[New Product] TickSee Tick Removal Kit

TickSee Tick Removal Kit

Ticks aren’t just creepy. They pose a serious health threat to both people and pets. These little bloodsuckers carry serious diseases and their stealthy approach to getting under your skin allows them to often go unnoticed until the damage is done. What’s worse is that you can actually increase the danger of infection with improper tick removal. A common reaction to finding a tick on yourself or on your pet is to try to yank it out by pinching it with your fingers or using tweezers. This can actually cause the tick to vomit its own stomach contents back into the host, i.e. you or your pet. This is when infection with tick-borne diseases may occur. Now there’s a fast, efficient and chemical-free way to easily slide ticks right out of your pet’s skin without squeezing or tweezing.

Dangers of improper tick removal

Tick prevention is, of course, the best way to be sure that your pet will not become infected with tick-borne diseases. Even with some types of oral flea and tick preventatives, the insect must first bite your pet before the active ingredients will kill the pest. If you should find a tick embedded in your pet’s skin, your first reaction may be to try to squeeze, pinch or dig it out. This is very dangerous. Not only could you force the contents of the tick’s body into your pet’s tissues as mentioned above, but the tick could also be broken into pieces, leaving remnants (including the biting head) stuck in your pet’s skin. These remnants themselves could harbor disease or cause skin rash and infection. The longer a tick is in the skin, the greater the risk of disease transmission. Diseases carried by ticks include:

  • Ehrlichiosis
  • Lyme Disease
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
  • Tularemia
  • Southern tick-associated rash illness (STARI)

TickSee Tick Removal Kit helps you take out the tick

Emergency tick removal is easy and safe with the TickSee Tick Removal Kit. Inside the kit, you’ll find the ingeniously simple TickKey tick removal device. This durable, anodized aluminum tick removal tool is all you need to safely and completely remove ticks from pets or people without using chemicals or tweezers.

How to remove a tick with TickKey

Simply place the widest part of the teardrop-shaped opening in the key over the tick’s body and slide it back away from your pet’s skin. The tapered portion of the key’s opening will grasp the tick by the neck, easing it out of the skin using natural leverage.

Also included in the TickSee Tick Removal Kit is the versatile Grip-On Hands-Free LED Flashlight, designed to clip or grip onto hat brims, fingers, round handles or fabric to allow for hands-free tick removal. The super bright white 3-bulb LED trio shines a concentrated beam of light right where you need it to help quickly and easily find the biting tick and ready the area for removal with the TickKey.
Buy the TickSee Tick Removal Kit at 1800PetMeds

Together, the TickKey and Grip-On Hands-Free LED Flashlight are all you need for safe, effective tick removal anytime, anywhere. The TickKey can be attached to a key ring or even to your pet’s collar, so it’s always available when you need it most. Both are lightweight, durable and waterproof, making them great to take along when hiking or fishing.

The TickSee Tick Removal Kit is the safest way to quickly and efficiently remove ticks and help diminish the chances of tick-borne disease transmission.


Buy the TickSee Tick Removal Kit at 1800PetMeds



Win a FREE TickSee Tick Removal Kit!

Would a TickSee Tick Removal Kit come in handy for you and your pet? Tell us about your tick removal troubles and you could win a FREE TickSee Tick Removal Kit from 1800PetMeds!

Just leave a comment below telling us why you and your pet need a TickSee Tick Removal Kit.

Two winners will be chosen at random on Wednesday, July 22, 2016, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! Good luck!

Congratulations to the winners of our random drawing, Shannon Vitvitsky and Karen Killen! 


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  1. It would be such a help! Such a great idea!

  2. My 3 pups would so benefit from a tick removal kit. I use medication for prevention but have already pulled some off of them. They really hate tweezers and the kit looks like it would be way more efficient and effective.

  3. This would be great! Not only have we removed a tick from our dog already this year, we also have removed them twice from my husband!! We had our yard treated for ticks and hopefully that gets rid of them, but this would be amazing to have just in case.

  4. Our cat shelter needs this! Ticks have been terrible this year and with the increased amount of kittens coming in we are seeing more ticks than we normally do.

  5. would be a big help! I live in PA a woody area and ticks are a huge problem. I need to keep my rottie safe!

  6. This would make it so much easier for me to see the tick to begin with and the removal of it as well. I have a Pomeranian and as you know they are long haired which makes it almost impossible to even get close enough to seeing the tick let alone where to get it from the skin…i know just had to recently do this and it was no easy task…I think this would be a huge help for me and less stressful for my dog which isn’t a good thing. So i truly believe that not only would my dog don’t mind it as much being mommy isn’t so stressed out trying to even get close enough to the tick..happy dog happy mommy.

  7. super great idea!! Would love to win!

  8. Would be a great help with 2 dogs living in the country

  9. I would make it better since we live in the woods and have constant tick problems. Thank you so much for the chance to win!!

  10. I have 4 dogs and 2 cats so this would come in very useful to me. If I would win I would be very grateful. Thank you!

  11. Richard SaundersJune 16, 2016 at 2:16 pm

    Looks like a very useful tool. Living on almost 2 acre lot with a pond which the dogs enjoy, they run around a lot . They enjoy being outside with us and enjoy the exercise which is very important to their health. Unfortunately we have a high population of ticks. Even with the Advantax ll the still get ticks crawling on them occassionally. This looks like a handy item to have in our tool box.

  12. We love spending lots of time outdoors– during all seasons! During the spring, summer and fall, we are outside all of the time! Also, when we visit family up north, we camp and are often near the woods in WI! This would definitely help us when we check our labrador for ticks every evening. Thank you 😉

  13. Living in Georgia on 5 acres with woods on both side this would come in handy when they are out playing and walking along the wood line

  14. It would be a great help because everytime we go to my brother’s farm Gidget gets ticks and I freak out because I don’t want to deal with it. They really gross me out and I don’t want to touch them. This last time she had two ticks on her when we got home and I freaked. If I would’ve had the TickSee Tick Removal kit I wouldn’t have thrown such a fit! Great idea!!!

  15. What a great product!!! With 3 dogs and living in a wooded area I would love to have a safe way to remove ticks.

  16. Absolutely perfect! My daughter got 3 ticks off her boyfriend after a hike yesterday. Not only got the ticks but a couple hunks of skin.

  17. Summer time is here and even though we shave Shadow’s thick coat he still gets ticks. We live in a very woody environment and often have problems with an over abundance of ticks. We just found two on the poor little fella the other day. We would love try this! Thanks

  18. We live at a lake and my black lab loves to explore.
    When he comes home he usually has one or two ticks on him.
    Your tool would make tick removal simple and easy.

  19. I can handle most anything with my dog but I do not like to remove ticks, this looks awesome and would help a lot!

  20. we have 4 dogs and cat so never know when will need. dont believe the topical flea stuff kills ticks.

  21. I would love a tic removal process that is safe and effective for my dogs. We live in a wooded part of our city and the dogs get tics.

  22. With two dogs, two cats, lots of woods and brush, ticks are always a problem even with flea and tick repellant on them. I always hate removing them and never sure I got all the bug.

  23. Living on a farm our pets dogs, cats, horses and us get ticks all of the time. It is a daily event to check ourselves for ticks. I usually just pull them out with my fingers and flush them down the toilet wrapped in toilet paper or smash their heads on a hard surface when outside. This tool would help to make sure they are removed properly.

  24. We want to take our sweet girl on nature walks with us. It would be great knowing we have this kit should the need arise.

  25. Shelly ReddingerJune 16, 2016 at 2:54 pm

    My dogs are double coated so they tend to only get ticks on their faces. I hate going at their face with tweezers to pull the ticks off. This looks like it would so much less scary for them and for me. I always fear that they will turn their head at the last minute and get poked with the tweezers.

  26. Ticks are very bad here this year. Ther are places that we would normally walk our dogs that we con’t go to anymore because of the tick infestation.

  27. Jacqueline NikolishJune 16, 2016 at 2:59 pm

    Living in a rural area of the MW ticks are plentiful and downright dangerous. Our cat spends most of his days on the back deck where it is shady. This would greatly help in tick removal. thanks

  28. We live in Connecticut – the heart of deer tick and lyme disease country. My 9 month old lab is still completing a course of antibiotics because he got lyme disease! This kit would be wonderful to have.

  29. I like that it comes with a light that sets on your finger, so you don’t have to balance a flashlight while trying to remove the tick. It looks like a real handy, user friendly setup.

  30. I love to take my dogs on hikes through the hills of California. This would be a wonderful and helpful item to have.

  31. Charlotte OsbornJune 16, 2016 at 3:11 pm

    It amazes me that there are such smart people around to think of these great tools. Ticks are a common enemy here in Texas, and this would be a blessing for human and animal victims alike. Thank you for the opportunity to win this great tool.

  32. OMG! I could have used your product a couple of years ago when our Standard Poodle got infested with those nasty, nasty pests!!! It took over a year to finally rid our home of those horrible things. Now we check him daily and pull of any we see ASAP. Your product would certainly make our lives much easier!

  33. This took would be AMAZING for my 8 year old Shiba Inu! She has picked up ticks one too many times and I hate to say it but ticks freak me out! With this tool I can safely remove them myself!

  34. I have multiple pets as you know from the many years of being a pm. Customer, it’s tick season and already found a tick
    With multiple fur kids this would be a great assistance

  35. I haven’t needed one yet in 9 months of owning my pups but we do love in a wooded area so it’s be handy to have

  36. Having several fur kids as per meds knows this would be a great help as it is tick season and it would truly help with making sure things are OK, already found one and this would be easy to help with any problem that would arise

  37. I am allergic to ticks but my dog likes to go for walks so I am willing to risk ticks for him. A tick removal kit would be beneficial so I can remove the tick and not worry about the tick getting on me.

  38. We live in the country, and our dog goes in and out everyday, I really don’t want him bringing those pesky ticks in our house,

  39. kristen puddisterJune 16, 2016 at 3:26 pm

    One walk last week resulted in removing 2 ticks from my pup Daisy and 2 from me 🙁

  40. My yorkie had a tick that I tried to remove but couldn’t. I had to take her to the vet. The tick removal kit could have saved me a lot of money.

  41. I have a furry little black dog, and I take her out in the woods with me a lot on walks. It is hard to see ticks on her because of her color. This would be so helpful to me after every walk out of the woods.

  42. i have 2 dogs they get ticks everywhere this would be great for us

  43. My husband and I take our dog Kosmo hiking at several local parks. Last year he came home with 77 ticks despite his flea/tick topical medication. We know it was 77 because my husband picked all of them off one by one. Luckily they seemed to all be dying and he is negative for Lyme’s.

  44. my husband gets them in his junk and it is hard for him to see down there, so I have to do it and this would make it so easy to do with the light and the remover, I wouldn’t mind it so much. We live in the country and have 4 dogs and a cat and lots of ticks. thanks for the chance to win one.

  45. Need this baaadddd!!! Have pulled about five ticks off my pup this year. Would love to try it Out and be able to give a five star testimonial! Bella wants one 🙂

  46. Shellalissia JonesJune 16, 2016 at 3:56 pm

    My boy Baloo needs it because we go on hikes almost everyday in the mountains and we live on the country so ticks a inevitable. And going through a shephard lab mix fur is very painstakingly long! Thanks for the chance

  47. My dog and cats get ticks a lot!! This would be awesome to have, especially with all of the camping we do!

  48. Shana HendricksonJune 16, 2016 at 4:04 pm

    Definitely good to have. We have a yard full of the buggers, but the treatments are really expensive.

  49. I have issues with safely removing the whole tick including the head so that infection doesn’t start. The last thing I want is not to be able to get it out and irritating my dogs skin more.

  50. We have ticks in this part of the country. I had one on my ear lobe not long ago. They make me nauseous when I have to remove them from my 2 dogs or myself. This kit would certainly come in handy.

  51. Jennifer Lynn GranadoJune 16, 2016 at 4:22 pm

    I would never want to endanger my precious pups by not removing a tick properly. This kit is a great idea!

  52. As a handler of a working K-9 this kit would be extremely useful. We are deployed throughout the United States and often to areas where ticks are a problem. My partner is deployed in areas of woods and thick brush as a necessity and these areas are often prime areas for picking up ticks. This kit would be a welcomed addition to our k-9 first aid kit!!

  53. I have 2 active, indoor /outdoor dogs and a cat. Tick removal is serious business! This kit would be a great help!
    Thanks for your consideration!

  54. I have 2 dogs and this would be very helpful in removing any ticks they may get on them as they do from time to time!

  55. I took my adotable yorkie to the groomers and he came back with a tic on the hairs under his chin!
    He didn’t have any tics when I dropped him off. I no longer take my dogs to that groomer. So far tmy dogs come home tic-free from the new groomer. We sure could use the tic removal kit!

  56. Anything to help tick removal for my fur baby would be great. We go camping alot over the summer in deep wooded areas.

  57. I would really like to have this because it would make tick removal easier.

  58. I have two big dogs in my yard and one tiny Pom in the house! I live up against a mountain and ticks give me the willies lol😜
    They need it as much as I need to start using one!

  59. I have two dogs and 9 cats, it’s very challenging to keep up on making sure everyone is tick free, I’ve found one on myself once! This let would be very handy to have around!

  60. I have two Shetland sheep dogs with very thick hair and it is hard sometimes to see if there are ticks on them. This would be very useful for sure.

  61. My Jack Russell and Shi-Tzu both love running outside in the grass. We also love going for walks around the house and down the road. We live on a dirt road and ticks are always a worry for us. The kit would be extremely beneficial and handy for us!

  62. This is an awesome idea! So useful to remove those darn ticks!

  63. DINA R BLACKMOREJune 16, 2016 at 5:37 pm

    We have 4 dogs and we go to the lake. This would be invaluable to us and our beloved dogs.

  64. Christina IacovelliJune 16, 2016 at 5:37 pm

    I would love this for my Bella! We live in quite a wooded area where ticks are extremely prevalent. It’s so difficult to remove ticks. This is such an awesome thing!!!

  65. We need this because we are always taking walks in the woods

  66. because we will be visiting tick country, and this would come in very handy.

  67. Wow I never knew there was this product till now .My long haired border collie could do use this I wouldn’t want anything to happen to him his part of the family

  68. Barbara KirshnerJune 16, 2016 at 5:43 pm

    We have 4 dogs and live live in a woody area. Our dogs are always outside running and playing. It seems the last year the ticks have been on the rise. We have the medicine for them, but we still have to check them all the time for ticks. It’s not fun getting the ticks out either.

  69. Tiffiny frischkornJune 16, 2016 at 5:52 pm

    I would like one because my puppy is a trouble maker, or should I say a trouble finder. Lol
    But he loves to rub in dirt and water an go places he shouldn’t. So if he ever finds ticks would be nice to have in his emergency kit I have

  70. My and my pup (now 14) like to go camping often and this could be very useful

  71. Our dog loves the outdoors. Trouble is…so do ticks.

  72. Hello! I live in Florida…..the tick capital of the world, some would say! I have 2 pups and am out on the golf course with them, often. We’re also at the beach a lot and in parks, where ticks are a plenty! Never knew something like this existed! Sounds phenomenal! You also educated me that I’ve been wrongly removing ticks for decades! Always thought that the pinching and tweezing was the way to go. Really hope I win one of these. I could show it off to all of my other dog friends! They would then be in very high demand! I’ve been a loyal 1-800 Pet Meds Customer for decades! You all are fantastic!

  73. Our two dachshunds LOVE to lay in the grass. All day, every day, they just lay in the grass and sleep. Even though we give them tick medicine, they still get them! This would be great to help us remove them safely!

  74. The local cemetery keeps tall ornamental grasses my dogs love to run through. Everyday during after our walk we do belly rub and ticks checks. I’ve tried the burnt match trick but it doesn’t always get them out. I need a new tick to fight the ticks.

  75. Michelle CastagneJune 16, 2016 at 6:30 pm

    Our pup loves to run around in all kinds of things and I would want to be as prepared as I can and have the correct tool if needed. Even with giving a med there’s always that chance…

  76. Lois-Anne NicholsJune 16, 2016 at 6:34 pm

    Something so simple, but so effective. I would love to win this because I have 2 pets. The small light would make it so simple to use/see.

  77. We live in a wooded area and ticks are always a problem. It’s often difficult to remove them without leaving the head behind.

  78. It would be good to have this kit since I have 9 dogs and it is time for ticks. We usually start seeing them in May.

  79. Would love this for my grandson. He will be going camping a lot this summer and needs a great kit like this for his dog, Oreo.

  80. I would so love this we have been doing a lot of camping and with my westies thick fur this would be great. I would never want to leave a tick on my baby

  81. This would be nice to have as we live on a farm and our golden retriever loves running around and getting into trouble!


  83. We live near woods with ticks this would help us and our rescue Katie

  84. Our one year old adores her four-legged companion and frequently naps with her. A tick-free snooze would be great.

  85. We live in a heavily wooded area in Northeast PA, ticks have been really bad the last few years and I’m sure with the mild winter we had, this year will be worse than ever. I have 2 rotties that just love to explore the high grass and woods.

  86. Mt neighbors on either side seem not to care to treat their lawns fot ticks and fleas, so my yard is doomed no matter how hard I try to trat my lawn so my pup is always well. I think your new product will be a blessing!!!!!

  87. I think it would be great to have this tool it could safe alot of sickness and even worse situations for my pets. I already had to put one of my dogs down at the vets I raised him from a pup. I don’t think I will ever get over his death. Don’t want to lose another one.

  88. With 4 dogs, who love playing outside, problems with ticks are real issues, anything to help is a great plus

  89. We live in the woods of the country in Georgia .I worry about ticks all the time with my dog having to go in the woods all the time to mark every tree in sight.

  90. Melissa AshbrookJune 16, 2016 at 9:26 pm

    Thanks for the chance to win this awesome kit. Due to our girls magic ability to slip her collar when we let her out and her need to go down by the creek to hunt critters every time she is loose we have found three on her already this year. :/ So far I’ve been able to get two with no trouble. That last one wouldn’t let go and there was some left behind. This would make my life a lot less stressful for sure!

  91. My dog Crush is 13 years old and I am scared to give him any more preventitive medicine to protect him from ticks. He isn’t too active anymore but still likes to get into ivy and shrubs outback. This would be a great tool to get rid of them asap.

  92. Would be nice to remove them ticks the easy way

  93. I would like to win this for my elderly mother to use for her 2 long haired dogs. The dogs constantly seem to have ticks and it is hard for her to see and remove them. Great product!

  94. We camp in the woods up north. Our Puggle Mugsy needs dependable protectection as we find ticks all the time.

  95. I need one because living out in the country my cat & dogs always getting ticks

  96. I’ve had an experience before with ticks and I had no idea what to do and was lucky enough to get my dog to the vet to have them removed. It would be nice to know how to do it correctly And safely without an embarrassing trip to the vet for something simple but can be dangerous

  97. My pups and I really need one of these. My beagle Mya is always getting out of the yard running into the woods chasing bunnies. She is always ending up with ticks even with prevention. I really don’t know what to do with these darn ticks. They are everywhere where I live. Please help!

  98. I have three Goldens with very long hair. The odd thing is, they get constant affection. I can spend half an hour snuggling with one of my dogs. Then, someone else comes along and barely touches the dog and finds a tick. They seem to hide well.

  99. We have always just used tweezers and never knew the danger in doing so. We had an older dog who got Lyme’s disease and sadly with all the complications it was the end of her life!! , HATE Ticks!!!!! This kit is awesome, would love to win!!!

  100. Our precious Derby is now 11 years old. Removing ticks from him can be very tedious and he gets so impatient! This would be such a helpful tool for us to be able to remove the ticks since I have a weakened immune system. Thank you for allowing two people to win one.

  101. Anything that would make this terrible job easier is a wonder in my book. I have had some bad experience with ticks. AWFUL!

  102. Ticks, oh how I hate them! I live in the Ozark Mountains and love to take hikes with my fur baby, Chrissy. After a great day of hiking, I brush my fur baby Chrissy the Dog there is a tick! Oh my gosh. it is so hard to get all the fur away from the tick area (I don’t want to pull out fur), tweezer ready, Chrissy moves and I have to start over. If I had the Ticksee the process would be so much easier, had-free tick removal with a light! Pick me so I can put the kit in the hiking bag for Chrissy the Dog and I.

  103. I have 2 dogs, they go into the same places and one seems to come out covered in ticks while the other one never gets any on her. They both have tick prevention medicine on them. But, the younger one is always the victim of the bite of the ticks. This would help out emensly.

  104. I have a yorkie and her hair can grow prety long. This time of year we find ticks on her more then we would like. 🙁 SHe would really benefit from this kit and I hope we can win it! Loved the post!

  105. we live in a rural area surrounded by large pine trees and brush. My dog and cats usually get a tick every month or so. they are SO GROSS! i would love this!

  106. Shannon VitvitskyJune 17, 2016 at 10:16 am

    We live right near a state park so there are woods surrounding my house. My black lab pit mix Rosie ius only 11 months old and I would hate for her to get a tick bite. I check her out all the time. We go for at least 4 walks a day.

  107. Our usual go to tool is tweezers. My dog is only 10 pounds, a squirmer, with black hair. She loves the outdoors and rolls in the grass…who got a tick. The tweezers did not make removal easy…help

  108. My little Opie is a wildman & loves to chase anything & everything – especially if it involves pulling me into the brush with him!
    Opie is a rat terrier & his instinct is to chase critters which can harbor ticks…I found one on him the other day!

  109. I would love to have something that would make it easier to remove ticks properly! This kit sounds great!

  110. I have 2 therapy dogs. When i first got one of them there was a huge tick on him. I made sure I looked up how to remove it. Unfortunately the head got left inside. There grew a lump and it finally got to be the size of a quarter. I feared he would be very sick so I took him into the vet. He had to go into surgery to remove the lump. They tested for cancer and other things and a got a clean bill of health. I was devastated until I heard the good news. It cost me over $200 which is 1/4 of my disability check. I sure could use a kit so the next time I don’t get the same results. My babies mean the world to me!

  111. My 2 yorkies would really benefit from this. We really have alot ticks around this year. My little boy yorkie suffers from trachae collapse so this would be one less thing to worry about.

  112. Anything to help my poor dogs with ticks.

  113. My dog has a tick and I’ve tried everything to get it. This might do the trick.

  114. We found a dog once that had a happy tick on it. We tried dish soap, tweezers…that thing wasn’t going anywhere. Eventually I really pulled at it with tweezers and accidentally pulled some skin with it! Oops 🙁 This kit would be great to have on hand!

  115. Have left body parts of ticks in various members of the family over the years. Scary stuff! Sounds like this little kit may be a Godsend to many! Nice job, whoever invented it!

  116. My dog and I need this awesome product because it looks like it works much better than what I use now. Ticks freak me out and that definitely does not help the situation.

  117. It is so hard to make sure you get the head of the tick. I always take more than I need to and pull hair and skin. My girl is not happy with this procedure!

  118. I really love 800 petmeds, and highly recommend them, much more affordable than a trip to the vet and they always provide good and useful information.

  119. Because plain and simple,i love my dog,his life matters!, I’ve never seen anything like the tick remover.thank you!

  120. We medicate Leela to prevent ticks but living in the country they seem to be relentless. It seems she still gets and occasional tick no matter what and I am always so worried that I will leave the head in. This would be so helpful. We also baby sit our neighbors dog occasionally and it seems the poor guy always has a few ticks I have to remove. Thanks for the chance

  121. Rebel needs a tick removal kit , because he is always in the Brianhead Utah mountains chasing after deer and hiking in the woods

  122. We live in the woods, where ticks are plentiful! Even with flea and tick products, our dogs still come indoors with tickets. This would be a wonderful tool to win!

  123. We haven’t had issues with ticks on our dogs, but our neighbor asked us to watch their dog and the moment I held her, I felt a tick. Come to find out there were 7 large ticks on the dog. I got them all out, but it took a while. This would have come in handy.

  124. My pet needs a TickSee Tick Removal Kit to survive summer in Florida.

  125. We would love to try TickSee. We’re always looking for products that are beneficial to helping our furry friends that we can share with others.

  126. We live in the country and although I use a tick preventative, they do manage to get through at times!! I hate those things!! Ticks are just terrible! I could use this when my two rescue girls do get a tick!

  127. We live in the country where there seems to be no shortage of ticks. Yes, my pups (two schnauzers Sara and Jasper) are treated, but that doesn’t seem to be enough to stop ticks from gnawing down on them. Heeeelp!!

  128. I’m moving to North Carolina and want to be prepared! My pup hasn’t have a tick yet, but we’ll be hiking a lot.

  129. I am a FSO for the US Goverment and I am living in Serbia. I have since moving here I found out that Serbia has a very big problem with tick. I have two Dachshonds I have to keep clean.

  130. It would be such a great tool for the battle against ticks. When I was a child I got very sick and my mom discovered I had a tick probably from the neighbor’s dog. Since then I’m so paranoid about ticks.

  131. We recently moved off the beach to a rural area, and ticks just seem to LOVE attaching themselves onto our two pit bulls. They go in the woods a lot (and we like to hike) and when we come back I usually find at least two ticks on each dog! They are easy to spot since they have short hair, but the TickSee Tick Removal Kit would be a great product to ensure the safety of our pets and making sure we remove the entire tick rather than just ripping it off.

  132. Yes it would come in handy for me! I hate ticks and sometimes my kitty boy goes outside. Evey time he comes in I check him all over for ticks, sometimes he has a tick and they are scary to remove, thank you for the chance!

  133. I have trouble removing ticks with my fingers, This kit would help alot. I Have a shepherd very thick hair,which makes it hard to remove the TICKS. Thank You

  134. Anything to keep my dog safer is something i need!

  135. Theresa KrakauskasJuly 2, 2016 at 8:02 pm

    This is the first year since I’ve lived here that I’ve actually seen a tick – on me. This would help if I see one on one of my dogs.

  136. Jennifer ButcherJuly 3, 2016 at 10:20 pm

    A Tick See tick removal kit would be a great plus to our first aide kit. Being a Girl Scout Leader and camping most of the summer, my 12 yr old pup would appreciate this!

  137. I have two dogs and they love to go on forest walks, Abby the chocolate lab also duck hunts, although I use a good preventative product they still do get a tick, by the time I find them they are usually dead due to the medication, but I still have to remove a dead tick. Penny my puggle particularly hates this procedure and won’t stay still. If this tool is a better alternative to tweezers I’m all for it! My dogs are precious to me and I never want to increase their chance of infection or disease!

  138. Melania ApostolidouJanuary 10, 2017 at 7:14 pm

    We leave in a woodsy area and my dog loves to get in touch with nature..lol
    Plus I am a pet owner newbie and never removed a tick before.
    We tried the K9 advantage but did not work as well for fleas for him. SO he is in a different preventative that only prevents fleas.
    Thank you!

  139. We leave in a woodsy area that we just moved. And my dog loves to get in touch with nature..lol
    Plus I am a newbie pet owner and never have removed a tick before.
    We tried the K9 advantix but did not work well on his fleas.
    He’s in a different preventative now that prevents only fleas.
    But I also shampoo him once in a while with a tick and flea shampoo.
    So I am crossing my fingers.
    Thank you!

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