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Abby Rosenberg

Abby Rosenberg is a PetMeds employee and long-time cat lover. She was a volunteer for several years at a local no-kill cats only rescue shelter. This has prepared her for her most challenging role to date: secretary, photographer, social coordinator and treat dispenser for Daisy, and Daisy’s sidekick Harley. Daisy is a dilute calico Devon Rex cat, and Harley is a “cow-cat” who was adopted from the shelter where Abby volunteered. You can also find Abby on Google+.

Daisy’s antidote for the Monday Blues

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Daisy knows that many people do not enjoy Mondays

Pppffffftttt! I know, that is how many people feel about Mondays. And when our people are not happy, we cats are not happy either. Read More »

Are you ready for some football?

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Are you ready for some football? I am, sort of. Anyway, the good part is that football Sunday is the perfect excuse to put on a comfy football jersey and lounge around the house watching TV all day. Read More »

Daisy reflects on National Pet Memorial Day

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Yesterday was National Pet Memorial Day

Today I am feeling a little bit melancholy. That’s because yesterday was National Pet Memorial Day, which is observed on the second Sunday of September. This is a special day to honor and remember all the wonderful cats and dogs who came before. Read More »

Teddy Bear Day is not for Daisy

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Teddy Bear Day 1

You might or might not be wondering why I am posing next to this toy. I’ll tell you the reason: tomorrow is Teddy Bear Day. Teddy bears are cute and cuddly, but they’re not all THAT great. I’ll tell you why… Read More »

A Labor Day misunderstanding

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Daisy plans to sleep in on Labor Day

Harley is confused about the meaning of Labor Day Read More »

Harley’s thoughts on male vs. female cats

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Testing, testing, testing, one-two-three, is this thing ON? I know you were probably expecting Daisy, but I can be a good spokescat, too. MALE cats such as myself are pretty awesome if I do say so myself. In fact, let’s talk about male cats vs. female cats. Read More »

Let’s hear it for ear cleanliness!

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Ohai everybuddy! It’s me, Daisy. You might have noticed that I have big ol’ ears. But did you also notice how clean my ears are? I’m very proud of my ear hygiene. Read More »

Daisy reminds everyone to “Check the Chip”

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I have my lab coat on today because we need to talk about something very important. August 15th is Check the Chip Day! Read More »

How NOT to celebrate National Work Like a Dog Day

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I know, you probably think I have a glamorous life wearing beautiful fashions and lounging around the house, but actually I work very hard. See, I’m in the middle if a big WORK project right now. You might even say that I work like a dog! Since tomorrow is National Work Like a Dog Day, let’s see how much work Harley does. Read More »

Daisy gets Maxed out

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Psssst! Is that dog still behind me? Max is always trying to steal my thunder! Just because he’s a TV star and wears a lab coat, he thinks he’s top dog. Well, I’ve been thinking…. give a yellow Lab a coat and what’s he wearing? A LAB coat! I think I look much more purrfessional in my lab coat. Read More »