has been diagnosed with urinary tract infection last month because of the blood in her urine, but the vet prescribed antibiotic, vitamin C and to lose weight. She is fine after taking antibiotics for a week after few days the blood comes back again and again.. What should we do? Can we continue with the antibiotics like for a month? Thank you

    • Sometimes antibiotics are needed for several weeks to a few months, but this must be coordinated with your local veterinarian, and based on followup urine analyses and/or urine cultures. Also x rays might be considered to see if there are any bladder stones causing blood in urine and secondary infections

  46. Hello,
    I have a 2 year old female Shih tzu, not fixed, every once in a while I notice 2 till 3 drops of blood in her urine. She has no vaginal swelling and doesn’t have any other symptoms. Do I need to be concerned?

    • IF she is not in heat, then you should have a veterinary exam to make sure no urinary tract infections, stones, etc. A urine analysis would be a great place to start

  47. My maltipoo 7 yrs old or 8 hecwas a rescue had bladder stones back last july and bloid in his urine. Took him to vet and was put on special diet and antibotics. A few months later he had blood in his urine again. Another round of antibotics and urine test showed crystal slivers. Still on spwcial food. Took him to get his shots and was unsure if they would give them to him since he had blood in urine again. Another round of different antibotics. Still has 3 days left on them. Noticed today blood in urine. Out of money. Is there something else i can try. He feels good plays eats and drinks still has accidents in house plus takes him a while to pee. Please tell me there is something else i can give him. Vet told me when i asked about cranberries that the ingredients in his food works same as cranberries. Hes on royal xanin so

    • I would ask your vet for referral to veterinary internist in your area for expert opinion and a plan moving forward. A sterile urine culture is recommended to make sure right antibiotic used for any infections, as one of biggest mistakes practitioners make is not treating with the right antibiotic and for a long enough period of time, thus predisposing to chronic infections and/or secondary stones. You could also ask your vet about alternative prescription diet i.e Hills S/D or multicare C/D if appropriate if Royal Canine SO not working for you

  48. My 4 year old chocolate lab has reoccurring UTIs. It’s Sunday, and we have another one. This is not my first rodeo with her and she is watched closely by her Vet ( who I completely trust caring for my animals). We have an apt scheduled for her first this tomorrow morning. I noticed this afternoon, she has started passing blood in her dribble at the end of urinating. Took her temp and its sitting at 102f on the dot. My question is, do I wait until she can be seen by her vet who knows her uti issues very well, has done extensive testing to clear all possible issues ( just to be sure nothing other than her recessed vulva could be causing bacterial issues) or do I take her to the emergency vet where I am afraid they will run test we have already been through with her and see someone who is not aware of her history?

    She is still eating, drinking, and being somewhat of her usual self.

    • Just getting this now, as it sometimes takes me 24 to 36 hours to respond. You have likely taken her to your local vet by now who knows her best, but in future, it is usually not an emergency, unless pet is having trouble passing any urine and/or if pet has pale gums, etc. In future you can also try cranberry tablet products which might help such as cranactin from local health food store and starting her on urinary supplement like D Mannose which also may help.

  49. 1 have an 8 month old female who has been peeing bright red blood and clots for 2 months now. The onset, I believe was due to her being spayed. I initially took her back on 3 occossions where she was checked for UTI etc. They explained that bleeding was normal after surgery. But for 2 months…daily…every time she urinates? Has anyone else had this issue?

    • I would ask your vet to take a sterile urine sample to look for any bacteria. Also if truly blood, maybe ask vet about working up with blood work and clotting profiles to make sure not clotting or metabolic problem. If these are normal, then an ultrasound is needed to make sure no anatomic defects of the bladder or a surgical complication from the spay

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