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No matter how much they love to cuddle, all dogs are wild at heart. One of the inborn instincts that most dogs never lose is the need to chew. Giving your dog a treat that satisfies that natural instinct is healthy for your pet in many ways. It may also help preserve the condition of your shoes, pillows, and furniture! That’s why you should try a Crumps’ Naturals Elk Antler Dog Chew as a safe and beneficial solution to your dog’s natural urge to chew.

Why do dogs like to chew?

In puppies, chewing is important to the teething process. At the age of about 2 months, a puppy’s first set of “baby teeth” begins to emerge. A few months later, these teeth fall out to be replaced by the adult teeth. Chewing helps move this process along while also helping to relieve associated discomfort.

Young dogs just past the puppy stage may chew as a way of exploring their environment, so whatever is available to be sniffed, licked or chewed may be fair game.

Adult dogs require strong teeth and jaws in order to kill and eat prey in the wild. For them, chewing is a form of exercise. Dogs may chew on certain items because they are attracted by the smell, such as shoes, wooden table legs or garbage. They also have a natural instinct to chew as a means of cleaning food debris and plaque from their teeth and gums. Chewing on objects like blankets and pillows is often a form of doggie dental care.

Excessive, destructive chewing can arise from stress or insecurity. Dogs who must spend many hours alone often display anxious chewing behaviors as a way to fight boredom or separation anxiety. This can be dangerous if they choose to chew on electrical wires, items that can break up and be ingested, or their own paws or skin.

How to stop your dog from chewing everything in sight

To break your dog of the chewing habit, follow these suggestions:

  • Brush your dog’s teeth daily and provide dental chews
  • Keep attractive items out of your dog’s reach
  • Introduce chew toys to young dogs before bad habits form
  • Provide attentive supervision as much as possible
  • Verbally correct bad chewing behavior WHILE it is happening
  • Make sure your dog gets adequate exercise and daily activity
  • For extreme cases, take your dog to a professional dog trainer

Satisfy the wild side with Crumps’ Naturals Elk Antler Dog Chews

Find Crumps' Naturals Elk Antler Dog Chew at 1800PetMedsA Crumps’ Naturals Elk Antler Dog Chew will make your dog feel like the king (or queen) of the forest!

Dogs know deep down when something comes directly from nature. Their natural instincts are triggered by scent, taste, and texture that factories just can’t replicate. That’s why dogs love these all-natural elk antlers to satisfy their urge to chew.

The Crumps’ Naturals Elk Antler Dog Chew has smooth ridges on one side yet is gently abrasive on the other. Your dog will appreciate the natural teeth-scrubbing action and the varied surfaces and densities of this fun-to-eat chew. Dogs also benefit from the natural source of calcium and essential nutrients that support overall wellness.

And don’t worry about the elk! These antlers are naturally shed each spring so no animals are harmed in the process. Giving your dog a Crumps’ Naturals Elk Antler Dog Chew is sure to satisfy the inner hunter while keeping those canine teeth busy (and off your favorite shoes).



Win a FREE Crumps’ Naturals Elk Antler Dog Chew!

Would your dog love a Crumps’ Naturals Elk Antler Dog Chew? Tell us about your dog’s chewing habits and you could win a FREE Crumps’ Naturals Elk Antler Dog Chew from 1800PetMeds!

Just leave a comment below for a chance to win!

One winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday, December 14, 2016, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!

Congrats to Misty H and Paul R, the winners of this giveaway! We’ll send you an email to claim your prize. 



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  1. would like to win for my neighbor’s dog

  2. I’ve seen these in stores but i’ve never tried them , i’d be interested in seeing if they last longer or as long as his usual marrow bones.

  3. My Carly loves chew toys – and even chewing on things she SHOULDN’T be chewing! Would love to see if this chew would be a win-win for us both!

  4. My lab Lana loves to chew her antlers! She destroyed everything as a puppy and elk antlers were the best thing we ever got for her. We always keep one or two on hand and they keep her busy when she’s feeling restless!

  5. Yes, my pup would love these 🙂

  6. We have a new puppy and she would love this! Thank you for doing this contest.

  7. I have a boxer and a pitbull at home. They can destroy just about any toy you give them. But I have found that the antlers stick around for a while.

  8. My dog, Tina, is almost 7 years old now and she still thinks she is a puppy. She gets very playful (even as she’s turning gray!) and chew toys are a quick way to get her into playing mode! She loves rope chew toys, tennis balls (although she refuses to play fetch with it!), and playfully chews on our cat’s ears. She is a loving, happy dog.

  9. I have an Aussie that has chewed every stick , branch and twig in the yard. He even chewed the baby’s wooden blocks. If he needs anything for Christmas, it’s an antler chew!

  10. I love these for chewing for our dog. She loves them!


  12. My doberman loves to chew. She is constanly chewing on her femur bones but has broken some teeth doing so. Antlers are safer for her teeth. She also loves antlers. I would love for Heidi to win an antler

  13. My dog likes to chew but only rawhide bones.I think she would like elk antler chews.

  14. my dog like tennis shoestrings. so we have to be careful. give alot of chew hides to wear him down so want do daily.

  15. Our previous rescue, Buddy, loves loves loves to chew – usually on his toys, but mostly Buddy loves to chew on my hand – even if I’m holding one of his beloved chew toys! And because he is a sweetheart, and because he loves his humans – I don’t mind for the first few minutes anyway 🙂 A Crump’s Chew Antler would be the perfect stocking stuffer for our happy little chewer!

  16. I know that my Tinkerbell would love these. She is a house yorkie that also likes to hide her chewiness also!

  17. I would love to try these. I used an antler for my dog years ago…she stopped chewing wires and bad things…now she just chews for fun.

  18. I would love to try these. I used an antler for my dog years ago…she stopped chewing wires and bad things…now she just chews for fun.

  19. My dog, Dude is a 141 pound love bug. He’s a very gentle service dog and loyal. He deserves the treat

  20. My dogs both NEVER go anywhere without something to chew on!

  21. My doggie Bocephus loves these!

  22. I have two German Shepherd dogs, Bear (turning 2 December 13th) & Bull (turns 2 next April). Both my babies are chewers but luckily for me smart enough to know what is appropriate to chew. They love natural antlers; I love giving them the natural antlers but they can be expensive as an all the time chew toy.

  23. My puppy needs this!


  25. My 3 year old Catahoula Leopard/Lab mix, Birdie loves to chew and play tug of war. When I first adopted her, she taught me to put my shoes away, especially my flip-flops, as she loved to chew the buttons holding the straps off them! A hunter friend of mine gave me a piece of deer antler for Birdie to chew on instead, which she used to love to leave on the living room area rug for me to step on, OUCH! She has now chewed that antler piece into a nub and would love a new antler.

  26. Would love to win for my dog Hailey!! She loves to chew things and this would be good for her to try!!

  27. 4 dogs 1 is bad with paper

  28. Oh my gosh, our new puppy, chews on everything from the broom to my plant holders to the back of my ankles! These would be great for her. Thank you for the chance!

  29. We finally got her trained, but our pup Chewbacca (named from her puppy coloring because she looked like a wookie, but it all changed, and now she’s just Chewie because she chews on everything!) would chew on EVERYTHING! Some of her favorites were zippers, copper wiring (speaker, electrical, coax, you name it!) the aglets on shoelaces (She’ll still find these sometimes if you don’t watch out!) tags, ropes, and pretty much anything that would fit in her mouth! Thankfully she’s outgrown much of the bad chewing and sticks with bully sticks or ropes, but we still find some destruction here and there! Now that it’s Christmas we have to keep her from eating the pine needles! I bet she’d LOVE to go to town on a Naturals Elk Antler!

  30. New pup coming very soon! I could use this!

  31. Yep! My dog loves a chew. Currently, he chews on a super hard bone after meals. It’s almost like he uses it as a toothpick. Being a larger dog (65lbs), he can chew thru many bones quickly. That’s okay because he loves it! I am sure he would love to try one of these natural elk antlers, too! Thanks!

  32. We have an avid chewer. She’s good about not chewing what she’s not supposed to, but toys rarely last, and she makes short work of rawhide and other chews.

  33. Kimberly M JohnsonDecember 8, 2016 at 2:15 pm

    thank you for the chance

  34. Even though my coton de tule are is 5 years old, she still likes to chew her bones. I am looking for something she likes but will last a while. I think she would like one of these.

  35. My dogs would both love one!!!

  36. My daughter’s dog lives with us over the summer and at Christmas. I would love to win an antler for him. He is a cute dog, but he sure does like to chew on things.

  37. Misty and Blackie love things to chew to keep their minds occupied.

  38. My Norwich Terrier would love an antler in his stocking this year!!!

  39. Would love to win one for my dog

  40. great, now my two Boxers can fight over it.

  41. I have a dachshund who loves chewing on her toys and bones, I have always wanted to try this and think she would love this!

  42. I’d like to try one of these, I’ve got a fiest that loves big bones to chew on. Thanks

  43. My golden retriever chews very appropriately. She loves her stuffed animals and NEVER destroys them, however give her a bone and she is content to amuse herself by chewing (always under supervision) for hours or as long as it lasts. She will chew until the bone is “dead”.

  44. Would love to win a new kind of bones foe our dogs.

  45. My mini Aussie would love this!! It would be the perfect stocking stuffer.

  46. Our dog was a big chewer when he was a baby but now that he’s older (8), he sticks to his rawhides and bully sticks. He would enjoy this!!!

  47. Our dachshund loves chewing! He would absolutely love these. We also have a big labradoodle that would enjoy them.

  48. I’d love to win for my lemon beagle.

  49. We have a big labradoodle that would enjoy them. Along with a dachound that loooovesss to chew!

  50. My dog loves these. He is a power chewer and these things last!

  51. My dog Freckles chews/eats everything! I am positive that she would love this!!!

  52. Our Black Lab loves to chew and gnaw deer antlers, and also to retrieve them! She’s never tried an elk antler and we think she’d love to! Thank you for the opportunity!! : > )

  53. Iwould love to win this for my dog! He is a big chewer!

  54. This a product my dog will love!

  55. Amber VanThournoutDecember 8, 2016 at 2:24 pm

    My big boy Odin would love these! He is pretty good at not chewing what he isn’t supposed to. But pillows and stuff animals watch out lol. Thank you for the opportunity! good luck everyone ❤️️

  56. I’m raising a service puppy for an organization and he is a 5 month old goldendoodle who’s starting to lose his puppy teeth and he is a crazy chewer! I’ve tried many different types of toys but they just don’t do much except one type of toy bone that I can’t get again. I would be super excited to try one of these because he gets so uncomfortable when in school with me that he tries to chew on my arm and jacket. He would be super grateful! Thanks for the opportunity!

  57. My dog is a chew freak – And this would be a great Christmas present for him (and really it would be a great present for me too because it seems like it would really keep him busy for awhile and I could get ready for the holidays!) Yes!

  58. I have two schnoodles, they chew all the time. I keep them occupied with rawhide and rib bone chews. I have not tried antlers… YET, I do hear good things about them.

  59. I would love to try this for our German Shepherd puppy! She is only 4 months and is a real heavy chewer! Thanks for the chance to win.

  60. Dino would love it

  61. I would love to try this for our German Shepherd puppy! She is only 4 months and is a real heavy chewer! Thanks for the chance to win.

  62. PLEASE!! We have a teething puppy in desperate need of some of these!!

  63. We first discovered antlers, then elk antlers and now we use split elk antlers! Our dog loves these and they have our vet’s approval. Great chew “toy” and treat in one!

  64. Sounds like an interesting item for my dog

  65. Ruby would love an antler, she wouldn’t make such a mess with it like she does when she chews up sticks!

  66. sounds like a much better idea than rawhide

  67. My Pitbull Tucker loves to chew on the cardboard roll from papertowels and tioletpaper.

  68. Going to be honest here my dog is really picky don’t chew on alot of things would love to try your product for her thank you for the chance to win

  69. My yorkie-poo puppy, Maisey, is 6 months old and chews on things other than her toys. She chewed the corners of my grandmother’s dresser! She’s finally getting over teething and I’m trying to get her to chew on her toys and her puppy biscuits (her cookies). She’s learning, but it took a while. I’m sure she would love it to chew on a Crumps’ Naturals Elk Antler Dog Chew. Thank you!

  70. Bailey loves antlers.

  71. These look delicious!

  72. Our beagle enjoys chewing, and natural elk antlers are one of his favorite chews. The antlers keep him busy and entertained in the evenings.

  73. Our vet recommended these to me at my dog’s last visit!

  74. My pups definitely love to chew! They need something to help them get that energy out in chewing!

  75. We could really use this. We have a very active teething puppy that would love one. She’s chewing on everything she can get away with and tries even what she can’t. lol

  76. My American Bulldog likes rawhide sticks and hooves.

  77. Like the saying goes, give the dog a bone and they will be happy for hours. Both my dogs would love to have one. And I mean both,if one has something, the other has to have it and will steal from the other one

  78. Yes please!! My dogs would love these they love all types of bones, I have been wanting to get them antlers but can not afford them.I have heard they are wonderful. . Boston love to chew..

  79. I have three rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds and they all love to chew. I don’t like giving them bones, since those can splinter, and while they absolutely love rawhides, my Seiji tends to swallow large pieces and then has issues, so I have to limit them. I’ve been wanting to try antler chews for my dogs. I think they’d love them.

  80. my doey would love this he is very good at not chewing on anything but his toys

  81. Each morning my Beagle pretty much demands a dental chew stick or a bone. OK, he’s spoiled! The antler chews are right up his alley! He would definitely enjoy!

  82. My papillon would love this

  83. Chloe loves to chew on her toys, and usually destroys them. I have been looking for something she would like that is good for her and would satisfy her need to chew.

  84. Probably get this saying a lot just never won anything for my cat or dog, if I win this item and is picked to receive this Elk Antle dog chew would be nice. What will be will be.

  85. Our pit bull Hobbes loves to chew on nyla bones, but elk antlers are his favorite!

  86. My dog Koda is a 115 pound Black Lab/Newfoundland mix with a goofy personality that constantly chews on everything. He will grab our shoes and socks to get our attention and start to talk to let us know he has something he’s not supposed to. I would love to win a Chump’s elk antler to deter him from chewing our things.

  87. My German Shepard Pup would LOVE this to chew on ! She is teething and puts everything in her mouth !! She is just like a baby at night time ! She has to have something to chew while she falls asleep !! This would give my shoes and toilet paper a BREAK!!

  88. My dog has severe anxiety and chewing calms her. She would love this!

  89. My 3 year old German Shepard, Kojak, goes thru periods of chewing. Sometimes you can just tell he wants to chew, chew, chew and others when we offer him a bone he can let it sit there for days at a time.

  90. My Riley Boy loves to chew! I’ve enver gotten this brand for him so will be interesting to see if he likes it. If so I will buy them.

  91. Sure would like to win this for my dog! She only chews on the best, so this would be perfect for her. 🙂

  92. I know my Springer Spaniel and French Beittany would love these. They have found deer antlers in the fields and brought them home to chew on. Both my dogs are over ten years old, and between the antlers, dry dog food and a large dog biscuit every day neither one has ever had to have his teeth cleaned.

  93. Our pug, Mookie, loves to chew on a bone for awhile and then trot all over the house looking for a place to hide her prize! She would have a ball with this!

  94. I would love to try these in place of rawhide because currently that’s what we give him when we have company to get him to stay in his bed.

  95. My black lab, Barney, would really enjoy theses – instead of the sticks and branches from the trees he tries to chew on!!

  96. My lab Ozzy would love this!

  97. I would love to let my fur baby try this! I have heard good things about them.

  98. My sweet Coco would love this!

  99. My Tripp love chewing and would so enjoy the Crumps’ Naturals Elk Antler Dog Chew!

  100. My puppy would love to try this!

  101. I know my dog Max would love a Crumps’ Naturals Elk Antler Dog Chew . Max loves to chew on his toys and tears them up too soon. This antler dog chew would keep him busy.

  102. Quorra would love it!!!

  103. My dog likes chewing on bones and such. My luck hasn’t been great. Some bones are too big, some that should last he goes through quickly, other “longer” lasting bones he doesn’t care for. I’ve always wanted to buy him one of these to try but the prices are pretty high. I would love to see if this is worth the cost for my dog

  104. My Doxie Baxter loves too chew on just about anything.

  105. I have 2 crazy dogs that would go nuts for this

  106. My son has a 10 month old black German Shepard, Nala would love one of these chewers!

  107. I have an 8-month old puppy and she would love to get her teeth on one of these Crumps’ Natural Elk Antler Chews!

  108. Niea and Hewie would love this!

  109. My dog loves them and they last a long time

  110. Never tried these, but have a dog that loves to chew!

  111. My golden retriever Kody would absolutely love this! He is a chewers and a busy boy! This would help!

  112. Remington has been a good dog all year and deserves such a treat!

  113. My dog def needs something hard to chew on like this!

  114. This would be a great Christmas gift for my puppy! <3

  115. Our 8 month old puppy ate our $3000 couch…..

  116. My dog loves to chew on long lasting treats and I am sure he would love this for something new and different.

  117. Rigby loves these bones and would LOVE a free one 😀 Merry Christmas

  118. What a great treat for them!

  119. Avery is my 3rd German Shepherd in my lifetime. They all love to chew your bones as they enjoy showing off their pearly whites!

  120. This would make a wonderful gift for my pup!

  121. I never gave my Coogi an elk antler but she loves to chew, even at almost 10 year old! Her birthday is New Years Day! Thank you for the opportunity!

  122. My newly adopted dog Mini loves to chew on things. Sometimes inappropriate things so I try to give her plenty of chew treats and toys.

  123. I love your products the felines love them to, but please poles let pippin win my husband shoes and my shoes can’t handle his chewing habit

  124. Pita is a smaller dog but she can devour a huge bone/chew in no time flat! Would love to try this!

  125. My baby just chewed a hole into my mattress. I’d say she could use one of these. Lol

  126. My Aussies love leather flip flops and boots if they don’t have a bone to chew on.

  127. My puppy loves to chew and this would be a lifesaver! He already chewed the couch and blinds!

  128. My 2 dog would love these because they love to chew on things. They chew on pop bottle and anything they can get their teeth on. they are corgi mix.

  129. I’ve never given my Coogi one but even at almost 10 she loves to chew

  130. Raven chews whatever she can find. 2 night ago, it was the tassle off my decorative pillow! She loves other types of antlers that I have bought in the past. We’d love to give these a try!

  131. I’ve 6 dogs but just 2 are omg the worse chewing maniacs ever so it would be nice this gift.

  132. Buddy steals the kids stuffed animals and chews their eyeballs off lol i think i need to try these

  133. My dogs LOVE every type of Nylabone. They are the only things that last in my house. Would love to try the Elk Antler Chew – not me, my dogs!

  134. Elk antlers are awesome even for smaller dogs. My 11lb Boston Terrier loves them.

  135. Rex used to love and chew the wooden base boards around the house when he was a puppy. Thankfully, that stage has passed! The antler played a big part in that so winning one would be a great.

  136. I’d love to try this for my Jake!

  137. My pup is a voracious chewer! I’m still searching for more chews that can suit her

  138. Peanut is a fan of these chews. I bought him a packaged of Christmas flavoured ones for small dogs!

  139. Jessie: A Chewer and a Doer. A Lover and Huggin Dauchound, Chihuahua,and Minature Poodle. Would love to win. A years worth of Trifexius would be great.

  140. I have never given my almost 10 year old an elk antler and would like to try one. She still loves to chew

  141. My Blue LOVES her elk antlers! It keeps her busy!!💙

  142. My Maggie would love these!

  143. Ecko would love this! He literally chews and destroys every toy he has. Even his bed. It would be perfect for him.

  144. My lab loves her chews…..but she has a sensitive tummy….so the antlers are perfect for her…..merry christmas!!

  145. My dog, Daisy, loves to chew. Rawhides and bones are her favorite. I’ve never given her antlers, but I’m sure so would love ’em!

  146. My babies would love to have elk antlers I have 8 total. We rescued a baby girl that had been abused and she was half starved to death and this was 7 Years ago at that time we cleaned her up and thought we were fattening her up but as life would have it we found she was pregnant and she blessed up with 7 more 2 boys and all the rest are girls they have all been fixed and we keep there shots up to date. They are my kids and they love to have something to chew first thing in the morning they have a routine they get up potty, eat breakfast, potty again run and play a little then its snack time something to chew then nap and it starts all over again. love my babies and they would love to win. Thank You and God Bless.

  147. Have not tried yet. Hope it works with my 2 dogs

  148. Teagan and Yuki are 5 and 6 months old Teagan is a boxer Yuki is a shiba inu.. Both very busy and share everything! So together I think they would love 2 share a new treat! And leave my shoes alone kids!

  149. My dog would love this! 😀

  150. My dog thoroughly enjoyes chewing on bones or toys. He would love an antler.

  151. Ho-Ho–Ho,…..Merry Christmas to You All, and to PetMeds!
    …..our dog “Patch’ ‘steals’ our shoe-socks, and chews holes in them! I think he
    likes our ‘tug-of-war’ in trying to pull them away from him, so we have to offer
    “Patch” a special ‘treat’ to distract him from chewing the socks while we ‘snatch-up’
    the socks from in front of him before he finishes his treat and grabs the socks again!
    Your ‘antler-treat’ would definitely not only distract “Patch” from chewing the socks,
    but Your ‘antler-chew-treat’ would also be really good for him, too! Thank You for Your
    great products and for this one which will be doggie ‘therapy’ for “Patch”!
    Warm Holiday Wishes,
    Nancy Cameron

  152. Ho-Ho–Ho,…..Merry Christmas to You All, and to PetMeds!
    …..our dog “Patch’ ‘steals’ our shoe-socks, and chews holes in them! I think he
    likes our ‘tug-of-war’ in trying to pull them away from him, so we have to offer
    “Patch” a special ‘treat’ to distract him from chewing the socks while we ‘snatch-up’
    the socks from in front of him before he finishes his treat and grabs the socks again!
    Your ‘antler-treat’ would definitely not only distract “Patch” from chewing the socks,
    but Your ‘antler-chew-treat’ would also be really good for him, too! Thank You for Your
    great products and for this one which will be doggie ‘therapy’ for “Patch”!
    Warm Holiday Wishes,
    Nancy Cameron

  153. Mocha would love that he chews all the time

  154. Payton loves his bones…he has a habit of hiding them all through the house. I have found them under my bed pillow, in the cushions of the sofa, even in the cats’ bed. I would love for him to win a free bone from you. Happy Holidays to All!

  155. My beagles are serious chewers! Would love this!

  156. Our Katie likes an occasional chew. We went from rawhide to all natural and she loves it.

  157. Our 2 recently Rescued Doggies are still puppies and chew up “Anything” and “Everything” .. They’ve torn up Welcome Mats, Remote controls, My Mothers “Wishful Journal” , Blankets, Dog Beds, Towels, and on and on…. I Love these puppies, and in the beginning it was kind of funny, however not anymore it’s becoming a burden. I’d love to try your Dog Bones, see if Maybe we can curb their desires to something naturally good for them : )

  158. My pup loves chewing on everything!

  159. We would love one, our doggies are full of anxiety. Thank you!

  160. We would love one, our doggies are full of anxiety. Thank you!

  161. Elk antlers have been the very best thing for my pal to chew on. They last a long time and they are very good for his teeth to stay pearly white. Having one on hand for the holiday would be great!!!

  162. Would love this as we have 5 four legged babies that we love dearly!

  163. My Service dog Scarlett only chews on her chew toys. Puppies like children need to be corrected when chewing on the wrong things then show them what they can chew on. Brushing their teeth will also help.

  164. I would love for my 18 month old puppy to try one of these!

  165. My grandsons dog Oreo chews herself raw–she needs something else to chew on to keep her busy.

  166. My Service dog Scarlett only chews on her chew toys. Puppies like children need to be corrected when chewing on the wrong things then show them what they can chew on.

  167. My dog Lucy would love these!

  168. I have a 4 month old Rottweiler and a 4 year old border collie who can’t chew enough. We have never tried antlers before but I am always looking for something to satisfy their insatiable chewing habits!

  169. Lilly no longer seems to be interested in chewing – maybe something like this would interest an old soul!

  170. I have two schnauzers that love to chew. I know how important it is to keep smaller dogs teeth healthy. My girls would love to have this in there stocking! They don’t have the sharing capabilities with bones, but I’d make sure they have equal chewing time! 😃Thank you!

  171. Genevieve loves antlers! Her current one is chewed down to a nub, so she could definitely use a new one 🙂

  172. My service Dog Scarlett loves crew sticks and her chew Ring.

  173. Spock loves chew bones and would love to try
    a Crumps Elk Antler, especially for Christmas

  174. Quinn will be Nummy Nummy mode

  175. My dog loves to chew on things but I give him bones for him.

  176. Abigail is my one and a half year old pug she’s a mother of all chores hurt it always seem to bother her and she loves to Bones just a lot of toys and this new chick I bet you would love dearly

  177. My dog eats firewood! Need I say more?

  178. Our dog Gracie is a 1 yr old Doubledoodle who loves to chew, chew, chew. I have never tried this product with her and it would be a great chance to see if she enjoys them; and if so, to purchase more so our little doodlebug is happy.

  179. As I said my dog Abigail loves to chew everything her teeth seem to hurt her she’s been to the vet she gets dental bones she gets bones to chew on and she has plenty of toys but I bet you would love a treat from you

  180. With 7 dogs in our household including 2 puppies, chewable items are very welcome. These antlers appear to be wonderful.

  181. Our dog Gracie is a 1 yr old Doubledoodle who loves to chew, chew, chew. I have never tried this product with her and it would be a great chance to see if she enjoys them and purchase some.


  183. Can’t wait to have winnie try it!

  184. My weimie, Casper, is a breed known for “stealing”. Though he doesn’t always chew what he steals, it is a hassle to get him to let go. Other toys and chewies don’t last very long. I found out Casper loves to chew on antlers which keeps him quiet busy for a long time.

  185. Chewing is a more than a way to let of steam, my dog Pumpkin takes chewing to an art form. She gets up in the middle of the night to chew, and she chews on her toys for what seems like hours on end. She receives infinite immeasurable pleasure when she chews. As an avid chewer I hope she wins an antler.

  186. My pit/chow mix, Bailey, loves his Nylabones so I bet he would love this!! Bailey has powerful chompers!!

  187. My dog would LOVE LOVE LOVE these!

  188. My pooch would have an absolute picnic but she’d deserve it for sure!Look forwRd receiving the free sample. Ty God Bless!🌟🎄

  189. Haven’t tried these, but would love to win one for my dog, just to see if she likes them.

  190. My dog Tobie seems to need to use something to chew on more in the winter. It breaks up the boredom of not being able to go outside as often.

  191. Carol SwartzlanderDecember 8, 2016 at 3:52 pm

    Three dogs..box of milk bones a week…maybe this will last a little longer.

  192. One of our beagles loves to chew. My brother filed down a real deer antler for him last year. It seems to last a long time! I hear deer antlers are the best chews for dogs!

  193. Our dogs and fosters love to chew and are rather powerful chewers. Antlers are life savers and last so long!

  194. One of our beagles loves to chew. Last year, my brother filed down a real deer antler. I hear deer antlers are the best chews for dogs!

  195. Perfect! Just what our dog needs! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  196. Gimmie

  197. Gus is a “Power Chewer!” He completely destroyed a Kong XTreme in 20 minutes. We now give Gus chew bones made in the USA from animal hides that pass all the USDA tests. Gus needs to chew and an antler could be the best thing Santa can bring!

  198. Mary Rebecca FrazierDecember 8, 2016 at 3:57 pm

    My dogs all love to chew, but the youngest at 6 months takes the cake! He chews everything he sees from toys to shoes to cups…you make it and it goes in his mouth. Trying to keep him occupied on appropriate chew toys can at times be a challenge with the older ones around, but of all he has a strong chew and play tendency…lets see-slippers, tennis shoes, our couch pillows-then the couch!! lol he’s a handful but cute as button and we love him ❤️

  199. Our little Pixie wold love to try one out.

  200. My 2 dogs go through a lot of dog chews and I bet they would love these

  201. My dog would love one!

  202. All 5 of my dogs LOVE to chew and usually it’s my shoes and blankets! I would love for them to have an antler to gnosh on!

  203. My dog loves to chew on antlers!!!!

  204. Our dogs have chewed on deer antlers in the past, but we didn’t hunt this year. So I’m sure they would just love an elk antler to chew.

  205. I would love this for my sweet beagle Honey. She loves to chew 🐶

  206. yum yum would love to try this!

  207. I have 2labs that are just a year kid and haven’t bought them anything they can’t put a “dent” in yet. I have been wanting to try these, but would like to win one instead!

  208. i would love to see if my Tommie would like these!

  209. My dog is a 1 year old power chewer! She is a lab, and chews everything!

  210. This chew would be perfect. My dog loves to chase and chew on rocks. Would make an excellent replacement 🙂

  211. I have 2 fur babies one is a Yorkie and the other is a lab-boarder collie. Both are 4 years old born one day apart so basically the have been raised together. Yes you can say I have twins. While each are different they teach each other and argue with each other over chewable objects. The Yorkie will take the big sticks and rocks while my lab is stuck with the little stuff. I would be great to win the antler so they each can chewy on it and we won’t need to worry that it can become to small for the lab yet the Yorkie can carry it too. Thank you

  212. Our 3 dogs love to chew, but Baron is the guy that likes to chew our bed sheets and Oreo chews our pillows, it’s hard not to laugh at her when she is covered with pillow stuffing looking like the dog Max from the Grinch.

  213. My dogs love these, I love them because they last so long!

  214. I have a German Shepherd pup that just chewed up one of my shirts and our laundry basket!

  215. when hudson was younger he chewed wallpaper off the kitchen walls, molding off the kitchen doors, all our kitchen chairs, and even took pictures off the wall to chew on the frames. Now that he is an old guy (10) he limits his chewing to toys and treats. But my wife got a new kitchen out of the whole ordeal.

  216. Nib gets super bad breath. A good chew is all he needs to clean those teeth a make his breath sparkling fresh.

  217. My shihtzu and maltipoo need this

  218. I have a four month old Bulldog puppy who loves to chew, chew, chew! This would be great for her!

  219. Amber chewed up a $100 mink teddy bear when we first got her. Needless to say, it was very upsetting to me.

  220. Would love to win this! My new adopted pup has a problem with chewing everything in site, like our bark in the backyard haha. So she would love these!!

  221. I have a Jack Russell that loves to chew and just started taking to Nylabones. This would be perfect for her!

  222. We just got a “rescue” border collie puppy six months who will chew anything in sight. Would love to try the elk chew.

  223. My lab/pit bull mix will chew anything. He takes his tug rope and destroys it; tearing it into pieces. Toys, sticks, balls just about anything he will chew.

  224. My dog Harley would love one of these. He loves these things!! You would think he’s too little but he dominates these things lol. Thank you for giving him the opportunity to try one of these. ( And thank you from me as well because it keeps him busy for hours lol)

  225. We never have enough antlers in our house!! Thanks for the chance!

  226. We have two big dogs and two small ones and they love any kind of chew. Have not tried the elk chew but am sure they would fight over one.

  227. My dogs love to chew on antlers. They would love to win one.

  228. My little puppy chews on bones and chew most of the time!

  229. My pitty B love to play with toys and chew all kinds of cheats. Luckily not shoes or anything like that. Would love to try one if these.

  230. Would love to win – 3 out of my 4 babies love chews but I keep reading about most brands not being so good for them…..

  231. My dogs love antlers and so does my daughters dog which is a puppy and chews everything. If I won one I would give it to her for her dog.

  232. I have 4 dogs, so would love a sample

  233. My pitty love to play with toys and chew all kinds of cheats. Luckily not shoes or anything like that. Would love to try one if these.

  234. My baby loves to chew up his bedding. He’s 2 1/2 years old and I thought he would’ve outgrown it. I had no idea dogs need to chew beyond puppy years!

  235. My 128 pound lab pretty much eats nylabones. I’m sure he would love to try the elk antler.

  236. I have yet to find a chew that my dogs spend more than 2 or 3 minutes chewing. I have 3 dogs, 2 are small and one is about 60lbs. I have tried bones, pig ears, dental chews, etc. I would love to find something that they can enjoy for a little.

  237. When I got Hannah she chewed the corners of almost everything in my lil place. She loves chews but I have never tried an antler. They are kind of on the expensive side and I’ve never come across one that looks like The ones you are giving away. We hope to win (-;

  238. Our dog Riley LOVES your elk antler chews! She has “gone thru” two of them and we are about ready for another. Please?

  239. My Pitbull, Gibson, would LOVE this!!
    He is a sweetie! He really deserves something special!

  240. Would love to see if my dogs like this very picky

  241. My German Shepherd/ Husky Harley-dog would love one of these! He could use some spoiling after being upstaged by a couple of kittens the last couple months! Thanks for the chance!

  242. My Sheltie had a deer antler which she ate and loved. This would make her the perfect Christmas gift for her!

  243. My dog maya ( husky) she will love this because she always want to chew on something. She can chew on a tennis ball in about 30 minutes 😨 when is something the she can shew on it..she wil protect that🐶.

  244. My dog LOVES to chew on things! The softer ones she gobbles up quicntbhe harder ones she hoardes! She would LOVE THIS!!!

  245. got some a few mos ago and they loved them. would share it.

  246. Pet supermarket used to have all sorts of antlers around Christmas time! I bet my bunny would love to naw on one!

  247. Yummy!

  248. My dog isn’t much of a chewer but this prize might spark an interest

  249. It would be wonderful to find something all natural for my power chewer.

  250. I have an amazing little buddy who would love this treat.

  251. My Goldendoodle Sammy woul d love this to chew on. So would Chloe my rescue lab who loves to hide things and bring
    them out later and tease Sammy with what she has.

  252. One of my guys would really like this…we call him Godzilla jaws!

  253. I have three fur-babies that would love this and it would be perfect for them! My babies are out of the “chewing everything” phase but they do like to chew on rawhide chews, bones, pig ears, etc but they’ve never had this before! Thank you for the chance to win!!! <3 <3 <3

  254. My sweet girl loves to sniff out bones in neighbors’ yards. She’s very good to relinquish them when we catch her. Might be time to test drive an antler! 🙂

  255. My two Rat Terriers would love to share one and my girl is having a Birthday December 22 so this would be a wonderful treat for her!

  256. One of my fu-babies outgrew chewing after a couple of years. My other one still chews everything in sight! *Sigh*

  257. My dog would love something new to chew on.

  258. My dog Belle would love these chews.

  259. I miss colorado for the elk antlers! My dogs love them.

  260. I have 3 rescues, one of which loves to CHEW. …everything. I’d imagine close to $500 in damages or more. We love our little anxious guy and he does better with GOOD chewies! So this would be GREAT!

  261. I have an American Bulldog and she chews anything she can get a hold of. She’s chewd the floor trim in my kitchen and the bottom of my pedestal chairs as well as the corners of the seat are also missing. Therefore I have to make sure there’s something for her to chew to leave everything else alone. This would be a wonderful change from rawhide bones.

  262. my doggie loves chewing on hoofs and antlers and pizzle. he would LOVE this

  263. My 6th month old border collie chews on everything furniture, chairs, wood, her toys, not her toys, spend a lot of time keeping her from chewing me out of house and home! Good time to find something like this to distract her from everything else!

  264. Our two year old Minpin, ginger is an avid chewer and she actually has a small elk horn that is pretty much chewed up to a small nub. It really does save our furniture.

  265. my 7 mo. old pup chews everything she can sink her teeth into nyla bones don’t last . Molli would love an antler.

  266. My dog loves to chew on things so this would be perfect for her. She would be thrilled with an elk antler to match her favorite stuffed animal.

  267. Boomer would love to be a “taste-tester.”

  268. My golden pup is such a hard chewer.. he needs this badly

  269. Our Angie loves to chew. Her Granny and Pappy gave her deer antlers but I think the were a little too hard so she loses interest fast. This would be perfect for her and would also help her pass some time while she’s waiting for us to get home from work and school. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!! Angie says thanks too. 😉

  270. My dog is a beagle so he loves Elk antlers and other bones to chew on! It’s his favorite thing to do!

  271. My two dogs love to chew. They are heavy chewers and will chomp on any dog toy around. They tend to stick to large rope balls and cow femurs. Would love to give them another chewing option.

  272. My pup gets crazy after dinner and needs his chew to calm down. He loves chewies.

  273. Leah will randomly pull chew toys and treats out of her toy box to munch on. So she would love one of these!

  274. my border collie mix would love this elk chew. shes such a good guard dog and truly deserves this prize

  275. Need something so my pup will stop chewing up my kids stuffed animals

  276. One of my dogs is a very aggressive chewer. Could be he just likes to chew or it is from insecurity and stress. He has to be chewing something all day long so it better be tough and durable. This elk antler would give my dog a lot of satisfaction and great chewing time.


  278. My dog loves to chew on hoofs and rawhides, she would definitely love this.

  279. My dogs used to love antlers, till they both broke teeth. I think they’d be ok with split antlers, though.

  280. We watch our son’s dog quite often and he really enjoys a good chew that is very sturdy.

  281. My dog chews on the hard chewys that I buy him for hours. Sometimes I have to take them away from him because he won’t do anything else. He would love one of these!

  282. Mugga is an American Bulldog and we all know the bully breeds have the strongest jaws! It’s always hard to find chews that last and are NATURAL!

  283. My Golden Retriever/Spaniel mix loves to chew on things that clean his teeth. His breed mix generally have bad teeth, from our experience, and he has had multiple dental procedures at the vet office, only to have all the plaque and tarter come back. We’ve tried dental food, sprays, brushing… Thankfully nothing has caused him any pain, but at least he likes chewing on dental chews and things like the Crumps’ Natural Elk Antler Chew. I’m sure he would love this.

  284. My dog is always hungry and would love something like this to chew.

  285. He is always chewing on things, toys, my shoes, anything! Would love this for him so he leaves my stuff alone.

  286. Both my dogs LOVE antlers so this would be great for them!

  287. Grayson is a chewer! I spend lots of $ on chewies. He’s been a chewer since his puppy days. He would an antler chew. What a great Christmas present.

  288. My boxers love chewing on things. But nothing lasts with them, these would be great to try, I think they would love them.

  289. My dog has chewed through so called indestructible chews in moments! I’d love to try an antler

  290. Would love to try !!

  291. My dog Silas has always been a major chewer and I am constantly looking for new products to see if he likes them and keep my shoes in tact. Would love a freebie..thanks

  292. Would love for my dog Silas to get to try these..thanks

  293. My 7 month old puppy chewed through my sheet and mattress topper this morning so I’d love to try!!

  294. 2 shih tzu puppies, chewing everything in site!!

  295. My Golden Retrievers can’t have enough things to chew!

  296. Our Black Lab loves to chew and gnaw on deer antlers, and also to retrieve them! She’s never had an elk antler, but we think she would like one! Thank you for considering Li’l Girl!

  297. We need this to distract our Yorkie away from our shoes.

  298. I would love to see if the dogs in my life like these,sounds like this would be good for dental care as well as a yummy treat

  299. Would love to win this for my dog.

  300. My black lab Zoey loves pig ears. I would think she would enjoy more of a challenge gnawing on an elk antler !!!

  301. My Shih Tzu loves to chew. He does not chew on shoes but rather stuffed toys, leather toys and small balls. This is a great adjunct for a dog.

  302. My dogs live to chew on their tennis balls. Sometimes they shred them. It would be cool to have something different for them to chew on!

  303. My fur babies Brandie & Zip said to win these elk antlers for them to chew on!!!!

  304. Artie is a power chewer. He loves to destroys balls, toys, treats and chews. Thank goodness he doesn’t destroy our stuff.

  305. My Pug Jeffie doesn’t take to chewing too much but he loves the Himalayan Chews & they last so long. I think this might attract him to chew also & would love to try it.

  306. I think lola might just enjoy this. She is picky about what chew items she likes and often reverts to paper towels or tissues. I think would be a better idea

  307. My dog, ZuZu, likes to chew on her bedding. This would be a great distraction for her. ZuZu says “Pick me, pick me!”

  308. I would like to win this for my dogs. I brush my dogs teeth regular but also know the importance of having chew items for them. Liz

  309. I have 2 German Shepherd and they love to chew together in the evening on large horns and other items. It is almost like a project for them when I am watching TV

  310. I have a 1 and a half year black lab mix. He destroys about every toy made within a day. I have only found a few that will stand up to his chewing.

  311. My dogs love to chew antlers, it’s definitely their favorite!

  312. Marilyn Fisher-RileyDecember 8, 2016 at 8:19 pm

    My dog would absolutely love tto win this antler chew.

  313. Chewy stops the chatter

  314. My 4 rescue dogs are all chewers!

  315. My dog loves a good chew!

  316. My 2 puppies want to be queens of the forest. They’re both pit bulls and love to chew on their toys. This would be perfect for them right before the holidays!

  317. Daisy just showed interest in the BEESWAX ornaments on the Christmas tree?? Definitely think the antler chew would be helpful right about now!

  318. I have a Yorkiepo 3 lb puppy who is 8 months and loves to chew but never thought to try this! Do they come in a small size?

  319. Our little chi-weenie will chew anything and everything. She’s ruined I don’t know how many flip flops. If this would stop her from chewing shoes it would be a blessing.

  320. Great, maybe my shepherd won’t eat my bed the next time I leave her alone!

  321. This would be great for my lab who loves to chew!

  322. My Lab is a power chewer. He can finish a bully or raw hide in less than 5 minutes. I need something to keep him busy!

  323. Love these things, my boxer will spend a day or two chewing these, there the best when you have to leave him Alone for hours at a time

  324. Anything that will give my dog something constructive to chew on instead of the furniture, her body, you name it, would be wonderful! She just can’t ever seem to get enough to chew!

  325. My Chihuahua. Taz loves to chew flips. Also. Has my late husband s glove as favorite toy. Loves to chew bones, biscuits. Rawhides. Leaves even!

  326. Looks great!

  327. I need this for my dogs! They love to chew antlers.

  328. I need to find something strong for a lab to chew.

  329. My service dog, Finn, loves to chew. I bet these would keep him busy.

  330. My Lab and American Bulkdog/Pitt would love this!

  331. My Lab and American Bukkdog/Pitt mix would love this!

  332. I’ve had Shiloh since he was 6 weeks old. He’s a Shih Tzu, and the most loveable animal I have ever come across. He has never attempted to chew on anything that did not belong to him. He is now 4 years old. He gets Milk Bones, and Milk Bones Dental Chews. I have tried those little wrapped-around rawhides, but he doesn’t seem to enjoy them. I would really love to see my little one, chew on something that he really loves. Thanks you for allowing us to enter your contest, and I hope I am a winner.

  333. My pup, Grizz, loves to chew on these and raw hides! He gets especially excited for these though!! Happy Holidays!!!

  334. Our boy Bailey would love them he loves to chew he is a big chewer.

  335. My lab likes to chew and chew and chew!

  336. my dogs love to chew, I would love to try these.

  337. These elk antlers last and last. My dog even sleeps with his so no one else can get it.

  338. Would love for my beagle, Shiloh, to try these

  339. My Jack Russell terrier chews on everything,this would be a great pride!

  340. Mine usually get bully sticks and raw bones, they’ve never had antlers before.

  341. my furry babies love to chew they would love this thank you

  342. my furry babies would love this chewing is their favorite sport lol thank tou

  343. My big Yellow lab, Marley would love one of these. He likes to take his chews and hides them and when he is ready for another chew session he goes and gets it. He does not bury it in the dirt, he has a couple of places on the farm where he hides them. It is so much fun to sneak around and find his hiding places. He also knows the 800 PetMeds box when it comes in and he waits for me to open it so he can get the treat in it. Thanks PetMeds for helping to keep my pets healthy and happy.

  344. My Siberian/Boxer Blue eats a chew bone a day. He would enjoy these.

  345. My Cane Corsos love chewing raw hides and antlers of all kinds! It’s the best way to settle them down and ensure they’re not chewing on things they shouldn’t be 🙂

  346. I have 6 dogs. 3 miniature Wiener dogs, One English bulldog one Shih Tzu and one pitbull they are all very spoiled and love to chew on anything and everything

  347. Michell Diana HymerDecember 9, 2016 at 12:00 am

    Our Boxer, Casper is 8 months old and he is crazy! LOL He’s actually chewed up my nice coffee table, even chewed the hose to the aquarium. Needless to say When I got home from a long day at work… I had to rent a carpet cleaner to try and suck up about 6 gallons of water!! But we love him. We rescued him he was being severely abused <3 🙂

  348. Our 15 month old chihuahua/jack russell terrier loves to chew on the shirts we put on her. Her teeth are beautifully white! But
    we want to try something different. I don’t mind the cost of the dental chew bones, but maybe an elk antler will keep her busy!!
    She is so CUTE ,how can you not love a loyal little dog that looks like her!! (she kinda’ looks like an oreo cookie…mostly white with black markings !!)

  349. Cherub my dog was brought up on these so he would NOT eat my shoes, furniture, or anything else he wanted to chew. They are wonderful and I avoided any damage done in my house or to my belongings. Yahooooooooo Laurielynne

  350. Our dog Walter would love to try this chew. He chews through his chew treats and his chew toys super fast! Hopefully, the Natural Elk Antler will last a bit longer!

  351. I have a great Pyrenees that is a big girl and she goes thru bones like they are butter and we also have a boxer these would be wonderful for my babies

  352. These look great!

  353. Chewing is his favorite past time.

  354. He likes to chew on tennis balls and dog treats.

  355. These can be great chews, but for some heavy chewers they can fracture the teeth and cost thousands in vet bills, so make sure they’re right for your dog before giving them one.

  356. Tiffiny frischkornDecember 9, 2016 at 2:58 am

    My baby boy would love these he’s 7 months old and is a big time power chewer

  357. My Lab needs something that lasts a long time. She makes quick work of most average bones and treats. Roxy is 11 years old and hasn’t slowed down a bit on the bone disappearing acts.

  358. My dog Higgy is a 2 yr old Cockapoo. He needs to keep his teeth pearly white for the cameras. He saved me when he was a year old. I was hit by a car and left for dead in a ditch. Higgy went and got help so that they found me. He is a hero and everyone loves him!

  359. I am hopeful that satisfying her need to chew in this way will help my chubby little Dachshund loose some weight!

  360. I have a Cane Corso, Primo. the only thing that he likes to chew and that holds up to him are the buffalo horns. Would love to have something different for him for Christmas!

  361. I have a Cane Corso, Primo. the only chew I’ve found that he likes and lasts for more than 5 minutes, are the buffalo horns. Would love to have something different for him for Christmas!

  362. Derby has never tried a elk antler before but he loves to chew. If he does not like something, he shares it with his

  363. Hunter loves to chew and he has the jaw power for sure. Honestly though we have never tried the antlers before but would love to try.

  364. I too have a Toller who would love a Crumps’ Naturals Elk Antler Dog Chew for Christmas.

  365. My dog is a huge chewer! I would love to find something different to give him to keep him occupied!

  366. My golden retriever, Willow, absolutely loves deer antlers, so we would enjoy winning these. Thanks for this opportunity!

  367. My English bulldogs destory almost every toy I buy them! But antlers are one of the only things that seem to last.

  368. Hades has only been with me for a couple of weeks. I have tried a rawhide bone with him, but he devoured it in one night. I would love to try an antler for Christmas to see if that would keep him occupied a little longer.

  369. Gemma is an active chewer and I haven’t found anything yet that lasts more than an hour. I would love to have an antler for her to try out for Christmas!

  370. My dog Rigby loves to chew on bones and rawhide. It’ll keep him busy all day which is great because then he doesn’t chew on himself.

  371. When I first got my dog Humphrey he chewed my mom’s couch! I had to get it reupholstered. Antlers are the only thing he can’t tear through in a matter of minutes.

  372. My 11 month old,18 lb Mini Schnauzer will chew on anything, literally, nails, sticks, aluminium foil, straight pins, bread ties, shoes, clothes, etc. She will snatch things up the second it hits the floor. I have to constantly take things out of her mouth. She absolutely loves Crump’s sweet potato chips. I need something that will keep her occupied for longer than a few minutes.

  373. My Siberian Husky LOVES to chew! He loves hard chews and I know that while he’s busy with his antler chew, my shoes are safe!

  374. My dog loves these chews

  375. Kathleen KuykendallDecember 9, 2016 at 10:24 am

    Our family of dogs would be in 7th heaven

  376. Would love for my dog to try these, She loves to chew on treats!

  377. My 5 year old boxer started chewing on our mail ever since we came back from a 12 day vacation in august. He was left home with my sister and may have thought we abandoned him or something because now all he does is rip the important mail whenever we leave the house. He’s pretty smart though, he only chews on the bills and the party invites but leaves the junk mail! Lol

  378. My husky likes to chew anything I leave on my night stand, sunglasses, papers, scissors (just the fun plastic parts), pens, markers etc

  379. I have 2 yellow labs and the pup chews EVERYTHING! The only reason shes not chewing on my xmas tree is because the vacuum is parked next to it! 🙂

  380. Two “Rescue” puppies need some chewing help. please. I am running out of furniture! LOL.
    Ken S

  381. My lab would love a new chew

  382. my dog is really good. he only chews on what he’s given. I could have 20 stuffed animals laying around or shoes, but he will only take the ones that are his.

  383. My Newfs love picking out bones to steal from each other. Each one will be perfectly content with the bone they have until they see that the other has a different one, and then it’s game time.

  384. Cosmo loves to chew so much that his middle name is Choo Choo Charlie!

  385. Yes my dog loves to chew!

  386. Both of my dogs love to chew! Always have to be prepared with chewing items to keep them busy during the day.

  387. Both Lucy and Ace, my rescue border collie mixes, love to chew all the time! They go through so many chew bones. Bought them antlers once and they loved them and they lasted forever! They sure would love to win this prize.

  388. Mollie would love this! She is a strong chewer and she usually plows through most edibles, including bully stix!

  389. My dog Murphy loves to chew on bones.My family and I rescue her from a shelter where she was placed due to neglect and abuse. She is a sweet girl and just loves to be loved on and played with. She loves dog bones , I fill them with peanut butter and it entertains her for hours. She also loves her Black Dog frizbee chew toy. These antlers look great and really something I think Murphy would love. Hope she gets chosen the winner. She is just a love of a dog and deserves nothing but the best. We love her so much.

    ThInk you ,
    The Quinn Family

  390. Newt is small but chomps like a much bigger dog. He’s a Chi-weenie and thinks he’s a much bigger dog. When given something to chew, he’s diligent, and happy, until finished. He’s well-behaved and doesn’t chew things he shouldn’t.

  391. Would love to 🙂

  392. Our new puppy loves to chew. He like to chew on hard toys as well as ropes and stuffed toys with squeakers. He loves to pull his favorite toys out of his toy bag. He does try and chew on shoes and our Christmas tree. We would love to try an antler.

  393. Our dog would love these

  394. Maybe this would stop my dog from chewing on clothes…thanks for the opportunity to win

  395. My dogs are big chewers. Never tried antler before.

  396. We should have started brushing our dogs teeth when they were young, but we didn’t, now they are older and not interested in that….dog dental chews occasionally are the best we can do.

  397. I brush Rowdy’s teeth every morning, but there are a couple of places that I’m having trouble with the tartar build up. He can’t have the big rawhide chews and all the rest are gone in a couple of bites. He needs something that will last longer.

  398. I read that putting dog toothpaste on a dog rope toy can help clean their teeth. Kind of like “doggie dental floss”. It seems like a more digestible/edible option might be better.

  399. My dog Cody loves to chew on his toys and tennis balls .
    Never ending!

  400. Sam likes to lay on the wooden deck and watch the squirles run around in the yard. I have noticed chew marks on the wood decking so I got him Naturals Elk Antler Dog Chews. This has helped a lot. I have run out and Sam needs some more.

  401. My dog Maxine love to play pullie. Most of the toys I buy her, she tears up in a matter of minutes.

  402. Have three big chewers in tiny packages! Would love to give these a try!

  403. my dog needs more things to chew

  404. My do loves these antlers. He isn’t big on chewing a lot of things other than rawhide made in the USA but this is his favorite the antlers. I don’t get them often because my store charges 30 dollars for a good size one

  405. Its the one area of our dogs health we should be paying more attention to, their dental habits.

  406. Yes my dachshund needs this Crump chew because he will not let me brush his teeth. My groomer does it for me.

  407. My grandpup loves to chew any dog toy. My daughter and I are always buying different toys but she chews through all of them. She is a rescue dog from Mexico. A white shepherd mix. The sweetest and funniest dog. This sounds wonderful for chewers.

  408. My dog Max loves to chew on antlers and his blanket. His brother Jacob also loves blankets and goes through a tube of tennis balls every month!

  409. We attempt on a daily basis, to brush our dogs teeth and clean their ears. It is a time where they get a little added attention and for the most part, they don`t mind. There are days where the attitudes and wanting to just play, that it doesn`t get done as long as it should.

  410. My dog’s absolute favorite thing in the world is an elk antler to chew on. It is the only thing she will run away with so you can’t take it. It also helps keep her teeth clean!

  411. my Snoopy she’s getting older and doesn’t like to get her choppers brushed but she loves to chew a steak bone

  412. This would be perfect for my Grandpup! He loves to chew and tears up all of his toys immediately. He can go through a rawhide chew in a matter of minutes!

  413. I have a 6 month old Great Dane that chews everything. She would love this!!

  414. My Basset Hound LOVES a good bone. And will savor it for days if we let her 🐶

  415. I have 2 chihuahuas, my girl ( Dixie is 4lbs and my male ( Deuce ) is 2lbs. We own property in the country but we live close to the city, so when we go to our house in the country ( which is weeks on end from September- March ( hunting season). Well wherever we go our dogs follow and if you could see our Deuce when he finds an antler or even a rack. It’s just the funniest thing ever. Of course we don’t take our phones when we go hunting due to our children tend to call us nonstop and we all as hunters know that’s not good for hunting. I would love to win an Elk antler for my Deuce to keep him satisfied during the off hunting season. Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to all who has entered. Have a blessed day. To all of the hunters, HAPPY HUNTING!!

  416. both my dogs love dog chews.

  417. Bet my pits would love this

  418. My dog is such a power chewer! The only toy he doesn’t chew through quickly are Kong Extremes and he will eventually chew through them as well. I am looking for a good bone that will last my little guy a while. He is half Boston Terrier, half Cocker Spaniel and he is my baby! I love my Shep ❤️❤️

  419. My dogs like to bury bones and save them for later! I guess they like dirt flavored bones??

  420. My dog is a power chewer and I have a hard time finding a chew toy she can’t shred! Would love to try this for her!

  421. My 2 dogs r great I have never had any bad chewing behavior from them but I give them chew bones chew toys all the time and they love the chew sticks ty

  422. My dog loves to play tug of war with their !

  423. My boy Baloo loves thesee

  424. our family rescued our dog he has no k9 teeth he was a bait dog but he chews on everything he can get i dont know how many of our kids toys he has chewed he has ate out wall and door to out mud room he has chewed his blanket that he sleeps. and their is not one toy that we have found that is ruin in less then 5 mins@

  425. My dog chew EVERYTHING! If you can name it they will chew it lol. They would love to have this and so would some of my furniture lol.

  426. My beast is a hard chewer so if I win these I will see what happens! He has good teeth they are brushed routinely! No problems with chewing up the house! lol! He likes good buddy rawhide! made in USA! Nice to know the antlers are prepared after they fall off!

  427. Elk antlers are the best thing we have ever bought for our dogs! All 4 will choose an Elk antler over any other bone we have boughten them.

  428. Rebecca Kerchner-LoveDecember 10, 2016 at 10:31 pm

    I have two big dogs that were rescued. I would really like a chance to win something like this for them.

  429. My dog has never had antlers before but I would really like to let him try them. He is quite the wild one! Loves to run and play!

  430. My wheaten Marley actually loves chewing on antlers! First she works in the small end to crack the antler then gets the marrow out! We also have two cats and whenever the cats come near her antler bone she jumps up and chases them away and continues chewing the antler! It’s quite funny! I would love for her to try your elk antler! Thank you! Happy holidays!

  431. Beverly Ann Stadermann-ChesterDecember 10, 2016 at 11:50 pm

    My 11 lb mini dachshund Luke LOVES to chew. Thankfully, Luke only chews sticks & pinecones, and obvious toys. Keeps the chompers clean…I strongly encourage chewing for this reason, as well as honoring Luke’s natural instincts.

  432. Exciting my dog loves treats this is a great prize thank you

  433. My two Aussies would love these. They like to chew on things they know they shouldn’t chew

  434. This would be great for my two puppies. One of them likes to chew things he is not suppose to. Would love this for them.

  435. My dog has never had one of these, would love to win it for him to try it!

  436. Our dog jazz has bad breath constantly. Everything we try on her don’t work. Maybe winning this one. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  437. I have a 7 yr old French Bulldog, Pierre. Ever since he was a puppy I would give him a rawhide to chew on after his dinner. As a puppy it kept him calm after dinner so his food could digest and just became a ritual. It’s really cute because after dinner he always sits next to the closet where the rawhide is stored and waits for one. He has awesome teeth and I thinks it’s because of chewing on rawhide. I buy him antlers on occasion as a special treat but they are so expensive so I usually stick with the rawhide. Thank You!

  438. I’ve heard of these, but have never bought them of all my dogs.

  439. I would love for my dog to try one of these! He loves to chew but, good dog, he only chews “allowed” items!

  440. I’d love to win this for any of my three dogs.

  441. I’ve 2 small dogs, they’d have to chew together or take turns. They love to chew

  442. My 3 year old english springer spaniel Winston just had his teeth cleaned for the first time. He told me he wants a treat for getting this done.

  443. I was worried about the elk but I see they weren’t harmed! my Sheltie would go nuts for an antler

  444. My Sheltie puppy is 6 months old and he is chewing on the furniture and clothing. I hope its just a puppy stage and he will stop when he gets older.

  445. My little one is a chihuahua and dachshund mix. He is 6 1/2 years old and unfortunately has pancreatitis which looks like it will be forever. He cannot eat anything above 2.2% MAX fat so it is REALLY hard to give him treats. We found a brand of chewies that is perfect for him and even come in his favorite chicken and bacon flavored! He has at least 1 chewie a day. HE LOVES THEM!!

  446. My two 8-year old dogs (Jack Russell and Mini Schnauzer) both LOVE to chew on bones. And they really absolutely love to chew on deer antlers when I manage to find a shed one in the yard/woods. And they are so cute because one will chew while the other watches, then they will trade off with no growling at all.

  447. I have 4 dogs. 2 labs, 1 Shar Pei, and a Great Pyrenees/lab mix. There is nothing safe from these four. They’ve destroyed several toys, anything wooden, a shovel, wheel barrow, and many other things. I keep a steady supply of teeth cleaning treats. I’ve tried most everything but not an antler.

  448. Our dog , Charlie was a rescue pit bull mix. He is a real sweet dog, the best we ever had! He loves to chew on bones, rawhide, and has had an antler before. This would be a real treat for him. Thanks!

  449. My dog’s name is Mochi and she is a chihuahua terrier mix. She is sort of orangy/brown with white on her belly. She likes to lick and eat specks of dark particles off the floor.

  450. Good luck everyone.

  451. Our dog is 4 yeas old and chews on an old Nylabone, but I sure would love for him to win and have the chance to try out the Crumps’ Naturals Elk Antler Dog Chew. He is an aggressive chewer so I think the Antler dog chew would be right up his alley.

  452. I would love to win for my dog Rosie. She would really like these.

  453. My baby girl loves to chew but I try to give her bully sticks and/or antlers to chew on instead of shoes, carpet or furniture. Unfortunately she is also a hoarder so about 80% of the chews I get her end up buried somewhere in the house or in the back yard.

  454. I love buying treats for the puppy .although he’s already spoiled rotten, just from every bit of attention he gets, which is alot with 4 kids and 3 adults loving up on him, he’ s a great puppy!!!

  455. I have two heavy chewers. Australian Shepherds. They love antlers and it keeps them busy for months!!!! They dont destroy anything except toys but I always make sure to have bones around and antlers are top of the list to always have in their bone pile.

  456. my 3 pups would go crazy!

  457. Thank you for the chance to win! Good luck everyone!

  458. Would love to win this if it’s not too late.

  459. Bella is my rescue dog She helped me through radiation for my 2nd breast cancer so I owe her. This would do the trick as a thank you to my precious support buddy.

  460. My American Eskimo would love to try that chew!

  461. They love antlers!!! These would be wonderful~

  462. If my Daisy had this maybe she would stop digging!

  463. Wold like to try on our 3 fur kids

  464. Our dogs would enjoy antler dog chews.

  465. My German Shepherd likes to chew on deer and elk antlers.I’ve tried several different kinds and she likes them but only chews on them for a while. I am hoping this one will make her very happy and her birthday is coming up. Would be a great birthday treat!!

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