Being Bella Pomeranian: Featured Dog in PetMeds Commercial

Bella is the featured dog in the PetMeds TV Commercial - shown here with her famous blankies

Hi there! I am Bella Pomeranian, the star of the PetMeds TV commercial.  If you’ve wondered where I came from and what kind of life I have then please read on, there is so much I have to share!

First, let me say that I am a very fortunate pup.  I have a home and pawrents that look out for my care;  I come from some fairly blue Pomeranian blood with a sire who was an international champion show dog.  But the show ring was not to be in my future, no, my future turned out to be at the other end of the spectrum:  Rescue.   The way it happened is also related to how I got to where I am today. My family suffered a huge loss, the passing of another pet in the family.   First there was the grief, and then the desire to adopt another dog.  After searching on the internet, and then on Facebook, my pawrents turned to Southern California Pomeranian Rescue and adopted Buddy.  Here is the picture of my pawrents, me and Buddy at that first Christmas.

Bella Pomeranian with Buddy, their pawrents, and Santa

Before I was a PetMeds TV Commercial star, most of my furrends knew me as Bella as in “Bella Blankies” on Facebook.   Mommy started by pledging 20 fleece blankets as a way to help SCPR raise money to help pay to transport 11 Pomeranians from an Iowa puppymill to California.  The Poms were being “retired” from their life as breeding stock, and SCPR wanted to help them.  Mommy’s blankies were a hit and the donations came quickly.  Mommy made more and they were dubbed “Bella Blankies.”   Mommy has now made more than 475 Bella Blankies, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Rescue.   I like to pose with the Blankies Mommy makes too. The first photo abpve is one of Mommy’s favorite pictures of me with a Valentine Blankie from last year. You can also see me in action with the blankies in the video below.

I get to go lots of places, too!  Mommy takes me with her to all of the adoption events in Southern California that she goes to, and I get to meet lots of people.  After being on TV I get recognized nearly everywhere we go and people like to take my picture.  Sometimes people will say, “She looks just like the dog in the PetMeds TV commercial!”  and Mommy just puffs up with a big grin and replies “She IS the dog in the commercial!”

I’ll be sharing a weekly blog post about my life and adventures, so please ask me questions (about anything) and I will answer!



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  1. Bella, I and all your other furrends look forward to your blog and thank you and mommy for all you have done to help other pommies find a furever home.

  2. This is wonderful! Thank you PetMeds, for bringing us even more of Bella Pomeranian, the best SpokesPom and Pombassador for rescues in the world!

  3. Love, love, love your blog Bella! I think all of the things that you & your mommy do, are just wonderful! Love ya sweetie pie <3

  4. Love you in the PetMeds commercial Bella! I am looking forward to a great blog with more tails of Bella.

  5. Thank you, Tammy!!

  6. Thank you, Susan!

  7. Thanks, Puddie!

  8. Thank you, Paulette! I hope I get to do a sequel!

  9. Bella – what do they call your haircut? You are such a cute Pom and I love your cut. Thanks for bringing more awareness to 1-800-petmeds and rescue.

  10. Isabella Labrador IssyFebruary 3, 2012 at 11:40 pm

    Hi Bella !! Just stopped by to say hi xoxx. Issy

  11. Hi Cindy! I’ve been getting my haircut like this ever since I was a puppy, and we just called it the Puppy Cut. It always grew back until I was about 5, and then it just stayed short. Mom has to trim up my legs so that they stay even with the rest of me.

  12. Hi Issy! xoxoxo

  13. Yeah Bella! Very happy for you and proud of what you do : )

  14. Thank you Linda!!

  15. Bella, I think your blog is super! What kind of toys do you think Pommies enjoy best? Maybe a video of exactly how a Bella Blankie is lovingly assembled would be educating, & entertaining. Keep up your pawsome work in rescue cause you ARE making a huge impact for all kinds of animal rescue & that’s way cool! God bless you & yours!

  16. Bella Your a Pawsome Friend and Love all you Do For Us Poms and All of Us Furkids in General. Love My Bella Blanket. You keep up the great work<3

  17. My own personal favorite toy is anything small enough for me to carry in my mouth so I can play fetch with Mommy, and it absolutely has to have a squeaker in it. I like to bite down on the part that squeaks.

  18. Thank you Karen and Mystique, I love you too!!

  19. Isabella Labrador IssyFebruary 6, 2012 at 8:58 am

    Good morning Bella!

    Mommy and I love receiving notification of your blog entries Bella! You know how much we love Pomeranians. Thank you for all the good work that you do with your rescue in promoting Pomeranian awareness and saving them. Welove you Bella.xo

  20. Bella ,
    I just love you so much , i stop every time The Pet Meds Com comes on and watch you . I love your Video;s . You are so adorable and your mom does such a great job with the resue .
    i adore poms anyway they are the love of my life. I live in Alabama are i would be at your party on the 14th . I would love to meet you and your famly and hold and love you.
    Thank you for and your family for all the greatest you do.

  21. Vicki, the Pawty is totally online!! So you can still come! Thank you so much, I am so happy that you like the commercial. Mommy tells everypawdy too!

  22. Hi I was wondering what kind of dog Bella is! I want to get one fOr my grandma! Thanks- kels

  23. Love the blog and the work you and your family does to rescue animals! Hugs from your SC cousins at

  24. Kelsey, the answer to your question is in the blog! Does your Grandma want a Pom? Find out first before you just get her one. It would be just terrible to get one for her and find out that she doesn’t like it. But, if she really really wants one then I can help you find a rescue with Poms that are looking for homes, but let Grandma choose the one she wants.


  25. Thanks, Elaine. I am so happy that you like it.

    Love, Bella

  26. BELLA , you and you mom do such a great job . You are such a doll and do such a great job on the commerical . Your mom works so hard making the Bella Blankets and you show the Blankets off so very good. No one could do better.

  27. Love, you Bella. My mom has a newfoundland but I will want a Pom. You are so sweet. I am a fan of the bella fanclub.

  28. BELLA, you are such a great little angel . Keep up the good work. Love you.

  29. Bella, you are adorable! Do poms get along with cats? My husband and I have a 5 year-old male cat and want to get him a friend.

  30. Bella…….The very first time I saw you on tv I fell in LUV with you . I think you are just BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!

  31. Where can I purchase a Bella Blankie?

  32. BELLA BLANKIES can be found by clicking on our name above (SoCalPomRescue). There you will find the instructions on how to order. We THANK YOU for asking and hope you have your very own soon!

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  34. i just didnt know u were a prom, u really r a beautiful dog. i have a maltese but he isnt as cute as you. one day i will have a dog like you. keep up the good work that you do. love you

  35. I love that puppy. I would like to have one.

  36. m y wife and i fell in love with you the first time we saw you.

    We live in ohio,can you give me an address to find a pom to be rescued.? roger

  37. I’m not a dog person, I’ve never had one as a pet, but she is the cutest dog I’ve ever seen. 🙂

  38. I have been looking for one of these puppies, I want one really bad if anyone knows where I could find one. Thanks, Tonya

  39. yes, I have a limited amount of them but i am in Alabama . Where are you located . Vicki

  40. My husband and i just love Bella and I have searched all over to find out about her, and the lightning struck and I decided to go to the Pet Meds web site and sure enough, there she was along with all the info. i would like to know where I could purchase a look alike for Bella. I live in Wisconsin. Any help would be appreciated. Love you Bella!

  41. There are many shelters, rescues and responsible breeders all over the country that have lovely pommies in need of homes. is a great place to start looking! Also, here’s a link to learn about the breed Pomeranian –

  42. Mary thank you for the compliments! There are two ways that I can recommend. The first way is the nearest to my heart, and that is through rescue. You can go to and search based on breed (Pomeranian), and your zip code. It will locate all the Poms near you that are available through rescues or animal shelters that need a second chance. The second way is through the American Pomeranian Club. Member breeders are held to a strict standard of ethic and control of their breeding programs: I strongly recommend AGAINST petshops for a number of reasons: their puppies come from puppymills and are taken away from their mothers too young while they are still small. If that puppy survives it may grow to 20lbs. You won’t know where it came from. It might have come from China in a shipment with other puppies exposed to illness and disease. Please don’t support that market by buying from it. Please consider also an older dog that may have lost its owner due to illness or death. Older dogs make great pets and companions. You would gladly take me, and I am already 8 years old!!
    Love, Bella

  43. hi

    we are in al , i have you a little male like Bella but we are in al. if i find you one up there I will sure let you know . I adore Bella , she is such a beautiful doll and does such a great job for the pomeranians. Best of luck finding you a pomeranian.
    vicki tittle

  44. I am in AL and would love to have a Bella. I just lost my 12 year old Shih-tzu and I feel so lost without him!

  45. Bella ,
    I raise only a limited number of puppies here in Alambama at my home with by grandchildchildren and husband . We don not ever ship our puppies , We have to meet everyone in our home and be sure they will be good parents and have good resumes. If we know of a rescue we find a home for the pomerarin . We do not have many poms like you have there needing homes here where we live. We adore our pomeranians . And i adore you so much and all the hard work you do . You are my idol . We love you so much . We can not wait to read you post on face book and your blog every day . We just love to see your new pictures and your trips .

  46. Cathe you can ask my furrend Vicki Tittle who is posting here. Shis is also in Alabama and she has a little male that she says looks like me so where you see the {reply} link at the end of of the post with her name on it, click on that and send her a reply.

    Love, Bella

  47. Vicki, see the post above from Cathe Green who is also in Alabama.

    Love, Bella

  48. Cathe Green
    I am sorry to hear of the loss of your baby. We have some orange puppies that will look a lot like Bella . There grandad is on my website and he looked a lot like Bella also. They are raised in my home by our granddaughter and by husband .
    Prespoiled for you . we only raise a limited amount so we can spend quality time with them .If you would like email or call me , we are not far from Auburn , Al. Vicki Tittle

  49. Hi Bella, I wish to know how is your weight.

  50. Bella PomeranianMay 29, 2012 at 11:37 pm

    Roger, you can go to and search based on breed and your zip code. It will locate all the Pomeranians that are close to you that have been listed by shelters and rescues. There is one rescue that I know of but I don’t know if they are close to you or not: Central Ohio Pomeranian Rescue. Good luck in your search and I am glad that you are considering adopting!
    Love, Bella

  51. Bella PomeranianMay 29, 2012 at 11:42 pm

    Vera, I weigh 4 lbs and stay pretty well within that range.
    Love, Bella

  52. Aww look at those faces too cute!

  53. Thank you for sending me the info about Bella. Makes you want a Pomeranian.

  54. Bella, you are adorable!! Mommy and you are doing wonderful things. Good luck in the future as you all continue to help other pommies. I own a toy yorkie that my family love and adore, however, we are thinking about another puppy for my 17 year old grand daughter.

  55. Hello Bella & Mommy,
    I ran into you at the Pet Smart today. I told you that I lost my sweet Pom Dakota two years ago at the age of 16. You told me that you were glad to hear that they could live so long. As you were leaving, I said good-bye to Bella and the cashier asked if that was Bella from the commercial. We spoke again as we were leaving, and I knew that I wanted to see that commercial. I Googled Bella and when I saw the commercial I remembered that I had indeed seen it before and that Bella always made me smile, especially with that cute Pom forehead and those eyes ( I even mentioned that to you when I first saw Bella. ) I truly had a senior moment by not putting the two together, but I am so blessed that I actually got a chance to speak with you and tell Bella that I love her. I cannot wait to see Bella on TV again. What a treat!!

  56. Thank you so much Joyce! It was a pleasure to meet you too. I am usually at Petsmart every third Sunday afternoon, except not in June because it is Father’s Day. I am the Pombassador of Southern California Pomeranian Rescue and we hold adoption events for Pomeranians on that day inside the store. This is your invitation to come and visit, and see the Pommies that we have available for adoption!
    Love, Bella

  57. Hi Bella ,
    I watched you again on tv today , i just love you . Good luck to you on your up adoptions events coming up. Love you Vicki

  58. marie fricchioneJune 25, 2012 at 6:13 pm

    Love to see you, Bella on tv and the internet! I think you are THE CUTEST!! Good work mommy!

  59. How old is Bella? Is she a toy pom???? She looks sooooo small.

  60. I will be 8 yrs old on August 31st and yes, I am a Toy pom at 4lbs. Love, Bella

  61. Hi Bella,
    I lost my pet French bulldog of 3 short years three days ago. It was sudden and I lost him within 24 hours. He suddenly became paralyzed from an underlying spinal cord condition. He was a great friend and companion. I loved Scrappy deeply and the world has lost a great dog! Seeing your precious face on your commercial has given me a smile again. Scrappy brought me great joy and it was an honor being his owner.

  62. Hi Gayla,
    First I need to tell you how really sorry I am that Scrappy has gone to Rainbow Bridge. It is a sadness unlike any other. I wrote a blog about dealing with grief when my dog sister Lois went to Rainbow Bridge, it is posted here dated March 9th. Please read it, I hope it helps you. Let me know.
    Love, Bella

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  64. Hi Bella,
    I met you and your mommy at the Lancaster Bark in the Park last Sunday, Oct. 7, 2012. My maltese, Harmony, also met you from a distance, of course. You are sooo cute and adorable and our household loves the 1-800-PetMeds commercials featuring you. You and your mommy do wonderful work, keep it up!

  65. Thank you, Alicia! I had a lot of fun both days at Bark, but I was dog tired when it was over! Love, Bella

  66. Tazzy ,Baby Foxy, Guizmo, Bandit and Nikki ( all Poms) love our cat Soxx. Soxx is crazy about all his Pom sisters and Pom friends. But beware not all cats love Poms or any dog.

  67. i would love to get a dog like bella , preferably a male
    since i already have a rescue male labradoodle.
    many tx
    we currently live in a ny apt. but are moving to a
    house on a hill in california where the pups will have alot of
    room to play and run.
    tx for your help

  68. Paula, if you will be in Southern CA, you can look up; if you will be in Northern CA, look up There is also where you can search for a pet based on breed, sex, and your zipcode. Good luck and I hope you find the pommie of your dreams. There are plenty out there looking for you. Love, Bella



  71. Hi Bella,
    Keep suggesting Petfinder as a place to find poms in need of rescue. That is a great! Thanks from all the pups.
    Hugs and tail wags to all!
    Vinnie (rescued Italian Greyhound)

  72. Thanks, Vinnie! Petfinder is a great internet resource for people seeking to adopt. It is so easy to use! Happy New Year!

  73. I Would love to find a pom like bella
    is it possible?
    i have a labradoodle now.

  74. Hi Paula: It is entirely possible, but maybe not so easy. Poms come in all sizes from teeny at 3 lbs all the way up to 20 lbs. I always refer people looking for Poms to, where you can search based on your choice of breed and sex, based on your zip code. There you will find an endless supply of Poms that need homes. I am a Pombassador for rescue, and I hope you choose to adopt. Love, Bella

  75. This is a question for Bella. We’re you adopted out of scpr? And, if so, how is it that you ended up in a rescue?

  76. Hi Susie: No, I was not adopted out of SCPR but my brother, Buddy, was in May of 2010. That’s how my pawrents started volunteering and still do so in a big way. In fact, I have become their Pombassador. Poms end up in rescue in several different ways. Sometimes people have to surrender their dogs, and other times the dog ends up at the shelter. One of my blogs is the story of five Poms that ended up in the shelter in Hesperia CA because their owner got in some kind of trouble and got arrested, and animal control was called to come get the dogs. They have all been adopted now! Love, Bella

  77. Would like to know if any are available in the capital district of NY (Albany, Schenectady, Troy) also on the NJ shore (Point Pleasant, Toms River, Asbury)?

  78. Gigi: The best way to locate available Poms for adoption would be where you can search for adoptable dogs narrowed to exact breed based on your zip code! Love, Bella

  79. Betty A KlanchesserAugust 20, 2013 at 3:20 pm

    My husband love this dog and how to do we go about finding one like it, he had a toy poodle that was 16 when he had to put her down and she was his life, he finally has decided that he would like to get another dog and has fallen in love with a dog like Bella,

  80. Hi Betty, I always recommend that people begin their search on There you can search for a particular breed of your choice within or near your zip code. I am a Pomeranian, and Poms come in all sizes and all colors! I weigh 4 lbs, but the breed standard is 7 lbs.. You will find some Poms as large as 20 lbs too. Good luck with your search!
    Love, Bella

  81. Hi, Bella. I am the parent of two Parti-Poms, Reilly and Bentley. The other day Reilly noticed that I still have your 2103 calendar posted beside his grooming table and he asked me \Papa, isn’t it 2014 now? Where is Bella’s new calendar?\ So I went to the SoCalPomRescue site and to order a new calendar but I was disappointed to find only the one for last year. So, our question is will there be a 2104 calendar and how can we get one. We really like Bella greeting us every morning at breakfast and grooming time.

  82. IsabellaLabradorIssyJanuary 18, 2014 at 11:22 am

    Happy New Year to you and your family, Bella!

    Mommy and I want to thank you and your Mommy for helping the POMMIE Rescues. We hope everyone that wants a Pomeranian, or any breed, will go to a rescue or shelter to adopt a dog or save a life in a shelter this year and forever! If everyone offering a good home in this country would adopt just one rescue animal, then quite possibly there might not be any animals in shelters for very long .

    Lots of love and Labbie kisses little princess
    ❤️️❌⭕️❌❌ Issy

  83. Hi Jerry, Gosh I am so sorry to have to tell you that I did not do a calendar for 2014….long story..but we will do one for 2015 for sure! I am sorry to disappoint Reilly and Bentley. Love, Bella

  84. Boo-Hoo, and I was so looking forward to Bella’s charming pictures when I come in to eat and get groomed in the morning. Bentley and I are SO IN LOVE with her, we really try to get her attention when we see the Pet Meds ads. Why doesn’t she notice us, is it the lights? Oh, well, I guess I’ll just have to be satisfied with a generic pom calendar until next year. Love, Reilly

  85. Hi Bentley and Reilly *Bella waves paw* ! You can come see me on my facebook page if you like, Just search for me under Bella Pomeranian. You will recognize my picture. Mommy takes pictures of me every day so they are fresh and current, and you can keep up with my daily life there. I do a lot more stuff than just be a TV star, you see. I am also a Therapy Dog and I am the Pombassador for Southern California Pomeranian Rescue. Stop by soon! Love, Bella

  86. Hi Issey *Bella waves Paw*! Thank you and Happy New Year to you! I will be writing a blog for PetMeds today all about how we can all make a difference. Pommie kisses to you my furrend! Love, Bella

  87. Where can u buy one….


  89. We recommend adopting a homeless Pommie over buying one. Try, where you can search for available pets in rescue or animal shelters based on your zip code and breed. If you are in Southern California, you can find Southern California Pomeranian Rescue on facebook–and there are many other Pomeranian Rescues in other states as well–or, go to

  90. Ms. Bella,
    I can’t help but squeal and giggle when I see sweet Poms such as yourself. What a wonderful way to give back to other Poms with your Bella Blankies!!!! May God bless you and your family.

  91. Oh Miss Julia! I think I know who you are….thank you so very much for the lovely support. Kisses to Boo and Deedee…Love, Bella!

  92. I am a lover of furry friends. PLease help me find a female Pom of my own to love. I have a yorkie who would love a playmate since her big sister died a couple of months ago from pancritisis. She fought the battles but lost the war. She is still missed by all who knew her. I hope you can help!! I look forward to hearing from you…Beautiful Bella.

  93. Bella , just wanted to say I love all the new pictures .
    Love you to pieces . You are the grandest lil Pom and work the hardest of all. Just so precious.

  94. I just adore Bella and every time I see the commercial it just kills me that I can’t reach right into the t.v. and hug and hold her she is so adorable thank you both for rescuing her. God Bless you for being animal lovers.

  95. Bella, you are just a doll and I would love one just like you as my Poms passed away from age!! I loved them so dearly and hoping to get another Pom soon! I just lost my husband too so it’s been pretty rough but I’ll keep looking for a precious one like you!!!

  96. claudine jaramilloApril 25, 2014 at 8:52 am

    how can I rescure a pomerarian puppy? I once had one but it died. I am a widow and live alone and would love a puppy (small) for companian

  97. Hi Claudine,

    Finding a Pom Puppy in rescue is difficult, but there are thousands of Pom adults available. I would suggest looking at where rescue groups and shelters post their available dogs. You can search based on your zip code so it will show you all the Poms that are near you. Good luck!

  98. Bella is such a precious Pom and I would love to have one just like her! We have always had Poms and they are very loving animals. My littliest one was only 4 1/2 pounds and double coated so she had a lot of fur. You sure take the people Bella!!

  99. Adorable Bella

  100. Are you a miniature om?

  101. Mary I don’t know what an om is, but I do know that I am a Pomeranian! Love, Bella

  102. Do all your breed have the same basic color and markings as you do? I really love the way you look and the way you carry your self..Congrats on doing such a good job representing your breed23

  103. Bella PomeranianMay 1, 2014 at 4:26 pm

    Oh, Robert, no! Pomeranians come in almost every color and every size. The breed standard in the US is 4-7lbs and we are classed as Toy Dogs. In Europe, we are known as Spitz and we can be as much as 30lbs and were originally bred as Working Dogs. It was Queen Victoria that started the Pomeranian as we know it today, bred down to be lap dogs for the rich!
    Love, Bella

  104. I lost my best friend Babe with an unknown desease about two years ago and I still cannot look at another like her without crying, I saw Bella on the commercial and I told my husband that I have to find one like her. I would love to get a female. My husband and I are over 70 and would love to cuddle and take that cutie every where we go with us. I live in Eugene, OR. Is there some where I could look into getting one near here?

  105. Bella PomeranianMay 27, 2014 at 9:39 am

    Jan, since I am a Pombassador of a pom rescue here in Southern California, I always suggestion adoption over purchasing. To adopt, you can go to where you can search based on the breed that you want and within your zip code. Have patience.
    Love, Bella

  106. Bella PomeranianMay 29, 2014 at 5:51 pm

    We also know a Pomeranian breeder in Eugene OR: Skyline Poms. Their web address is An alternative to a puppy would be to consider taking a retired show dog. Talk to Bini at Skyline.

  107. Bella,
    You are so adorable! My family and I are wanting to rescue a Pom. We had one and she has gone to be with the Lord. We live in Arkansas can you send us I. a direction for a Pom rescue?
    Thank you

  108. Bella PomeranianJune 1, 2014 at 12:26 pm

    Trish, you can search on for Pomeranians in shelters or in rescues based on your zip code. If you don’t find one right away, keep looking because they get adopted but new ones get added. Thank you for wanting to rescue! I hope you find the Pommie of your dreams.
    Love, Bella

  109. Does Bella do guest appearances at charity events, say like a humane society?

  110. Bella PomeranianJune 21, 2014 at 9:21 pm

    I live in Southern California and am happy to make appearances that support animal rescue and charity causes that are local to me! Love, Bella

  111. Where would I begin to look for a dog like Bella. She is just the type and size dog that would fit into my life style.

  112. Hi Grace! We always recommend adoption from a shelter or a rescue, however, you may have to wait a little while. Little teeny 4-5 lb dogs like me rarely end up in rescue. You can begin your search at where you can narrow the search down to the type of dog, sex, and breed, and search based on your zip code as well. Love, Bella

  113. I am Teddi Bear’s mummy and MIL to Bella and I am so thankful that we have this wonderful video to remember Bella’s beautiful smile and her spunky personality!
    Like Teddi, I will \love you forever\ Bella <3

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