PetMeds® Cloudy Eyes in Dogs

If your dog has cloudy eyes, it is best to have a veterinary exam performed to determine if they could be a sign of cataracts Cloudy appearing eyes are a common potential presentation of many various eye disorders in dogs. Scratches or ulcers on the cornea that covers the eye can appear as a cloudiness, in addition to inflammation of the inner structures of the eye, known as uveitis. As animals age, they will often develop a harmless degeneration of the lens known as nuclear sclerosis, which can also appear as a cloudiness to animal guardians, particularly when light is shined into the eyes. It is hard for an animal guardian, however, to distinguish this more benign cloudiness from a more serious cataract of the eye.

Cataracts can have many causes from diabetes to genetic causes in dogs. Treatment of cataracts is best done with surgery. I have not found topical herbal preparations effective in treating cataracts.

The important point to remember is that any dog with cloudy eyes should have a full veterinary exam to determine the proper diagnosis so that proper treatment can be done in an efficient manner so as to not jeopardize eyesight in some of the more serious causes of cloudy eyes.

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  1. My 7 year old sheltie was just diagnosed with a grade 4 heart murmur and was put on 10 mg of Enalapril every 12 hours. This was about 2 weeks ago. Today he left eye is a cloudy white, I put a drop of visine in it to see it better. He did not have this before he started the meds. Is this a side effect or natural aging? This is the one and only time I put drops in it to look at it. I also noticed the right eye is red. I don’t know if it was scratched and will wait a few days as I can not get him to the vet until my next payday. Just spent 750 for his visit 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, he needs xrays and a echo for his heart that I did not anticipate as he was fine 6 months ago and it was not heartworm, any suggestions?

  2. Dr. Dym, what name of the products are you speaking of? Stan

  3. See the website for natural topical eye product

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