Bella Goes to Silver Bay Kennel Club Dog Show

Last weekend was the Silver Bay Kennel Club of San Diego Dog Show and I got to go–oh, not as a show dog in the ring competing for points, and majors, and specials, and I still don’t know the significance of all the different colors of ribbons.  I went as a house pet for people to meet up-close and personal and get to know a little something about Pomeranians.  It is a special time for me and Mommy because it is just the two of us, and we go in the PomMobile.

Bella, beside her PomMobile.

Dog Shows are open to the public and if you didn’t know it, the different Breed Clubs will sometimes sponsor a “Meet the Breed” booth at the show where club members will bring their personal pets so that show visitors can come by and see the dogs with their owners.  Visitors are encouraged to ask questions about the dogs and learn about the different breeds.

Many dog shows have "Meet the Breed" booths.

Meet the Breed is my most favorite thing to do, and it is where I also get to talk about Rescue and encourage the visitors thinking about getting a Pommie to consider contacting one of the many breed specific rescue organizations or start their search on  There usually are also handouts available so you can even take some information home.  Here I am in the Pomeranian Club’s booth last Saturday with some of the informational handouts we had for people:

Bella encourages people to consider breed-specfic rescues.

It is a great place to learn more about whether or not you really want a Pomeranian, or a German Shepherd, or a Poodle.  You can ask questions about temperament, housetraining, compatibility, or a lot of other things like what kind of grooming needs or health problems your favorite breeds may have.  The children like to pet me and feel how soft the top of my head is, and Mommy gives them little bits of treats to feed me (I love that part).  I must have been petted by a zillion different people that day, and got my picture taken by a bazillion more.   Mommy loves it when one of the professional photographers with a cool whiz-bang camera will take my picture too, like this one:

Many people enjoy petting Bella's soft fur.

Another fun part of going to the big dog shows is all the vendors that come with all their wonderful wares like a big bazaar.  There are so many things to see, and taste, and we see new products all the time.  Mommy usually gets me something to chew on or a new outfit when we go.  I ride in my pink Pommie Pram and bark at everything that moves and even if it doesn’t move, I will still bark at it.  Then at the end of the day it is time to go back to the PomMobile and go Nighty-Nite and gear up for the next day.

At the end of the day, Bella goes nighty-night in her PomMobile.

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  1. My adorable Facebook “fur-niece,” Bella Pomeranian, never fails to light up her proud “Auntie Jeanine’s” life! I definitely plan to meet her and her mom and dad, DeeDee and Tommy Townsend, of Palmdale, California, when I visit my Los Angeles family. ((((((Bella-kins!))))))

  2. Wow Bella! That was very informative. You must love what you do cause you enjoy it! I hope to get my picture taken with you some day!

  3. What a great trip that must have been!

  4. Fabulous article little Bellakins! Love the photos-felt like I was there too!

  5. Thank you, Auntie Jeanine!

  6. Hi Dordy! Maybe your pawrents can bring you to Brea when I am there and we can get our picture taken!

  7. It was fun, Paulette!! We got to see so many Pommies compete in the ring, and we got to watch Divapom Nipper run in Agility, and I love to be in the Meet The Breed Booth. Me and Mommy love to travel together and we love being in our PomMobile.

  8. Thank you Auntie Tambra (I bet everyone wonders how come I have so many Aunties).

  9. I always look forward to reading Bella’s blog and seeing her adorable photos. I am a pet portrait artist and am in the process of doing her portrait for her pawrents. I work in pastel pencils and will soon have it completed. She has been one of my favorite subjects and of course is my very favorite celebrity. Bella I’m so proud of all you have accomplished and am looking forward to your next blog. Great job little sweetie!!!

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  11. I recently lost my precious “Ellie”, my pomeranian of 14 years. Ellie was an exact duplicate of Bella! PLEASE share your breeder information. Thank you for your help. Diana,

  12. Bella is just adorable,

  13. Hi Bella~

    We are from, the designer/ manufacturer of the pink stroller u were using. We were surfing on the net and found this blog of u using the stroller, cute cute cute!

    We are kindly asking if we can use your precious photos on our website “” where we post the photos from worldwide using our strollers.

    Thank you and looking forward to hear from you soon!


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