PetMeds: First Aid Kit for Dogs and Cats

Similar to our own need for emergency medical supplies, pets may also require items for unexpected injuries. It is for this reason that many pet owners ask which items they should have at home as a first-aid kit for their pet. The below items I consider to be beneficial to have in one’s home in the event of an accident: Keeping a first aid kit at home for your pets can be helpful if your pet accidentally becomes injured

Benadryl – in case of an insect bite, bee sting, or acute allergic reaction leading to swelling or hives. The recommended dosage of Benadryl is usually one mg per pound every 6-8 hours in an acute situation.

Buffered aspirin – In case of injury or trauma.
The recommended dosage of aspirin is typically 5 mg per pound once to twice daily with food. However, if a pet is already on medication it is always best to check with the veterinarian first before giving aspirin, or if the pet has a history of medical problems.

Supplies for bandages or a wrap. It is also important to have on hand bandage material, gauze, and one or two inch tape, in case of an open injury or laceration that can be used as a pressure bandage to control bleeding, reduce soft tissue swelling, and prevent infection.  Finally some hydrogen peroxide is often helpful as well in case of ingestion of inappropriate items. Often a teaspoon or two of hydrogen peroxide can induce vomiting and prevent digestion and absorption of many potential toxic items.

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