[New Product] Richard’s Organics Pet Calm

Find Richard's Organics Pet Calm at 1800PetMedsStress can get the better of all of us, even our pets. Whether it’s a trip to the vet, an especially noisy thunderstorm or unexpected visitors, your pet may experience acute anxiety that a pat on the head won’t help. When we get stressed out, a nice cup of herbal tea can bring comforting relief fast and help us get on with our day. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a natural, gentle way to give our pets the same peace of mind? Good news! There is now a product especially for pets made from the same calming herbs many pet parents already turn to for their own stress relief.

How to recognize signs of stress in cats and dogs

When pets feel stress, anxiety, and uncertainty, they may react in a variety of ways. Some pets may hide, whine or cower while others may become agitated or even aggressive. These behaviors are the manifestations of the “fight or flight” response to frightening stimuli. How a dog or cat will react to different situations is unpredictable. Just like people, each pet has his or her own temperament.

Signs that your pet is experiencing anxiety may include:

  • Growling or barking in dogs, hissing in cats
  • Nipping, snapping, biting or clawing
  • Hiding under furniture or in a corner of a room
  • Whining or crying
  • Pacing
  • Drooling
  • Scratching at a door or trying to get out of the house

The more you get to know your pet, the better you will be at anticipating what could spark an episode of anxiety. You’ll also learn how to help your pet remain calm. Some pets may require stronger, more sedating anti-anxiety medications to help them get through stressful experiences. Others respond well to gentler calming remedies that just “take the edge off” without making them sleepy or inattentive.

Keep calm and carry on with Richard’s Organics Pet Calm

Buy Richard's Organics Pet Calm at 1800PetMedsRichard’s Organics Pet Calm is like a relaxing herbal tea for your pet. Made from natural herbs such as Valerian, Chamomile, Passion Flower and Skullcap, this gentle calming blend will help ease stress and anxiety in cats and dogs 8 weeks of age or older.

Just a few drops administered directly by mouth prior to an anticipated stressful situation will help your pet cope with noise, vet visits, grooming and other common anxiety-inducing experiences.

Keep a bottle of Richard’s Organics Pet Calm on hand to help soothe your pet’s worried mind.



Win FREE Richard’s Organics Pet Calm!

Would Richard’s Organics Pet Calm help your anxious pet? Tell us what stresses out your cat or dog and you could win FREE Richard’s Organics Pet Calm from 1800PetMeds!

Just leave a comment below for a chance to win!

One winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday, December 7, 2016, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!

Congrats to Dawn S, the drawing winner!



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  1. I really could use this. I have a dog so hyper that he runs to do or go anywhere. If I say ” outside” he jumps down off the sofa and runs as if in a race. He hurt his back leg from slipping on the hard floor and lost the ability to use his back leg now. Thank you for this chance to help calm him

  2. Too anxious and energetic, that he is permanently damaged

  3. I have 2 cats and would love to win for them.

  4. We have a hyper dog- even our neighbors pulling their car into their own driveway cause him to bark!

  5. I have a dog who has pretty bad separation anxiety and it would be nice to try this

  6. I would love this for my senior Lab who has cancer. We lost our other Lab a month ago and Buddy has separation anxiety, gets very upset when I have to leave him to go to work.

  7. This would be wonderful to have around since my neighbor tends to do fire works all year long. It breaks my heart how upset my dogs get. We try to comfort them as best as we can.

  8. My dog has anxiety about environments outside the home and about strange dogs in public. He wears an adaptil collar which has been a huge help, but I’d love to try this for times when I know there will be added stress.

  9. Both of my dogs hate to have their faces and feet trimmed at the groomer. I would love to find that this would help.

  10. Our rescue Lucy has come a long way in the year we’ve had her but she still gets anxious around visitors and loud noises. It’s hard to see her struggle when we’ve worked so hard. I’d love to have this as a tool in calming her.

  11. Would love to win for my pup.

  12. My male animal shelter rescue Golden Retriever/Spaniel mix is almost 15 years old. He is in great health, with his thyroid under control, and loves his joint medicine/treats, but he is now nearly 100% deaf. Loud noises freak him out some because he can’t tell where the sound is coming from. He can’t hear us so in order to direct his body somewhere, we have to physically lead him/show him what we’re asking. He gets a little jumpy because he can’t hear us coming, etc. If he doesn’t see you, he can’t hear you… He seems to be a little jumpy at times, especially with a rambunctious four year old in the house. A general sense of calm would help my dog out immensely.

  13. I have a dog who has separation anxiety. He was a shelter dog that had been dumped on a couple of times and he gets so anxious when I leave that he wets himself. This is a 90 pound lab/mastiff cross – hope that this might help a dog that big!

  14. My doberman gets very upset when fireworks go off. I use some calming medicine now.

  15. My dog is a small and hyper gal, I would really love to try this, especially at bedtime so we both could get a good notes sleep…

  16. Carol SwartzlanderDecember 1, 2016 at 3:14 pm

    Holiday, visitors, decorations…all uncommon scenarios for my three dogs. Of course, you can’t blame them if the show stress and anxiety signs at all the unfamiliar things thrown their way. This product may take the edge off.

  17. My English bulldog is terrified of storms. As a pup she had to be rescued from the lake when a tornado struck suddenly and capsized the boat she was on. It is heartbreaking to see how fearful she becomes.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this product.

  18. i could definitely use this. my doggie charlie has storm anxiety and also separate anxiety.

  19. I have 3 overly anxious dogs that drive me NUTS!!! This just might be the answer to my prayers!!!

  20. My 2 cats get very stressed when they have to go to the Vet, also when i try to trim their nails

  21. I have 6 indoor only cats, and one of them likes to “rule the roost” and harass the other 5 whenever possible. This dynamic leads to almost daily episodes of hissing, growling and howling (tho’ no physical altercations…it’s all psychological intimidation on King Kitty’s part.) I have tried other products and nothing has made a real difference. I would love to win so that I can help relieve the tension this situation creates!

  22. Clipping his nails – he is three and we accidentally cut too short one of his nails once and ever since then he is on full alert and uncooperative when we get the clippers out.

  23. Please pick me! We have a rescue puppy that was found in the side of the road in a box. He has extreme separation anxiety! He has eaten the couch 2 times, blinds 4 times, and countless other items. He has broken out of two crates and almost killed himself escaping one. We have tried everything and now had to enroll him in doggy daycare. This would be so helpful to us. We love the little guy but his anxiety is extreme.

  24. Blazer is a German/Austrian Shepard Mix and he gets very nervous and shaking with people yell, talk loud, he ends up either sitting on me or he goes and hides. he also gets that way ever time his is in the vehicle for a ride. Thunder storms are the worst for him. I have tried a doggy coat, but didn’t help much.

  25. I have tried the rescue remedy and it works fairly well. I would like to give this brand a try!

  26. This would be perfect for my dog Hank! It is hunting season and he is gun shy:(

  27. Bath time can be really stressful for both of my dogs.

  28. My dog Cocoa is a super anxious dog. He gets stressed out when people leave our house, he gets stressed out with thunder, but he especially gets stressed out when I have to go out and leave him at home, even if for just a few minutes!

  29. My apartment has banging noises on the walls and ceiling and they are very stressful for my cat and I. Maintenance can not find the source of the noises and it may be paranormal and I have done cleansings and so forth. I would love to try Richard’s Organics Pet Calm and see if it helps until our environment is enjoyable and peaceful.

  30. Wow that’s just what Santa needs to bring for my Nala. She could sure use this.

  31. ANA ROXANA WAKEFIELDDecember 1, 2016 at 3:20 pm


  32. Mia is four and I just got her last year. She cries when I leave and watches the house as I go. When I come home she jumps on me and shifts her bedding around and starts shaking as if missing me a ton and shakes when she is super cold. She hates water and scratches at me when I try to clip her nails and whines and shakes some more. She hides under the bed when I try to get her o bathe. This product would be so helpful for her <3

  33. Tried everything else, why not this.

  34. I could def use this. I have to pay the vet thru the roof to sedate my dog to just clip her nails and she hates people she doesn’t know and growls.

  35. I am interested in trying this for my anxious dog. She is very afraid of thunderstorms, fireworks, the fire alarm, and any sustained loud noises. Currently I have Xanax on hand to medicate her with before these events, but I’d prefer to try a more holistic treatment rather than continue to medicate her with the Xanax. I hope I win this! 🙂

  36. This product sounds amazing! I don’t like the way existing similar tablet products seem to knock my dogs out! Looking forward to trying this!

  37. My 12 years old dog has mild separation anxiety and he would love to try this if it would help him to calm

  38. My maltese starts getting anxious when I pull out my luggage. I travel quite a bit for work so he knows when I’m about to leave.

    I’ve trained him since he was a puppy to sit in his pet carrier should I take him somewhere with me… so, when I start packing my luggage, the minute I turn away, he crawls in, stares at me with his puppy eyes, and shakes his little tail feather thinking he’s coming along with me.

  39. I would love to try this I have talked to they vet about putting my two dogs on something I have a pitbull and a Shih Tzu they have anxiety attacks when we travel and when they hear fireworks there is no common them down

  40. I would love to try this with my dog. He gets extreme anxiety with storms and fire works 🙁

  41. My dog could definitely use this. He gets super anxious during thunder storms or 4th of July fireworks. He is an anxious dog in general and we have to keep him away from our kids, but we love him and would love to give him a break from his most anxious times.

  42. I recently went through a divorce and now my Bloodhound seems stressed all the time. She follows me from room to room never letting me out of her sight. She goes crazy at the sound of any outside noise, and she even seems to worry about the cat going outside. I guess this divorce and the changes with it (moving and all) have effected her as well as me.

  43. I wonder about my cat, he wants to stay outside all the time and I would love for him to come in and enjoy his company.

  44. I have a little friend, that doesn’t like being alone. He is in a crate when we leave for work and when we get home he is very rowdy. He is usually all wet from drooling. I would love to see if this item would help him

  45. this would be awesome to win. I’m moving to london next year.. maybe we can start prepping for heavier sedatives

  46. I would love to try this for my Hyper and aggressive (when anyone comes to visit) chihuahua!

  47. My silky, Alexander, gets terrible separation anxiety. I sure this would help him not be anxious when we leave!

  48. I would like to give this a try and see if my furbabies would respond. I hae two that are scared of storms. One the sound of fireworks. Wishing for a miracle to help them and of course me too. Thank You.

  49. Yes I would love to try this for my rescue dog. She’s a labradoodle and has anxiety since we got her. Mostly around us leaving her and/or eating.

  50. I have a very energetic puppy and I think this could help her!

  51. A lifestyle change for me and my dogs happened over a year ago and due to new surroundings, etc. both dogs have exhibited extreme barking and constant pacing. I would love to see if this could be a solution for me and my pets’ anxiety.

  52. This would be great for my wire fox terrier. He gets absolutely frantic at the vets, despite having been going there regularly for 10 years.

  53. I would love to gift this to a friend whose rescue pup has a lot of anxiety when just walking outside.

  54. I hope this helps my dog calm down. He suffers from such anxiety and nervous energy.

  55. My dog KIKI would love this present 🙂

  56. My dog Cherub was found in a swamp in Franklin Tennessee tied up by bobwire and also all around him to keep him there . A great rescue group found him and he is a scared little boy with any sort of noise. I flew in to Nashville to pick him up and he is now my dog but still gets freaked out by things especially LOUD noises. Thanks, Laurielynne & Cherubfranklin

  57. Neither of my animals are good with long car rides so I would love to try this with both of them when they need to ride in the car to calm them down

  58. My dog hates deliveries. This time of year is especially hard on her, with so many holiday packages arriving to our door.

  59. Kimberly M JohnsonDecember 1, 2016 at 3:32 pm

    thank you for the chance, this would be great for my senior dog, she is always anxious, its so sad.

  60. Carol A WashingtonDecember 1, 2016 at 3:34 pm

    Charlie says “I need all the help I can get”.

  61. My beautiful dog was found in a swamp tied up with bobwire and surrounded by it so he could not escape. A great rescue group in Franklin, Tenn. found him and I flew into Nashville to get him. He is terrified of every noise he hears. I love him and wish there were something I could give to him when he gets so nervous. Thanks a lot, Laurielynne & Cherubfranklin

  62. I would love to Win! Thanks for this opportunity.

  63. We bring our kitten with us when we travel for long weekends. I don’t want to leave him alone all weekend and the car rides stress him out.

  64. Robert Lee Turner JrDecember 1, 2016 at 3:37 pm

    My dog Xena Makayla is a rescue dog from South Carolina. I think she came from a abusive family. She’s goes around circles, she shakes like if someone’s going to hit her. Me, I wouldn’t do that because she’s like family. She’s like a child she has feeling like we do. I’m hoping this would help her if I win.

  65. This stuff would be great for our 10 year old Golden Retriever. She gets a lot of anxiety and stress from loud noises (such as: fireworks, gunshots, thunderstorms).

  66. My dog Ella gets very stressed when going to the groomers, Fourth of July fireworks & Thunderstorms. I would love to see if this would help keep her calm.

  67. I would love to try this for our 1 yr old Doubledoodle Gracie. We cannot take her in the car without her drooling and vomiting. We have been looking for a natural remedy to ease her stress so that we can take her along with us more often on family outings.

  68. Sophia Dog is HopeDecember 1, 2016 at 3:39 pm

    My dog Hope is great , just a couple of quirky things, She is anxious at times when we leave her, and as soon as you are ready to go out, and will take her she runs like a greyhound. She also races to the door and jumps on company.. Thiink this may help her.

  69. We just adopted a 14 1/2 yr old sweet, female miniature poodle. She is very well behaved, but we left her alone for the first time the other day and she chewed our kitchen blinds (the window sills only sit about 12 inches from the floor in our 1885 home). Needless to say we were shocked. I had been putting Bach Rescue Remedy and some additional flower essences from Green Hope Farms in her water but apparently she needs some additional help. Searching for natural products that will hopefully calm her when we need to leave her at home. Thank you.

  70. I’d love to try this for my overly-skittish cat!

  71. I’d love to try this for my overly-skittish cat!

  72. Would love to try this for my Pomeranian. He is a very nervous little guy.

  73. My baby: Missy – a 6 year old beagle, would enjoy this.
    Thank you for considering her.

  74. My rambunctious Dalmatian could really use this she gets terrible anxiety when her parents are at work. she loves to eat $800 chairs in the home

  75. My baby will be 16 in January and we live in an apartment building with thin walls. All the noise (doors, walking up & down stairs) stresses her out. Plus we hear the gunshots from the firing range and mortar blasts from the Army base nearby.

  76. Car rides stress out my cats.

  77. My baby is so stressed when we leave. She barks and crys the whole time.

  78. This would be PERFECT for my dog Tahlie, who has separation anxiety. I cannot leave the house without her in a crate and plenty of toys otherwise she would tear the house apart (and she has before!). I think she would greatly benefit from this.

  79. Heidi lives with me in a senior apartment and barks every time she hears a noise near our apartment or if I leave for a few minutes. I calll her Princess Bars-Alot and it drives me crazy!!

  80. Buddy definitely needs this, he turns into super strength Kitty at the Vets. Help. Thanks !!!

  81. My rescue GSD has separation anxiety. He makes himself sick to the point he’s coughing up blood.

  82. With seven dogs, three cats and two teen-agers, they are in need of some calm!

  83. My senior Lab has some doggie dementia, I try everything on the market to calm him – would lover to try this!

  84. I would love to try this for my Boston Terrier!

  85. My dog and cat would both love this! They both have separation anxiety, and this could definitely help them.

  86. My 8 year old Malti-Poo does not travel well. He will not settle down or lay down, he pants and drools . Breaks my heart !

  87. Katerina SavelievaDecember 1, 2016 at 3:51 pm

    would like to try it – our dog is biting her nails!

  88. Gami has a terrible time with grooming, terrified of the razor. She also has trouble with walking on the street.

  89. THUNDERSTORMS!! And fireworks, and long car rides (Sully climbs all over the car, front to back). And Penelope is just super anxious, she likes to rearrange the shoes left around the house and chew door frames while we’re gone sometimes. Bless em.

  90. My dog stresses out when we go to the vet. This would be nice for the ride to the vet!

  91. My older cat Annie gets very stressed out from the smell of rain. She can smell it when it’s still miles away,then she runs and hides for hours until the storm or rain has passed. I feel awful for her 🙁

  92. I have a cat that I rescued as a kitten & he gets stressed out by the vacuum every time I use it. Even if I’m in another part of house, if he hears it he hides under my bed for hours.

  93. Mary Rebecca FrazierDecember 1, 2016 at 3:56 pm

    We have 3 very anxious dogs who would benefit greatly from this product!!!

  94. My husband & I are blessed to be able to snowbird to Florida for 3 months yearly. March 2016 we had an accident returning home to Illinois with a camper & truck rollover, totalling both vehicles. None of us were injured due to the fact we were ALL seatbelted. The dogs, too were unhurt, but don’t travel well since the wreck. This product would be great!

  95. THUNDERSTORMS AND FIREWORKS!!!! Unbelievable how upset she gets. Molly freaks out and has to be as close to me as possible. I try and calm her but she’s just a nervous Nellie. Other than that she is perfect. We are training her to be our service dog for small things. She is just adorable

  96. Mary Rebecca FrazierDecember 1, 2016 at 3:58 pm

    One of our dogs is scared to be in his crate when we aren’t home, but otherwise is happily crate trained. He escapes and I’m afraid he will hurt himself running around looking for us and crying. The other 2 dogs have stress with storms, trains,planes, and fireworks so we have to sit with them and calm them the best way we can

  97. This would be great for our new family member. Our new pom Alex is so skiddish and needs to relax.

  98. I have a adult male cat who has always seemed a little sensitive to just about everything. Having company over stresses him out the most though.

  99. i have 3 little girls, mini schauzers. the middle child gets stresssed out about going to the vet and really stressed out when getting her nails clipped. the youngest does not get stressed out about much. the oldest gets stressed out almost all of the time, she has terminal cancer, is deaf, almost blind and has dementia. she gets really stressed out when riding in the car these days to the vet. it is a real struggle.

  100. I have a 12-year-old rescued Pug named Jeffie & he is very anxious when I leave the house, when we have company & is especially scared at thunderstorms. They said he was abused & kept in a cage the first two years of his life. I would love to help him feel better & not be so anxious.

  101. I 2 nut jobs with anxiety. I would love to win

  102. My dog has separation anxiety and gets very nervous in the car. I would love to find a natural method to help him out!

  103. My dads older dog needs something to help with separation anxiety. I bet this would be perfect.1

  104. Would love to have a chance to win a free bottle of Richard’s Pet calm for our 2 dogs. We need to find something that works.

  105. Would love to try this product! I have an anxious rescue pup that could benefit from this!

  106. I love my dog, Bear. She gets so excited when someone comes to the house, she pees on their shoes and floor. Riding in a vehicle she runs from one side to the other like something is chasing her. And when I say let’s go outside, Bear is faster than the Nascar races. She’s the best thing that happened to my family and we love her so much.

  107. Our 9 year old Yorkie-poo, Maya, gets so nervous when it’s raining and just prior to the rain starting, that she shakes uncontrollably. She will sit on my lap and shake until the rain passes. It’s heartbreaking and we’ve tried various products to no avail. Would like to see if Richard’s Organics Pet Calm would help.

  108. My dog Spock gets stressed with Thunderstorms and going to the vet.

  109. My elderly dog has separation anxiety whenever I’m away for more than a few hours. Perhaps this would help her–and me, since I miss her so much when I have to leave her.

  110. My lab mix could certainly benefit from some calm!

  111. Thank you for the chance to try this product. Two of our dogs become very nervous and jittery when a thunder storm is blowing in. Would love to try this and will purchase if it helps! Thanks again!!

  112. Have 2 dogs which have nervous disorders, like toe nails being clipped or having they’re hair cut our 1st dog Oreo & he shakes bad during T-Storms. Thanks for this chance to try a free bottle.

  113. We have a 3 season home on an island in Maine and take our 3 Maine Coon cats to and from the mainland by my husband’s lobster boat. The cats love the island but going to and from not so much as the boats engine and vibration are not soothing.

  114. My senior Belgian Sheepdog is scared to death of thunderstorms, like we’re having this morning. It’s giving us snow on the summit of Mauna Kea here in Hawaii, which I love, but I feel so badly for him. He’s hugged next to me right now.

  115. We found our dog on the side of our house huddled in the corner shaking and scared. We exhausted all efforts to find his owners but were unsuccessful. The vet said he was about 5 months old and possibly a chihuahua and JRT mix. He got demodectic mange a week after we found him and lost all of his facial hair and the hair on his legs and stomach. He was treated and recovered. I have worked with him for 8 months now. He is still extremely anxious and suffers from separation anxiety which causes him to act out by destroying things. He has been through so much and if this could help him to relax I think he would be a much happier dog and it would help our family to relax too!

  116. I could really use this. My Pomeranian is riddled with anxiety and I have no idea what to do to help him anymore.

  117. Archie, our adopted lab/dachshund mix from Greenville County Animal Care Services, has quite a personality. He seems to have been on his own on the streets for a long while before he was picked up and cared for, and before we adopted him. He’s very friendly and outgoing toward most people, but he gets stressed out when too many new people are in the house. While that’s a rarity, I tend to keep him in my bedroom and bring each new guest in, one at a time, to meet with him, so he can evaluate them before being out in the house or yard with them. After he establishes trust with them, he treats them like family!

  118. I have 2 older kitties, one has abandonment issues and the other walks around my apartment after I go to bed, carrying around a stuffed toy and mewing, both could benefit from something to help calm them

  119. Our mixed breed rescued dog Pepper will hide behind the couch whenever it starts to rain. It doesn’t even have to thunder and she’s gone. She was found as a stray, so I think she had some bad experiences on the street. She’s so sweet, I feel bad when she hides.

  120. One of my Norwegian Forest Cats gets very car sick in the car and drools wetting herself and any other Wegie riding in the crate with her. Not good for going to a cat show to represent your breed when you get there and the lovely kitty is soaked to the bone! Would love to try this product!

  121. My Cosmo Choo Choo Charlie has a cognitive disorder! This product would be ideal to ease his tense moments.

  122. I live in the country so I go to town 1-2 times a month and when I leave my maltese and bichon she howls and they pace back and forth to the door til I get back. they wont eat or nap the bichon actually cries and the maltese gets snippy and will try to bite the bichon. I really hate to leave them, it breaks my heart and don’t talk about boarding for vacation.

  123. Thunderstorms are the worst for my Pit/Lab mix and it breaks my heart to see her soooo afraid 🙁 Would love to a chance to try this product! Thank you!

  124. Would love to try this for my foster dogs!

  125. I have gotten to the point of dreading July 4th. Sadly, Tanner, my 11 year old Bassett Hound , is so freightened by the loud pops, booms, and other loud (but pretty) fireworks. He becomes so petrified, he will go find the darkest corner in the house, walking slowing with head down, shaking all over , just hunkering down, seeing him like that for 2 or 3 days in a raw is such a sad and depressing sight to have to see. IIt breaks my heart to see him like that so it has come to the point where I am inside the house comforting him while my my kids and grandkids are all outside enjoying the 4th festivities, Tanner and I are very relieved when it all stops. I would love to be able to enjoy the party with my family if Tanner would be calmed down enough with all the pops, and fireworks we all could celebrate together as a family, Tanner included!

  126. I’d love to try this! My 3 year old border collie just started getting bad anxiety and I don’t know why!

  127. My 14 year old pug has CHF and she has anxiety at night. She sleeps with me and she will wake up and cry early in the am. She acts like she doesn’t know where she is at at times and she won’t go back to sleep! The vet put on her on medication to help her rest but I don’t like drugging her at all… but I also don’t won’t her to fall off the bed. She will also faint when we come home because of anxiety and sometimes she quits breathing. Would love to win your natural remedy.

  128. I have never tried this brand. But want to see if it would work on our dog Pixie. She had a bad experience at a vets office, and ever since she gets snappy and aggressive towards our other pets. One is a bird and the other is a bunny. Pixie also suffers from separation anxiety.

  129. We have a puppy that is pretty much afraid of everything from the wind to household items like tape measures. This would help a lot during storms.

  130. I live in windy West Texas and my German Shepherd stresses out when the wind blows things around and makes loud noises. She also stresses out during thunderstorms which we experience a lot during the spring. Interested to try this product to see if it helps calm her down!

  131. This product would be perfect for my son’s dog, Seven. Seven has become quite nervous now that he has reached his senior years.

  132. Thunderstorms/heavy rain and nail trimming

  133. I would love this! My Pitbull gets really bad anxiety anytime we leave the house or he hears fireworks.

  134. My precious Bella is terrified of storms I got her a thunder coat but she still shakes . This would be wonderful to calm her and then also when she is stressed so am I as I want her to be relaxed.
    Stress isn’t good for any of us . Thank you Petmeds for all you do for our pets . I am a happy customer and order frequently always completely happy. Your the best.
    Diane Eckstine. Burbank, WA

  135. This is a good way to bring in a new pet into the family !

  136. Awesome! Calm pets equals a calm and happy home!
    As a pet patent of three amazing yet active terriers, products that are natural are important.
    I would be very interested in trying and reviewing your product.
    Merry Christmas from our home to yours!
    The Adachi Family
    Elgin, TX.

  137. Our beagles are such wonderful dogs………..but they both have anxiety issues. Be it 4th of July, New Years or a helicopter flying up above, it can send them running into the corner, shaking terribly. We have tried some calming aids but none have really done the job. Would love to try this.

  138. Awesome! Calm pets equals a calm and happy home!
    As a pet patent of three amazing yet active terriers, products that are natural are important.
    I would be very interested in trying and reviewing your product.
    Merry Christmas from our home to yours!
    The Adachi Family
    Elgin, TX.

  139. My little beagle Honey gets nervous and starts shaking when she gets in the car. I would love to try this product. I am sure it would help her and make car rides more enjoyable for everybody. 🐶❤️

  140. Being home alone; Thunderstorm sounds; Loud noises in the environment; Example a snow plow; garbage truck or a car door slamming.

  141. Marilyn WillisteinDecember 1, 2016 at 4:44 pm

    When I adopted my corgi mix, and drove home from the Arizona Humane Society, she was calm and just snuggled up in the corner of the car. Now, just getting into the car and especially the long ride to the Vet stresses her out. She whines and goes back and forth in the backseat. The Vet suggested 1/2 an allergy med but it had no affect. Treats are no help either. By the time we get to the Vet’s office, she is out of control and I am stressed out too. She stays that way until we get back home. Now, I can’t take her anywhere in the car, but I have to when we must go to the Vet. I’d like to try something safe, but effective. Help!

  142. Leanne DeffenbaughDecember 1, 2016 at 4:48 pm

    My dog Pepper is terrified of thunder and lightening. One day while we were about 60 miles from home, it started to thunder and lightening. It was one of the worst summer storms we’d had in a long time and of course Pepper was outside at home! About 15 minutes into the storm I got a call from my grandson telling me he just saw Pepper running down the road. Because we weren’t close to home I was extremely worried about Pepper so I sent my grandson to look for Pepper! Then I got another phone call from a stranger saying he had my sweet little boxer dog. He said she had been out in the middle of the road running and was definitely scared! I told the man that we were in another town and asked him if he could take Pepper home for me. He took her home and even fixed the gate Pepper had pushed through while acting crazy from the thunder! I owe this stranger a great big thank you for saving my dog and taking her back home because he surely didn’t have too. Since this day there has been two other times when Pepper just goes crazy pacing , frothing from the mouth and trying to run away and hide when the thunder and lightening storms have hit! Even if I don’t win, I’m definitely going to try this to see if it will help keep Pepper calm during a thunder and lightening storm.

  143. Heather GembaroskyDecember 1, 2016 at 4:52 pm

    I would love to try this, Bear has severe separation anxiety when I leave or if someone else needs to take him away from me, like the vet. We have pheromone diffusers in the house and that helps a bit, but I really couldn’t use something when we are working with his trainer.

  144. My dog Scarlett could really benefit from this. She is on Prozac but still has a lot of anxiety.

  145. Our cat Zorro was attacked by our neighbors dog at just 3 months old. After an ex-ray confirmed the multiple breaks in his hind leg we had to amputate. He is a complete indoor kitty now. We have had multiple test run due to Zorro urinateing on my daughters bed and personal belongings along with the pulling out of fur and constantly chewing himself. Just yesterday our vet has concluded that Zorro is experiencing separation anxiety and fear of dogs. ( I own Boxers) We have just gone to the local store to try a diffuser for calming. I think my daughters kitty may benefit trying out this calming aid. Zorro is now a year and a half old.

  146. I can’t tell if it’s stress or vengeance when I leave my puppy alone. She has ripped up THREE sets of sheets when I leave her alone in my room for less than two hours. I would love to try this on my one-year-old puppy, Waffles! I have lavender air fresheners, but that doesn’t seem to even phase her.

  147. My 15-1/2 yo dog is now deaf so no longer afraid of thunder but is still an anxiety ridden mess when going to the vet. Hopefully this might help him calm down a bit.

  148. Worth a try, we’ve tried the pills but they don’t seem to work. Our 10+ year old dachshund is very skittish of the storms, loud fireworks, or heavy winds and nothing seems to calm her down.

  149. My dog Bailey is terrified by thunderstorms. I would love to see if this helps!

  150. I would love to win this. My senior dog is afraid of rain, thunder, new places, loud noises.

  151. With newly retired racing greyhounds, we definitely can use this to calm them on their first nights away from the track .

  152. Two of my rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds get very stressed with loud noises – thunder, fireworks, etc. I have Thundershirts for them, which help, but don’t completely ease their anxiety. I would love to try this in addition to the pressure coats to keep them calm.

  153. I would love to find something that would help settle down my 5 yr old Coton. I rescued her at age 2 and she must not have never ridden in a car. She stands up and shakes and pants no matter how long the ride is. Sometimes it is a 14 hour drive. She is exhausted when we finally arrive. I need something or to learn to teach her that riding in a car can be enjoyable. She even has her own seat and could lay down and sleep but no way. She stands, shakes, and pants.

  154. I would love to try this for two of my cats (I have four in total). They always have extreme anxiety and panic issues when going to the vet in their cat carriers. I’d love to see if this helps them!!! I always feel so bad 🙁

  155. I currently have 9 cats,all rescue,4 found in my garage. Soon,after tests and shots,want to interduce new garage guest to my current feline family. This product could help greatly with this transition with less stressful for all. I want to have,love and care for one big happy family.

  156. My husband rescued my mini poodle/shih mix from being euthanized! I assume she was raised with children who weren’t monitored, because she gets soooo stressed out around kids! He used her to propose to me! I fell in love with her, and she’s been my baby ever since. The only problem is that we have small children who live with us 50% of the time, and she bites them if they mess with her too much! You can see the stress all over her whenever its too loud in the house, new people are over, or kids are there. I think this would do wonders for all of us!

  157. My three could definitely use this! They get stressed out during storms, high winds, when the garbage truck goes by. They are really pretty sensitive, so I would love to get this to help them out!

  158. Also, she growls CONSTANTLY. I’m the only person she doesn’t growl at non-stop. Although, she growls at me too. Poor baby is stressed!

  159. Our 3-year-old shepherd/lab gets bad anxiety during thumberstorms & the 4th of July. I wouldn’t mind trying this to see if it works. We’ve tried everything else. Thank you for the opportunity to win it.

  160. We also have a cat that gets extremely freaked out at the vet. She’s very quiet & subdued at home, but once she gets to the vet, she turns into a totally different cat. You hear noises out of her that we’ve never heard before. Hoping something like this would work to calm her down before going to the vet instead of sedating her when we get there.

  161. My dog Churro licks his arm constantly. We spoke to the vet but he doesn’t seem concerned. We think Churro has anxiety and doesn’t like when we leave the house. He does have a companion, Herman, but I know Churro would rather have mommy and daddy around.

  162. My 9 year fox terrier Buffy is a puppymill rescue and very bad shape and didnot even know how to act like a dog but 6 years later she is my best friend show what love can do but still scared of thunder so still up alot of nights loving my girl. would like to try this so i can till other poeple with furbabies rescues that it works no drugs Thank you 1800 pets meds! always great!

  163. Boo to fireworks and loud thunder

  164. As my Brussels Griffon gets older, the more anxious he becomes. I have tried treats and scented sprays to no avail. This may be my next option to try…

  165. I adopted my dog Sam when he was three years old from the Humane Society. He had severe separation anxiety — he couldn’t even be left alone for 10 minutes without him having an accident and, even worse, getting so anxious he would shake uncontrollably. He followed me from room to room — I was never out of his sight. Sam is 11 now, and although he’s gotten so much better, he still struggles with constant anxiety. It hurts my heart watching him have panic attacks. I have found some tricks to help him over the years but this Richard’s stuff sounds like it could help as well. thank you for reading this. 🙂

  166. My old girl could use this, fingers crossed

  167. SaraLeigh is a house pup the only time she is outside she is in a fenced yard she sits and watches people walk down the street the only time she is around people and other animals is when she goes to the vet once a month to get her manicure and she hates to ride in the car her vet gives me Acepromazine 25 mg which she gets 1/2 tab but this makes her so sleepy I so hope this will work better on my little girl I would thank you and SaraLeigh will LOVE YOU

  168. My little one hates the 4th of July, strong winds and thunder. She gets so close during these times. She shakes and is very afraid. I try holding her in a blanket. I really need to try this on her.

  169. My dog Sugar is afraid of wind. I do not know why she will pace run around and nothing will calm her dow

  170. I have a cat that’s almost 11 years old. So far I’ve done a good job treating her severe skin allergies but about a year ago she was diagnosed with arthritis. Having to give her more medications has her getting very angry. She started biting me all the time. When I try to give her medications she clamps down on my finger and I have to pry her mouth open to release it. One night while I was asleep in bed I woke up to her biting my throat. I have tried several calming solutions such as Feliway Plug Ins, Calming Collars, drops of lavender between her shoulder blades, calming treats and even with a friends suggestion tried wrapping her in a towel to give her medications. Nothing has worked and it’s gotten to the point that I’m terrified to go near her at all so she hasn’t been getting the medicine she needs. My vet recommended putting her on kitty Prozac but I can’t afford that and don’t even know how I could get her to take it. She used to be my sweet Lilly but has become a nightmare. I’ve even contacted Jackson Galaxy with pictures of some bites she gave me and never got help from him. I don’t know what else to do. I may have to have her put to sleep because without treatment for her ailments she is suffering and only getting more aggressive. I’m at the end of my rope so I’ll try anything that’s affordable and doesn’t require sticking my finger in her mouth.

  171. For Abby it’s being alone or without me and going on car rides longer than about 20 min. For otter, it’s going to the vet and thunder storms.

  172. have dog who hates thunder storms, and we live in florida !

  173. I have never had the pleasure of trying a product, such as this. I have a 2 year old Chocolate Labrador Retriever. He is a very large baby! We live in the Lightning Capital of the World (Tampa, Florida) and therefore, with every thunderstorm and crack of thunder….it causes him much stress. Very sad to see. Fireworks create the same problems for us, unfortunately. This product sounds like an excellent solution! Hope we get an opportunity to give it a try! Thank you!

  174. She is almost unsalable when it comes to lighting, thunder, and explosions. Huny will almost pass out from the panting and pacing while the thunder.

  175. They are real tough until it’s time to go to the vets

  176. One of my rescues, Sophie, was the victim of a puppy mill breeding nightmare. She had never been out of her cage, was unrecognizably filth-caked, had never interacted with another living creature, and had never been handled. When she came home to us, she was terrified beyond imagination. She didn’t now how to interact with anyone or anything. She didn’t know how to move around outside of her cage, had no idea how to play or go through doors or even eat from a bowl. We had no idea how to deal with this, couldn’t handle her to groom, feed or comfort her, and believed it to be an unrecoverable situation. We decided to persist. Our other rescue, Mollie, a former bait dog, and was the one to break the ice with her–almost a Helen Keller/Annie Sullivan moment. Sophie bonded strongly with Mollie and used her basically as her “seeing-eye” dog. She got all her social cues from her and started to learn. Today she is a new ‘person’. She plays, interacts and runs around, but she still suffers from tremendous anxiety issues, particularly with separation and storms. She becomes a hysterical, quivering mess. She will probably always be a bit odd. If a dog can be autistic, I’d say that she is, but compared to where we started….there’s no comparison. I’d love to find a method or product to help her feel more comfortable and less terrified in her triggering situations. Thank you. Marianne, mom to Mollie and Sophie.

  177. They are real tough until it’s time to go to the vet

  178. My poor Avalon is 13 yrs old and has separation anxiety and my youngest son got married and moved. Now Avalon has to stay by himself when I got to work and the poor guy just trembles incontroble. 😔😔

  179. Our foster cats get stressed at offsite adoption events. We would really love to try this!

  180. Our cat was never socialized. When our grown children and their families come to visit with their furry friends, our cat is scared, hisses a lot and hides all day. So having her try something to help her calm down would be great. I love that it is organic.

  181. I’d like to try this! Our little poodle gets so nervous when he has to go to the groomer or the vet.

  182. Our foster cats get stressed when they have to go to offsite adoption events. We would love to try this!

  183. We’ve recently been displaced due to flooding. We are staying with family and our dog has not been taking it very well at all.

  184. Have not tried yet. Hope it works

  185. My dog could benefit from this. Alot of things set him off. He likes to hide in small places. Hes a shepherd mix so it amazes me how he squeezes in

  186. My senior dog Zoe is deathly afraid of thunderstorms.

  187. I would love to try this since my dog suffers from separation anxiety. She is so sweet and loving but hates when I leave her for the day. Something that would relax her and help keep her calm would be really beneficial!

  188. My cat Raven gets very stressed when strange or alot of people come over our house. We already diffuse lavender and it does seem to help a bit.

  189. Our little yorkie, Gizmo, isn’t very happy about living in the ‘Lightening Capital of the World’! He’s a brave little man but not when it comes to thunder storms. It breaks my heart to watch him shake and pant himself into a tizzy. I would love to try this with him to make him more calm and comfortable ❤

  190. For sure thunderstorms, wind…even an airplane flying overhead!!! The car is also a huge stresser….the drooling and panting begin when we get the leash and walk in the garage! Vomiting always happens during the car ride. Not fun! Would love to try this product.

  191. Fireworks and thunderstorms stress out my dog Max.

  192. Would love to try. Been giving Benadryl for 7/4.

  193. Our Sam was just dropped off on our road by his owner. He had a collar, but no tags. I tried everything to find his owners and we finally decided that we now had a new dog. The Vet said that he was an old dog, about twelve years old. We welcomed him into our family. Our female is old and she had just lost her pal of many years so she was happy. Then we had our first thunder storm with Sam. Poor little dog (part Corgi) he just went crazy. He had to be held and then he would run around the room. Next he went to hide in the closet. It was just so sad to see him so distressed. It would be great to have something to help him with his anxiety and the awful stress that he experiences.

  194. My dog Scooter itches his fur off due to anxiety. The vets don’t seem to believe that’s what it is. We have tried everything 3 different vets have suggested to no avail. I would love to try this to see if it helps him.

  195. We just recently adopted a rescue dog and she seems to be very hyper and full of anxiety. This would be a great product to help her adjust to her new home and people.

  196. My dog 🐶 get’s really sad 😢 when we leave the house 🏠 that we don’t ever want to leave him because we love him so much.

  197. My Silas gets so upset when it thunders and nothing seems to help. Sure would love to try this product to see if it would help.

  198. I would like to try it on both my dogs maybe it help them relax and not be afraid of anything

  199. My lab has been freaked out for 5 days now, not sure why? Has been keeping me up most of the night, just sitting by my side of the bed staring at me! Help!

  200. Would love to win this I know a pet owner that has a dog that shakes so badly. If I win will give it to her to try! I hope I win to help her Snoopy dog!!! 🙂

  201. I plan to be traveling for Christmas and taking my Beagle with me. He gets a bit stressed in the car so would love to try Richard’s Organic Pet Calm.

  202. My senior dog Dixie, gets anxious whenever I leave the house. I feel this product could really be of benefit to her.

  203. This is for a dog that needs more than just a thunderstorm coat!!! If I win will give another outlook at life!!!

  204. I hope I can receive some of your products

  205. my dog molly gets so nervous at the vet and shes up in my lap shaking, shes 40 pds and gets heavy fast. this would be wonderful to help calm her at the vet. sure would like to win it

  206. My Morkie Sophie shakes whenever she hear a strange sound or voice. I’m so happy to hear about this product!

  207. My pets all get anxious during travels and such, but my oldest kitty has always suffered from anxiety, and she has increasingly had separation anxiety whenever I’m away from home.

  208. My dog Gracie will not go outside for my neighbor and nips at her when she tries to take her out when we are gone.

  209. My cat Lucien has inflammatory Bowell disease and stress causes him to have flare ups. I’ve never tried stress medicine.

  210. Sounds like a great product.

  211. My dog could use this. The noise of fireworks makes him nervous and scare. Hopefully this will help him.

  212. We have a 140# German Shepherd that is terrified of thunder. And a Thundershirt doesn’t help. I just gave him the last calming tabs I had. But we needed the rain because East Tennessee was burning down from forest fires 🙁

  213. Our Angie loves going with us but she doesn’t like the car. This would be perfect for her. Thanks for the chance to win!

  214. My yorkie Bentley, suffers from horrible separation anxiety, and with me being a full time grad student and full time counselor I am always away from home leaving him crying and barking until I get home. Would be great to try this out!

  215. Although we havn’t had any storms lately, my lab definitely suffers from stress from storms, she totally freaks out, so that would sure help her Thank you

  216. My Dog, Colby, gets stressed in the car and going up the stairs! It would be wonderful to give this a try – seems like it could be a miracle cure for my anxious and timid young lab.

  217. Would love try on my furbabies.

  218. Our animals are stressed from combining 3 households together and moving 9 hours away. The dogs (Buster and Sampson) have never met cats and the cats (Baby Girl, Sweet Pea, Fuzzy Butt, and Gimme ‘tention) have never met dogs. It’s a long process to get them to be nice with each other. This product would definitely help with anxiety levels. Thanks for putting out this offer!

  219. We have a kitten who is under a year old which is incredibly jumpy. Moving unexpectedly can cause him to leap in the air from a relaxed state.

  220. My cockapoo Charlie has anxiety when people he doesn’t know come to visit.

  221. My 11 pound, 5-1/2 year old Havanese, Cookie, was attacked twice last winter. First by a 140 Lbs Mastiff and again 6 weeks later by two Bull dogs. Within weeks of the attacks, my poor little, super friendly little girl, stopped going over to bigger dogs. Then I noticed, hardly ever barking little girl would bark when there was not even another dog around. If that isn’t stress, I don’t know what is.

  222. My 11 pound, 5-1/2 year old Havanese, Cookie, was attacked twice last winter. First by a 140 Lbs Mastiff and again 6 weeks later by two Bull dogs. Within weeks of the attacks, my poor little, super friendly little girl, stopped going over to bigger dogs. Then I noticed, hardly ever barking little girl would bark when there was not even another dog around. If that isn’t stress, I don’t know what is.

  223. My younger dog is anxious in general, and high strung. He’s always on the lookout for anything he needs to react to, whether fight or flight. Would love to try this for him.

  224. I’ve had my kitty for almost 4 years and I got him right from his mama. He has anxiety and we’re still not sure why as he’s very spoiled. If anyone makes any kind of movement, he’ll jump and run away. He’s afraid of thunder, loud people and of course, loud noises. He’s very sweet, but I wish he could be more calm. I really think he would benefit from this.

  225. My dogs could use this during thunderstorms and on the 4th of July

  226. Fireworks.We(not me) passed a law in Maine that allows them whenever people want.Scares the crap out my beagle

  227. Both my dogs get extremely anxious in the car to the point of being physically sick. Even a short ride is hard for them.

  228. My boxer is very afraid of fireworks and thunderstorms.

  229. I have 1 Jack Russell who crys for me when I’m not home and he gets really nervous when it storms outside,I also have 2 Rat Terriers and one howls and cries when my husband isn’t home and when he is at home I can’t get anywhere near my husband due to his growling, the other one we have is his mother and she is terrified of storms and growls at strangers! This would be a big help for us to try since my husband and I are both disabled! Thank you for a chance to win and good luck to all!

  230. With 2 puppies and 4 cats, I really could use this.

  231. My fur babies need this

  232. My cat Little Bit has brain damage and gets scared of her shadow. She was about 10 days old when my dogs brought her home and her eyes were not open. We figured that since she was without food and water for a day until I got home from work that this is what caused it. She is 17 pounds of attitude that growls at her tail and snarls at our dogs. We could definitely use help with her anxieties.

  233. Fireworks on the 4th of July, New Years Eve – our neighbors set the fireworks for days on end, and my kitty Loveykins is freaked out by the noise.

  234. My dog is scared of thunder and gun shots. This would help her.

  235. My lola seems to pick up my stress and gets anxious. Whining and drooling,I didn’t realize that these were signs of stress. Also her facial expressions change. I would love to win this product or perhaps a small sample to try.

  236. Both of my dogs are terrified of storms

  237. My dog Humphrey and I live in the city of Atlanta. Unfortunately, we hear gun shots fairly regularly and he is terrified. He trembles and shakes and hides underneath the tables. It breaks my heart!

  238. My dog, Summerdog, doesn’t like the wind. She doesn’t mind thunderstorms, or fireworks, but that darn wind will send her into hiding. Would like to try out the Pet Calm to see if that helps.

  239. My dog – Summer – doesn’t like the sound of the wind blowing. For some reason she just wants to run and hide to get away from it. Fireworks and thunderstorms don’t bother her at all. Would love to try Pet Calm as it might give her some relief.

  240. My cat Beauty sure would like to win to give this product a try!! Not sure if it’s old age or developing anxiety. But couldn’t hurt to give it a try. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  241. My dogs bark non stop when people come to the house – even family. It is so annoying because the dogs set each other off and do not stop barking due to stress and anxiety.

  242. Kimberly FlickingerDecember 1, 2016 at 10:37 pm

    I could really use this for one of my doxies. Thank you for the chance.

  243. My dog gets very anxious when someone leaves. He does not like being alone.

  244. I moved from Md to Pa 3 years ago due to a fire which my Golden watched as my duplex burned. I now live near a Fire Dept which puts off the test sirens every Tuesday nite at 6:45 and “Buddy” has so much anxiety everytime it does off. Even whenever there is an automobile accident and/or fire and the siren must go off – he gets extremely anxious and upset. I honestly thought he would grow out of this, in time, but he has not, regretfully so.

  245. Oh my poor Sadie hates thunderstorms. She shakes so bad. I always feel so sorry for her.

  246. My 17 yr old mixed breed is terrified of thunderstorms! I have tried the Thunder Coat..it does help a bit, but she is still stressed out. I would love to try something organic to help her.

  247. I have an 8 year old rescue kitty I adopted. He’s very skiddish with everything from noise, door opening, fast movement and objects that are multi-colored. Poor baby is so scared all the time and I have no idea about all his early years and what must have happened to him. He has warmed up to me and trusts me, but I would love if we could get him to relax in his own home since we will never give him up. I love him so much!!

  248. Our dog, Max, gets anxious in the car rides to our camper. It’s a 2 hour drive, and unless my husband or I hold his paw, he is a bit anxious. I would love to try this product on him.

  249. I got a rescue puppy. about 1 year old Scrappy as we call him was left at a mall when he was about 6 months. He weighted 7 pounds when I got him and is now up to 10 pounds. He gets very excided and scared at anyone new in or around the house. Scrappy will bark and cry for hours till I can calm him down. I have to lay on the bed and just talk quietly to him. I don’t want to start medicines, he is so young I am trying calm him naturally, but could use some help.

  250. My cat stresses over many things around the house (loud rain, cooking) and I’ve tried two things so far with no luck. Would love to try this and help her out a bit. Thanks!

  251. My cat gets stressed over many things around the house (loud rain, cooking). Right now I think the decorations have made her nervous. I am trying two things already with no luck and would love to try this to help her out. Thanks!

  252. I have a Doberman and I could list the things that don’t make her nervous quicker!

  253. Our 15 month old jack russell terrier/ chihuahua hates going for car/truck rides. She drools and shakes. I hope that that this new product helps Mollie.

  254. Our 15 month old jack russell terrier/chihuahua hates going for car/truck rides. She drools and shakes. I hope this new product
    will help Mollie. She will be thankful and so will Angel and I !!

  255. 2 kitties & me, nice & quiet neighborhood & household. Abnormal loud noises stressful: fireworks (which are set off in neighborhood for football games, holidays, & unknowns randomly….even though neighborhood IS quiet MOST of the time), windstorms, thunderstorms, hospital helicopter, spring & summer early evening small airplane pilots going nowhere, & construction projects! Street cleaner in the fall alternating with football always stressful, too! And, of course, I know they pick up on my stress, even when I’m not aware of it!

  256. ~ Pets are so sensitive to sounds and sense so much. My pets would definitely benefit from Richard’s Organics Pet Calm. ~

  257. Our sweet Maggie is afraid of the severe thunderstorms. She is more tolerant of mild ones.

  258. I have a few dogs that stress out when we leave.

  259. This wonderful product would definitely help calm my dog when she’s stressed. I’m her 4th home and she gets separation anxiety really easily.

  260. This will be wonderful prior to vet visits for my mixed breed Baby. She gets so worked up its difficult to control her and I hate to give her tranquilizers since the change her personality so drastically. Thanks for the chance to win a sample of this product.

  261. Our cat Keoki can get nervous at times and would surely benefit from trying this.

  262. My jack Russell is afraid of hard rain. Thunder and lightning. Would love to try this! Thanks

  263. My little dachshund Kyndall gets nervous on car rides and becomes very anxious after ball play so I must limit it. She loves balls but gets very crazy and paces around a lot after I put the ball away and I’d love to try calm to see if it’ll help. I love Richard’s Organics products we use the skin spray often and it works wonders.

  264. One of the dogs at the shelter i volunteer at is very stressful due to the shelter environment. I would love to see him as his happy, easy going self!

  265. Perfect for my little girl! We moved to FL and it rains every day in the summer. She shelters in my closet every day around 2:00, rain or shine, in anticipation of the rain and thunder. Bless her heart, my sweet baby needs some relief!

  266. Katherine Barrett ZywanDecember 2, 2016 at 12:50 am

    My Jack Russell came from an abusive home. He is pretty stessed as a result.

  267. My poor little dog barks herself hoarse & scratches at the door while I’m gone. She just can’t seem to handle being alone.

  268. My dogs are Blue healer Boarder collie mix. We went from our own home to living in one room at my family’s house and other dogs. My Bella gets very anxious and becomes rather unpleasant to her brother Bo.

  269. I have a couple of cats that have anxiety problems. One of those cats has severe anxiety. I sure would love to win this. If it works, I’ll definitely buy some more.

  270. Fireworks stress my pets.

  271. I just adopted a stray kitten that I found in the road. And he could REALLY benefit from something like this. His anxiety is so bad, he goes and attacks anybody he sees in the house. And its not in a playful way either.

  272. I always try to remain calm when my dog Gina becomes frightened by loud noises like thunder to try to reassure her. But she still panics and tries to hide. She does seem to run towards me though, instead of running to be alone. I am still careful to not let her get out of the house as pets can become lost running loose outdoors. I have tried a few methods to calm her anxiety with only minor success (Tundershirt, Chamomille dog treats, etc.).

  273. Tootsie my 5 year old Brussels griffon suffered a seizure from anxiety attributed to separation. We would love to try this product to see if she could attain a greater sense of calmness in this type of situation. Anything for our girl.

  274. Could really use this! Rescue kitties at times need a bit of calming!

  275. Fireworks and thunder stress my dog.

  276. When I leave home my four dogs all go wild getting my clothes hamper and putting my clothes all over the house. Chew on the furniture. I put the radio on when I leave the house hoping that they will calm down and when I get back nothing will be trashed.

  277. Tahoe is afraid of fireworks and because Shasta has seizures, we are especially careful. We went to the coast this year and although we kept them inside, they could still hear it and Tahoe was terrified. Her Thunder Shirt doesn’t seem to help but Pet Calm might have made a difference.

  278. I have the original scaredy cat… he’s always jumped at every movement and hides from anything unknown. I think he was traumatized as a baby before we got him. He could use some CALM!

  279. The better question for my sweet girl is what DOESN’T stress her out? Lol that list is shorter (: she is my little bundle if surprises but what gets her the most anxious is thunder storms and being away from Her kitty brother.

  280. Mabel is our golden pup. Midge is our older 12 yr old golden. Midge has grown so attached to Mabel that when the pup has an appointment and Midge is unable to ride along….she sits at the window and whines the WHOLE time. (of course…it could mean that she’s upset she’s not going and the pup is but….we like to think it’s the “I’m missing her” story)

  281. loud noises and fast movements scared the 9-lives out of my cat. when thunder starts he hides in the basement and returns when it’s over like he was just keeping the ghosts out of the cellar

  282. My 3yr old am staff gets very stressed over any loud noise. She shakes uncontrollably and hides. I tried Valium from the vet and it makes her more hyper. We are doing renovations and she has to be forced to go outside to do her business. Its terrible nothing works. This would be great to relax her.

  283. When strangers come to the door or the fire alarm gives a beep after power goes out.

  284. my husbands very loud voice, stresses my dog, he wants out!

  285. My kitty Garfield hates a lot of the outside noises. He will go and hide. Thanks for the chance.

  286. My poor Bentley gets stressed out when he meets big dogs on walks! Will definitely try this!

  287. One of mine gets totally stressed by noises or storms

  288. Lucky is afraid of new people or other animals that come for a visit. She runs to the bedroom closet and she has a bed on the top shelf to hide until the coast is clear.

  289. Would love to try this for the stress my blind Boston Terrier feels on those days he can’t find his toys or when introduced to new people and other dogs.

  290. I foster animals for the local SPCA.I own 4cats and 2 dogs.My Siamese cat hates baby kittens and gets so stressed out when a new group comes into our home.The spring and summer are fine as she in indoor/outdoor cat.When the temperature drops she wants to stay in and becomes a whole different cat STRESSED out and always attacks the other animals.I had tried lots of different products and nothing seems to work.

  291. My puppy chases my 2 year old kitty and bites him. The kitty has no claws and has no way to protect himself.

  292. Toni-Jean GundersenDecember 2, 2016 at 9:49 am

    this would be great for one of my shelties. He is up in years and lots of things make him nervous for no apparent reason.

  293. My dog is just plain anxiety ridden so pretty much life in general stresses her out!:)


  295. Loud noises such as thunderstorms and fireworks really stress out my rescue dog.

  296. Pucca was a rescue from a puppy mill and I justify her fears and anxiety from it. I have tried the thunder shirt and it helped a little bit but would love to try this than giving her prescription antianxiety medicines.

  297. This would be great for Mollie when we have bad storms and for when fireworks are being lit. She definitely gets very anxious.

  298. Hunter gets anxious during thunder storms and when he hears gunshots . He won’t get in the car to go to the vets so they gave me tranquilizers for him . I hate to give him those ,so maybe this might work ty

  299. my pup whines when I leave so now I have to bring him with me almost all the time. I love my dog and wish that he wouldn’t get upset when I leave.

  300. Dogs panic at the sound of guns, we live in the country.

  301. OMG!!! I need this!!! My 7 year old yorkie is a puppy mill rescue. His anxiety is off the charts. He is getting better and more secure but there are still things that just wont go away. Bless his heart…..

  302. would love to try this on my boy when the girls are in season.

  303. my dog blocks the doors when I have to leave and is very high strung. feels so sad when I go and cries for a while. Feels bad. I think this would help him .

  304. Thunder is my dog’s greatest stressor.

  305. Another animal in our front yard, back yard, or within his hearing on our road will raise our Rhodesian Ridgeback’s fur and start him barking and growling furiously. I understand that this is his job as a watchdog, but I hate that his vital signs go out of orbit when this occurs.
    If this product can ratchet this down for him, I would be a grateful customer.

  306. My dog stresses out about people doing yard work nearby, or people just walking by, especially if they are walking their pups.

  307. We have several dog’s with stress and anxiety problems come through the shelter that would greatly benefit from this!!

  308. This would be great for my rescue mix…he screams like a wild monkey & scratches @ his crate the whole time he’s riding in the car. I have tried everything.

  309. We adopted Jayda as a puppy from a rescue. They had found her underneath an old house. Who knows what had happened to her. She has anxiety issues.. She hates being outside so I have to coax her to go out. She has a ‘Safe” place in the living room. When we go upstairs at night to sleep, the other 2 dogs go to their comfy beds. Jayda ignores hers and goes straight underneath the bed.

  310. We have a cat in the family that runs and hides when anyone different enters the house. Sometimes she won’t emerge for hours after. This would be wonderful to try when we are expecting guests!

  311. My cats get anxious when they hear thunder and gun shots. In Florida, where we are located, we hear both on a regular basis. I hate to see them upset!

  312. I have a cat that basically lives in a closet. Everything scares her and it’s rare to see her out and about. This sounds like a wonderful thing to try! I wonder if it would help Bonnie. I would love to find something that would help her be less stressed!

  313. This would really help some of our shelter pets!

  314. My bulldog Bailey gets very anxious when I have to leave the house and unfortunately I can’t always take her with me. She starts panting and following on my heels if she thinks I’m even getting ready to go somewhere. I would love for her to feel safe and content while I’m away.

  315. This would be great for my 15-year-old male cat, Torchy. This past July, Torchy’s companion, Punky, passed away at 17. Torchy and I have moved to a new house, and the traffic here makes it necessary for me to keep him inside, for the first time in his life. We’re both lost without Punky, and poor Torchy has had quite a bit to adjust to this year. I would really appreciate anything that could make him calmer and happier!

  316. This may just be the thing for one of my grand cats when she has to interact with her big brother a goldendoodle and her sister a sweet little calico.

  317. Richard’s Organics Pet Calm would help my anxious foster kitties. When we go to adoption events they get very stressed out, which makes them hard to get adopted. I’d love to give it a try!

  318. Looking forward to trying this product! Separation anxiety key, along with barking at everyone and anything. She’s a rescue, and being a volunteer with shelters, I knew the road ahead. She is particular over-protective of me, almost like she knows I was her last hope before the next verdict facing her. Although trying my patience to the max at times, she is a great, loyal, princess at times, of mine. Anything that makes her more comfortable while I’m inevitably at times, would be fantastic!


  319. My 18mth old chases our 12 yr old papillon around it really stresses her!

  320. Don’t like seeing our dog looking sad when we have to leave for school and work all day, then when we get home he’s so hyper. Gotta love him though of course.

  321. It would be nice to see if this helps my brother’s dog. He seems to stress out when he believes there’s something in the house.

  322. Thanks for the opportunity

  323. My cat, Shadow, gets really stressed when I am gone for too long. Usually this is more than 2 or 3 hours. She also gets stressed when there is someone in the house besides me.

  324. Kendra Cheyenne GirardDecember 3, 2016 at 12:33 am

    My dog chevy gets anxious over pretty much everything, a car in the driveway, his daddy leaves the room or house, another dog is outside without him, being alone. Trying to find something to help him calm down around the house.

  325. My cat gets stressed out by any kind of loud noises, and new visitors. She basically comes up missing and hides (usually under our bed) and refuses to come out for hours.

  326. My puppy is good when it is just he and I but gets crazy when people come over. Not aggressive but just very hyper. Would love to help him calm down with I have company. He is such a sweetheart otherwise

  327. I have 5 dogs, I take in them from family that can no longer care for them

  328. With having 7 rescue animals we could really use this. Especially before New Years! We always stay home due to how scared some of the dogs for 💖

  329. I have two cats, Milo and Otis. One is black and one is white.

  330. My grand furbaby Momo, who was adopted at a year old after being adopted and returned twice, gets extremely stressed out when his Daddy is away for work all week. He leaves on Monday mornings for the week & by Tuesday evening Momo is crying & wailing while sucking on his pillow or blanket. He keeps going to the door & then just stands on the porch looking for his Daddy. It is so sad to watch and we can’t seem to calm him down. Any help would be fantastic.

  331. I would live to try this for my doglty for sharing!

  332. My poor baby wants to go with us every time we leave. This will help

  333. I work with neglected and abused dogs and there are very few who don’t have residual anxiety and stress related to their past experiences. If this works to help them in the slightest bit it would truly be a miracle.

  334. Amy it seems that Mom is experiencing some separation anxiety. Have Mom’s daddy leave the last shirt he wore for him. It won’t solve the problem, but will bring a little comfort to Momo while his daddy is at work.

  335. My rescue pup Marley could really benefit from this. He’s very nervous and insecure. He pee’s uncontrollably when meeting strangers.

  336. Cassandra wengewiczDecember 3, 2016 at 1:17 am

    This would be great

  337. My cat needs this! He has been so stressed lately and has been peeing all over. I have tried everything to help him :/

  338. my cats and dog need this one cat bites and strikes at you the other cat acts scared to death and my little dog freaks out if u pick her up or just touch her sometimes.

  339. I would love to try this on my 3 year old cat. She has severe anxiety when people come over.

  340. My dog, Shep, is terrified of thunder and lightening. He was a rescue and wouldn’t even walk outside when I first got him.

  341. I can’t even bring my dog to the vet without sedation…we’ve tried everything, but haven’t found anything that helps.

  342. My dog has severe social anxiety, and food aggression. He barks at everything…I’ll try anything that might help.

  343. Need this for one of my doggies, has bad anxiety and destroys stuff when not a home.

  344. Have a 9 year old pug who loves to ride but gets anxiety when we end up at the vet for his nail trim.

  345. I have tried other treatments on the market, so whether or not I win this prize I will be searching it out on my next pet shopping trip.

  346. Rebecca Kerchner-LoveDecember 3, 2016 at 2:51 pm

    My dog is getting older and she can’t see clearly and people she doesn’t know upsets her. She also has anxiety about being left home.

  347. I want to get a second cat for my current cat to play with and this might help with the transition.

  348. My Pepsi boy gets very stressed out when I have to leave him. He has bad separation anxiety. He is so attached to me, I hate leaving him but I have to work and go to classes to finish my degree. I love my sweet miracle puppy and I would love to try this product out to see if it works.

  349. My pug and shar pei mix dogs get anxious both when I leave the house and when we take car rides so this would be perfect to help them be calm and not stressed out. Maybe eventually with being calm they will learn to enjoy car rides!

  350. My dog stresses in bad weather. I need this one for her!

  351. I have several dogs that get stressed by bad weather. My Xena gets stressed over everything and when she does it causes her to lose her hair.

  352. My dachshund is so fearful and sometimes aggressive (barking) towards family (doesn’t like certain members). He also can’t manage without me in the room with him. I rarely leave the house but he still shows anxiety when left in the bedroom. Hope I get the opportunity to try this. Thank you.

  353. My older cat gets aggressive seeing the other cats when she walks into the room.Have no idea why,but would love to win this to see if it would calm her down.Anything’s worth a shot to try.

  354. I have a 13 year old Dachshund mix. She gets so anxious around other dogs and when i leave. I also have two cats that flip out and round around my small apartment when they here fireworks

  355. My 6 year old small mixed breed sweetie hates thunder! Would love to see if these drops would help her.

  356. My 6 year old cat is very anxious about my 6 month old kitten. I thought time would be on our hands but it doesn’t look good. I feel terrible about getting a kitten.

  357. My older Doberman hates the thunder. She tries to lift and crawl under the area rug in the den. My poor baby, I pet her and try to keep her wrapped in a blanket. It helps a bit.

  358. My female dog gets herself worked up when she is left alone or has to go in the car. She starts to drool like crazy while in the crate at home. In the car she paces in the crate. I just feel so bad for her.

  359. My Yorkies get stressed when ever someone comes to the door. They are just so used to being alone with mommy they go nuts if the doorbell rings.

  360. What stresses my 2 puts are being left at home with no one home. And also when we have guests over. I would love to try this and help them to be stress free

  361. My younger dog gets stressed when my husband leaves for work.

  362. We have 11 cats in the house and they sometimes get stressed. This would be perfect for those times.

  363. we have an older female cat that is stressed out over our younger male cat and wonder if this may help

  364. This would be helpful for my Australian Shepard befer going to the groomer!

  365. my dog is an old man now and he gets stressed every time someone comes to the door now. Poor guy

  366. My dog is an old man now and he gets stressed every time someone comes to the door now Poor guy

  367. My puppy is always barking whining or.jumping and nipping at any one who comes over that she isn’t familiar with. She could really use this!

  368. This just might be what we need when we take our boxer/lab to the vet. We currently have to practically sedate him just to have his nails trimmed. Thank you for the great chance to try your product.

  369. My dogs get stressed with horrible weather and one of them is pregnant and going to give birth any time soon. I need this so bad!

  370. My dog, Haley, has never been afraid of storms or fireworks or anything until our older dog, Gus died 2 years ago. I believe that HE was her calm. Now without him, she has had to take on a new roll in her life, she’s the only dog now, and while she has stepped up into her roll so well, she has developed such a fear during storms or fireworks or even going in my truck for a ride, even though she desperately wants to go, she seems full of anxiety the entire time. It is so sad for me to see a once happy dog, filled with such anxiety 🙁 Maybe this would help her!

  371. Cool!

  372. Alexandra MartinezDecember 4, 2016 at 9:12 am

    God knows my mom needs this for her pit/terrier. Sasha makes every one crazy with her nonstop running around!

  373. My cat, Beans, gets very anxious on our car rides and also when the neighborhood outsides cats roam around our house.

  374. I have a loving little dog that has seizures and disorientation when visiting the Vet or one family friend. They are getting progressively worse Unnerving, frightening, suspicious, you will be bitten. Drugs to calm her have had little effect, she seems to fight through it at the right price your product would be worth a try. Better yet, winning the sweepstakes would be a great gift. Thanks

  375. Our rescue German Girl shakes when there is a storm, fireworks, etc.

  376. Our dogs need this!

  377. I think my dog suffers from anxiety. I think this would be great for her.

  378. My neighbors screaming children and constant barking dog scare my puppy golden retriever

  379. This would be a great alternative for my older husky that is so nervous during storms.

  380. With 3 cats, a bunny, a hamster, and zebra finches our house us a ZOO! THIS SOUNDS PERFECT FOR OUR THE WILD CATS!

  381. My 11-month-old Newf would totally benefit from this (and so would my poor cat that she harasses).

  382. My dog is 15+, almost blind and losing his hearing. Everything is stressing him out lately. He has separation anxiety now and he also injured his ACL. How’s that for stress?

  383. My dog, Pica, gets scared and anxious at loud noises, particularly fireworks and thunder. She shakes and pants and will usually find a place to hide. I never know how to help her. I’m curious to know if something like this would help.

  384. great giveaway

  385. This would be helpful, especially for my beagle during thunderstorms.

  386. Loud noises outside, like planes flying overhead or snowplows scare my dog.

  387. We have a small dog named Oreo which gets so upset & shakes to T-Storms, the lawn company that mows the yard along with fire works. We even adopted a pug which isn’t as bad except T-Storms upsets her. So yes this would be fantastic if it would for the both of them. We thank you for the opportunity to win a free bottle to try cause like the thunder shirt didn’t work so we are hoping for the best. We thankyou and keep up the good work.

  388. Baths are huge stress events, thunderstorms, as well, as she ages windstorms have been added to the list. She trembles and shakes.

  389. This would be great for my pup! I would love to try this with her when she gets anxious with the ups and mail person!

  390. Oh my fur baby Max could really use this. We rescued him six months ago. Before we met Max had a rough go, he wasn’t treated kindly by his last owner so it is taking him a Great deal of emotional recovery. This would help ease his jittery nerves. <3

  391. This would be wonderful to help with my cats, that are constantly dueling.

  392. thanks for the chance

  393. My pets stress out when we have company over to visit. This would be wonderful to have with the holidays coming up.

  394. My pets stress out when we have company over to visit. This would be wonderful to have with the holidays coming up.

  395. OMG this is such a cute idea. And that pic with the dog and cat snuggling is so adorable. My dog being a chihuahua terrier, could use this pet calm!

  396. My dog Dickie always gets scared right before a thunderstorm is about to begin. This would be a life saver for him

  397. I have a cat rescue so I have cats coming and going. There is stress between them at times. I, also, have a Basset that gets a bit stressed when the kittens are playing. I could really use this to help calm things around here.

  398. Our little guy has a really hard time with thunder and fireworks. Both send him shivering under the bed…it’s the saddest thing to see. I hate seeing him so anxious.

  399. My baby, Sebastian, is an 8 year old teacup chihuahua. He gets anxious when we have thunderstorms.

  400. My cat gets stressed out whenever I’m gone for long periods of time or when I take her to the vet.

  401. Male tabby ..my best friend. .yes a pig..but whines to eat..help!!

  402. My baby Ivy could really use this! Thank you!

  403. My two could really use this. Especially during Thunderstorms but would also be nice to use during training and/or competitions.

  404. Our boxer gets over excited and bounces around like a ping pong ball..

  405. My dog Chubs, gets very anxious during thunderstorms. He gets even more anxious when our neighbor who is a gun enthusiasts shoots off multiple rounds a day. My poor pup, follows me everywhere or paces the floor around my seat. He shakes all over and refuses to go outside. Recently he has began chewing on his tail when he is anxious.

  406. Sandra D Reed-MooreDecember 7, 2016 at 3:33 pm

    I think this would be perfect to help our kitty Mao Mao and dog Millie get used to each other. I think once they calm down a bit they will be great friends!

  407. I have a Wired hair Dachshund. He has been by my side sine he was 6 weeks old. He is currently 5 years old. I have started working now and he absolutely goes crazy with me not around. He barks and whines and howls the whole time I am gone, he tears the curtains and blinds down, he does anything he can to try and get out the door to find me. The vet says it’s anxiety.

  408. I’ll try it out.

  409. My daughter’s dog could really use this. She is so nervous and jumpy about EVERYTHING – she could use some help.

  410. I have a 4 yr old Pit Bull who has bad anxiety when ever we try to leave the house, she shakes so bad when she has to get into the car we have to give her velum just to take her to the vet

  411. My chi’s are all rescuses,and EVERYTHING stresses them out. I adopted my first one 10 yr ago..2 more 3 yrs ago an one 4 yrs ago..noise..the sound of a feed sack..mens voices…storms..or a truck driving down the rd…its shakes an hiding…I call them my hats cuz one will climb atop my head to get away from it..which makes for interesting springs in Kansas storms…the vet says anxiety..an they also suffer from seperation anxiety…oh the tears…an the cries…love em…but would love answers…they are all adults..not bebes…

  412. My pitty baby gets so stressed out and with me going back to work soon,, this may really help!

  413. I would try this

  414. Thunderstorms and fireworks!

  415. This would be great! I have a blind German Shepherd who gets anxious sometimes!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  416. I have a 2yr Great Dune that has anxious all the time. Is this something that would help him if so I will try it out.

  417. I have two toy Aussies and my male is always anxious. He’s always pacing back and forth and will bark at shadows.. This products sounds like it would be just what he needs to relax and calm down.

  418. My cat has always been very nervous but he’s especially nervous when someone he’s unfamiliar with is visiting.

  419. Would love to win this for my new daniff.

  420. Thank u for ur amazing product

  421. I have a Chiweenie that won’t go outside, sleep or do pretty much anything without her big brother the Pitbull. He is very old, and it won’t be long before she will be without him. I really don’t know what to do abot it. Maybe thsi would help ease some of that.

  422. This stuff sounds great. I would love to try it out on my pets.

  423. My furbaby gets stressed easily when he is left alone. He will pee anywhere and everywhere. We went grocery shopping last week and he urinated all over my pillows and bed.

  424. Misty girl is terrible with fireworks and loud thunderstorms, she shakes and foams and hides in my tub

  425. THis sounds awesome! Two of my 4 furbabies get stressed when I leave for work daily! I’ve got four rescue kitties that I love!

  426. My German Shepard gets very anxious when he’s left alone and also when we return home.

  427. This would be great to try … A few months ago i adopted a chiweenie , this poor puppy has so much anxiety about almost everything … maybe this would help

  428. My dog gets really stressed when I leave. She’s torn up the linoleum on my kitchen floor and the molding around my back door. It’s been awful! I haven’t found anything yet that works for her.

  429. Storms, and fireworks are the worse, and even though it is winter they still light fireworks for Christmas our three dogs whine, and bark, and shake all over. We feel so bad for them, and hoping something will work.

  430. I have 3 year old pom who get excited when the door bell or phone rings, he runs in circles and barks excessively… this might help calm him down some I’ve tried everything I can think possible

  431. I could really use this one my boxer. His anxiety gets so high and he has a 3 to 4 grade heart murmur.

  432. My puppies Clover, & Hope could really use this!

  433. Our poor pup really hates being inside and hates hardwood floors 🙁 we have carpets all over for him. We have to beg him to come in all winter. He gets so anxious when he’s inside.

  434. Stephanie m CastleDecember 7, 2016 at 5:41 pm

    I would love to try this with my big dog. He is about 120 and he is usually outside. I bring him in during the winter so he does not get cold but when I do he is like a crazy dog!! LOL

  435. Thunderstorms. If I am gone over night. If we have people over and they don’t know them

  436. Our dog Bailey is a skiddish dog. She is terrified of Storms, fireworks, or any loud things.

  437. I love my older pets

  438. The one thing that stresses out my cat is the crinkling of plastic bottles and bags.

  439. This would be a very good product for my in laws dog.. they are staying with us and there small dog barks at every little sound.. he is very anxious

  440. My dogs hate storms and freak out when it does. I would love to give your product a try and see how it works.

  441. This would be great for my nervous cocker spaniel

  442. My baby Harley just doesn’t like going to the vet… he knows where we are and runs from my Husband and I

  443. My puppy HATES to be alone! So anxious everytime, his name is Grizz Lee! Hes a 2lb porkie, p0m/yorkie

  444. I would love to try this for my pitbull she can be very anxious at times

  445. Samantha TilkemeierDecember 7, 2016 at 7:38 pm

    My dogs could use this they get anxious during weather changes

  446. My Aussie Heeler Bella is very….cery….very high strung….always on edge and nervous….this would be great to calm and relax her….

  447. I have a toy fox terrier who freaks out at any loud Boom noise, like fire works, fire crackers etc. he starts shaking uncontrollably.

  448. I would like to enter. I have a 15 year old boarder collie mix. Here in the last year or so, I can tell that her hips hurt her. So I started her on CBD oil… it has helped a lot and now she like a pup again, but she should be a bit more calm for age. Thanks for the chance!

  449. I have an 8 year old Blue Heeler Mix. She is extremely nervous and hyper. Nothing has worked so far and I am willing to try just about anything, that is safe, to help her.

  450. It would help my mother in laws dog alot. Everything stresses that dog out. On top of everything has flea allergies and hot spots. Needs something to help out. Losing fur around her belly as well.

  451. I have a 7 year old version high strung Bichon. I would do anything to calm him down.

  452. Loud noises stress our dog out. Trucks going down the road scare her. and the 4th of july was awful for her. she hid under the deck and was covered in mud.

  453. I have two small Yorker Pomeranians they both get scared when there is a thunder storm, fireworks, and other loud noises. I’d love to try this to see if it will help them relax.

  454. Our cat was a stray & is very scary.

  455. My dog Layla is majorly stressed by loud noises and fireworks. My other dog Phoenix is scared of fireworks as well. This would be amazing to have on the 4th of July.

  456. Everything stresses my dog out, like everything! Our cats check, loud noises check, new people check, a new person making a loud noise check and check!

  457. With Hunting season in full bloom and recent rain storms, Pandora our Collie to so high strung I swear we will be picking her off the ceiling! Have found helpful tips, thank you.

  458. I have a 16 yr old min pin and he has become a nervous wreck. I feel so bad Everytime I have to leave the house, he hides in the corner of the closet until I get home and just cries.bIt breaks my heart.

  459. My cat is acting stressed and my daughter gets anxious about it so I think this would be a good item for our beautiful cat named Yellow Rose

  460. I have a 4 year old red nose pit bull with severe Anxiety to thunder storms, rain, any loud noises, car rides, any larger size men with deeper voices.. she shakes and whimpers an jumps all the way up on me and wont get off or hides under chairs, tables, desks I feel so bad I tried some things but cant find anything that works, I would Love to try this!! I just want her to feel better since this happens often…

  461. My 2 year old Yorkie needs this. She is so anxious about water running or seeing a broom or mop or trash bag. I would love to see her not shake and hide about anything anymore

  462. Thank you for the chance to win.

  463. I would love to try this with my cat Angel. When we have family gatherings I have to lock her in my bedroom. I hate locking her up but, she tries to scratche everyone and hisses. Everyone is scared of her.

  464. I have a 5 year old Shih Tzu named Jack. He has horrible anxiety. So many things cause him to have it, and sometimes it just seems to come on for no reason. He’ll whine, pace in circles, and finally hide in a corner or under my bed. My friend just recommenderecommended your product to me, and I’d love to try it. Thanks so much for the chance.

  465. Thank you for the chance….good luck everyone

  466. It is important to notice the signs of stress in your pet at early stages, before his reaction escalates and becomes potentially aggressive or dangerous. I would recommend you should put your pet in Capitol Canine Club. You should Book your dog in for a play day because a busy dog is a happy dog!

  467. Hello! This is great! y dog does show some anxiety at times, such as pacing or “hiding” in his crate. Using a natural remedy like this would be a relief for him. 😀 THanks!

  468. Hello! This is great! y dog does show some anxiety at times, such as pacing or “hiding” in his crate. Using a natural remedy like this would be a relief for him. 😀 THanks!

  469. My grand dog squeaker cries when there is a storm. He skates sometimes too. I would love to try this for his comfort

  470. I would like to try this because my dog hates getting groomed and that might be what he needs on grooming day to keep him calm.

  471. We just recently got a kitten she’s 4 months old and we got her from our neighbor the people next door to her had her and then they got a pit bull dog and the dog chased the cat out of the house and the owner didn’t bother to try to get her back and it’s freezing out side well it’s been at my neighbors property she’s been feeding it and the neighbor who had the kitten father her to give it a good home and I just lost our cat of 7 years from cancer so she’s pretty scarred and been hiding upstairs she starting to come around but she’s not warmed up to us yet my husband been taking her food upstairs I have problems with my back and can’t go up she so cute she came down last night ran past me a big wind lol I hope she will come to us soon

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