Bella Loves Hello Kitty

Now you might think it is a little weird and downright crazy, but I am crazy about Hello Kitty.  It started with a Bella Blankie that Mommy was making for Southern California Pomeranian Rescue.  She discovered that there was a hole in the fabric so it just wasn’t suitable to be sent out to a donor; it didn’t just get thrown out, no, she just made it a little shorter so the hole got cut off the end.  So the short Hello Kitty Bella Blankie got to be Bella’s Hello Kitty Bella Blankie!  This is me with my very own Hello Kitty blankie.  I still have it and I take it everywhere.

Bella loves her very own Hello Kitty blankie

Then my furrends started sending me things, like Hello Kitty Jelly Beans and Hello Kitty Stuffies.  I have little stuffies and big stuffies, here I am with two of my most favorite big stuffies:

Bella poses with two of her favorite Hello Kitty stuffies

I do travel a lot and go lots of different places.  Because I travel so much and I am always on the go, Daddy thought I should have a very special pet carrier and…….yes, it is Hello Kitty!

Bella even has a Hello Kitty carrier

So that I can stay in touch on the internet with all of my facebook furrends when I am away from home, I must take my notebook with me everywhere and of course,  I keep it in my Hello Kitty computer bag!

Bella poses next to her Hello Kitty computer bag

You do know that I have a drivers license, right?   I got it from MyPetDMV:

Bella is proud to have her own driver's license

Now what could a girl who already has a drivers license possibly want next??  This might just be the ticket.

Bella dreams of having her own Hello Kitty car

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  1. You are going to out do a certain Matel doll soon! LOL!! You go Bella girl.

  2. This blog, and Bella, is adorable! Thanks so much for going to the effort and for sharing all this. I smile every time I see her.

    I did want to let you know that, though I don’t know what the number on the license may be used for, but I can easily read the information that you have blacked out…I just wanted you to know in case it needed to be corrected.

    Again…thanks for the smiles…I really need all I can get.

  3. PS…I assume it is your phone number…lol

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