1-800-PetMeds partners with Petfinder’s founder in new mission: 911fosterpets.com

1-800-PetMeds partners with Petfinder’s founder in new mission: 911fosterpets.com

If you’ve adopted a shelter pet over the last 20 years, there’s a good chance that you know of Petfinder. Founded in 1996 by Betsy Saul, Petfinder.com has facilitated over 25 million adoptions over the last 20 years, and is the largest pet adoption website in the world. And now, Betsy and her team have set out on a new mission — to help the millions of shelter pets that […]

Tips for a safe and pet friendly Halloween night

Tips for a safe and pet friendly Halloween night

We Love Our Vets

Here at PetMeds, we love our pets and want them to stay happy and healthy. Regular veterinary care is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure that your beloved furry friend stays healthy. The newest PetMeds commercial, “We Love Our Vets,” is a friendly reminder that to help keep your dog or cat healthy, most veterinarians recommend annual checkups, heartworm tests, and monthly heartworm prevention, as […]

[New Product] Crinkle cat tunnels provide hours of playtime fun

If you’re a cat owner, you know it doesn’t take much to entertain your cat. Whether it’s a box, paper bag or feather toy, cats are known for being spry and energetic pets. Unfortunately, having your home strewn with empty boxes and bags may not be the most appealing home decor. Crinkle cat tunnels are not only more stylish than brown paper bags but they’re sure to provide your favorite […]

#PetMedsDogWeek – Enter to win prizes for your pup!

As pet owners we don’t need a national day or week to celebrate the love for our pets, but in our opinion it makes things around the PetMeds office that much more fun with regard to giveaways. Let’s take National Dog Week for instance. Going on now until the end of next Friday, September 26th, share a photo of your dog via our contest page, or upload the photo to […]

Win 1 of 4 Pet Therapeutics Comfort Pads

Looking for a new way to keep your pet comfortable? Pet Therapeutics is an innovative line of comfort pads to provide soothing relief through the use of orthopedic foam, magnet therapy, and cooling or warmth technology. Each comfort pad can be used on its own, making it perfect for traveling, or they can be used on a sofa or crate for additional support and comfort.

Bravecto – 12 weeks of flea & tick control in a single chew

When it comes to protecting your dog against fleas and ticks you’re probably familiar with popular topicals, collars, and even new monthly oral flea treatments. As your trusted pet pharmacy we’re pleased to introduce Bravecto, the latest in flea and tick control for dogs. One chew controls fleas and ticks for 3 times as long as traditional doses, lasting 12 weeks when compared to the typical 4 week effectiveness of […]