How to Wean Puppies From Their Mother

3 to 4 weeks is when a nursing mother will attempt to wean her puppies away from her

If your dog has recently had puppies, at approximately 3-4 weeks she will start to move away from the nursing puppies while standing on her paws and walking when they get tired of that.  The denial and rejection from the mother grows stronger at this age, necessitating the puppies to find an alternative food source.  First, the mother will simply stare at the puppies, and later will growl as she attempts herself to wean them off of her.   At about this time it is good to start to offer an easily digestible food such as Halo or Artemis puppy foods, which contain all of the needed nutrients to satisfy the puppy’s growing needs.

To help the food become easily digestible for the puppies, pour warm water on the food, and let it soak in. Once the kibble has come soft, you can stir it until it is an appropriate consistency to be eaten by lapping.  You can easily encourage the new puppies to eat by wetting a finger in the food mixture, and letting them lick or suck on the end of your finger directing them closer to the food bowl.  Only allow 15 minutes at a time for the food to be left out, offering it 3 to 4 times daily for this time period.   Gradually reduce the quantity of the water, as they get used to the new diet.

The daily ingestion will depend upon the size and breed of dog and most excellent puppy foods do have feeding guidelines on the label.   Feeding puppies a quality pet food from the beginning will help their immune system, so there is no need to supplement them with milk. In addition, adding milk can cause problems in some dogs because of their inability to digest lactose.

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