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These days, pet treats come in all shapes, colors, flavors and textures. Most are designed to appeal to pet parents rather than to pets themselves. We all want to give our pets a new, exciting treat they’ll enjoy…but if the ingredients in many treats stood alone, pets wouldn’t go near most of them. Cats don’t really care what color or shape or fancy package their treats come in. What they really crave is real chicken and seafood! That’s why they wake out of a sound sleep every time you open a can of tuna. PureBites Whole Food for Cats is a convenient way to serve up everything cats want and nothing they don’t.

Why check the ingredients in cat treats?

As humans, we’re often swayed into a purchase by attractive pictures and familiar brand names. So much so that we may not even read the labels, especially when we’re buying pet treats. After all, we’re busy people and it’s just a treat we give once a day or less. What harm could they do?

The truth is, poor quality ingredients such as wheat gluten, artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives can be harmful to your cat’s health over time.

High fat and calories, along with low-quality protein sources can cause weight gain, blood sugar spikes and metabolic imbalances that can have a serious negative impact. Your cat may love the taste and beg for more, but added flavors and aromas often mask junk ingredients that cats normally wouldn’t go near.

Feeding your cat a whole food diet with real chicken and fish is ideal, but not always practical. To make sure your cat is getting enough high-quality protein, supplement your cat’s regular meals with treats that forego the typical cheap fillers and contain only the genuine, wholesome poultry and seafood cats would naturally seek out in the wild.

Give your cat a real treat with PureBites Whole Food for Cats

PureBites Whole Food for Cats

Giving your cat a healthy, whole food treat is quick and convenient with PureBites Whole Food for Cats. Skip the highly processed, cutesy junk food treats in favor of real kitty comfort food. PureBites Whole Food for Cats is everything your cat wants in a treat with absolutely no tricks.

This is pure shredded Chicken Breast, Wild Tuna, or Chicken Breast & Shrimp packed in water and nothing else. There are no additives or preservatives, no fillers or artificial flavors. Your cat will love it as an appetizer, dry food topper or healthy treat between meals.

PureBites Whole Food for Cats are sealed, single serving cups, so it couldn’t be easier to surprise your cat with a natural, wholesome snack anytime. These high-protein, low-calorie treats are 100% grain-free, so they are great for cats who are allergy-prone, overweight, diabetic or have sensitive stomachs.



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Three winners will be chosen at random on Wednesday, October 5, 2016, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!

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  1. like to try them out..sure they would luv them..

  2. I would love for my cats to try PureBites Whole Food for Cats. My cats are so finicky that I often feel as though I am wasting my effort and money when I try to give them something new, and healthier, and they want nothing to do with it. It would be nice to find something healthy for them that they actually like.

  3. My cats are my babies and they deserve the best food made with natural ingredients.

  4. I’m entering on behalf of my 73yr old grandma, Georgia. She has two kitties and they are her everything. They keep her company and vice versa, she’s always wanting to give them the best!


  5. Whiskey kitty would be thrilled to try some of these treats 😺🐱

  6. My feral cat P.C. Would love to find these treats in his little cat cabin this winter!

  7. I have 3 cats…2 are pretty picky. I’d love to find a treat they like and that is good for them as well

  8. Looks like something even my finicky cats would enjoy!

  9. I dont want to have to give my cat away, but I can’t afford his food. I really need to win.

  10. Here I am back again lol but what can I say I LOVE my cat ( Murphy ) so I hope I win

  11. I have 2 older kitties, like to start them on a healthier food selection

  12. My cat is 16, and he is eating a healthy diet, now he really could use some healthy treats!!

  13. Daisy Mae Kittah would love a good, healthy treat. She works hard for her tummy!

  14. My son’s cats would love to try this food. It looks so good, almost like people food. They are very finicky and only want the best.

  15. I am trying to switch all our cats to healthier food products. Would love to see their reaction to this one!

  16. I tried to make homemade nutritious treats for all my pets although I appreciate the convenience of store bought pet foods.

  17. Healthy food for my Kitties, I love it.

  18. Thanks for the sweep…

  19. No bladder infections, especially if you check indgredients

  20. My cats deserve the best, so I’d love to give this to them.

  21. One of my cats is too fat and the other is too skinny.The skinny cat actually eats more than the fat cat!I would love for them to both be a healty weight!

  22. Good health is key!

  23. These look like a great healthy snack for cats!

  24. thank to admin your articl very help full me

  25. healthy cats get healthy treats !

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