Bella Makes Chicken Jerky

Those of my furrends who know me really well know that I am an advocate for rescue with Southern California Pomeranian Rescue.  There are few things sadder than hearing about one of my rescues or furrends going to Rainbow Bridge for a reason that could have and should have been prevented, in the form of treats.  With so much regulation over the quality of the food supply in the United States, few of us realize that we might be eating treats that are imported from another country where the standards of quality and wholesomeness  are different.  What is worse, a lot of the tainted imported treats are not stopped and continue to be stocked on store shelves everywhere, even though the drumbeat is getting louder against purchasing imported product especially from China.  Our pawrents scan the product packaging to find the source of the ingredients, and even that can be challenging.  Just finding an image of the flag is not necessarily the solution. The product might be packaged in the US, but made of imported ingredients.

I decided to grab the chicken by its neck and learn to make my own chicken jerky.  It took a long time but it was very simple.  The ingredients are chicken breasts and vegetable oil.  The tools you will need are a cutting board, a colander to rinse and drain the chicken, a sharp knife, and some cookie sheets.

The only ingredients needed are chicken breasts and vegetable oil

Mommy bought about 4 lbs of chicken breast for me, already boned, so I wouldn’t have to do that part myself.  First, start preheating your oven to 200F.  Next, rinse the chicken well, drain, and pat dry with paper towels.

Rinse the chicken well

Coat the cookie sheets with vegetable oil.  4 lbs of chicken will fill up 2 cookie sheets.  Place a chicken breast on the cutting board and trim off fat and skin, then slice it with the grain approximately 1/8″ to 1/4″ thick.  Chickens are slippery birds so get a good grip on that knife to avoid accidents, and keep your paws away from the blade.

Trim off fat and skin, then slice the chicken with the grain

Place your sliced chicken strips on the oiled cookie sheets, and bake in oven approximately 3 hrs.  Jerky is supposed to be dry and chewy like this:

Chicken jerky should be dry and chewy

When done,  remove from oven and allow to cool.   You can transfer them to wire racks if you like, but Mommy just sets the cookie sheets on top of our gas range grates so air can get under them and help them to cool.

When done,  remove chicken from oven and allow to cool

They can then be cut into smaller pieces and stored in the refrigerator up to three weeks. They won’t last that long, though. Here are some of us doing our best version of “Sit” to get some of this wonderful and safe chicken jerky treat!

This is Minnie:

Minnie looks forward to chicken jerky treats

This is Rocky:

Rocky enjoys homemade chicken jerky

Buddy and Pepper:

Buddy and Pepper waiting for their treats


Bella looks forward to trying the chicken jerky

And Dexter:

Dexter awaits his chicken jerky treat, too

Here are a couple of resources on facebook to help you research for information about pet treats from ChinaVeterinary Practice News and Animal Parents Against Pet Treats and Food Made In China.   Happy cooking and let me know if you try to make your own chicken jerky!

Here’s the recipe in case you want to add it to your recipe book!

Bella's Chicken Treat recipe

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  1. This sounds like a great recipe–I’m gonna try it today!! Thank You!

  2. i want to know how much chicken jurky is. so i can buy some for my dogs. i have nit goyen your catlog for some time now. would like to get one. thank you. doyke knoles saltomcoty,ca.

  3. More on the subject: I used to feed rawhide chews, alwaays made in the USA, to my dogs for teeth cleaning and general fun. One night my Badger (queensland heeler) was by my bed chewing on his; he caughed, and got up and i heard him drinking water in the kitchen. When he didn’t return immediately to his bone (he loved them) I got up to see what he was up to. He was on the floor of the hallway, in deep trouble. I could see he was motionless, not breathing; i held him up-side-down and gave him Heimlichs, got on the floor and tried to reach down his throat, but it was too late; he died right there in my arms, helpless, and i helpless myself. What a tragedy. How traumatic for this dog mom and for my trusting pet. I have not and never will get over it. A nd i will never feed rawhide bones again; it is too easy for them to be chewed to large pieces which can get stuck. PLEASE, A WARNING TO ALL! I was 74 years old, had dogs all my life, fed rawhides all my life…..this was a first, but one is all it takes…….sounds like the jerky is smaller, softer, and can be broken into small, deal-with-able pieces and still fun for the doggies.

  4. What’s good for a loveable pooch with diabetes?

  5. hi Karen, what a horrible thing to hear and i’m so sorry for your loss!! 🙁 that you’re visiting this page means that you also love your pets!! 😀 the best thing you can do for Badger is to treat your other pets with lots of love and respect! 🙂

    You can find chicken jerkey (which dogs LOVE) in basically all pet stores. In Europe they’re also sold in supermarkets. Have a look at the ingredients and be sure they’re 100% chicken without any added ingredients like extra sugar, salt (sodium), colorants etc. to make it seem more attractive to your pets as those ingredients are bad for them.

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