Salmonella in Pets

If you suspect your pet was exposed to Salmonella, contact your vet right away

With the recent pet food recalls due to possible Salmonella contamination, animal guardians across the country are increasingly concerned about possible risk in their pets, particularly those that may have eaten potentially contaminated foods on the recall list. While some pets may exhibit no symptoms on exposure to Salmonella, other pets may develop varying degrees of digestive upset most commonly mucoid and/or bloody diarrhea, in addition to loss of appetite and occasional vomiting. There is also the concern about human exposure to this potentially human pathogen. With strict hygiene and cleaning, potential human exposure and infection can be minimized.

Diagnosis of salmonella poisoning is made by both a history of eating potentially contaminated brands of foods, but also upon special cultures of the feces in suspect animals. Treatment is usually supportive with IV fluids in severe cases, and antibiotics based on results of fecal cultures. Prognosis with early diagnosis and treatment is favorable for recovery. If there is any possible exposure, please see your local veterinarian as soon as possible for a complete digestive tract workup for the best possible results.

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