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Fear is an emotion we all experience. Our pets experience fear and anxiety, too. There are even more things to be afraid of for them, though. Dogs don’t understand that the loud booming they hear is only harmless fireworks, or that the person that brings the mail every day is a friend, not a foe. Keeping your dog calm during upsetting circumstances can be a challenge. It’s now possible to use the safe, pleasant treatment of aromatherapy as a quick way to ease your pet’s stress.

Is dog anxiety medication the best solution?

Dog anxiety medicine can be helpful in extreme cases but should be used with caution. If your pet is currently on other medications, anxiety medication for dogs may result in drug interaction that could be dangerous. This is especially true if your dog’s current medication alters the natural serotonin level.

In the majority of acute cases of dog anxiety caused by noise or a disruption in the normal routine, natural remedies and solutions are the best choice. If your dog suffers from continuous separation anxiety, a professional dog trainer can help teach your dog how to cope with the stress of being without you for extended periods of time.

How to help dogs with anxiety

  • Do your neighbors complain about your dog’s constant barking while you’re away? Separation anxiety is likely the cause. Although it may be difficult, consciously make an effort not to show too much emotion when you are leaving or when you come home. When you greet your dog with too much attention and affection, it actually may act as a reward for any barking or bad behavior while you were out. Similarly, if you act sorry or sad that you have to leave your pet, your behavior can become the anxiety trigger.
  • Give your pet something to do that will capture his or her attention during an upsetting or disturbing event. Offering your pet a favorite dog toy (especially one that dispenses treats) can occupy the mind and channel anxious energy in a positive direction.
  • Using a safe, comfortable crate can keep your pet from pacing or indulging in destructive behavior like chewing up shoes or sofa cushions. Once your pet becomes accustomed to staying in a crate, it provides a sense of safety and private space that can help ease anxiety and chaotic feelings.
  • Make sure your pet gets plenty of exercise and scheduled playtime with you on a regular basis. Going for a walk, run or swim prior to an anticipated stressful event can help get rid of pent-up energy and put your dog in a relaxed physical and emotional state.

ThunderEssence eases dog anxiety with gentle aromatherapy

Buy ThunderEssence at 1800PetMedsThe makers of the popular Thundershirt dog anxiety vest, have introduced ThunderEssence, an innovative aromatherapy product to ease dog anxiety.

ThunderEssence is a safe, pleasant way to quickly dial down your pet’s anxiety level and induce a feeling of tranquility even in stressful situations. It’s great for use during fireworks, thunderstorms and vet visits.

ThunderEssence is made with natural essential oils prized for centuries for their soothing and calming properties. The gentle yet effective blend of Lavender, Chamomile, and Egyptian Geranium oils helps to relax pets and ease anxiety. Unlike strong dog anxiety medication, ThunderEssence calms without sedating your pet.

Available in both spray and drops, this simple anxiety solution for dogs can be used on your pet’s bedding, a favorite toy or even directly on your pet. It is also ideal to be used along with the Thundershirt as an added layer of stress relief.

ThunderEssence is pH balanced and completely free of dyes and parabens. It’s perfect for use in the home, car, kennel or crate to give your pet a feeling of peace and tranquility. Keep a bottle close at hand to quickly and safely soothe your pet’s worried mind anytime. A quick spritz of great smelling ThunderEssence can help get rid of bad odors like that “wet dog smell”, too!



Win FREE ThunderEssence!

Would your dog benefit from the relaxing aroma of ThunderEssence? Just leave a comment below telling us about your anxious pup for a chance to win FREE ThunderEssence from 1800PetMeds!

One winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday, March 9, 2017, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!

Congrats to the drawing winners: Bonnie B (ThunderEssence Spray) and Janeen C (ThunderEssence Drops). We’ll send you an email with instructions for claiming your prize. 




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  1. Yes I think so I have a border collie and Newfoundland and everything works her up loud noises gun fire people yelling and so forth. I think Molly would benefit eminencly with this please pick us thank you😊😊😊😊😊

  2. I’d love to try

  3. I would love to try during fireworks season.

  4. I don’t have a dog, but one of my friend’s dog gets upset when it thunders out and she has a thundershirt , but this supplement may help her too. so I’d like to win for her.

  5. My poor dog Gage is terrified of fireworks. He cowers in the farthest corner of my bedroom shaking with fear. Even with a thundershirt on he is not a happy camper. And where I live people set of Mr fireworks for a good week leading to the 4th and at least week after. I feel so horrible for him.

  6. Poor Charlie has a lot of anxiety. It would be nice to see if this would help.

  7. I am moving across the country with my senior dog in 3 months. He enjoys car rides but 11+ hours is quite a while for an old man to be in the car! He would benefit from some natural help.

  8. We have several little dogs, but our smallest rescue Pomeranian gets nervous at the drop of a hat. I’d love to see how this works for her.

  9. Every New Year’s and Fourth of July, our town goes nuts with fireworks and unfortunately, it scares our dogs so badly. One time, we had our German Shepherd/Malamute female in the bathroom with the shower running and cottonballs in her ears just so she wouldn’t hear the fireworks. Dogs can still feel the impact of the mortars, but at least she wasn’t panicking. I’d love to see if this helps them during those stressful times.

  10. I have 2 Shepherd mixes, who hate thunder, wind, fireworks, etc. I would love to try this out with them.

  11. my poor copper is so anxiety ridden that when we simply walk out the front door without out him, for a few minutes, we walk back into a sea of drool by the door!

  12. Thunder and fireworks!

  13. Carolyn SchriverMarch 2, 2017 at 2:14 pm

    My three dogs fear rain, thunder, fireworks. They either try to gang jump in my lap or hide in my closet. Would love to try this for them.

  14. My puppy who is a rescue has bad anxiety. I would to try this and see how this helps his anxiety.

  15. This would be great to try for Cleo

  16. mia is bad – she hates any kinda of noices – fireworks especially – she will just sit up all night and pant – feel so bad for her – shes tried a prescription but that don’t even work for her.

  17. This would be wonderful for my pup! He gets so frightened whenever he hears any type of bang.

  18. Oreo is very nervous over just lawn equipment, storms, loud cars in which we live by a main rd, fire crackers. So it would be a beneficial shirt for him. Living on Social Security makes it hard to afford a thunder shirt also.

  19. My dog Zhang is going to be 9 years old this year he use to fear nothing and now he hates loud noises such as thunder, fire works or even when my husband use power tools such as a nail gun when working on the house.
    I worry some time if one day I may not be home if a loud noise of some sort may scare him and he might hurt himself.
    I sure could use some help on this one he is our fuzzy baby and we love him like a child we spoil him like crazy he is worth it .
    We are seniors now and Zhang is such a fun dog and great company we love him so much plus he is a rescue dog got him at about 8 weeks old.
    That’s about it thank you……….

  20. Our golden, Katie, is nervous all the time. Getting into a car, going to the vet, thunder, you name it, and she’s afraid of it. It would be great if this calmed her down some.

  21. With our older dog especially, she gets anxiety really badly at certain noises. I just bought her a thundershirt but have not tried the spray yet!

  22. My poor puppy has terrible separation anxiety when he is left in his crate, even if we are at home. His face is all wet and he barks. I would love to try this and see if it will help him.

  23. Out of my two dogs, khaleesi is the one who has separation anxiety. She will chew on things when we’re away that are in the yard. The lattice to the porch, the wooden beam on the porch. Anything she can get her mouth on. I always put out toys for her but those never work. I would love to try this for her.

  24. My dog Elektra gets frightened every time she hears loud noises…so yelling, thunder, any banging noise! She cowers, hides and cries. I’d love to have a way for her to not be so scared!

  25. Our dog takes meds that I get from our vet. But this sounds better than what we give her, more natural. I’m trying to get back to more natural foods and supplements for us, so why not for our loving pets.

  26. would love to try this for our many rescues that come in with anxiety.

  27. My 15 year old mini dachshund hates thunderstorms. He shakes and pants the whole time. This would be a great solution for both of us!

  28. Erin Billingsley-AdamsMarch 2, 2017 at 2:21 pm

    Our chihuahua, Link is so afraid of thunderstorms, that he shakes and whines under the blankets. I hold him, but if I’m not home I’m afraid he’s even more afraid. I hope this will calm him down.

  29. My chihuahua would highly benefit from this..she’s terrified of thunderstorms and rain and wind. I’d love to try it.

  30. My almost 10 year old rescue has recently become anxious during storms. Would love to see how this works for him…

  31. I have two dogs. Hershey is a Cocker Spaniel who is terrified of storms and fireworks; Belle is a Peke who suffers terrible anxiety any time we have to take her to the vet or groomer. We tried medication ONCE. Once was enough to know that I didn’t want to do that to my dogs. If the ThunderEssence works, it would be a Godsend to have something that could offer them the comfort that I can’t.

  32. My pup was a rescue and she is a very anxious pup. She hates loud noises and this includes thunderstorms, fireworks, and garbage trucks. She gets so worked up over loud noises that she begins to shake, I would love to try these and see if they could work for her!

  33. My poor dog had recently developed separation anxiety and even knocked a tooth out while I was at work the other day we’D love to try this before going with medication.

  34. It so would help our dog Bear. He closes himself in the bathroom when he hears thunder and then chews on the wall! Help!

  35. My Pug has a lot of anxiety in the car. He loves to go with me anywhere I go but, he paces in the back seat, tries desperately to get in the front of car. If I try to put him in front seat, he still pants and tries to get in my lap while I am driving. I used to keep him in cage in the back but, one time it tipped over so, I took cage out. He has so much anxiety I really have a hard time with him. I have tried everything to calm him but, nothing works.

  36. Taylor SommerfeldtMarch 2, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    I would love to try this for my dog Riley. Every time it rains or thunders he runs around the house barking like crazy and nothing seems to help! Medicine makes him sick and we feel so bad that the weather upsets him as much as it does!

  37. Jesse may act tough but she is terrified of storms!

  38. Our puppy Chewbacca gets so scared during thunderstorms and major weather events! Heavy panting, shaking, hiding under the bed. We’ve been trying compression sweaters and distraction techniques but she still freaks out, but is otherwise such a well behaved girl! Would love a chance to try something that could help, I worry about her tiny heart every time she gets this worked up!

  39. I would love this for vet visits and traveling with my pug!

  40. Have one for older dog works very well. Would love to win a new one, as old one is starting to fall apart from so much use.

  41. Oreo is a very sensitive dog like lawn equipment, storms, firecrackers or gun shots & even loud cars or trucks that backfire. I live on Social Security & it barely covers my bills let alone trying to buy a thunder shirt for the little guy. I feel for him. He shakes & it breaks my heart.

  42. Dixie is high activity all the time. It is hard to get her to accept bedtime. If I could have a sample of a calming aromatherapy, Thunder Essence, to spray on her bed, then we could all get to bed.

  43. I foster for a local rescue & my current foster came to us with extreme separation anxiety AND containment phobia.
    She is the sweetest dog until you leave her and she goes from crazy level 0 to 100 in a matter of minutes. My heart breaks for her every time I have to leave her. I am an experienced dog owner and foster so I know better than to show that to her but it would would be incredible to see her be calm & not so worried when I have to leave her.

  44. I have been dealing with my dog, Penellos, anxiety for yrs she has to be created and she always barks when I leave. I have tried calming chews, they help a little, I tried the thunder coat, didn’t work at all. I hope this thunder essence will work.
    Penello really works herself up.

  45. Cam has torn up every door in my house trying to get to the next room when it comes up a storm. He is terrified I sure could use one.

  46. We rescued Savannah after the Joplin tornadoes. Though we don’t know her backstory, she is terrified of thunder and hides in the bathroom. We do’t even leave home if thunderstorms are predicted. I’m sure this would help her.

  47. My sweet 3-yr old terrier mix is so afraid during storms. She hides under the bed and won’t even come out for dinner. I’ve been looking for something to help her through those scary times.

  48. One of our 2 chihuahuas had bad anxiety when it comes to storms, thunder, and riding on an airplane. We already own a thunder shirt for him, but I think this product may help as well!

  49. Heather GembaroskyMarch 2, 2017 at 2:45 pm

    I would love to try this, Bear has such high separation anxiety when I leave that he will throw up, have diarrhea , literally he will just sit there and worry himself sick, we have pheromone diffusers in the house, have tried calming collars, my husband and I have been working off shifts so he is not left alone for very long every day. We have been working with a behaviorist and it is helping a little bit but I would love to have something portable to be able to keep him calm. If he even suspects that I may leave the room, especially at the vet, he just starts quivering and making himself sick

  50. Loud noises and bad thunderstorms, he shakes like a leaf. This would be great to try.

  51. My dog star baby has anxiety issues. She is afraid of storms, when we leave her along, fireworks and others things. I have tried everything for this and nothing has worked. I hope this will help her.

  52. We have some anxiety issues when I leave, take a shower or do anything that involves me being away from one of the dogs. Some days are better than others and it helps I’m with my dogs often but of this makes her feel at ease, then it would be worth a try!

  53. Beverly Ann Stadermann-ChesterMarch 2, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    My 11 pound miniature dachshund Luke of Bass Kennel has developed extreme anxiety to rain, high wind, backfiring automobile (thinking it is a gunshot.) We had a severe storm earlier in the week. Luke pants and paces. Sometimes I can encourage him to sit on my lap or beside me, and I try to comfort him. I would love to try some products in lieu of putting him on medication.

  54. This product may be just what my corgi-mix Katie needs. Just getting her into the car to go to the Vet is an anxiety attpack. The ride there, during the exam and ride home is difficult with whining, pacing, etc. Once home, she is so exhausted that she sleeps the rest ofvthe day. Other than that, she is a great pet.

  55. We adopted our husky from a rescue so we don’t have anything about her upbringing. We have had her two years now and fireworks really bother her and unfortunately we have neighbors that use them quite often. I would love to try this to see if this would help relieve some of her aniexty.

  56. During times of thunder and sometimes when I leave for the day, I can see how anxious he gets. If I am there, he’ll simply stay close but when I am gone he may be up the whole time or pace around waiting.

  57. My little Buddy hides behind the toilet bowl when it rains, sleets, thunders, is windy, etc. He is absolutely terrified. I have tried a thunder jacket but it did not help. This product sounds promising!

  58. I think my girl Chihuahua Pudgy would do well with this during thunderstorms, the 4th of July and New Year’s eve!

  59. We use Thundershirts and this would be a great addition.

  60. I have three Chihuahuas, All of them have anxiety problems, when left at home alone and when we have a storm, the worst issue they have is when someone knocks on my door, they get extremely upset, I think they would benefit from something like this product, I have been forced to leave family members at home with them when I am going out, its difficult to have family time away from home, without taking them with us everyplace we go, … thanks for the chance to win one:)

  61. I have four dogs out of six that have extreme terror of thunder..I have tried thunder shirts .Lavender aromatherapy etc..They will tear my home apart if I am not at home to supervise and hold them..I do wish I could find something on the market that would help them ! and me ..They climb all over me and tremble and shake and whine and drool..After thunder quits ,takes hours for them to calm down! Sincerely concerned to the max dog owner !

  62. Would love to see if this helps. I have a rescue chihuahua that could benefit from this. She is scared of thunder and other celebratory noises like fireworks.

  63. My dog is a 10 lb. Bundle of fear when it comes to thunder storms, I would love to try this

  64. My almost 13-year-old rescued Pug, Jeffie, has mellowed out over the years but the things that still get him anxious are thunderstorms & fireworks. Hope this product would be able to help him! Would love to win so I could try it.

  65. Brewtus is a big (165#), tough guardian of the home and family…at least until thunder, or the 4th of July. Then he panics and paces. He tore through a chain link gate on July 4th when we were gone. We once had a tornado headed straight for our town, and I couldn’t get him to come down in the cellar with me. This sounds like a great remedy for occasional issues.

  66. It’s so difficult to watch my border collie/german shepherd mix shake and quiver during thunderstorms, 4th of July, and guns (we live in rural area, where people shoot off guns for no reason). I went to my vet, and she prescribed some crazy medication that I wouldn’t dare give to my dog. I’ve tried melatonin…that’s no good. Thought about getting the thunder shirt, just haven’t yet. So why not try something completely different? Aromatherapy sounds like an alternative to try.

  67. I foster dogs for a 100% no kill shelter in Randolph, NJ. My current dog suffers from fear and anxiety and although she has my dog as company, she still gets nervous especially when it thunders or there is a really loud, unexpected sound outside. I think this product will be extremely beneficial to her and any other dogs I may foster who have the same issues.

  68. MY German Shepard mix would GREATLY appreciate this!!!! My Gyddiegyrl, is sweet and loving and a 80 pound terrified lap dog when storms come!!!!

  69. 80lb lab who is NOT pleased whenever I leave for business travel (about 2 weeks per month). She sees that suitcase and she will NOT leave my side, poor thing.

  70. Max is terrified of thunder, fireworks, and gunshots. He’ll bark and bark, start pacing and I have to hold him. He weighs 60lbs so big puppy to hold. Plus it doesn’t help that we leave in a very trigger happy neighborhood where people randomly are emptying clips behind us and shotgun lovers in front of us. I’ve been very excited about the Thunder Shirt since it came out hoping it would bring Max some comfort.

  71. Katie gets so nervous she shakes, if she hears gun shots, fireworks or thunderstorms. It would be nice to try for her.

  72. Sir Henry is terrified of. thunder storms, fireworks, and the town siren that goes off first of every month plus emergencies. His fear and terrible anxiety is so bad he will not eat or drink, he shakes and cries. He gets in my lap then tries to get under me. I have tried a few aromatherapy, that helped a little but not this one. Sir Henry would appreciate winning so he could use ThunderEssence Aromatherapy. Thanks

  73. It’s so difficult to watch my GS/BC girl during thunderstorms, 4th of July, and gunshots (we live in rural area where people shoot guns just for kicks and giggles). She quivers and shakes and won’t leave my side. My vet prescribed some crazy medication I would never give to my dog. I’ve tried melatonin…that’s no good. I’ve thought about getting her a thundershirt. But trying an aromatherapy seems like the next best thing to try.

  74. My baby, Annabela, a sweet, loving, Bichon Frise, is scared to death of the thunder and lightening. She also gets very upset when I have to leave the house. She got use to me being home after my back surgery and now if I leave, even with my husband at home she cries and howls and runs to the door constantly. Help.

  75. My Australian Shepherd gets very anxious when storms are around or if he hears other loud noises. He paces and pants continuously.

  76. Max is terrified of thunder, fireworks, and gunshots. He’ll bark and bark, start pacing and I have to hold him. He weighs 60lbs so big puppy to hold. Plus it doesn’t help that we leave in a very trigger happy neighborhood where people randomly are emptying clips behind us and shotgun lovers in front of us. I’ve been very excited about the Thunder Shirt since it came out hoping it would bring Max some comfort. I really hope Max wins one!

  77. i would love to try this for our doggie Charlie. he is terrified of thunderstorms and climbs on top of us, shaking.

  78. My little CocoaPuff, 8 months old, get so scared and shakes terribly. When I am home she sit next to me shaking but when I am not home I worry so much about her. Please help

  79. My 10 year old miniature dachsund can sense an approaching thunder storm long before I hear a thing. To say the least, he becomes quite upset and cowls in the nearest corner or under my dining table. Fourth of July fireworks bring pleasure to many humans but not my pup. Anything I can do to make him more comfortable would be deeply appreciated, because nothing I’ve tried thus far seems to calm him.

  80. This will b perfect for my Australian Shepherd for sure!

  81. I use a thundershirt on my dog during a storm but she also has severe separation anxiety and I can’t be out of her sight for a minute. This might help! Thank you.

  82. My Golden “Buddy” experienced a fire whenever my next door neighbor’s side of our duplex caught fire and he watched for hours on end as the fire trucks and emergency personnel fought into the wee hours of the morning. I moved, as a result of this to another state, out in the country, and live near a Fire Dept which tests its sirens every Tuesday nite around 6:40PM and it scares Buddy half to death. He starts shaking and wines and runs around frantically. I have tried everything to help him, but to no avail and it has now been 3 1/2 years since that horrible fire.

  83. My dogs would love that!! I hope I win!!!

  84. My dogs would love that!! I hope I win!!!

  85. My pug Pernilla Jane is usually fearless, but when there is thunder or fireworks, she shakes like a leaf and must be in my lap. I always worry if I am at work and a storm blows through, because I know she is cowering behind the furniture and wondering where her mommy is. If this works the way you say, I would not worry about her so much when I am not there.

  86. My dog has terrible anxiety if I leave him overnight, even if my husband is home with him. I always feel terrible leaving him because of his separation anxiety. I would love to try this!

  87. My dog hides in the smallest space available whenever he hears thunder…one time we caught him stuck under the basement steps..maybe this would help.

  88. When we rescued our Catahoula they were slowly but surely shooting her pups with a rifle. She had 5 puppies; they killed 3 and we saved her and 2 puppies. Shes has been with us for many years now and still shows stress at thunderstorms which has spread to rain, fireworks, air guns, etc. She gets some relief from xanax and a Thunder Shirt. We would love to try this method and do away with the xanax. She is a great dog and we love her very much. Anything we can do to erase those horrible memories would be a blessing.

  89. We have 3 furry babies in our family. One is a 65+ lb Pit /Boxer mix, one a Terrier mix, & last, but certainly not least, a Chihuahua. The Pit & Terrier are rescues,.You can tell by their actions they were both abused before they came to live with us. The Pit is absolutely terrified of a gun shot, even the sound of loading a shell loading in the chamber upsets her. She trembles in fear & becomes a lap dog, or a lap full of dog. All three are terrified of storms. It makes me angry to know they were mistreated, & it breaks my heart to see them so afraid. Any product that would help their anxiety in stressful times would be wonderful.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this ThunderEssence.

  90. My Cooper has anxiety at the strangest times; for example, when the dishwasher runs! This giveaway would be perfect for him!

  91. Our elderly Belgian Sheepdog is terrified of thunderstorms. I’m all for keeping him as happy and safe as can be as he’s getting older!

  92. Yes! I could really use this product due to numerous firework shows

  93. My Daisy girl is terrified of thunderstorms. She’s a 75 pound Golden Retriever that thinks she’s a lap dog when scared. I hope I win because I think this would help her.

  94. Our German Shepard /Husky named Ollie will greatly appreciate having ThunderEssence Aromatherapy when ill/ thunderstorms develop. Thank you.

  95. Oh my, my son has a dog for over a year now, that every time they leave him home alone, he destroys the house. They keep taking him to the vet, who keeps putting him on antidepressants that do absolutely nothing. I would love to give him this to try, the poor dog has such anxiety 🙁

  96. My St. Bernard May is terrified of storms. I would love to try this product. She needs all the help she can get.

  97. Our Rusty is one of the sweetest dogs I know but also the most fearful. He gets so nervous when he hears a loud noise When we are home and it is thundering outside, even though I hold him close, he cannot stop shaking and whimpering which breaks my heart. I have tried everything but nothing seems to work to calm him. I hate that when a thunderstorm is coming and I am at work I cannot be there to comfort him as I know he will be so afraid. I would love this for him.

  98. My melo (8 year old Schmitz) is terrified during thunder storms! $ he’s super sad when we have to leave him home I think he had separation anxiety🙁. This spray would be amazing to try.

  99. Yvette Coleman-PittsMarch 2, 2017 at 4:31 pm

    I have a MinPin/Chihuahua mix. Her blood type is “Anxiety.” Need I say more?

  100. OMG we had a terrible thunderstorm a few years back and when it storms my dog shakes and has to be on my lap she could really use this

  101. I have three rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds. Two were likely used to hunt, and while they aren’t hunters (likely why they were dumped at kill shelters), they are deathly afraid of anything that sounds like a gun shot. This includes fireworks, thunder, loud trucks or other vehicles, etc. I’ve tried several other brands of calming spray, but so far haven’t found one that does enough. I “layer” products, including using a Thundershirt and even calming pills, but I notice that my dogs benefit most from a combination of products. We’re still not to 100% effectiveness. I’d love to try this calming spray for them. Maybe it will be the missing link to get us to 100%.

  102. I can use it to calm our dog and stop the chewing problem. She is eating our house!!!

  103. Cosmo is afraid of nothing, except thunder! Then he’s a panty-man! He just had surgery, so something to comfort him would be wonderful!

  104. My poor Whisper runs into the bedroom underneath the bed & shivers. I try to comfort her the best way I can. It’s so hard when she’s scared like that, this would be amazing to win! Thank you for this wonderful chance.

  105. My Black Lab starts to get anxiety even before the thunder starts.. and I use her thunder coat, but now that she is getting older (she’s 12) the coat does’nt seem to calm her as much.. Anxiety is,a big issue for her..not just when it thunders, but when it gets really windy, and when we go out and leave her.. I think she would benifit from Thunder Essence. Together with her thunder coat we will hopefully end her anxiety

  106. My fur pups both could use this tremendously..they both are deathly afraid of thunder and fireworks..

  107. Pup has anxiety when we leave him and go to work, he is especially upset and digs at his skin along with the carpeting, would really like to try this product and give up the baby gate!

  108. Katerina SavelievaMarch 2, 2017 at 5:00 pm

    We would love to win this. Our dogs are very anxious during the storms especially after lightning hit next to our house once!!!

  109. My pom Spiffy is so afraid of storms, wind, fireworks etc that even though I get him pills to calm him and put a thundershirt on him he still pants and tremors like crazy and wants to be real close to me and keeps me awake all night. So I sure could use this to see if it will work better for my poor sweet Spiffy.

  110. Pup would really benefit from this product he has anxiety when we leave for work and when the neighbors light bottle rockets, he digs at his skin along with carpet and his bed, had to buy a new bed and put up baby gate, would love to rid of the anxiety and baby gate!

  111. Kristen PuddisterMarch 2, 2017 at 5:17 pm

    My pup is deathly afraid of thunder & lightning and trembles and is inconsolable. I feel helpless, she could definitely use this!

  112. Pup and I would greatly benefit from this product, for Pup it would help from the noise from bottle rockets being lit, and help stop the digging of his skin and tearing up his bed and for me satisfaction of him not digging himself raw and save me from replacing my carpet and putting up the baby gate along with buying a bed that lasts longer than a week! Also would feel better while I’m at work knowing he is not digging

  113. My big bad – he’s not really bad 🙂 – becomes a quivering lap dog when there is thunder or fire works. I would love to try this!

  114. Would love to try this out on my 9 yr old Westie. He hates thunder, fireworks, and the smoke alarm!

  115. My Mason is a 9 yr old cocker spaniel. <3 I didn't get him until he was 6 yrs old and his previous owners did not take proper care of him. He has glaucoma in his eyes, and is almost blind, and he does not hear well. He is very anxious because of his current health condition, I even have a hard time bringing him outside to use the bathroom, sometimes we will be halfway down the stairs and he will just freeze and not want to finish walking down them. We would love to win this gift, as I think it would help him greatly and improve his quality of life.

  116. My rat terrier Gidget has phantom tail pain from a bad tail docking job before I got her… along with fear of people and other dogs due to abuse she received as a puppy… she gets very nervous in situations she isn’t comfortable with and has a tendency to really freak out and start shaking and crying… she is such a sweet little girl that it breaks my heart to see her have such fear… she is such a cuddle bug and sweetheart when she isn’t having nervous issues…

  117. I would love to try this for my dog. He has a serious cow anytime I take him out of the house and it’s really trying for me…

  118. I would love this for Sophie. If it will calm her down

  119. Our new dog, Max, is built like a tank. He is only 1 and has a ton of energy. I think he could really be a good one to try this therapy on…Please pick me…..

  120. Would be awesome to have this to show visiting dog owners (who visit with their doggies) how the Thunder-brand products DO work by asking if they’d like to try it on their dogs right now! I tell them, but it seems like they must not really care?

  121. Would love to have this on hand for people who visit with their doggies so I could ask them if they’d like to try a Thunder product: RIGHT NOW, so they can see how great they really work. I tell, nobody seems to care (?), makes me sad for their doggies.

  122. Our golden doodle Honey would benefit from this, she dislikes fireworks and hates thunderstorms, she will bark and cry 1/2 hr before the storms start, and sometimes 1/2 hr after the storm has passed. I guess her dog ears hear the thunder long before and after our human ears.. thanks

  123. So sad for doggies of people who I’ve recommended the Thunder products to for their use, nobody seems to care enough to try them. This would be great to have for the times when a visiting dog (& OWNER) are right here at the moment so I can ask it they’d like to try it RIGHT now (when/if needed, of course!).

  124. Would be great to have around for the times I’ve recommended the Thunder products to people who needed them for their doggies, since they never seem to pay much attention to their poor doggies needs! I feel bad for the doggies & would love to maybe have the opportunity to ask (if needed) ‘would you like to try this right now?’ so they can see how great these products work!

  125. Would be great to have for the times I’ve needed to show people how the Thunder products work, as I recommend them, yet nobody seems to really care enough to look into them!! If I could say, ‘would you like to try this’ (when/if needed right now of course!) I’d love it!

  126. On News Years Eve & Indepence Day she was on my bed snuggled up to me and the whole bed was shaking.

  127. Would love a natural way to calm my german shepherd down. Her vet tells me anything natural would be the best for her because she is on so many pills right now to keep her going. Found a bone that does it too has lavender and chamoile in it.

  128. I have 2 dogs and 1 of them is anxious quite a bit. I wonder if this would help?

  129. When I see Callie go into her crate on her own, I know the thunder is coming! I say,”are the boom boom’s coming?” I would love to try this on her, as she is the love of my life.:)

  130. My little yourkie is very afraid of any loud noises, she shakes so bad feels like she is going to shake out of her skin. The thunder shirt is the best thing I ever bought for her, it comforts her so well. I love the shirt. I would love to try the enssence to see if it helps as well for calming her!

  131. The Thunder shirt calms our Yorkies a little, however ; they continue to shake and pace the floor. I wonder if the the drops or spray would help.

  132. My dogs would love to try this product because we live on a noisey street.One on my shitzu s jump on my shoulders and shakes so bad when they hear loud noises.I feel so bad and dont know what to do.I am scare she will have a heart attact.

  133. Yes please 🙂

  134. About the only time she gets anxious is when she sees a cat as she wants to play with them

  135. Thanks for offering this product as a giveaway. It’s a wonderful gift for whoever is chosen.

  136. This would ease my mind knowing my girls were more relaxed when I’m at work.

  137. Our dog maggie gets so upset when the wind starts to blow, would love it if this would help her before she has a heart attack during a storm!

  138. Kimberly JohnsonMarch 2, 2017 at 6:56 pm

    this is amazing, i would love to try this for my senior, she is so upset when we are not home

  139. I would love to try this product. I have a rat terrier that is terrified of thunderstorms. She will hide behind the furniture until the storms are over.

  140. My two rescue beagles, Oliver and Molly, are absolutely terrified of thunder and fireworks. My poor babies need all the help I can give them.

  141. I have a Pitbull that is deathly terrified of thunder and lightning. He scales a 7″ wall and climbs a 7″ chain-linked fence. He has even cut through the chain-linked fence with his teeth. He so scared during thunderstorms that he has stabbed his eye with the torn chain-linked fence that he is now blind.

  142. I would love to try this for my dog. He has fear of fireworks and some separation anxiety.

  143. My dog Maxine is very hyper around smaller dogs, small children, and people in wheelchairs. So I really think she would benefit from this.

  144. Our dog, Abby, gets very anxious whenever it storms. Would be interested in giving this a try to see if it would help her.

  145. Vixen is terrified of Thunder storms so would like to give this a try. I also work with rescue dogs, which this may benefit!

  146. Cassandra HigginsMarch 2, 2017 at 7:54 pm

    Pretty please! My little molly needs the 🙂

  147. Lily our rescue pup could use this! At least wouldn’t hurt to try it! Thanks!

  148. I recently purchased a thunder shirt for my dog Jake. He is a 55 lb. Heeler mix and is so afraid of thunder storms that he has to sit on my lap. (Kind of big for that) LOL I did not buy the spray, but I think I should have. The shirt helps a lot, more than I thought it would, but I think the spray would make it even better!

  149. My rescue 10 year old schnauzer has a thundershirt that helps a little during a storm
    I have only had her for 4 months and digs until her paws bleed and she is on meds and don’t want to drug her this would be great to try
    Being a widow on a tight budget a free bottle would be great

  150. My poor little rockey is four years old he has such a gentle soul I got him from someone who didn’t have much time with him, I wouldn’t trade him for the world but I wish I could take his anxiety away he is so frighten of thunderstorms as well as fireworks and most other dogs he just shivers and crystal it breaks my heart he will not leave my side .i snuggle and talk to him but it doesn’t help much

  151. Sammy always sleeps in the sunroom until a storm happens. Then he gets so scared he hides out in a bathroom. I hope this would help him to calm down.

  152. Thanks for offering this product in your contest. I would very much like to try this natural remedy.

  153. I would love to try this for my chihuahuas they get so scared of loud noises I live close to a military base.

  154. I wish that I had only one anxious dog, instead, all three of my male dogs are little worrywarts. My largest dog is the biggest chicken of them all. whether it’s thunder, fireworks, or kids making noise outside he can often be found cowering behind my chair or trying to climb into my lap like a puppy or small dog (he is a 60+ pound AmStaff mix) trembling the whole time.

  155. My little teacup yorkie is massively afraid of fireworks, storms, loud and sudden noises, even on TV. It’s getting to the point where we can’t watch anything on TV any more, and it’s just no fun on mute. She shakes uncontrollably, to the point where she sometimes makes herself sick. I can’t even turn on a camera, the air cleaner or the diffuser without sending her into a frenzy! The thunder coat didn’t work at all, so I’d really like to see if this product could help her.

  156. This sounds like a wonderful aid!

  157. Shirley SaundersMarch 2, 2017 at 8:55 pm

    We recently adopted a puppy and a couple of our older dogs get anxious when he’s running around. I’d love to give this a try and see if it helps.

  158. I would love to try ThunderEssence for my dogs! They get scared and anxious from thunder, car door noises, knocking on the door and especially 4th of July fireworks! Thank you for the chance!

  159. My dog is named Oreo. He is a rescue. He is a very nervous dog who is scared easily. He is scared of strangers and other dogs. When he is very nervous, he trembles so much that his entire body is shaking.

  160. Natalie HartmannMarch 2, 2017 at 9:15 pm

    My dog get so anxious with storms or loud noises.

  161. My dog gets so nervous when people come over. I think this product could really help her feel less anxious. Thanks for the chance!!

  162. Our dogs get extremely nervous when we get thunder storms. Being in the South it’s about the time that we will be having them. Our little dogs are terrified of lightening and thunder.

  163. Hello, I just read about this product giveaway and appreciate the opportunity to try it for free. My 9 year old shepherd/lab has been so fearful during storms since we adopted him a few years ago. Would love to see if something like this would comfort him at all~Thanks!

  164. Hello, I just read about the opportunity to try this product and would love to see if it helps my 9 year old shepherd/lab at all. He has been fearful of storms ever since we adopted him a few years ago. He’s the first family pet we’ve had with this problem. Thanks for the offer!

  165. Our Denali would greatly benefit from this product! She gets nervous and anxious often , and this would be a really nice way to calm her down.

  166. My dog Penny is a spitfire, this might help!

  167. Would love this for our dog, Rascal. he has anxiety so bad that he barks and whines when we are gone. He just goes crazy and it’s sad because we can’t always take him with us. Also he is very scared of loud noises like airplanes, cars honking, fireworks. This would help him so much.

  168. Would love to try this on my Pixie. She has a lot of anxiety problems.

  169. A nearby quarry continues to blast daily. I need help for my 2 freaked out labs.

  170. I would love to win this for my Lydia. She gets spooked at every little thing, and has anxiety when she’s alone.

  171. This would be perfect for our Angie. The closest dog park is 20 minutes away. She gets in the car but freaks out when it starts moving. We’ve tried a couple of things so far. Thanks for the chance to win!! This might be what we were looking for.

  172. I would love to try this as an alternative to sedatives. My dog is petrified of thunder, fireworks, even loud cars. Paws crossed! 🍀🐾🍀

  173. Our sweet and shy Savannah could use this, during thunderstorms she is a wreck!

  174. My sweet Lilly ( Maltese) has recently lost her sight. We found out the reason for her going blind over night was due to her high blood sugar. We did not know that she was diabetic until this happened. She has had to learn very quickly how to get around our home and also has to deal with getting two shots of insulin everyday. She is handling it all better than I would have thought but this product might really help her. She gets very upset when I have to be gone for more than an hour or two. Thanks for giving someone the chance to win this product. We love PetMeds! 😘😊

  175. I would love to get this for my sweet grand dog. All loud noises worry him. We had high wind the other day and he was a nervous wreck.

  176. My dog just had major surgery. would love to get her something soothing.

  177. My puppies hate when it’s windy out!

  178. Middie II has always been afraid of loud noises, especially thunder. We try to keep her calm and reassure her that everything will be OK.

  179. I have a six year old German Shepard 75lbs. who is terrified of rain storms. Way before it ever starts raining, I guess she can feel the drop in air pressure. She starts pacing the floor, shaking, panting really hard, following me everywhere, trying to get in my lap. And if it’s in the middle of the night she is trying to get in everybody’s bed. And if it thunders she is twice as worse! I have to get out of the bed and we get on the couch and I squeeze her tight holding her. She could really use some of this!

  180. I would love to try this on my lab juice
    He gets so Scard when it thunders
    He runs to bathroom and gets in the tub
    I think it keeps the noise down in there

  181. Coco Chanel is a breast cancer survivor. At 5 years old she had 2 teats and a lymph node. No aggressive further treatment by my choice. Vet said maybe 6 to 9 months. 9 years later she is still with me. Lately she is exhibiting some joint pain and has to use steps to get in bed or on the couch. I would love to have thunder essence for her comfort, as she declines. She is a fighter and deserves a peaceful end.

  182. Tiffiny frischkornMarch 2, 2017 at 11:26 pm

    Please I so need this my rescue. Is so afraid of storms, he just looses it. And we try to comfort him but don’t work. This would be a blessing

  183. boy did I need this the other night. thunder, lightening, storms, wind, etc. all 3 gals were upset, wanted me to hold them all. kept pacing, etc. did not want to leave my side.

  184. Our Sam was a throw away so he came to us with baggage. Now when it thunders or fireworks go off he becomes very upset. He has a bed next to my chaise lounge and he flies like a bat out of hell when he hears the wind and thunder. He just shakes and cries. I would love to get relief just for him. Our other dog is not bothered much, but Sam is just pitiful.

  185. I see t many owners are dealing with similar situations. I have 3 dogs that ALL suffer from seperation anxiety. We had to build a special kennel in our basement for long departures (more than an hour) b/c they became so destructive– they ATE our NEW COUCH and chewed through 2 doors in our NEW HOME. 🙁 They all “cry” and it’s heartbreaking.
    The biggest of the bunch is afraid of fireworks but esp thunder–living in a region with plenty of Summer storms…this is a stress for all. I’d LOVE to TRY this PRODUCT! I’d give praise from the moutain tops and on all social forums if it helped even a tad!!! Thanks from my three: Kira, Vader, and Ezio.

  186. My dog Lincoln has severe anxiety for any sort of extreme weather-rain,thunder,even wind. He has a thunder shirt and I put on music and let him sleep on the bed with me but that only helps so much. He has anxiety medications but I only use that as a last resort, would love to try this!

  187. my
    yorkpoo is terrified of thunder and gunshots– not a good thing in Indiana

  188. How sad. Yet–wonderful that she ended up with added years! I see my baby girl deal with Arthritic pain daily, too. Not sure if this product is what you’re looking for, though. This is more for calming…for fears and doggy anxiety. Perhaps some OTC arthritis meds? Or steroids to ease her pain? That’s what the issue sounds like to me.
    Either way–if this is what you want, I wish you luck and success….and lots of love to your furbaby.

  189. I have a dog who had a horrible life until I rescued her. She’s come a long way but every little thing, thunder still makes her nervous.

  190. My baby Ginny is a rescue. She is afraid of a lot of things. Thunderstorms, rain, wind, garbage trucks, water, to name a few. The funniest thing she is afraid of is her own poots. She has such anxiety that we have her on benedryl. I really would like something different to calm her.

  191. My dog Angel was born in Alaska , where there is not a lot of wind. When we moved to Buffalo NY, where there are a lot of windy days and nights, she began to have serious problems. She shakes all over and cries when it is windy. I hate seeing her this way!

  192. I’d love to try this on my stresses out dog

  193. O goodness I sure hope I win this……my baby girl (lab) scares me when it storms she paces, breathes hard & hyperventalates and I can’t pick her up anymore she isn’t a puppy all I can do is sit on couch and try to comfort her but ii seems to be getting worse & she isn’t young anymore she will be 12yrs old so I do hope for my girls sake that we win this…..thanks Janeen & Chey Anne

  194. Our dog has diabetes and arthritis and at times is scared and wants hugs and reassurance.

  195. My fur baby is afraid of strong winds and thunder storms. She will constantly bark her little head off until I get her calmed down. She will be 10 years old this month and is showing signs of arthritis. Would love to try Thunder Essence to see if it would help her. Thank you for the chance to win an awesome giveaway.

  196. My dog hates storms and loud noises. It takes me awhile to calm her. Would love to try Thunder Essence to help her in any way possible. Thank you for a great giveaway!

  197. Patricia TobakosMarch 3, 2017 at 6:27 am

    My dog, Teddy, is scared of thunderstorms and sneezes. Allergy season is pretty rough on him. I’d love to win this and hopefully calm him down. Not much has worked so far.

  198. My dog, Baxter, is a poor traveler and we travel twice a year from Florida to NY. It would be wonderful to be able to reduce his stress level.

  199. Catherine MartinMarch 3, 2017 at 7:24 am

    Gus is my 10 year old German Pointer rescue — he is terrified of loud sudden noises like thunder. When a storm is coming he wants his Thundershirt. A scent like Thunder Essence would help my buddy stay calm and easy when times get tough.

  200. Thanks for offering this product in your contest. I would love to try this natural remedy.

  201. I would love to try this on my 2 babies, Chiyo and Pablo. They get really nervous!

  202. Cynthia SizemoreMarch 3, 2017 at 8:21 am

    This would be a blessing for my dog and for my family.Our dog is very afraid of alot of things to the point that she hides under the bed for hours and wont come out.We have tried natural calming ingredients before with no luck.Dont want to pit her on a prescribed medication but she needs something to relieve her anxiety.

  203. Charles RochesterMarch 3, 2017 at 8:35 am

    I would love for my dog to try this. He really needs something for his separation anxiety. When I simply go outside for whatever reason he howls until I come back inside. He also follows me around the house constantly.

  204. I would love to try this. My dog has a fear of thunderstorms.

  205. Pucca was a rescue, and she is easily frightened, anxious especially during thunderstorms and when I leave for work. I bought a thunder shirt and relax/calm treats for her to ease the anxiety. It would be nice to try this hopefully it works rather than having her take medication.

  206. I would love to win this for my pomeranian

  207. My American Eskimo is so protective that I have trouble chatting with my male neighbors. Wish he’d “get it” that these
    folks aren’t looking to harm me.

  208. My puppy is very upset when I put him in the crate. He barks forever. Yesterday he was barking when I left for work and barking when I got home over the lunchtime to walk him. I would love to try this to sooth him.

  209. Leah used to be able to go to fireworks shows with zero problems. But as she got older, things changed and now even one little firecracker will send her into a shaky panic 🙁 I would love to try these products on her!

  210. Diego has bad issues with loud noises especially on July 4th. Thunderstorms and cars backfiring really scare him.Would love to try this instead of having to try and get him to take pills.

  211. My smallest dog is very terrified of loud noises, even on trash collection day, the loud truck and the workers tossing the cans and the bins scares him to death.

  212. Diego would benefit from this as we cannot get him to take pills and the thundercoat did not help. He is terrified on July 4th and all loud noises scare him.

  213. Bailey, a 4 year old Pitbull, is terrified of thunder, fireworks, gunshots or any loud noises! She will heavily pant, drool, and shake! Nothing we do to comfort her seems to help. She tries to “hide” , but her loud panting gives up her hiding spot! We would love to try this product, to see if this could offer her some relief.

  214. I would love for my dog Mini to try this. She gets separation anxiety really bad and anything that can make her feel better is great.

  215. My bull mastiff /Shepard has arthritis and difficulty walking. We give him a NSAID once a day for maintenance & pain relief. If he appears to be in pain then he can get the med twice a day. You can also try adaquin injections. Best is to talk to vet.

  216. Our poor little pie gets so scared in storms….She won’t let us comfort her. She goes to her safe spot.

  217. I have the Thunder Shirt for one of my dogs that we had rescued about 8 yrs ago. He get so terrified as soon as a storm is approaching us. He just shakes and looks to me for help. I get the Thunder shirt and he literally will put his little head up for me to start to put it on him. Hoping I put it on him as fast as I can do it. I do also have a prescription for anxiety for him and I hate drugging him. I would like to hope the Thunder Essence would give him the relief to get thru storms,fireworks etc without such trouble for him. I am disabled and love my dogs and only want the best for them.

  218. This would help my Ozzy tremendously!

  219. Our baby Bandit has just recently developed a fear of thunder storms. I sit with him doing the storm but he just shakes really bad. I would like to try this product because it is all natural.

  220. This would be ideal for my dog who is afraid of gun shots, fireworks, thunder. He has a thundershirt and that does help, but for even more help I feel this essence would improve the situations even more.

  221. Diane VanderLaanMarch 3, 2017 at 4:45 pm

    My poor Paris suffers dramatically around the July 4th holiday. It is so traumatizing to her when fireworks are going off for days in a row. We have the Thundershirt, but she definitely could use something in addition to that to really stay calm and relaxed during such a stressful time.

  222. Our non profit has several thunder anxious pups that we would love to try this shampoo one. Please consider up for for a bottle. Thanks ❤️❤️♻️🐶

  223. Our catahoula dog, Iris still gets stressed during car rides. She used to actually vomit every time she went for a ride, but with time and positive reinforcement she is down to heavy salivating and whimpering. I would love to see if this helps our beautiful girl relax in the car and eventually maybe even enjoy the experience.

  224. Laila Ali, a 94lb Female Rottweiler is one of the BEST Dogs anyone can ask for. She is LOVING to those her owners know but very protected to those her owners do not know. She does have her fears just like all of us especially during these time we are living in. She dislike yes the Post-Person’s, loud noises, and even odds smells. It is a little funny at times, because we are always able to tell when that moment is here, she will head up to the top of the stairs near her bed, looking into the room where her mother sits. The two things that get her every-time is that old vacuum cleaner (on or off, does not matter), and that odd smell from the stove every-time it is turned on. It all speak danger to her so the wife and I kick in gear with our group hugs and the rubbing all over. She loves it.. and make her feel not only LOVE but Safe.

  225. Our 10 year old Shih Tzu has been afraid of gunfire (we have a shooting range within 5 miles of our home), fireworks and thunder. Even if we are watching a fireworks display on TV she goes nuts. She will shake uncontrollably and look for a small space to hide. She’s snuck under our bed on several occasions and it has been hard to get her out. I’ve resorted to turning on the air conditioner, turning up the TV loud and petting her until it passes. We’d love to find a product that keeps her calm and is safe to use with her.

  226. My dog Serg has major anxiety! He gets scared easy! We got a thunder coat but it only helps so much! I am always trying to find other things that may work!

  227. Our pet neds help during the July 4th holiday and New Years Eve. He hides and dislikes very load noises. We try to cuddle him and wrap him in a blanket during those times.

  228. Yoshi, my 12-year old shih tzu, was attacked and injured last June, and since then has displayed more anxiety than usual during thunderstorms, fireworks, or loud noises/people outside. He’s never been too keen with loud, scary noises but has always managed to keep himself calm by going to his crate, until recently. It’s so hard to see him so anxious and unable to find relief after what he went through! We just want him to feel safe and secure!

  229. My dog Colby gets very anxious when we have any kind of house guests! Normally he’s a very friendly dog but when folks “move in and stay awhile” he just retreats and shakes. I would love to try this for him especially since we are expecting relatives to stay here a week in April!

  230. My poor babies are so anxious when they go to the vet, I need something to help them through the visit and this sounds like it. I’m ready for them to try it.

  231. Always looking for something new for my Husky who is terrified of storms

  232. According to vets, I have an “overbred” Bichon. Vets have recommended prescription drugs which I refuse to give. I have to console and train him daily. The slightest “different” noise sends him running and/or barking. He often vibrates from fear so terribly that I just hold him which I obviously cannot do when I am leaving. I would love to find a solution for this otherwise happy go lucky luvbug!

  233. Albus is only going to be 2 but sometimes he hides under the bed if something frightens him. And when someone comes to the house he has a problem calming down.This may be what he needs.

  234. I would love to have this for my baby dog Copper, recently we’ve gone through a big transition in our life and had to move into my mother in laws house who isn’t well and while it’s taking a toll on me causing myself anxiety it’s making it even harder on my dog causing him severe anxiety and separation anxiety something he’s never had to deal with before. Although he still gets all the love and attention he needs I would love for him to have some gentle relief to help us both through this. It hurts me to see him showing signs of anxiety.

  235. My sweet golden retriever (mix) just can’t understand thunder, fireworks, and even the rain and wind. We moved to New Mexico (where the thunder is fierce) from California (where there is no thunder) and couldn’t believe his fears. We got him a thundershirt which helped but not enough. He still shakes and hides in the closet panting for hours. I think this new product might be just the thing to help calm him down. We’ve tried calming pills but he won’t take them if the bad weather is upon us and to tell you the truth I really don’t think they help him. He’s a senior dog and we would love to win this new product, he needs something to sooth him as he won’t let us hug or cuddle him.

  236. We always have anxious dogs in the rescue. Would come in handy for some fosters!

  237. I would love to win this for my Bailey because he has bad anxiety on a regular basis, but when it storms, or there’s loud noises, he gets anxious. I would love to see if this would help him!

  238. Debbie RubenstienMarch 4, 2017 at 9:15 pm

    Yes, my husband and I would love this for our dog Bagel. When he was still a puppy, I opened our front door and fireworks just went off across the street., then that did it. He can’t tolerate any loud noise l, including thunder. He has even began to associate high winds to storms. We use the thunder shirt and play Reggae (Bob Marley) music, when we are home, when he goes into our master closet where we have set up a dog bed for him so he would be in a small dark spot to help him rest. Would like to try to add aromatherapy also. I’ve done some little reading on the subject. So please pick us so we can help calm our Belgian Shepherd Bagel so he can rest better through a storm. Thank you

  239. I would love to win this for my pup. Other big dogs make her nervous. She gets very anxious at the vet and I would love to see if this would help her.

  240. I would love this for my dog. My dog is always anxious at the groomer and park.

  241. Christina RadcliffMarch 5, 2017 at 12:09 pm

    I work at an animal shelter. I really would LOVE to try this on some of the babies there to see if it would help with stress.

  242. I would love this for my Daughters’ Dog Snoopy, he is in high anxiety. Their Cat Smokey, vanished and he is having a rough time missing his friend. 😹🐈❤ Thank you (anabananakitty)

  243. If there’s any dog who I think could benefit from thunderessence, it’s my JRT Benny. He’s got anxiety to the max. Every time anyone leaves or comes in our house he’s a crazy mess. Any type of loud noise such as fireworks or thunder, even a motorcycle, he’s losing his mind. I would love to help him out with thunderessence!

  244. If there’s any dog who I think could benefit from thunderessence, it’s my JRT Benny. He’s got anxiety to the max. Every time anyone leaves or comes in our house he’s a crazy mess. Any type of loud noise such as fireworks or thunder, even a motorcycle, he’s losing his mind. I would love to help him out with thunderessence!

  245. My parents’ dog would benefit greatly from this. She gets separation anxiety pretty badly. She also doesn’t like anything out of the ordinary so many other things cause her anxiety. It would definitely be worth a try.

  246. My 8 year old Lab mix is terried of storms. He can usually sense them coming before they even show up on the radar. I would love to see if this helps with his anxiety and heavy breathing.

  247. Our 8 y/o Bull Mastiff has serious anxiety problems as does our 10 y/o Basset Hound. They could both use some help to calm down.

  248. Ever since we moved my lil Pepper has had anxiety. We lived at the beach the first 2 1/2 years of her life & now my husband has been transferred to Atlanta, GA. Needless to say, she isn’t adjusting well to the city life. Every car, motor cycle or loud noise she hears outside she growls or barks & then comes running over to us for comfort. She has also started this thing where she’s licking her front paws a lot. I researched online & they say they do that to try to sooth themselves as well. I wonder if this would be a good thing for her to try? The shirt doesn’t come small enough for her or I would have tried that awhile back. Please choose my lil cavapoo, Pepper, for this give away. She would love to be less stressed 🙂
    Thank you!

  249. I think my dog Summer would benefit from ThunderEssence – she doesn’t mind the Thunder – it’s the wind that kicks up that makes her anxious.

  250. My pug, Jazzy, gets very upset over hard rain, thunder or lightning. Anything helpful would be appreciated!

  251. I would love to win this and try it on my Puggle named Buster. I’ve had him since he was 9 months old (he’s almost 10 years old now) and initially thunderstorms did not bother him. Now he is so scared of thunderstorms and has anxiety attacks whenever they occur. He also is not fond of riding in the car – that also causes anxiety attacks. And if the car ride is more than 20 minutes, he usually throws up. So this limits his trips to dog parks and doggie play dates.

  252. We just recently had a thunderstorm – one of my girls, went in the bathroom by herself (no lights on) and began to pant on the rug! I would love to see if this would help her!! Thanks!!

  253. This would be such a blessing for my fur baby! He gets so incredibly scared when it storms out that he can’t stop shaking & crying thru the entire storm. He tries climbing on my lap to get some sort of comfort. My heart breaks seeing him go thru this.

  254. Our big fur baby Captain definitely needs to try ThunderEssence! Every storm that passes through has him tucking his tail and hiding! Worst possible time for Captain is in late April, We live in Louisville Ky. and have our annual Thunder over Louisville! All of the jets flying over and the boom from the fireworks has him a nervous wreak! We have tried multiple products but haven’t had any success! Even if we don’t win this giveaway, We’re definitely going to try ThunderEssence. Hopefully it’s the miracle we’ve been searching for!

  255. My little Pepsi needs something like this. His anxiety gets so terrible most days. I always wished there was something I can do for him. This would be a great solution!

  256. I have 4 out of 6 dogs that could really benefit from ThunderEssence..They panic to extreme when they hear the slightest noise from a gun or fireworks ..Especially thunder.They climb all over me and are trembling,panting and just totally out of control.Sometimes I think they will have a heart attack if the thunder does not stop.There is absolutely no rest for me on a thunderstorm day or night.Panic is a mild word when it comes to my dogs behavior.I have tried about everything on the market.So far..I have found nothing that helps.This product would be a lifesaver for me if it helped ! Sincerely a very stressed owner with summer thunderstorms on the way !

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