[New Product] Crumps’ Naturals Plaque Busters Dental Chews

Crumps' Naturals Plaque Busters Dental Chews

Going to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned is never fun, but it’s especially unpleasant if you have a lot of plaque and tartar. Once these substances have built up on your teeth, they often require uncomfortable or even painful scraping to remove. The same is true for our pets. The best way to ensure easy dental visits is to keep plaque and tartar off your pet’s teeth in the first place. Crumps’ Naturals Plaque Busters Dental Chews will naturally scrub away food bits, plaque, and tartar while your dog enjoys a tasty, all-natural treat.

Can dogs get periodontal disease?

Dogs commonly get periodontal disease. In fact, by the age of 2-3 years old 80% of dogs have some degree of dental disease. Periodontal disease is inflammation and deterioration of the structures surrounding the tooth, including the gums. It is caused by bacteria in the sticky substance that is known as plaque. If plaque stays on the teeth and is allowed to harden, it becomes a hard calculus called tartar. Tartar is difficult to remove and can lead to gum disease.

Bacterial build-up in the mouth is believed to be the source of other systemic health problems, so the condition your dog’s teeth and gums can actually impact overall wellness.

What’s the best way to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy?

Keeping a regular dental hygiene regimen is important to prevent the build-up of bacteria, plaque, and tartar. Follow the steps below to ensure your pet has clean teeth, healthy gums, and fresh breath daily.

  • Use an ergonomically designed toothbrush to brush your dog’s teeth daily. Don’t forget to use a toothpaste formulated specifically for pets!
  • Make sure your dog always has clean drinking water to encourage hydration and wash down food particles that can foster bacterial growth if they stay in the mouth too long.
  • Add a splash of dental solution to your pet’s water to help fight plaque and keep breath fresh.
  • Give your pet a daily dental chew between meals to scrub away food debris, plaque, and tartar.

Crumps’ Naturals Plaque Busters Dental Chews for naturally cleaner teeth

Buy Crumps' Naturals Plaque Busters Dental Chews at 1800PetMedsCrumps’ Naturals Plaque Busters Dental Chews promote healthy teeth and gums while providing your dog with long-lasting, great-tasting chewing entertainment. These flavorful chewsticks contain only 4 all-natural ingredients, which all work together to help give your dog sparkling clean teeth and healthier gums.

The key plaque-busting ingredient in Crumps’ Naturals Plaque Busters Dental Chews is fine ground oyster shells, which help to gently scrub away sticky plaque and bacteria that can cause tartar. The abrasive texture sweeps food debris off the surface of the inner cheeks and gums without damaging these delicate tissues. Dried citrus pulp and sweet potato both provide healthy fiber, while the beta-carotene and essential minerals in sweet potato are also beneficial. The inclusion of coconut oil, known as a “superfood”, may also support proper digestion and healthier skin and coat.

These simple, natural ingredients combine to create a powerful tooth-scrubbing tool your dog will love! They’re also great for dogs on limited-ingredient diets as they contain no additives, preservatives or artificial colors. Add Crumps’ Naturals Plaque Busters Dental Chews to your canine dental hygiene regimen for plaque removal your dog will actually look forward to!



Win a FREE Crumps’ Naturals Plaque Busters Dental Chews!

Would Crumps’ Naturals Plaque Busters Dental Chews be a great addition to your dog’s teeth cleaning routine? Just leave a comment below for a chance to win FREE Crumps’ Naturals Plaque Busters Dental Chews from 1800PetMeds! Two winners will be chosen at random on Wednesday, December 28, 2016, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!

Congrats to Lacey W. and Jen F., the drawing winners! We’ll contact you by email with details about claiming your prize. 



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  1. Can’t wait to try these!

  2. I would love to try these with my huskies.

  3. ‘They sound great, what other items if any, that you have, can help with the plaque on our dogs teeth. Thank you for your reply.’

  4. We have an assortment of dental chews and treats that will help! http://www.1800petmeds.com/Chews+++Treats-cat212.html

  5. I know my Buddy will love these!

  6. I have to little ones,who I think would love these..

  7. we have tried many different dental treats, all ok, would love this one to be the one she really enjoys!

  8. Would love for my pups to try these 😊

  9. My pack enjoys a dental chew. Healthy for them and their teeth

  10. Have two dogs that would love this. thanks

  11. Would love to win these to try for my little dogs, who has a tendency for tartar build up.

  12. These would be better appreciated than tooth-brushing and visits to the dental vet.

  13. Would love to try these for my packs teeth.

  14. would love to try these for my dogs teeth and breath!

  15. I have 2 little dogs who I’d love to try these out on. Small dog teeth are the worse!

  16. I would love to be able to try these. My dog Bo has some terrible breath. I’ve noticed that his gums bleed sometimes when he chews on a hard rawhide bone.

  17. Doggie love. Merry Christmas

  18. this would be good to try

  19. can’t wait to try them :)))

  20. My pups would love ❤️ these

  21. This product sounds great! I know my little boy would love these

  22. Could really use these!

  23. These would be great!

  24. Bobbie sure would love these.

  25. I would love to win this giveaway. I’ll bet my dogs would love to try these!

  26. I’m tired of hearing the vet telling me it’s time to clean the dogs’ teeth, so this is just what I need for them!

  27. My dog Major could use some of these. Thanks so much for the chance!

  28. My 8 year old German Shepherd could use these chews, as he refuses to let me brush his teeth!

  29. Kenji would love these. They would be great for keeping his teeth strong.

  30. They sound great. Can’t wait to try them

  31. Happy Holidays! I would love to give these to my 2 dogs.

  32. My dog would love these.loves to brush his teeth and treats that keep his teeth pearly white!

  33. Cleo would love to try these

  34. Hope these would help my Shepherd

  35. Beverly Ann Stadermann-ChesterDecember 23, 2016 at 2:16 pm

    My miniature dachshund Luke loves to chew and would love these dental chew “treaties!”

  36. Would love to try these for my Dachsund!

  37. My pitbull would love these! She loves chewing on everything and this would be a great treat! 🙂

  38. My dogs would love these and won’t even realize they are good for their teeth. It would be a great Christmas gift for them.

  39. Would love to have my Sadie try these. Easier than brushing.

  40. Ground oyster shells, citrus pulp and sweet potatoes..these sound awesome to mom and dog! Yes, please!

  41. My 10yr old doberman could use these. She will not allow me to brush her teeth. She is getting up to the age where is not safe to put her under for dental cleaning also.

  42. I would really like to try these i brush my dogs teeth all the time but this would give me a break i really would like to try them

  43. My pug would love these! He waits for his dental chew every morning after breakfast!

  44. My Daisy girl would love the Crump’s Dental Chews. I hope she wins!

  45. Yes because my dog eats soft dog food and these wood be great to help clean her teeth.

  46. These look great! I know my three cocker spaniels would love them! Especially my 10 week old puppy, she loves to chew.

  47. The Vet keeps telling me “it’s time to clean the Cookie’s teeth”. Winning these is just what I need for my little dog Cookie.

  48. our dogs would love these.

  49. I would really like to try these. I have been looking for a good dental chew that my dog really likes.

  50. The Vet keeps telling me it’s time to clean Cookies’ teeth. Winning this is just what I need for Cookie!

  51. Would like to try these, our dogs are particular about flavor. They won’t use many of the dents sticks.

  52. My old girl has an auto immune condition and it is dangerous for her to be in a position whete there could be bleeding. We rely on dental chews to avoid dentistry.

  53. I would love to try these for my Babey. He would love them!

  54. I have 6 dogs. I would love to try these.

  55. Would love to try them

  56. Our whippets will try these!

  57. Would love to win this for my Golden

  58. Dazey would love these for her stanky breath!!

  59. Mary and Gary BurchDecember 23, 2016 at 2:34 pm

    Our 6 year old Morkie, 5 year old Yorkie, 2 year old Shih Poo and 1 year old Ratchi (Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix) would love these! After our 18 kids/step-kids grew up and moved away, these dogs became our babies and we now have 33 grandchildren with #34 to be born in March 2017! Merry Christmas to y’all and an Awesom3 2017.

  60. My dog is 11 years old. She lives chewy treats but I want hem to be good for her. After reading about your treats and seeing the ingredients list I was intrigued. After reading the reviews I was sure my dog would love to try them. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  61. would love to see if these help cleaning teeth on our two guys!

  62. This would be an answered prayer for Freddy and his stanky demon breath!!!

  63. Doggie dental health is as important as their companions.

  64. My Harley dog neeeeedss these! He is stinky 😉

  65. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
    Fritz Leibchen and Shyle

  66. Maybe it will convince Cosmo to chew something rather than swallow it whole!

  67. My dog is always excited to try new snacks

  68. This is something I think Ketch would really enjoy. Thanks for offering this.

  69. Yesss!!!! Dental chews are great for dogs. I learned this the hard way when my dog started to have dental plaque build up. After a cleaning and buying chews they’ve improved. I’ve never tried this brand but would love to. Either way, I think they are a great item for pet owners to buy!

  70. Yummy Nommy for my Doggy Cousins Thank you!

  71. My service dog Cody would luv it it could be a cool and healthy Christmas present.

  72. Thanks for offering this. I think this would be something Ketch would really enjoy!

  73. Our dog Riley really enjoys these chews, and it is reassuring to know that they actually benefit her!

  74. Would love these for my guys

  75. My dog is 14 years old, and I would prefer not to have her put to sleep so her teeth could be cleaned. She is doing as well as she can, but I would sure love to try the Crumps Naturals for her.

  76. Crumps’ Naturals Plaque Busters Dental Chews would be absolutely great for Max’s teeth.

  77. My OES would love these. We would like to try them.

  78. I would love to win!

  79. My pup would love these and I love that fight plaque which a problem for my pup

  80. I think my little Sunshine would love these! His teeth are in good shape and I want them to stay that way!

  81. Marley has trouble with plaque. We would love to try your product and see if it helps his problem. Keeping plaque under control is important for your animal’s health.
    Thankyou for considering us.

  82. Maybe these will help with my boxers fish breath

  83. My Honey beagle would love to win these. ❤🐶

  84. I am interested in the chews my dog is a chewer & and I am always interested in something healthy for him.

  85. I am interested in your chews. My dog is chewer and I am always looking for something healthy for him

  86. Would love these for my pug!

  87. Cici needs to try these. She doesn’t care for most of the other brands

  88. ny beagle would love these!

  89. We brush our dogs’ teeth each week and then give each of them a dental treat. These would be perfect to add to our routine.

  90. Marilyn Fisher-RileyDecember 23, 2016 at 2:57 pm

    this i9s just what my Service dog needs

  91. I have 4 dogs we rescued! I buy a lot of products that help keep their teeth clean but none seem to do much. I’d love to try these!

  92. My 3 dogs would love to win these. All 3 have trouble with plaque. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  93. My fur babies would enjoy them

  94. Would love to win for my little dog.

  95. Louie would love to give them a try!

  96. My fur babies would enjoy them.

  97. Sounds like a healthy way to keep my pets teeth clean.

  98. I would like to try these. They sound neat. Merry Christmas! 😊

  99. Our dogs would like to try these! We have four and a new one will be joining us on the 26th!! Thank you for the opportunity to enter! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! HAPPY HANUKKAH!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! WE LOVE 1-800-PETMEDS!!!

  100. I have an 7 month old puppy and a 12 year old dog. The puppy will need the best dental care available and the adult dog will need to maintain her teeth. I think Crump’s natural will certainly benefit them both!

  101. So interested in trying these! My Dog is so allergic and have Not been able to find a Good Clean Dental Chew! My friend who has 4 of the Largest DOGS in the World swears by these!! Hope I Win!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS to All the PET LOVERS!!!

  102. Thanks for the chance to win these.

  103. The best way to practice doggy hygiene is making them think it’s treat:)

  104. Whoops missed this one

  105. Luv to give these a try for our schnauzer.

  106. Our dogs need these!

  107. American Bulldogs = big jaws. Anything he can chew on would be a welcome addition!

  108. yes indeed this would be a great addition to our routine! Christy has killer breath!

  109. My golden will love these!😊🐾

  110. My dogs are both seniors 15 and 17 years old. I do not want them put out for a teeth cleaning so any alternative to keeping healthy teeth is a priority.

  111. My old girl could use this for her stinky breath

  112. I think my dog would love to try one! Thank you for the opportunity! Happy Holidays!

  113. Archie would love anything like this, he is a very heavy chewer. Any type of chew “happy” that he is given disappears quickly.

  114. ALways looking for something to keep my dog’s teeth clean. THis would be great to try!

  115. Will have to try these–teacup Yorkie gets his teeth brushed daily, dental rinse and lickies, but still needs his teeth cleaned–would love to find something that provides even better plaque and tartar control!

  116. My old girl Lilly would love these, HO HO HO 🙂

  117. Its Impossible to try and get my dog to like treats. I hope he will like these.

  118. I’m not sure if my comment went through so im trying again! Thank you for the chance and Happy Holidays!

  119. My 2 year old Rosemary and puppy Gabriella would LOVE these treats. They sound like something EVERY dog should have in their daily diet. Hope they win!

  120. Happy holiday to you and yours. Woof woof.

  121. My 10 year old Doxie still has good teeth, and I want to keep him healthy with good treats. He loves to get treats, would like to try these…😃

  122. Have 3 dogs who would love to try these to help their teeth.

  123. Would like to try these on my 10 year old Doxie that still has good teeth.😌

  124. I looked at the ingredients – these really are natural!! 😀

  125. My dog loves to eat everything except the fresh breath treats.

  126. My dog Jasmine is 10 years old and needs anything to help her get clean teeth, plus she loves treats!

  127. Merry Christmas

  128. This would be extremely helpful to help keep my two rescues teeth nice and clean! Mona Lisa and Runner would be thrilled to try them! <3

  129. All 6 of our dogs would benefit from these. I

  130. looks like a good giveaway

  131. My dogs have dental chews of different kinds every night.They would love to try your Crump’s chew. How about it?

  132. Would love to try these so that my dogs healthy teeth will say that way.

  133. Jennyfer BurkhalterDecember 23, 2016 at 3:47 pm

    This will definitely help keep my dogs teeth healthy and give them an extra X-mas present they would love 😀

  134. These dental chews would be great for my two snoodles!

  135. Mistyped email, take out the p between the s and x

  136. I have three Chihuahuas that would love to try these! Merry Christmas and happy new year! Woof, woof, woof😀

  137. My dog is not one to chew bones so these are great to keep her teeth clean.

  138. I think my dog would love them!

  139. I gave tried many things, from brushing puggles teeth (which he hates), to chews. We would live to try these.

  140. My dog loves to chew on old plastic water bottle but the noise drive my wife crazy. I’d love to have my dog try these.

  141. I own a whole pack of dogs, they’re all my babies from French Mastiff to Pitbulls and I’m 100% certain that my girls would enjoy them

  142. These chews look yummy and my dog would love them. The dog in the picture is really cute and unique. Not sure what kind he/she is, but I’d love to win one of them too!

  143. Would Santa PLEASE bring these to my 4 dogs. They would LOVE them! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

  144. Both Caesar and Baxter love these chews and we love their fresh smelling breath.

  145. Both Caesar and Baxter love these chews and we love their fresh smelling breath.

  146. Daisy might like these. She is very fussy and nothing seems to impress her. When we find something that is good for her and she likes it, we get it for her. She said “woof woof woof woof” (“I will try these”).

  147. Hope to win thanks

  148. Genevieve would love to try these! Will help in between teeth cleanings

  149. Kimberly AndersonFinchDecember 23, 2016 at 4:11 pm

    My sweet labby, Cali, is a lover… loves to cover you in kisses, but leaves you smelling something FIERCE! She could use a little more help in the “breath department!”

  150. I am sure Coco would love these….she loves ALL treats. I would love them because they have good ingredients. Good luck everyone.

  151. My dogs would love to try these!

  152. My sweet girl loves chews!

  153. my 11 year old shih tzu and 7 year old jack russell would both love these. they look look something they would go for

  154. My boys, Jake and Harry, 10 and 8, would absolutely LOVE these especially while I am at work.

  155. My dogs would love to try them

  156. A good way for my dog – a sheltie to get his teeth cleaned and tartar removed… he HATES to have his teeth brushed.

  157. My sheltie would do ANYTHING not to have his teeth cleaned. He HATES the toothbrush. This might work.

  158. My four pups would love these!

  159. My sheltie HATES to have his teeth brushed. This might make life easier for him and for ma.

  160. I have two Rat Terriers who really have bad breath even after having them cleaned at the vets and I have a Jack Russell who has horrible breath but I have to watch what he gets due to he is own percription dog food since he had bladder stone surgery! I would really love to be able to stand kisses from my furbabies without them having horrible breath! Thank you for a chance and Merry Christmas everyone

  161. Would like to win some and try them out on dog to see if he likes them and if they work

  162. My dog has such bad breath, I even give him greenies and put doggie breath freshener in his water and nothing seems to work. I would love to give these a try. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  163. Great idea. We could use these!

  164. My dogs love to chew on anything but hate to go to the vet for teeth cleaning, this would be awesome to try for them.

  165. My “six pack” of fur babies would really thank you for chosing us😊

  166. I know my 3 fur babies would love to try these. Thanks

  167. My 9 yr old cocker spaniel, Mason would love to win these treats! Mason didn’t come into my life until he was 6 yrs old and his teeth were in bad shape. He had his teeth cleaned at the beginning of the year and some of his teeth had to be removed because they were in such bad shape. The vet came him some treats to bring home to help his teeth, but he doesn’t like them and won’t eat them. He would love to win these treats and they would also help to keep his remaining teeth clean! <3

  168. It’s great to see a gluten-free dental chew. I have Celiac Disease, so dogs and cats are also gf. Thanks!

  169. My American bulldog loves to chew and loves getting treats. Thank you for this opportunity

  170. My pup would love these to keep his teeth clean. He loves treats.

  171. Brenda SiebenkittelDecember 23, 2016 at 5:08 pm

    I am certain that my Abigayle and Misty girls would love to have these under their Christmas tree! Yummy…🎄🐶🐶 Merry Christmas PetMeds. The best place to buy your pet’s needs, especially…the price cannot be beat!!!!

  172. My American bulldog loves chews and her treats. Thanks for this opportunity

  173. My doggy brother Sidney the beagle would love these treats to clean his teeth.
    Thanks so much 🙂

  174. My dogs would love these

  175. we all need to take better care of our teeth

  176. Sounds like an easy and tasty way to help keep my dogs teeth clean!

  177. Erin Billingsley-AdamsDecember 23, 2016 at 5:15 pm

    My chihuahua, Link loves to try new treats, but I love the fact that these treats will keep his teeth in tip top shape!

  178. we all need to take care of our teeth

  179. My beagle would love them!

  180. I have 2 Shiba Inu’s, one is 12 and one is 5. The 5 yr old will let me brush her teeth, however the 12 yr old won’t and I try very hard to keep them clean, but trying these may just be what my little ‘ol lady needs. It would defiantly be less stressful and more tasty! Thank you for this chance.

  181. They would definitely be a positive addition to my Sheltie’s dental routine!

  182. My dog Cleveland isn’t the biggest fan of having his teeth brushed but he loves when we give him a treat! This would be ideal for him to keep his teeth in tip-top condition. It would keep his teeth healthy and reward him at the same time. It’s a win-win!

  183. I was looking for a new dental chew for my daschund, i think he would love these.

  184. My Peeps would love these treats!

  185. my 3 gals would love these, they hate having their teeth brush everyday, sometimes twice a day. they love treats and these would be doing double duty. i

  186. I’d like to see a good dental chew for my beagle he loves other chews but they don’t help more or less put more stuff on his teeth to cause more tartar problems.I would like to find chews that he likes and that will help his teeth also.

  187. As I don’t have a dog, I’ll give this to my friends who do and I’m sure their dog will love it!

  188. My dog would love these

  189. Our dogs Daisy and Lucy would love to have something healthy to chew on.

  190. Hey this would be great, we have four large dogs and none them are able to handle a tooth brush. What great great item. They will be thrilled

  191. Looking for a healthy chew for the rescue dogs.

  192. Rudy would love these

  193. Our dogs are getting older and we never got them in the habit of brushing, so anything that helps their teeth is a good thing.

  194. I bet my dog, Bailey, would love these!! What a great idea for a dental chew!

  195. Duke loves dental chew anything! Loves taking care of his teeth!

  196. My dog has horrible teeth. Because of his health issues, his teeth can not be cleaned. These could really help!!!

  197. I would like to try this for my dog.

  198. I have three rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds who simply hate getting their teeth brushed. I can at least use tooth spray on two of them, but my biggest, Seiji, hates that, too. Chews are one of the best ways to clean their teeth. I think they’d love these.

  199. Would love for my 2 fur kids to try these!

  200. i would love to win these plaque fighting treats for my dog molly a border collie Austrilan Shepard mix. she just went to vet today for shots and heart worm test. heart worm test negative and got some heart worm preventive. but I will always be loyal to petmeds.com for my flea protection for my molly. shes 9 yrs old and in great shape the vet said.

  201. I think my pups (our kids) would love to have these to chew on this wonderful Christmas season. They are really happy when they have something tasty and lasting to chew on. We have a Bossypoo (a Boston Terrier/Poodle mix) a Bleagle (Blue Heeler/Beagle mix) and a miniature Dacshund. All of these dogs were rescued dogs. As have been all of the dogs we’ve had over the many years. So this would be a great treat for them. Thank you and a very Happy Holidays.

  202. Crumps’ Naturals Plaque Busters sound like a great product! Always looking for healthy dental chews for my Beagle!

  203. Despite brushing my 14-year-old dog’s teeth, plaque and tartar continue to build up. I would appreciate trying the chews for my dog, Matty.

  204. I was looking for a new dental chew for my dog, I would love to try these.

  205. I think they would definitely help Miss Abby have cleaner teeth, and she would definitely enjoy them!

  206. Love ordering from Petmeds. Just started brushing my service dogs teeth. Still looking for a good chew stick.

  207. Dental health is important for dogs. Having a healthy treat is a bonus.

  208. Would love to try these!

  209. My two pups could use something like this!! They love chews and they definitely have stinky breath from plaque! Regardless I will check this product out!

  210. Since most dental chews are not very healthy or safe, I’d love to try these for my two dogs.

  211. That would be an awesome and healthy Christmas gift for my dogs. I’m sure they would love it!!!

  212. Hi! My Basset Hound, Molly, loves to chew on the “Veggie Dent Chews” that I give her daily!!! If your Crumps Plaque Busters are comparable or even better, I sure would love to let Ms. Molly try them!! Anything that would help Ms. Molly keep her teeth clean would be a wonderful addition to our daily regime!! THANK YOU for the chance and opportunity to win and try your Plaque Blasters!! MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Barbara Vaughn

  213. My pups would love this!

  214. clean teeth, and fresh breath… 🙂

  215. Both of my boys would love these. They are always chewing on something!

  216. My 11-year old Basset Hound, Molly, just loves the C.E.T. Veggie Dent Chews that I give her daily!! If your Plaque Busters Dental Chews are comparable or even better to what I’m giving Molly now, I would love to try them!! And I know that Ms. Molly will be the best judge to pick her favorite dental chew!! Thank You so very much!! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!
    Barbara Vaughn

  217. Crumps wins hands down

  218. My rescue terrier mix loves to chew everything and anything. He loves his dental chews to keep his teeth healthy and shiny. 😁

  219. Would love to give it a try. While my older dog’s teeth are still pearly white, my younger one has issues (despite brushing).

  220. My 2 little ones would love these..thank you for the chance

  221. Little boy and girl would be happy

  222. Oooooooh we want a win

  223. “Hay Baby Smile !” what better way to do that when your teeth & mouth are in GOOD WHITE SHAPE!” Thank You Happy Holiday s! Stay Blessed & Safe!” You Guy s Rule!”

  224. We have an obligation to help our pets to take care of their teeth. They depend on us, so do your part.

  225. My 12-yr-old Puggie Jeffie is really skittish being a rescue & won’t let me brush his teeth, so he has ‘stinky breath’ UGH! I’d love to give him anything that helps his teeth. Thanks for the opportunity & Happy Holidays!

  226. I have two rescue Greyhounds, and Greys normally do not have great teeth. They could certainly benefit from Crumps’ Naturals Plaque Busters!

  227. ooooooh, need fresh breath and clean teeth for my Nuggie 🙂 great contest!

  228. oh yes! they think rattling any box or paper means TREATS.

  229. Since our dog is allergic to everything, this is the only treat that I found that he can eat & it’s exellent for his teeth !!! So amazing !!


  231. I have 4 dogs who adore treats of all kinds. These would be perfect for them.

  232. I have 2 fur babies that my family “rescued”. Molly (5 yr. Old Shar Pei mix rescued from the Humane Society) and Josie (4 yr. old Pug who was given to us to raise since the last owners loved her but all their children moved on to college etc and they wanted her to continue getting loads of affection from our young kids). They both give me grief when it’s tooth brushing time, and I’m always on the lookout for new and better ways to keep my girls’ doggie grins as happy and healthy as possible! Along with my human children, they are my world and we all want them to live long, happy and healthy lives and be with our family for many years to come!

  233. Kimberly FlickingerDecember 23, 2016 at 8:38 pm

    I brush my doxies’ teeth; however, they could use something good to chew on. Thank you for the chance and Happy Holidays!

  234. You bet my dog need chews added to his oral routine.

  235. our Shelby would Love these

  236. I have never tried these but would love to try them!!

  237. Have 2 Yorkies that would love these!

  238. New rescue dog that I would love to give these to ❤

  239. Jolie needs some of these.

  240. Pepsi would love some new yummies! Especially this time of year! This month marks his one year mark of recovering from broken leg surgery!

  241. Our dog is 11 and has never had her teeth professionally cleaned so I would love to try these!

  242. My dog;s teeth need this so bad…..their teeth need cleaned by the vet, but I just hate having them put asleep to have the procedure.

  243. My dog Lexi loves denta stix so I know she would love these too ! 😊

  244. Lilly has had some tarter chews,but nothing this great.She would like to try,as we love the shampoo.No itching no side effects.Thanks from the both of us.

  245. My dog Lexi loves denta stix so I know she would love Crumps too! 😊

  246. Chuckie my 7 month 55lb+ whom I’ve spoiled rotten would love to try these.

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  254. Bootsie loves Dental chews..she is 13 1/2 has cancer but she loves to eat and these I know would make her happy

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  256. Have an old dog that really needs this for her teeth!

  257. My dog could really use these! I had no idea that his teeth were so bad until he yawned. He won’t let me open his mouth, otherwise, so I didn’t realize what bad condition they are in.

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  265. Hygiene in a yummy treat. Perfect!

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    Thank you for keep your prices lower then the competitors.

    This product would be great to win Angle my black Lab never has won anything.

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  278. would love for my pup’s to try these treats 🙂

  279. Our 15 month old chihuahua/jack russell terrier has beautiful white teeth..we want the BEST for Mollie . If I get a sample of your
    Crumps’ , I will buy a years supply. Our vet , and 1-800-PetMeds keeps Mollie in best of health !!

  280. Our 15 month old chihuahua/jack russell terrier has beautiful white teeth.We want to keep it that way. If you send us a free sample , I will buy MORE !! She already has dental chew bones, so let’s give CRUMPS’ a try !! THANKS !! 🙂

  281. Punkin Pie is a rescue dog. She is my best friend. I would love to win Crumps Dental Chews for my doggie. She is a 65 pound Pitt Bull mix and loves to chew treats. Treats that are good for her teeth would be a plus.. She has good teeth, but suffers skin and ear allergies. Financially it is expensive. Winning these treats would be a Blessing!

  282. Chance is ready to use daily

  283. My Maltese would love to have a new treat that also helps keep her teeth clean. She is only 8LBS but she thinks she is 100LBS of love.

  284. Jake is a 10 year old rescue who gets comments about his great teeth on a regular basis. He wants these so he can maintain his awesome dental status in his golden years!! Thanks for the opportunity to try them!!

  285. Have to try these with Bentley

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  287. My 9 year old yorkiepoo would love these! Thanks

  288. Rigby uses these and would love a free pack,well really mommy would love the free part. Rigby just loves them in general 😉

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    these would really help keep his teeth clean healthy.

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  342. Jaxx The wonderdog is getting middle aged now, could use all the help he can get

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  358. My 2 girls would love to win!!

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