PetMeds® Diabetic Pets and Glucosamine Joint Supplements

A question often asked by clients who own diabetic pets is, “Is it ok to give a diabetic pet glucosamine joint supplements?” In my experience and opinion, I have not found the small amounts of glucose (sugar) in glucosamine joint supplements harmful to diabetic pets, and in most of my cases I’ve not seen a problem with diabetic regulation. However, every pet is a unique individual, and if a veterinarian is having trouble regulating a diabetic animal and that pet is on glucosamine, sometimes I will have the client stop the glucosamine and/or try another joint supplement such as Proanthozone, Omega 3 fatty acids, and related products until I have the pet better regulated. diabetic-dog-joint-supplement

I’ve also found with the higher grade joint supplement products, such as Glyco-Flex or Super Joint Enhancer, diabetic regulation is not affected with less flavor enhancers or additives. However, with the cheaper over the counter versions, it is often the extra additives that in fact add sugar to the products and can sometimes affect diabetic regulation.


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    How about feeding your dog gristle or cartilage from chickens, etc? I’ve heard that mentioned as containing glucosamine or something similar, but I have no idea if there’s any truth to that.

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