Bella’s Thanksgiving Pumpkin Muffins

Hello again everypawdy, it’s me, Bella.  I am very excited because there is a wonderful Holiday coming up near the end of this month called Thanksgiving. That is when our pawrents and relatives all get together at the home of whoever is the best cook in the family, and the Daddies all watch football on the TV and the Mommies all hang out in the kitchen fixing up the food. For those of us who are on special diets, however, we still have to be mindful of what we eat so we don’t suffer from self-inflicted injuries! Those of you who know me pawsonally also know that I am a calcium oxalate stone former and have to make sure I don’t eat anything that will give me a problem. A furrend gave Mommy The Low Oxalate Cookbook (Book Two) so whenever she wants to make something special for me, Mommy will find a recipe in it and adapt it for dogs. She has modified the recipe that is on page 100 by eliminating anything that dogs should not eat and making substitutions. Here is the recipe that Mommy has made and tested right here in the Chateau Bella kitchen of Canine Cuisine (and it is pretty doggone good):

Bella’s Thanksgiving Pumpkin Muffins

You will need 3 of the tiny muffin tins and 36 tiny muffin cups.  Preheat oven to 350F.

1 2/3 Cups  rice flour (available at Walmart)

1 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp cinnamon

2 TBS molasses

1/2 can 100% Pumpkin puree

1/2 C Canola oil

2 eggs, lightly beaten

*1/3  C water (only if needed to moisten the dough so it can be spoon dropped into the muffin cups)

So, you need to get all of your “mise en place”–that is Furrench for get all of your ingredients and equipment together and in place before you start, like this:

Image 1 110813

Mix all of the dry ingredients together in one bowl. Mix all of the wet ingredients together in another bowl, then fold the wet ingredients into the dry until well blended. *Note: if this is too dry, then add some of the water. It should look like this:

Image 2 110813

Mixture  yield should fill 36 muffin cups, fill with spoon not quite to top because this will not rise very much.

Image 3 110813

Bake for approximately 18-20 min,  will be done when a toothpick will come out clean without sticking. Cool, then cover with plastic film. When they are cooled, all the dogs will be very happy to do a taste test. Here I am, just eyeballing this delicious smelling nomnom on this plate, and all I want to do is eat it up:

Image 4 110813

This is how Mommy really wanted this picture to look like:

Image 5 110813

Tiny dogs will need to have their muffins crumbled into tiny pieces to avoid choking. These are so good that they are tempted to inhale them without chewing.

Image 6 110813

So now it is time for the guests to arrive, and I have prepared this lovely platter with my Thanksgiving Muffins all pretty and ready to serve up! Bon Appétit my furrends!

Image 7 110813

Happy Thanksgiving, everypawdy!



Here is Bella’s recipe if you’d like to add it to your recipe collection:

Bella's Thanksgiving Pumpkin Muffin Recipe for Dogs

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  1. These look yummy and I’d like to make them for my pack (with a slight modification of the flour since one is allergic to all grains). What size can of pumpkin … 14.5oz or 29oz?

    I’m guessing the smaller can, but you know what they say about assumptions. 🙂

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