PetMeds® Is Catnip Safe?

There is nothing more pleasurable than watching a playful feline roll around on the floor in ecstasy over a catnip toy. The main ingredient in catnip is an herb of the mint family that acts like a feline pheromone, meaning that it chemically stimulates the olfactory system involved in the sense of smell in cats. About 25 percent of cats do not react to catnip because they lack the receptor that triggers stimulation

Interestingly, 25% of cats do not react to catnip because they lack the receptor in their nervous system involved in stimulation, while some kittens also seem unaffected. Those cats that do react to catnip will eat it or lick it, while some others will even roll in it. Yet others just sniff it. The psychostimulatory effect on many felines will typically last 20 to 30 minutes.

Many cat owners often love giving catnip to their cats, but some worry if it is safe. In most cases I have found catnip very safe in most cats. On rare occasions I have seen cats seizure, so I always recommend supervision when giving this herb to our feline friends.

Does your cat love catnip? What are some of the amusing things your cat has done with his or her catnip toy? Share your stories in the comments!

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    Your article says that you have seen a cat suffer a seizure after eating catnip. Do you remember if it was right after eating the catnip or later?

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