How you can make this your pet’s best summer

Summertime in Florida is brutal at times and summer weather has already arrived here well in advance of the summer solstice. The heat is unbearable and just when it starts cooling down in the evening, mosquitoes show up and start biting. A good part of my day seems to be spent putting protective chemicals on… [Read more]

What you should know about “superbugs” and your pet

Ever stopped taking a medication early? After all, the only one who gets hurt if a medication is not taken exactly as prescribed is the patient themselves, right? The answer to that question is actually an emphatic NO. A decision taken by one person can in fact hurt many. The topic of antibiotic resistance is… [Read more]

Is it a mistake to “humanize” our pets?

In our society today, fewer people actually interact face-to-face with each other and are now more likely to communicate online. Because our social connections are becoming more impersonal, perhaps it’s only natural that people may look to their pets to fill this void, often treating them more like little people. The truth is, I’m not… [Read more]

What you need to know about your pet’s medication dosage

Humans and dogs have been friends for at least fifteen thousand years. It may be possible that living so close to each other for so long has caused similarities in certain traits and even in certain diseases. Obesity, hypothyroidism, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorders, and even certain cancers have been seen in both dogs and… [Read more]

The importance of the expiration date

Pay attention to drug expiration dates

Many pet owners would choose to skip their vacation or the purchase of a new television set if it was a choice between those things and the health of their pet. Everything seems so costly these days: dinner out, movies, clothes, even water which should really be free is on the shelves everywhere for sale… [Read more]

Learn from the past to prevent a modern pet poison tragedy

If you suspect that your pet has been poisoned, immediately contact your veterinarian or poison control center for guidance

It seems like almost every day or week of the year is devoted to recognizing a person, event or special cause. Since this week it’s National Poison Prevention Week, I began writing this blog on the topic of pet poisonings. Halfway through, I realized that although the information is certainly useful, it would be more… [Read more]