[Contest Winner] Meet Gorilla, a pug being given a second chance

Change a Pet’s Life Day is today, and to celebrate, PetMeds is helping one adoptable pet get the surgery he needs to live a happy, healthy life!

Gorilla is ready for his life to change!

The Change a Pet’s Life contest ended on Thursday, January 22, and Gorilla the pug was the winner. This dog was dropped off at a shelter right before Christmas by his owner, who said he couldn’t care for Gorilla and his medical issues. Thankfully, the shelter works closely with the Pug Rescue of Austin and called them to see if they could save Gorilla.

When the rescue picked up Gorilla, they could immediately see he had a myriad of untreated medical problems causing him discomfort. His nails were so overgrown that his feet were turned sideways. In addition to being grossly overweight, he had difficulty breathing due to weight and an elongated soft palate. He also had severe, untreated dry eye that eventually caused him to go blind. On top of these problems, Gorilla had a mouth full of infected, abscessed teeth causing him great pain and putting his overall health in danger.

Gorilla when he arrived at rescue

The pug rescue took him to their vet at the Westlake Animal Hospital, and he got a thorough exam. His nails were trimmed, he was put on two types of eye drops, and he was started on antibiotics for his mouth. Gorilla was also put on pain medication for his arthritis and on a weight management diet to slim down.

Now, with the grant from PetMeds, Gorilla will get the oral and airway surgery he needs to be healthy. His first procedure will be a dental, to clean his teeth and remove the abscessed and loose teeth. His mouth is currently very painful and infected: with a dental, this infection will be cleared up and he will finally be able to eat and drink pain-free.

After his dental, Gorilla will then go back for a second surgery to fix his airway and allow him to breathe freely. The surgery will widen his nostrils and remove his elongated palate. Being able to breathe freely results in his increased mobility, ultimately helping him lose the excess weight! According to the rescue, Gorilla is currently fostered in a home with other pugs. After surgery, Gorilla will finally be given the ability to play and romp with his foster brothers.

“He’s going to be a happier, healthier dog who will move around a lot more easily and who won’t live in chronic pain,” said Alecia Zalot, the president of Pug Rescue of Austin, about Gorilla after surgery.

Gorilla after his vet visit

Once Gorilla has recovered from his surgeries, he will be available for adoption. If you are interested in bringing Gorilla into your loving family, please visit the Pug Rescue of Austin’s website and fill out an adoption application.

Not located in the Austin area but looking to add a needy pet to your family? Consider visiting a shelter or rescue group in your area! You can also visit our contest page to see some of the other pets that need help and homes.

The Pug Rescue of Austin was founded in 2009 to help pugs and mixed-breed pugs in the Austin, Texas, area. They are dedicated to helping pugs that need help and pride themselves on never turning away a pug in need. As they have a 97 percent adoption rate, dogs like Gorilla have a great chance of finding a forever home after landing at the rescue.

1-800-PetMeds ran the Change a Pet’s Life contest through the PetMeds Cares program. PetMeds Cares donates over-the-counter medications and pet products to animal shelters and rescue groups throughout the U.S. For more information or to apply for a donation, visit the PetMeds Cares website and Facebook.

For those interested in hearing more about Gorilla and his recovery, PetMeds will be posting a video after his surgeries. You will be able to see it on the PetMeds website shortly, so stay tuned!

Gorilla can't wait to feel healthy!

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  1. I am so grateful that you are helping Gorilla in particular, but, other pets in need. Pug rescue in Austin is an amazing organization….the volunteers are tireless in their efforts to help. Thank you and thank them.

  2. Thank you so much, PetMeds for helping Gorilla. This contest shows you truly care about our beloved dogs.

  3. Any updates on Gorilla?

  4. Yes! He has had his dental procedure and is recovering very well. Unfortunately, most of his remaining teeth had to be removed since they were infected. He will go back for his airway surgery in another week or two. He will be much healthier and more comfortable after that! Thanks for asking about him, Richard.

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