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Vanessa is the Content & Inbound Marketing Director at 1-800-PetMeds. She is a SEO and social media enthusiast and loves pets, crafts and street art. She is a pet parent to two beagles named Riley and Ender. You can also find Vanessa on Google+.

PetMeds’ Pets Share Their Thanks

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Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at PetMeds!

A wise fortune cookie message once read “Value your present moments”, and the Thanksgiving holiday allows us a special time to do this as well as reflect on all the things we’re thankful for.  But what about our pets? If they could talk, what would our pets be thankful for? So naturally, we asked a few of our employees to share their pet’s messages of gratitude.

Harley: “I am thankful for TOYS! My toybox is overflowing with toys and I love digging through it every day to find my favorites to play with. I especially love playing with fishing-pole toys. Once I catch the lure I will never let go! I also like to run and jump and chase Daisy all around the house. Wanna play?”

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Celebrate Plush Animal Lover’s Day with a PetMeds Max Doll

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Does your pet have a favorite plush toy he or she likes to play with? I’d like to think my two Beagles, Ender and Riley, enjoy a good stuffed toy yet they always want to de-stuff them, too. Of course it still doesn’t prevent me from buying them new toys. So what’s better than buying a new stuffed toy you know you’re dog will love? How about getting one for free! Well, in honor of Plush Animal Lover’s Day we’re giving away 10 Max dog toys!

Aren’t they cute?

We're giving away 10 Max dog toys!

How to enter to win:

Simply comment below with a story about your dog’s favorite stuffed toy. Please note: Including your email address in the form below will help us contact you if you are chosen as a winner.

Winners will be chosen Friday, November 1st. Good luck!

So Doggone Cute for Halloween + Giveaway

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The following is a guest post by Leigh Wendinger at

The Halloween season is upon us and there is no better way to celebrate than with your closest friends and family.  Is your dog on that list?  Well, if not, he or she should be!  Halloween is enjoyable for all ages and all species so when you are gearing up for your late October fun don’t forget to include your furry family member!

Not only do pets deserve to venture out for a nice walk on Halloween night but your pet will also get to strut his or her costume right alongside you as you sport some of the best Halloween attire around.

Take a look at a few fun costume ideas for pet owners and pets:

Where’s Waldo?

Do you plan to go trick-or-treating at the beach, at the park, or the zoo?  Well if you do, there will most likely be someone searching for you!  Pardon the pun, but Waldo is a crowd favorite and the fun in this idea doesn’t just stop at Halloween!

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Join the Fun! National Dog Week Giveaways

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If you’re a dog owner it may seem that every week is National Dog Week, but to kick off the official week we’ll be having a new giveaway each day on our Facebook page. What are some of the prizes? Glad you asked! Some of them include: dental kits, treat packages, ThunderWorks products, and interactive laser toys!

How do you get in on the winning? Easy! Hit “Like” on our Facebook page and be on the look-out for our post announcing the products.

Celebrate National Dog Week and win prizes on our Facebook page

Good luck!

Guess How Many Gourmet Dog Biscuits Are in the Vase – Giveaway

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Guess the correct number of dog biscuits and you win!

Treats are one of the ways we show pets we care for them, and today we’re having a giveaway including this vase filled with our very own gourmet dog biscuits. As a customer, you (and your dog) may be familiar with them since we place one in each order. Now comes the fun part! Simply comment below with your guess as to how many bones are in the vase. Be the first to guess the correct number and you win!

Good luck!

We have a winner! Congratulations to Julie Ethridge, the first person to guess the correct number of bones in the vase, which was 51.

The Passing of Gilly and the Adoption of our Newest Little Girl, Lola

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Just like you, we here at PetMeds have to cope with the heartbreak of losing our beloved furry friends. Our Advertising Director shares his story about the passing of his beautiful Gilly and the adoption of his newest little girl, Lola.

Gilly in the hospital

The last several months have been quite a roller coaster ride regarding our 4-legged family members. In the middle of the night on April 17th, my partner and I were awoken by our female Scottish Terrier, Gilly, in distress. We immediately rushed her to an emergency veterinary hospital near our house. Once we arrived, the attending vet knew immediately that Gilly was bleeding internally due to her distended stomach. They placed her in a hyperbaric chamber due to her labored breathing, trying to keep her calm and relaxed. After confirming that it was internal bleeding most likely caused by a rupture in her spleen, they sent us to Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists in West Palm Beach about a 1/2 hour away.

We placed her in the car and my partner drove while I sat in the back with our sweet little girl. It’s amazing how, unlike us humans, dogs will not let you know something’s wrong until they can’t take it anymore. We arrived at PBVS and they immediately took Gilly in the back to evaluate her. After what seemed to be an eternity, the emergency doctor came out and told us that it was in fact a ruptured spleen and they needed to do a splenectomy immediately. We gave the go ahead and then the waiting began. Read More »

Meet An Assistance Dog Trainer: Canine Companions of Independence

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To help us close out National Assistance Dog Week is an interview from Jamie Toliver, a certified instructor from Canine Companions of Independence who gives us insight into what her job is like and how rewarding it is to help provide a more independent life for those with disabilities.

Canine Companions Trainer Jamie Toliver and her team

Please share with us a little about what you do and how you became involved as an assistance dog trainer.

I have been with Canine Companions for a little over five years and I’m currently a certified Instructor for Canine Companions for Independence.

I became involved with Canine Companions through their Instructor Assistant program. The program appealed to me because they have an apprentice program that involves on-the-job training. While I’ve had experience with training animals and working with dogs, I did not have the specific skills required to train assistance dogs, which has been a lifelong dream job of mine. You know, that job you wanted to do when you were six years old? Yeah, I have that job.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Service Dogs, Interview with Dr. Bloom

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National Dog Assistance Week is coming to a close but we are pleased to share an interview from Dr. Bloom who is considered by many to be an expert on the topic. Although she is neither a trainer nor works for an organization, Dr. Bloom is a recipient of a service dog and provides ongoing information on her blog My Magic Dog to those wanting to learn more about service dogs.

Dr. Bloom is a service dog recipient and blogs about service dogs and more on

When and how did you first become involved with service dogs?

I’ve been involved with service dogs for more than twenty years. This interest was sparked while looking for options to help our patients during my tenure as the director of the Center on Aging and Disabilities at a medical school. Initially, I received a dog from a wonderful, national service dog organization, which we used to educate our faculty and the medical students who worked with disabled populations. Later, ironically, I was diagnosed with a chronic condition and this became my first, official service dog. I’m now on my third service dog and they’ve all been wonderful!
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Flea4X Plus: Begins Killing Fleas and Ticks in Just 5 Minutes

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Use Flea4X Plus for dogs and Flea3X for cats

Most people love the warmer spring and summer weather but unfortunately, so do fleas. Depending upon the weather conditions where you live, flea season typically begins in May. The optimum temperature for fleas to thrive is around 65 to 85 degrees, and fleas also do well in the higher spring and summer humidity. Fleas can feed on your dog or cat within seconds of landing on your pet and within 24 hours of that first meal, courtesy of your pet, the fleas can begin laying up to 50 eggs per day which can quickly result in an infestation. It’s clear that when it comes to fleas, fast action is crucial. Now available exclusively at PetMeds, Flea4X Plus has a four-way action that kills fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and mites. Best of all, it starts killing fleas and ticks in 5 minutes. Read More »

Activyl: Something New in Flea Control

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Activyl uses new technology in flea control

If you’ve had to deal with fleas on your dog or cat, you’re probably already familiar with the common topical products used to control these pesky parasites. Maybe you even feel that the fleas in your area have become immune to all the standard treatments. Now there’s something new: Activyl and Activyl Tick Plus. According to the manufacturer, Merck Animal Health, it’s the first and only flea product to use metabolic activation or “bioactivation.” This new technology available only in Activyl uses the enzymes inside the flea itself to activate the flea-killing power. Read More »