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Abby Rosenberg

Abby Rosenberg is a PetMeds employee and long-time cat lover. She was a volunteer for several years at a local no-kill cats only rescue shelter. This has prepared her for her most challenging role to date: secretary, photographer, social coordinator and treat dispenser for Daisy, and Daisy’s sidekick Harley. Daisy is a dilute calico Devon Rex cat, and Harley is a “cow-cat” who was adopted from the shelter where Abby volunteered. You can also find Abby on Google+.

Daisy’s horrid, terrible, very bad day

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Daisy at vet1

Ohai friends. I’m relaxing in my fluffy pink sleeping bag on account of I just had a very  horrid couple of days! Would you like to hear about it? Read More »

Free dog biscuits for LIFE? And the winner is…

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Happy Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day! While I don’t really appreciate dog biscuits, I do enjoy a tasty treat on a daily basis. Today, I have a very important responsibility–I am choosing the winner of the Dog Biscuits for Life Sweepstakes! One very, very lucky dog will win a lifetime supply of Gourmet Dog Biscuits. Read More »

Some cats are not ready for romance

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Did you all have a happy Valentine’s Day? I enjoy any day that celebrates love. Did you know that I was in love once? It was with a special cat named Skeezix. He had to go to the Rainbow Bridge, but I have lots of special memories of him, as well as this beautiful catnip heart he gave me one year. My brother Harley has never had a girlfriend. Harley decided that he might be ready for romance, and he asked me for some assistance. Read More »

Daisy’s plan for the perfect Cat Health Month celebration

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Daisy Cat Health1

February is National Cat Health Month! We cats might have gotten a little bit cheated, on account of there are only 28 days in February. But we can still make the most of our special month, which is meant to focus on feline health and wellness. I expect to get some balloons, extra treats and a basketful of new toys to kick off this celebration. Oh, and guess what? I turn ELEVEN on February 10th. That’s tomorrow! But since they didn’t name this National Daisy’s Birthday Month, I will stick to the subject of cat health. Read More »

Groundhog, go back to your burrow!

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Groundhog day1

Happy Groundhog Day! On this day every year, a big rodent named Punxsutawney Phil crawls out of his burrow to predict the weather. If he sees his shadow, that means he predicts 6 more weeks of Winter. If he does not see his shadow, then Phil predicts an early Spring. This year, Phil predicted 6 more weeks of  Winter!Well, I have a big problem with this procedure… Read More »

Your cat can be a good cat, too!

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By now, I’m sure you have realized that I am a Very Good Cat, on account of I (almost) never misbehave. Even though I do enjoy a good scratch every day, I never scratch where I am not supposed to scratch. You might think this took a lot of training and willpower, but you would be wrong. What’s my secret? I’ll tell you! Read More »

Your cats have questions, Professor Daisy has answers

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Ohai! You might or might not know that January 22nd is National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day. Because I am a Smart Cat, there is hardly anything I do not know. The few questions I did have were already answered last year. (You can study those answers AND see me with my Mommeh, here.) However, I know that other cats probably have many, many questions. So, I have decided to put on my lab coat and help answer your questions! Read More »

Help your pet sparkle on Dress Up Your Pet Day

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Daisy dress up1

It’s almost that time, one of the most important days of the year: Dress Up Your Pet Day! This holiday is January 14th, so you still have time to get ready (if you begin your preparations now). This year I have selected a two-piece number with a flouncy skirt and polka-dotted trim. Now that I’m all dressed up, I wish there was a special parade or party I could attend. I’d look good atop a parade float!

Daisy dress up2

I know you will want your own dog or cat to look fabulous, too, so I recommend you begin by reading some of the tips I have compiled. I am certain these tips will help every cat and dog be best-dressed! And if you do not want to dress up your pet, you can still enjoy browsing through my fashion retrospective. Which outfit is your favorite?

The secret to successful New Year’s resolutions

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Happy New Year! I hope your new year is off to a great start. Most of us like to begin the year by making resolutions. Unfortunately, most of those good intentions are kicked to the curb because the resolutions are just too hard to keep. Do not worry, I have a solution! If you want to stick to your resolutions throughout the year, you just have to choose the right resolutions. You might be thinking, “Daisy, what are the correct resolutions?” I’m here to help! Read More »

Daisy’s Boxing Day fiasco

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Even though I am a little bit sad when Christmas is over, there is one consolation. The day after Christmas is one of my favorite days of the year, Boxing Day! This is a special day designed just for cats who enjoy boxes, so we can have a good time with all the leftover boxes from Christmas. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s what Boxing Day means. Let me tell you my Boxing Day tale of woe. After carefully perusing all the leftover boxes last week, I selected this box. It’s just the right size!  Read More »