Why you need to ask your vet about pet drug interactions & side effects

Discuss potential medication side effects with your vet

In the middle of a busy veterinary practice, many veterinarians may overlook an opportunity to discuss the possibilities of drug interactions and pet medication side effects. For example, many commonly prescribed nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) can sometimes cause digestive upset and/or liver/kidney problems in some sensitive pets. Corticosteroids like Prednisone can cause similar problems in some pets, as well as predispose pets to diabetes with prolonged use.

While a topic of debate, these risks are increased if Prednisone and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used together.

While potentially lifesaving, antibiotics can also cause allergic reactions from digestive upset to skin irritation. Some pets are sensitive to topical flea and tick medications, and in my practice I always administer topical flea and tick medication on a separate day from heartworm preventative medication or vaccinations, in order to lessen the burden on a pet’s immune system.

Whenever multiple drugs are prescribed it is always important for pet owners to ask questions, because veterinarians not only prescribe pet medication but are also dispensing these medications in private practice.

Do you have a question on potential pet medication interactions or side effects? Leave a comment below. 

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  1. Is it safe to give prednisone and mometamax at the same time?

  2. My 8lb Yorkie, 10 years, had dental surgery 48 hrs ago (9 teeth removed). Can he have his Comfortis flea pill, in combination w/ the antibiotic Clavamox and pain med Tramadol?

    • I personally would wait on the comfortis pill a week or two until after he has recuperated from his dental surgery and completed his source medicines post dental. These tiny breeds are sensitive enough to begin with and I would wait until his body has completely recovered from the procedure. I would check, however with your local veterinarian, who knows him best

  3. Can i give my dog benadryl and proin at the same time

    • I personally have not seen an problem with benadryl and proin use at same time, however I would also check with your local vet who has prescribed these, and who knows your pet best

  4. Antirobe and apoquel

    • I have personally not seen any problems when antirobe and apoquel have been prescribed at the same time, however best to check with your local veterinarian, who has prescribed these medications and who knows your pet best

  5. can I give my dog buprenex and 3 hours later trazadone

    • You can possibly use these drugs together, however there may be excessive sedation seen after using both of these close together. I would check with your local veterinarian who prescribed the drugs to make sure they are ok with it, and to monitor for any side effects like excessive sedation, etc

  6. Can I use a Seresto collar on my dog that is taking trilostane for Cushing’s Disease?

    • I personally would NOT use a seresto collar on a dog with a chronic immune mediated disease like Cushing’s disease, unless your local veterinarian, who knows your pet best, says otherwise. One must be quite careful in using strong pesticide medications in pets with chronic conditions like this, especially of the adrenal gland. i would check with your local vet

  7. Clavamox for a UTI and fluoxetine?

    • I would ask your local vet who prescribed both of these drugs. Fluoxetine(the generic of prozac) is more of a CHRONIC long term behavioral and/or anxiety drug used in pets. Clavamox is usually only prescribed over a few weeks. normally no obvious contraindication

  8. Xanax & vetmedin
    And, not on same day as xanax:
    Vetmedin & trifexis.

    Thank you!!

  9. Phenobarbital (seizures), now added prednisone and enroflaxicin (because they think he has bronchitis and has a cough)

    He can’t control his urinating now



    • I would follow your vet’s directions, however prednisone may indeed cause excessive urination and thirst. Perhaps your vet can adjust the dose of prednisone for you, or consider other cough suppressants, etc. While Baytril may be used in epileptic patients, it does say on the package labeling of enroflaxacin products to be cautious when using in patients with history of seizures.

  10. Can I give my dog acepromazine and vetoryl?

    • As far as I know this not a problem, but I would check the drug insert packaging that comes with your vetoryl to be sure, as well as ask your local vet, who knows you and your pet the best

  11. Vetoryl for Cushings, insulin for Diabetes (the newer kind that must be shaken), and 2 days was put on amoxicillin for a urinary tract infection.
    I am currently away and dog sitter is taking my mini daschund 11 yrs old to vet right now.
    Vomit and lethargic.
    He’s not as much familiar with both Cushings AND Diabetes and am concerned about this…..

    • Many possibilities here from complications of diabetes/cushings such as secondary urinary infection, pancreatitis etc Needs to see vet and have full workup including testing for pancreatitis, urine analysis, etc

  12. Can my dog safely take his monthly Heartgard medication while he is on a corticosteroid?

    • The answer to this question will depend on the dog’s individual medical history as well as why the pet is on the corticosteroid, in terms of what condition is being treated. This is best answered by your veterinarian locally who knows him best

  13. Can my dog take his methyl heartland and next guard while on amoxicillin?

    • That got messed up – can my dog take his monthly heartgard and nexguard while on amoxicillin?

      • I dont see a problem with taking these products around same time, however I do prefer to have infection cleared up first with Amoxicillin and then return to the monthly pills. I also prefer separating out nexguard and heartguard by at least one week as this is less stressful on the body’s detoxification systems, and I see less side effect when given apart like that

  14. Are fluoxetine and Apoquel safe to give together?

    • As far as I know, there are no known contraindications with taking these two meds together, however I dont have any personal experience using these at same time and would check with your local veterinarian who prescribed them, as obviously strong allergy and/or anxiety component here but unusual to use both of these at same time

  15. Can a dog on trifexis that’s given the antibiotic tetracycline without bad side affects

  16. Is it safe to give my cat a dewormer like drontal while on vetmedin and furosemide?

  17. My dog is on Baytril for 10 days. She is still trying to lick one of her paws, is it o.km to also give her Benadryl? She is a 61lb. mutt.

    • I have not seen problems using baytril and benadryl at same time. Dose of benadryl is 1 mg per pound twice daily. But check with your veterinarian if signs persist or worsen.

  18. Is is bad to give apaquel with prednisone?

    • It is theoretically ok to use apoquel and prednisone for short periods however I would check with your local vet who prescribed this combination as this combo is a bit strongly immunosupressive

  19. Muy dog has an UTI and will start a 10 day Baytril course, can I still give him his Glucosamine/Choindroitin/MSM joint supplement?
    If there’s no problem, can I give them together on his food or is it better to split them? I feed him twice a day.
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  20. Can I give my dog capstar if she’s currrntly taking rimadyl?

    • I have not seen any drug interactions as far as I know with these two meds rimadyl and capstar.

      • Muy dog has an UTI and will start a 10 day Baytril course, can I still give him his Omega3 and Glucosamine/Choindroitin/MSM joint supplements?
        If there’s no problem, can I give them together on his food or is it better to split them? I feed him twice a day.
        Thanks in advance 🙂

  21. Hello, I have a 4lb chihuahua that is currently on rimadyl. Can i give her capstar while she’s on the rimadyl?

  22. My dog has an UTI and will start a 10 day Baytril course, can I still give him his Omega 3 and Glucosamine/Choindroitin/MSM joint supplement?
    If there’s no problem, can I give them together on his food or is it better to split them? I feed him twice a day.
    Thanks in advance ! 🙂

  23. My Golden Retriever has been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma that has spread to her lungs. We are looking at a very short timeframe. She has Tramadol every 8Hr for comfort. She also has a rx for Xanax for thunder anxiety. Can I give her both of these close together?

    • I see no problems using these together. I would also ask your vet about additional pain medications such as prescription Gabapentin or nonsteroidal anti inflammatory meds like metacam or piroxicam

  24. is it safe to give these combination of medicine: hydrocodone, furosemide, doxycycline and temaril P to my dog a 16 years old tibetan terrier who is having a severe cough

  25. can i give my dog comfortis and heart gaurd along with apoquel?

    i normally give the comfortis and heart gaurd on two separate nights but shes on apaquel for 2 weeks twice a day

  26. My 124 pound rottweiler was prescribed 3 500mg cephalexin 2 times daily for infection from kicking skin between paws (side effect from allergies), as well as ketoconazole 300mg once daily. From being on these for her infection in her paws, she contracted a uti, so now they have her on 600mg Amoxicillin every 12 hours as well.

    Me not being a fan of shoving 8 pills down her throat at night and 5 in the morning, I’m just wondering if it’s ok? The vet said yes, we just gave the amoxicillin tonight for the first time so I will check with her dermatologist (for her allergies) in the am. But was just reaching out to see if anyone could tell me if they thought this was a safe amount of medicine for her body. Seems like a lot to me.

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