PetMeds® Tapeworm Treatment in Dogs

“What are those moving little flat or rice like segments near my pets butt?”  This is a question often posed to veterinarians, and these are most commonly due to tapeworms.  Most of the time, pets are not clinically affected by tapeworms and continue to eat and drink normally.  Tapeworms are usually acquired by ingesting fleas at some point in their life, but can be also acquired by ingesting wild animals’ feces. Tapeworms are usually contracted by ingesting fleas or wild animal feces

There are many options for treatment with my favorite being praziquantel, which is the main ingredient in 1800PetMeds tapeworm medicine Dog Worms 3. In addition to treating the tapeworms, it is important to also institute good flea control with products like Frontline Plus or Advantage. Otherwise pets can become easily reinfected if exposed to more fleas.  While it is remotely possible for humans to become infected with tapeworms, I’ve not seen any cases my clinical experience of 20 years.


  1. Ashlie says

    We have 5 dogs, and 3 cats, 2 dogs are mine, and the rest od the animals are my moms, if we only see visible tapeworm segments in one animal, does that mean they are all infected and need to be treated and if I treat one but not the others does this increase reinfection in the house and can humans get it from the actual worm segments? The animals all sleep with in the beds with their respective people, it is the Oregon coast and cold so the one that is visibly infected insists on sleeping under the covers, I am now paranoid I am going to get a tapeworm, even though I am sure this is irrational. Even if she did “fart” a tapeworm segment out while sitting on my sister’s bed earlier, ugh, so gross.

    • Dr. Michael Dym, VMD veterinarian says

      Theoretically it is possible to get tapeworms from animals, but only if one handles feces with their hands and then licks their fingers and/or then ingests the eggs or packets from the stool. As for worming, I would recommend worming all animals for tapeworms, even though tapes are not that contagious. Also consider flea control for all pets as tapeworms usually come from ingesting fleas or flea larvae.

  2. Rio Miller says

    I read there are two types of tape worms, does praziquantel kill both types? We have large acreage and lots of ground squirrels and rabbits that the dogs some times kill and eat. I never see fleas on them, but have seen tapeworm segments in one of their stools. I may be using the wrong dewormer since this is an on going situation. Please advise.

    Thank you, Rio

    • Dr. Michael Dym, VMD veterinarian says

      Praziquantel is correct tapeworm medicine to use. MAy need to repeat a few times every few weeks.

  3. gail hagan says

    Recently got a dog from the humane society. The first day noticed tapeworms, immediately got a oral pill from the vet. 2 wks. later still seeing segments in stools; so (4 days ago) gave him his second dose of the same medication. He continues to have these worms (small white and flat). I can’t remember the name of the med, but vet tested him at his office and prescribed the med. Why is this medication not working and how long after treatment does it take to no longer see the worms? I know they are caused by fleas, but I have yet to see a flea on him…HELP!!!

    • Dr. Michael Dym, VMD veterinarian says

      The medicine usually works within several days. Most common wormer for this is praziquantel. I would still treat dog for fleas as ingesting fleas is most common way that tapeworms are contracted.

      • gail hagan says

        Thanks, the medicine he has been given was Triflexis. I read somewhere there this is NOT effective for tapeworms, but in another source says it is?? Going back to the vet in the AM to get something different because he still has them…

  4. joycelyn mitchell says

    my dog is passing little pink and white tip worms what can I give him he also was infested with fleas I cut all his hair off treaded him for the fleas but need a flee pill for him also

    • Dr. Michael Dym, VMD veterinarian says

      I would worm your dog with panacure C from 1800petmeds as well as praziquantel for tapeworms.

  5. pam houston says

    I purchased Praziquantel, and store employee said to give my dog one tablet to get ved of tape worms. Container is five tablets. It doesn’t say how many or how often to give it on the container, even though it says “Read entire card before using this product. Is just one sufficient?

  6. Tawny says

    The pound where we purchased our dog last weekend treated her for a flea infestation. Now, 8 days later, she obviously has tapeworms. My husband purchased and gave her a single dose of Fenbendazole only to find that it is not effective against that type of tapeworm. Can I treat her with Praziquantel as well? If so, how long should I wait between treatments? It is Sunday and tomorrow is Labor Day so I cannot take her to the vet for atleast 3 days. Thanks.

    • Dr. Michael Dym, VMD veterinarian says

      Treating with praziquantel now or with good combination product like virbantel from 1800petmeds would be fine.

  7. T.C says

    I found little white worms on my dogs feces and on his butt. He likes to lay in the bed with me but I’ve been told you can contract worms from an infected pet is this true?

    • Dr. Michael Dym, VMD veterinarian says

      Only can become infected if you ingest the worms. As for treatment try virbantel or panacure C from 1800petmeds

  8. ishita says

    my dog is lactating and in the poo i can see flat ribbon like worms.. what shud i do.. whether i can do deworming… whether it wl affect the puppies.

    • Dr. Michael Dym, VMD veterinarian says

      Worming with virbantel from 1800petmeds should not affect puppies, and should take care of these tapeworms.

  9. CHARLENE says

    My dogs have both been treated with panacur because the smallest one had roundworms and now I found rice like worms in the other ones poo. Will panacur work for this worm also.

    • Dr. Michael Dym, VMD veterinarian says

      While panacure gets many species of worms, it does not get all species of tapeworms, which are what you describe. BEst to try praziquantel or droncit wormer.

  10. Gabby says

    Recently my dog was just treated for worms she has been on trifixus for a while and she has no fleas. Anyways she scrubbed her but against the floor i thought she just needed Her anals done but turned out to be worms. I walk around the house barefoot and I’m very nervous that maybe I could have contracted them by walking with no socks. Can you shine some light on my scare?

  11. Mike says

    I have two dogs and they were both given sentinel flavor tabs by our vet, the female dogs always pooped with white looking worm , like a rice ! Which w e thought is tapeworms even though she taking this mess. What is the best meds to use?

    • Dr. Michael Dym, VMD veterinarian says

      Sentinel does not protect against tapeworms. I would treat her with praziquantel or droncit

  12. Mike says

    What is the best maintenance meds after I gave my dog a
    The praziquantel that I bought from you guys! Myfemale dog border collies has tapeworm then i gave this meds, but i want a maintenance meds so I will not see this worm again from her poop, thanks!

    • Dr. Michael Dym, VMD veterinarian says

      You can periodically use praziquantel every few months. Also can consider the heartworm prevention medicine Iverhart max, which has this ingredient in it as part of the monthly heartworm medicine.

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