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Keeping your cat active can be a challenge. Most cats won’t agree to be walked on a leash, and letting your cat out to wander alone can be dangerous. That leaves you in charge of seeing to it that your cat gets plenty of exercise to keep muscles strong and limber while preventing weight gain. Playing with cats will help keep them fit, but considering that they sleep 12-16 hours a day, you’ll be lucky if your schedules synch up…and your cat is in the mood. For an easy, fun way to give your cat a little get-up-and-go try Xtreme Catnip, the all-natural herb even lazy cats can’t resist!

What is catnip and why do cats love it?

The scientific name for the catnip plant is Nepeta cataria. It is categorized as a member of the family of mint plants and can grow as high as 3 feet. The catnip plant contains a chemical called nepetalactone, which is the attractor and stimulator that cats respond to.

Most cats react to the smell of catnip with heightened awareness, playfulness, and exhilaration. You will likely see a lot of rolling, jumping, chasing and bunny kicking, especially when the catnip is inside of or sprinkled on a cat toy. However, younger cats and kittens under the age of 6 months will usually not respond to catnip.

Catnip is safe for cats to eat in small quantities, but will have a calming, sedative effect. Sprinkling catnip on your cat’s food may also encourage a finicky cat to eat.

The catnip “high” usually lasts about 10 minutes. Once the catnip wears off, your cat will return to a normal activity level or may become a little sleepy from all the excitement. It is recommended that you only give catnip to your cat a few times per week at most to avoid building up a tolerance to the herb.

Xtreme Catnip is a catalyst for fun!

Buy Xtreme Catnip at 1800PetMedsLiven up your kitty’s routine with 100% natural Xtreme Catnip. This extra-potent loose leaf catnip is the perfect catalyst to inspire blissful activity in your cat. Grown in very high altitudes, this exceptional herb boasts of an unusually large concentration of catnip oil. The result? Unbridled fun for everyone! Your cat will love the spirited euphoria Xtreme Catnip brings, and your whole family will enjoy watching the playful antics that follow.

You can rub Xtreme Catnip on your cat’s scratching post or a favorite toy, or stuff an old sock with a handful of the loose, fragrant herb for a handmade toy your cat will go crazy for.

Is your cat a finicky eater or grumpy about trying a new brand of food? You can even use a sprinkle of Xtreme Catnip to lure your kitty to his or her food dish.



Win FREE Xtreme Catnip!

Would Xtreme Catnip help inspire some fun and frolick in your home? Tell us why your kitty could use a pick-me-up and you could win FREE Xtreme Catnip from 1800PetMeds!

Just leave a comment below for a chance to win!

One winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday, December 21, 2016, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!

Congrats to the drawing winner, Cindy A! We’ll send an email about how to claim your prize. 



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  1. My cats Moses and Patches would love to win because they are feeling cooped up being in the house and they need a little pick me up just like we do!

  2. I have four cats, this Xtreme CatNip would be wonderful for our busy kitty household.

  3. I have 3 rescue kitties that would love catnip.. they are so bored in the winter as they cannot go out on their “Catio” to play.. this would sure make them happy.

  4. Sometimes it is hard to get our diabetic cat up and moving around. This would likely give him a little boost!

  5. I love to give my best friends gifts for her animals. She has four cats and is gone most of the day working two jobs. Something like this would be a nice little gift to perk up the time she has playing and bonding with her kitties.

  6. I have 2 catnip fiends that would love to win this!!

  7. I manage an animal shelter and would love to win some Xtreme Catnip for our shelter adoptables!

  8. my kitty needs this

  9. My kitty, Sugar, sometimes loves catnip and sometimes she couldn’t care less. I would love to try Xtreme Catnip for her.

  10. I have 4 kitties 3 of which are pretty active but the other possibly because he’s a freak of nature being gigantic prefers to laze around. Xtreme CatNip might perk him up.

  11. I had two cats that would play together. I recently lost Mia to renal failure so Runt is lonely. I have not found a brand of catnip that “excites” her. Maybe this Xtreme Catnip! would make her jump for joy.

  12. I have four kitties who are catnip-aholics and would love to try this!

  13. this would help my kitties have fun and ernjoy it.

  14. I have a completely wonderful short-haired domestic that I rescued 2 years ago. He is the most loving companion! I live in Washington D.C. and it is not possible to let my kitty outdoors to play and hunt and be a cat. This crazy catnip toy would be just what my cat needs to be active while he is inside the apartment all day! I am so excited to get something that he will like. Typical cat toys like toy mice that squeak bore him pretty quickly, but he will love this. Thank you so much.

  15. My cats name is Jill and she went up a hill looking to find some catnip. No such luck so she is hoping to win this prize.

  16. Extreme Catnip? Sounds right up out alley! Thanks for hosting this nice givaway!

  17. Our cat loves catnip, her favorite thing to do with it is to eat it!

  18. I feed 17 ferals, plus my 4. Would love this for a present for them. Ty

  19. Of my six rescue cats, there are a couple who like to chill and need some catnip to make them as frisky as the others.

  20. I have four cats and they all love catnip. This would make for a very fun time for them all!

  21. I have a feral kitty that has been with us for over 5 years now. He is still a little skiddish, but has made us his mommy and daddy. I am sure he would enjoy the Xtreme CatNip would work well on him. He is older and needs a little fun in his life.

  22. We want it! What other reason is there?

  23. We have three cats, including a senior, a 3-year-old, and a 6-month-old. The two younger ones are playful, but getting my older girl to play isn’t as easy these days. I know she loves catnip, so this might be what it takes to get her interacting with the other cats. I just love watching them when they have catnip!

  24. My vet has recommended that my 12 year old cat lose 5 lbs. I’ve tried getting him to play but all he wants to do is sleep. I bought him a few mice with catnip inside, he played with it for 10 mins and he had it chewed up and the catnip was coming out. He was throwing up a few hours later. I had thrown away that mouse but I think he injested some of that catnip, now I’m afraid to give him anymore toys with catnip from Walmart. I’m thinking the all natural catnip would be a better alternative one. This brand would be a great thing to get my cat playing again.

  25. Poor little Soulten gets way to much love, he’s getting a little heavy on our love for him. He needs Xtreme Catnip, no we need Xtreme Catnip, so we can keep loving him too much without harming his health.

  26. My kitty horde loves cat nip. Add a little nip and hilarity quickly ensues.

  27. My cats would love this. They have tried all different kinds but never this one. The others wear off real quick so I would really love to see how this works. You may have a customer for life 🙂

  28. My Mainecoons, Kingsley & Dobby, love their catnip! They go crazy for it.

  29. My Annabelle would go crazy for this. She is quite the character so this would spark her personality even more. How fun!

  30. Our two kitties just traveled across country from Massachusetts to California and they have been a little stressed! They love to have fun and play with toys so I’m sure this would cheer them up!

  31. Our rescue kitten we just got would love this. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!

  32. it is winter where I live and we are unable to get fresh catnip and the dry stuff in store just is not the same and seems like my kitty doesn not like it she just walks away from it so this would be an excellent Christmas present for my kitty Would just LOVE to win Thank you for the chance!!!!

  33. Our four cats all love catnip. And with the cold weather here, they want to see something green!

  34. I adopted Mittens when she was almost 6 years old. She will be 16 on December 22, this catnip would be the perfect birthday gift for her!! She is a very sweet cat and she LOVES catnip!! 😻

  35. My two grand cats would love it if I won this for them! 🙂

  36. Haha would like to see if this is preferred over what we give! Could be fun for the kitty 🙂

  37. It’s so funny to watch my cars they like to roll in it

  38. My guy loves catnip I can only imagine how he would love this!!!

  39. I have two kitties…one is an adventurous kitty and is very upset that we won’t allow her outside..she loves to explore…she also loves catnip in any shape or form…she would love this and have a grand ole time inside where she is safe!

  40. My 10 kitties would absolutely love this catnip! I just give them each a tiny pile and watch the crazy antics begin!!!!

  41. I adopted Mittens when she was almost 6 years old. She will be 16 on December 22, this catnip would be the perfect birthday present!! She is a very sweet cat and she LOVES catnip! 😻

  42. Our cat,Lilly,is a stray I found in the middle of the road 3 years ago. She’s never been a real sociable cat with people, but would play with our older cat of 12 years,Jinx. Jinx passed away last week,and Lilly’s wandering alot with not much to do.Since she’s not really a”people”cat,I feel she could use some catnip for a pick-me-up.

  43. My cats love it.i have 6 and when i put down catnip PARTY!

  44. My little Nermy is nuts for catnip!

  45. Have cat that has pain and anxiety problems. And catnip seems to mellow her out. Would love to try this on her.

  46. This would perk my two old man cats right up! They play like kittens when cat nip is involved.

  47. I adopted Mittens when she was almost 6. She will be 16 on December 22, this catnip would be the perfect birthday present!! She is a very sweet cat and she LOVES catnip!

  48. I have 1 cat and 1 kitten and they both love cat nip my older one loves to stick her head in the bag and then reach her paw in and take some out herself

  49. Catnip makes our cats totally active!!!

  50. Our feral cat colony is up to ten now. A lot of them are becoming social enough to spend some time in the house. This would just enhance that time we have with them and probably socialize them enough to find homes.

  51. My younger cat Bandit would have a field day with this catnip. My oldest cat snowball would love it too. It would be a Merry Christmas for them!

  52. Both my cats like catnip, especially the oldest. My younger cat likes it to a lesser extent, but I sometimes wonder if she can fully smell it. This kind sounds like perhaps it would be stronger, so would love to try. Thanks for the chance!

  53. thanks for the chance

  54. Thank you for the opportunity!!!

  55. I have 2 older Kitties, 1 is 12 and her mother is 13, catnip brings out the kitten in them and they get some needed exercise playing with it. Also when I am gone at work leaving some out encourages them to play a bit during the day, not just spend it sleeping

  56. I would love to win this 😻 I have an extremely hyperactive cat and would love to see how she reacts to this .

  57. my siter’s two cats she adopted from animal shelter needs these!

  58. I have four cats and they can get feisty at times and need some fun! Thank you for the chance.

  59. My two crazy cats would go BONKERS over this extreme catnip! Thank you for the opportunity for letting us try to win it!

  60. Marilyn Fisher-RileyDecember 15, 2016 at 2:51 pm

    My three cats would go bonkers for some awesome catnip.

  61. I’ve never heard of this brand of catnip – I think my cats would love it!

  62. I would love to win this…. I have a extremely hyperactive cat and would love to see how she would react to this.

  63. I have a cat. My cat love catnip and normal her age. She always sleep lot and eat dry food and food can piggy lol. I never winner prizes since.

  64. My cat, Juicy, still hasn’t forgiven me for getting a dog! She deserves some Xtreme Catnip!

  65. I have 3 cats and one of them is kind of a brat. Her favorite thing to get her to relax is catnip 🙂 thanks!

  66. I have a cat and she loves catnip. I never get winners since.

  67. I have 4 adult cats, 1 female, 3 males & a 8 month old female kitten. They all love cat nip so much! It’s really funny to see them get hyped up. They rub their faces & bodies against the cat scratching post. I sprinkle a teaspoon full on their bedding too!

  68. I just found my 10TH kitty in my garage.To cute,sweet and cold to kick out. Want to give my girls only the very best to keep them happy and totally loved for our lifrtime !!!

  69. My 7 cats are nuts about catnip. They would love it 24/7.

  70. My cat skittles would love some catnip for Christmas!

  71. Have 3 siamese cats with weed adiction would love some stronger nip!

  72. I was just fostering a stray dog until it found a home and my cats are really angry with me. They sure could use a pick me upend maybe they will forgive me 🙂

  73. We have 3 beautiful (and slightly lazy) kitties that absolutely love catnip. We live in the city so it’s near impossible to find it growing wild like we used to 🙁 We’ve tried the store brands and even ordered some online but they just didn’t seem that interested. Fingers crossed that we win and toes crossed that they love it! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  74. My cats would love it!

  75. I have 5 cats who love to roll around in cat nip. Love to win some for them

  76. I have 5 cats that love to roll around in cat nip!

  77. My 16 year old Siberian Zhivago sleeps most of the day and night. When he seek affection and/or attention Xtreme Catnip would entice him to enjoy some play and exercise time. Thank you for this Petmeds offer.

  78. I have 3 darling 🐱 🐱🐱!!! Weezer, Felix, and Maggie Mae! I’ve never let them play with catnip….someone told me it was bad for them. Thanks for setting the record straight! I’d love to win these giveaway for them. Thanks for the opportunity and Merry Christmas to everyone at 1800 Pet Meds🎄✨🎁🌟❣️

  79. All my cats…permanent fosters and rescues…love LOVE catnip!!!

  80. Freezing cold, so just snoozing by the fire & staring at me, bored with the regular toys since caught on to the fact: need to lose weight, so need to play more!!


  82. I have two cats that are full figured. They could use all the running around they can get. What is better than cat nip to get them going.

  83. my cat loves catnip so much! i would love to win this to put in his christmas stocking 🙂

  84. My 2kitties would love to win the Extreme Catnip in fact cat nip is their middle name ❤️ All catnip things what a wonderful Christmas gift to have their favorite treat to enjoy 😸😺!!!

  85. Our kitty Ed has become sluggish and not playful. This catnip could be the thing to get her going again.

  86. I’ve got two cats. One is 14 and the other is 5. The first time either of them tried catnip, my husband thought he might’ve over dosed them. The elder cat, she began acting like a kitten and playing with everyone. It’s a nice way to interact with our babies.

  87. Oscar de la Hoya is getting older. He doesn’t get as much exercise as he used to and has gained some weight. He needs this!

  88. Pinky and Deuce could use a little help – thanks for the opportunity!

  89. Our two cats are hysterically funny when they have regular catnip. We’d love to see them try some of this!

  90. My kitties love catnip!

  91. Would love to try it with my kid! Sounds great!

  92. My Xtreme cat Smokey would LOVE the Xtreme Cat Nip!!!

  93. I have three cats that would love to have a catnip party!

  94. to catnip or not to catnip – thats the question?

  95. My car Spencer could definitely use some more exercise. He would love this!

  96. My cat would enjoy this a lot

  97. Oops lol cat*

  98. I bring catnip to the ferals and strays a few times a week when i go to feed. Its an extra treat they never normally would have and they just love it. This is a great catnip brand, much more scented than many others we’ve tried.

  99. Our cat Mr. Pickles is 16 and needs some excitement . 🙂

  100. 16, fixed, needs a little kixx

  101. Although my two cats are 17 years old – they are in good health, but I am sure that Golaith and Phieffer could use some Xtreme Catnip to get them moving a little more and get them more stirred up.

  102. I have 2 indoor cats and a bunch if outdoor ones (call me a crazy cat lady) but I think my cats would go crazy for this xtreme catnip! They love the regular kind, I can just imagine how they would be with this stuff! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  103. I have asenior cat with a very picky appetite. Catnip helps to ensure she gets adequate food intake.

  104. Getting a new kitten in a week and a half and I think she would love to try this catnip!

  105. I have 5 cats and when it rains snows or gets as cold as it is nowvibkeep my kitty’s inside….theyhave lots of toys and a change with catnip would be great…..catnip iI had was old so I got rid of it cause it did nothing….my kitty’s deserve this catnip you said I could win & me well I would be more than greatful so Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

  106. My nine cat would love this it be purrfect for their stocking

  107. shhh, Don’t tell my cat Tipsey! She goes bonkers over cat nip! I mean really bonkers! She finds where we put it and knocks it on the floor and messes with It until she gets it open. it is like a drug for her. she eats it, rolls around in it, and sniffs it. Boy would she LOVE to win it!!!!!!

  108. Well I don’t know how “extreme” cat nip can be. Might be interesting to find out. We have four cats. Only one really seems to enjoy the cat nip from our garden. Maybe the “extreme” stuff might appeal to the other three?

  109. My cat would love this! THanks for this giveaway!

  110. My two cats would like to try some catnip!

  111. There’s nothing quite as entertaining as watching a cat reacting to catnip.

  112. Abigail loves catnip! It’s her favorite way to have fun without having to share with her doggie Sis!

  113. My kitties have been super good all year long. Santa should bring them some!

  114. Kitty loves catnip and this would really cheer her up. Last year my son moved out and took his cat with him. Kitty misses Maki.

  115. My cats love catnip and I crack up how my cats act. Love the catnip!

  116. Our last group of foster kittens went through most of our catnip, and now our cats are giving us dirty looks. HELP! lol

  117. I have several barn cats and some indoor/outdoor cats who all love catnip. They destroy every plant I start but do have extreme fun with catnip. Would love to win some catnip.

  118. I have barn cats as well as indoor/outdoor cats. All love catnip and destroy every plant I grow. But they have xtreme fun doing it. Would love to win some in the giveaway.

  119. Recently got a rescue dog that is too hyper for Caesar, my 12 year old cat. I am sure that Caesar would love to get a special treat like the catnip.

  120. I have three cats. One of them is an older cat and doesn’t exercise much, but with the
    catnip for inspiration I think he would have a reason to get active. Thank you for giving
    us a chance to try your excellent catnip.

  121. My cats love catnip. They are 7 year old brother & sister. It’s cute to watch them act like kittens again.

  122. I have several cats but one of them can be in another room and he will smell it when I take it out of the cabinet. He will come running in the room and jump on the sink while I am trying to fill one of their catnip mice and he will get in the sink and eat it when it falls in the sink. He is a mess. The others go crazy too but not like him.

  123. My girls absolutely LOVE catnip! Peekaboo is 7 and Precious is 6 and they look forward to rolling around and eating and playing in their catnip! Would love to see how they like yours! Hope you all have a Wonderful Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Safe, and Healthy New Year!
    MEOW!! >^..^<

  124. My cat use to love to play but now that he is older he seems bored, I have tried catnip spray on his soft toys does do the trick at all, he needs to get back into playing with his cat toys again it would be nice to win this catnip nothing to loose to really see if it works. I have never won anything for my two pets dog and cat, but if not in the game can win so I keep trying hoping that time will come to win something just maybe this time.

  125. my cat just got neutered

  126. All of my cats are a little overweight so they could all use the exercise. They would enjoy playing with this catnip.

  127. My neighbors cat is overweight and since she is elderly she can’t really exercise the cat, this might help Pumpkin get moving!

  128. I just adopted a cat from aspca.I have to wait until tues.to get her.I’m waiting somewhat patiently.A little nip for her and perhaps a little adult nip for me.LOL

  129. My Hunter would Love this! Thanks for the chance!

  130. We have 4 cats, only 1 is overweight, but they all love catnip. I would love to win them some!!

  131. it’s getting to cold outside for ivan ,his other favorite thing is his catnip so he can taunt his dog brother to chase him around.

  132. I have 5 rescue cats and they would LOVE Xtreme catnip!!!!

  133. We take in cats that uncaring folks dump in our area. We now have nine furry friends and one rescue dog. We take them to the vet for shots and have them altered and welcome them to our family. This would be delightful for them to enjoy and We in turn would enjoy them enjoying

  134. it is getting to cold for ivan to go outside,so his other favorite thing is his catnip so he can taunt his dog brother to chase him around the kitchen.

  135. I have the volunteers at the shelter make cat toys with toilet paper rolls and a little catnip inside. The kids have fun making them and the guys can throw them away when they clean the cage.

  136. Two of our cats do not get along EXCEPT when they are enjoying your catnip! (Go figure.)

  137. my five kitties would love to try your extreme catnip

  138. Kylie is 22 lbs and needs inspiration to get moving and lose some weight before summer bikini season!!!!

  139. My 3 cats adore catnip but there is none in the house. They asked me to tell you that they would like more please.

  140. my kitties love catnip they go crazy and have alot of fun

  141. I have lots of inside kitties and I am always finding things for them to do and I think they would really enjoy this product.

  142. My 5 cats love this stuff. I have to hide the bag or they will rip it apart.

  143. My cat is about 1 year old. She is a rescue. I found her on my road and she was only about a month.
    Even tho I am allergic to cats, I could not leave her there to get run over by a car. I can’t play with her
    the way I would love to, but I put her in my basement at night so a coyote won’t get her. I think the catnip
    would be a good treat for her.

  144. Mink and Sammy absolutely love catnip. I always put it on their scratching pad.


  145. My cats would love it. Lava and King Boo are a class act when the are being playful.

  146. Mink and Sammy absolutely love catnip. I always put it on their scratching board.
    Joyce Kaplan

  147. I just want to watch my cats go nuts.

  148. I have four kitties that love catnip!! They would go crazy over this omg!!! 😀

  149. I have one cat and he love catnip!

  150. My five kitties love cat nip.

  151. My cat is already tired of winter weather and is getting into mischief. He needs something constructive to do!

  152. My fur babies LOVE catnip! We try to give them some a few day s a week 🙂

  153. My kitty could use a pick me up because she is insanely jealous I am temporarily feeding a stray kitty outside. She is extremely displeased with me. If we won some catnip, my kitty would get a treat and (shhh! don’t tell her) so would the little outside minou.

  154. I have 7 cats and young and old love the catnip.

  155. Toby Kitty and Cody are 2 beautiful boys who share their home with 3dogs. Sometimes it get quite stressful trying to get along. Catnip would sure give them a lift.

  156. My 10 year old girls love catnip – and I love watching them when they get it!

  157. It is too cold to go outside. She needs some fun indoors.

  158. I stuff baby socks with some stuffing material and catnip and then sew the tops. You never saw such happy kitties rolling around with them!

  159. My cats have gotten lazy as they have gotten older. Maybe this would get them excited!

  160. This would be a treat for my little Emma. I am trying to use rewards to get her to use a scratching post. I don’t want to get her declawed. The catnip would sure help!!

  161. My cat would love this.

  162. our kitties are older so they could use some frolicking

  163. First time hearing of extreme catnip. I have three cats one who isn’t very active anymore and would probably enjoy having the catnip. I’d be interested in trying it for them.

  164. Our cats would go nuts over this!

  165. The catnip might be for the cats, but watching the screw-balls going bonkers is the best part of all!

  166. I tried to plant catnip, and put in 33 plants. By the end of the day my cats had torn them all up. They do love catnip, but I am back to buying it!

  167. Have some kitties that would love to try this out!

  168. My oldest cat never wants to play anymore which drives our younger cat crazy. She’s always ready to play! This might help bring a little fun into our house and stop the grumpiness.

  169. My “grandson” Rorshack moved 2 hours away from me with his mommy and daddy. When I go to visit him I would love to bring him this as a present. I think he would love it!!!!!!!!

  170. My cat would benefit from this, it would get him more active, he is young and getting a little hefty and it would be funny to watch him just go nuts!
    Thanks a bunch

  171. I have 8 cats. They have grown into lazy furballs and I would love to see them run and frolic like they used to.

  172. I have 4 cats males. They all are big lazy. Katnip always helps with that.

  173. We have 4 cats. Only 1 is overweight but they all love catnip. Would love to win this for them!!

  174. My cat needs this extreme catnip because she sleeps a lot and mopes around. I try to play with her and she can’t be bothered. I would love to get her excited and have some fun!

  175. My cat needs this extreme catnip because she sleeps a lot and mopes around. I try to play with her and she can’t be bothered. I would love to get her excited and have some fun!

  176. My old but still playful kitties would love some of this!

  177. There could be a lot of kitty fun with this!

  178. My cat, Matble, is an indoor/outdoor cat who pretty much prefers outdoors. But this week, the super-cold weather has hit and it would be cruel to give in to her meowing and let her out when it is sooo cold. A little catnip would be an incentive and comfort for having to spend more indoors time! Thanks!

  179. I leave a little catnip out for a visiting cat since he leaves dead mice for us.

  180. My cats love catnip.

  181. I have 5 special kitties 2 males & 3 females who are all unable to reproduce…… None can get pregnant & none can make a female pregnant. I love each & everyone of them as they all have their own personalities and they all love to play and the catnip would be a delight for then. They just love playing with alltgeur toys but the mist simplest is the ring off a gal if milk or a crumpled up piece of paper. But to have the catnip would really be a delight & since it doesn’t hurt them I love the catnip for my cats. Thanks you people cause you all are the best!!! You are no.1 in my book & my kitty’s book & my labs book also so Thank-You!!!

  182. My cats are freaken hilarious on their cat nip!!!!

  183. This sounds like a great thing to win My cat passed away oct 17 of this year and I finally was able to get another one just today and she’s very shy maybe this be a for us to play with each other.

  184. My cat is 18 years old, in pretty good health but with a very low level of energy. I would think that giving her some catnip might rise her energy and bring some fun into her life.

  185. My kitty Jersey has never experienced catnip id love for him to try it!

  186. Looks like a great product.

  187. Sunshine is a lazy boy 🙂 He loves catnip. It’s the only thing that gets him moving. This would be FANTASTIC!

  188. My 10 year old cat Mandy acts like a kitten when she’s around catnip. She’s fun to watch since she has so much fun. She loves the catnip mice that I make for her until she destroys them and I have to clean it up.

  189. My son has 3 cats that I know would enjoy this. It would give them some incentive to play.

  190. Would love this for my 2 rescue kitties. I have an 8 year old cat who is over weight and could use a pick me up. Would love this to try for both of my cats.

  191. My two kitties would love this as a Christmas gift!

  192. My old man tigger, I got when I was 7 years old and I begged and begged for him when I was kid. Now he’s turning 16 and still purring! I keep my old furry childhood friend alive with catnip. <3 Catnip helps him feel like a kitten again… at least for a little while. Oh tiggs.

  193. Both my cats love catnip, I even grow the plant for the outdoor cats

  194. My kitties would be so thrilled to win some catnip! I’m unable to get out very often so they haven’t had any for quite a while.

  195. Sissy my cat loves cat nip she always feels better when shes around it

  196. Catnip makes my cat crazy, can’t wait to see how she is with this Xtreme Catnip. Thanks for the giveaway.

  197. Kitties are my children and I love em all! Some free catnip will really boost their activities! I love to watch them play. That really makes my day.

  198. I feed a feral cat twice a day and he may like this.

  199. Yeah for catnip! My cat loves it!

  200. 6 stray indoor/outdoor cats are in the house on a rainy day Hmmmm the most aggressive Ginger cat with the extra long legs has his eyes on the most gentle and smallest kitty cat of the bunch Hmmmm don’t feel like hearing growling and howling????? Just sprinkle some catnip on all 8 of the cat scratching pads roll their toys in catnip dangle catnip covered toys attached to sticks over their heads SOUNDS LIKE A CATNIP PARTY!!!!

  201. Help your cat love trips to the vet by sprinkling catnip on a towel and placing it in the cat carrier before you attempt to place your cat in the carrier I say the more Xtreme the catnip is the better My 6 cats will enjoy the catnip sample anytime any day

  202. my cats love catnip!

  203. Oh gosh, our kitties are already wild….but, for those times for when they are “lethargic”, this would be a great pickup!

  204. All my kitties love their catnip parties!

  205. Angel Ms. Phoebe's FamilyDecember 16, 2016 at 2:18 am

    This sounds awesome for my fur kids!

  206. I would really love to win this for my 5 cats!

  207. I love making soft kitty toys and always add a little catnip!

  208. My baby Deja would love Xtreme catnip!

  209. Emmi loves this stuff!

  210. My cat would love to find this in her Christmas stocking.

  211. When Kit throws a fit,
    I admit it is befit
    To nip him up
    And rip him up
    With Xtreme to get him lit.
    Kit’s chomping at the bit
    To get me to commit
    To buy more nip
    He’s on my tip
    A sample, please, or I submit!

  212. It’s been super cold here and my cats could use some catnip for a pick me up.

  213. MY poor girl was just diagnosed with thyroid . She loves catnip and I would like to give her a treat after all the needlesticks and vet visits.

  214. My poor girl was just diagnosed with thyroid. I would like to give her a treat after all the needlesticks and vet visits.

  215. Tiggs LOVES catnip and when I can get it for him, he runs around the house like a nut. He jumps over and plays with Gemma, his 1 year old pit bull sister.

  216. I have four cats and they absolutely LOVE catnip. When I give it to them, they run around, play with each other , and chase their lazer light until they lay down panting. They would be so happy to find this present under the Christmas morning.

  217. Our office cat loooooves catnip! She would have to much fun if I won her some of this!

  218. My three rescue cats would love to get some catnip in their stockings! 😉

  219. The Dude would love it, I bet!

  220. This would make my cats crazzzyyy!! Thanks for the chance.

  221. I had a d a t who managed to pry open a cupboard and eat an entire bag. Ugh the mess!

  222. Katherine Barrett ZywanDecember 16, 2016 at 10:57 am

    I think my young cats would love this!

  223. My 4 cats would really benefit from Xtreme Catnip, because they tend to spend most of the day sleeping. With Xtreme Catnip, they would be more active and keep their joints flexible.

  224. I have never used but would love to , I have two cats

  225. My cat, Shadow, is lonely as her best friend left the world….she now only has human warmth. She need to have a fun friend to brighten her long days….humans could use a treat also …seeing her having a fun workout with Xtreme Catnip!!!

  226. My kitty could use some pep since she is now an only cat in the house and needs some Extreme Catnip.

  227. One of our 2 cats just goes ‘Cuckoo for Catnip’ – Would love to let her try out the Extreme Catnip.

  228. I have 3 cats, a 12 yr old, a 9 year old and a 5 yr old. Amazingly enough the old guys love their catnip the most. Keeps them active and happy.

  229. I have 4 precious rescue furbabies who live in a very small world and they allow me to live with them. They can’t go out so they get very little exercise.I would so enjoy watching them play and getting some exercise. Thank you and Merry Christmas

  230. I have 2 kitties that love catnip, the other is so finicky that she seems to think shes too good for catnip! I love the quirkiness of all 3 of their personalities.

  231. I have 3 cats and 2 dogs so sometimes it’s hard to give everyone enough attention. My cats would love the treat of Xtreme Catnip.

  232. My three cats go bonkers for some cat nip, and they could definitely use the energy boost this dreary winter!

  233. so what does it do to a cat?

  234. i love to watch my 3 cats play on catnip

  235. My 4 kitties love catnip!

  236. my little boy would love this

  237. My two cats are catnip fiends. They love when my daughter comes over because she always brings some catnip with her for them.

  238. I rescued my cat, Fatty after work one day and he is such a strange cat. Especially when he has catnip… He starts to run across the room back and forth. I don’t know if he needs a super charged catnip but I am curious about what his reaction will be.

  239. My lazy kitties just lie on my bed all day. They could use a happy pick me up.

  240. Adopted Sam and Dean (named after Supernatural tv show) at a local shelter when they were kittens and I didn’t want to separate them, and the “boys” are very active and wish I have a camera to see what they’re doing while I am at work, and catnip seems to have a special effect on them.

  241. the floor’s gettng worn out from cat chasing dogs.

  242. I have a foster kitty that is shy – is momma was feral and he was separated from his brothers and sisters very early, so he is very reserved around people. I’d like to try Extreme Catnip to help him come out of his shell a little!

  243. My cats would love this!

  244. my cats would love tis to keep them from being bored.

  245. M y kitty needs a pick me up because he is exhausted from running away from the new puppy.

  246. I would be interested in trying this product because for some reason, my cat, who’s 3 years old, doesn’t seem to respond to any catnip I’ve tried. Maybe this one would give him a pick me up.

  247. My calico loves cat nip. I put in on around his play toys. I even squirt some om a burlap bag you but that lasts for seconds. She loves the catnip and runs from one end of the house to the other end. But the best part is when I give it to her in a toy, she rolls and rolls around like a fool. Purring all the time. Her eyes get glassy for a few minutes. Then she just plops down . I would love to win some so my husband who’s in a wheelchair due to dementia could roll the ball around with catnip in it. Then he’d be partipating in her playtime. Thank you!

  248. Would love to win this for my cat!

  249. My cat loves catnip and I’d also share it with someone I know whose cat is often home alone and needs some things to keep her active.

  250. We have two kitties and they have gained a little weight recently. They need to move around and play more. We try to teach them tricks, like jumping up to catch their toy mice, but usually one watches while the other does the jumping. A little Xtreme catnip would probably do the trick to get them both excited, as the catnip we’ve purchased in the stores doesn’t interest them at all.

  251. And we’ll have fun, fun, fun ’til Daddy takes the Xtreme Catnip awaaay!

  252. My kitty is always sleeping! He needs a wake-up call with Xtreme Catnip!

  253. My 3 cats have never experienced the joys of catnip and deserve to have some fun

  254. My lil Bryzzo could use a pick me up she is 10 and is loveable as ever but needs some fun

  255. My old gal is 17. She loves her nip.

  256. Would love the opportunity to win Xtreme Catnip for my cat October

  257. My Delilah could use this to make her feel happier about having a 4 month old kitten following her around while we cat sit her for a week and a half.

  258. I lost my catnip stash in the move and my cat has been giving me the evil eye ever since

  259. my kitty would love this

  260. thanks for the chance

  261. My four cats might love some. They are between the ages 7- 19 years young..

  262. Let’s get extreme!!

  263. My cats love catnip

  264. My kitty would love this

  265. My kitty would love some fun!!! Hes never experienced catnip

  266. My cat would love this

  267. My 3 cats two of which I bottle fed a very young age because they were found.. LOVE CATNIP.

  268. I have two cats. One is 12 years old & she loves to play after being around catnip. It really gets her going. My younger cat also loves catnip. They would absolutely love the Xtreme catnip!

  269. My car deals with stressful kids (6 of them) so he needs to relax

  270. I meant cat

  271. My 4 furrbabies LOVE catnip. They coming running when they hear the container

  272. i have 4 cats that would love this !

  273. My older cat goes crazy for catnip and I tried giving it to the new kitten (4 months old) and he sniffed it but didn’t have the same reaction. We’ll see when he gets older.

  274. My two kitty fellas would LOVE this catnip!!! Thanks for the chance!

  275. My new fur baby loves cat nip it keeps him scratching things he is supposed to

  276. we have 3 kittens. this would be awesome

  277. My 5 cats would love it so much. They could use something fun.

  278. My cat was abused as a kitten which we did not know when we got her. It has taken lots of time and patience for her to warm up to us. I think she could use a little fun in her life!

  279. I have two – 8 month old cats. They are sisters that I adopted from the local shelter. Charlotte and Rosalie would love to have this 🙂

  280. My cat is crazy. He attacks usand my poor Christmas tree lol.He is only 5 months old.

  281. my cat would love this catnip

  282. My cats, Belle and Cheeto, go nuts over catnip! Would love to see how they will react to Xtreme Catnip…I bet a bunch of hilarity will ensue! Better have a video camera ready lol Good luck everyone!

  283. My cats would love this.

  284. I think my cat would love this.

  285. My 4 kitties would love it!

  286. two of my cats love catnip..I grow some on my patio, but I can’t keep up with their needs.

  287. There would be two happy cats!

  288. I have a cat who will lay on the nip pile and spread his legs and and dig his claws into the rug so none of the other cats can get any. I would love to try this.

  289. My cat , Flash is just like a child to me. Since don’t have children my cat and dog are my children and try to give them the best of everything. That’s why I would love to win some xtreme catnip for Flash.

  290. Out of all our cats, and we have and care for many, we love watching the oldest one, who is 6 this year, turn into a little guy again when getting some cat nip. Unfortunately, he is very ill and recovery is doubtful. He still loves his cat nip, though. Thanks for this opportunity and information on this product!

  291. Found a stary cat and well i cant help but say i fell in love… She would love these!!! ☺☺

  292. We took in a stray and he has stolen our hearts!! The four year old named him Miss Kitty and I think he hates us a little for his name lol

  293. I have two cats a black one and a grey one

  294. Honestly, I would just like to see how my cat would react to catnip, if at all.

  295. Have 3 cats that love their catnip! They come running when they hear the bag being opened. This is the reward for them.

  296. My brother”s cat is so calm and oh so cute!

  297. I have 4 kitties and they could use some fun time. This would be perfect to keep them happy and occupied.

  298. I have 2 cats who LOVE catnip….They dont know but I use it to get them to take their medicine so this would be awesome to win!!

  299. My two seniors need more stimulation to move/play and this might work.

  300. My kitties would love xtreme catnip. They go crazy when I have it. LOL

  301. awesome giveaway

  302. Mr. Nix really would love to win this. It would be the best Christmas gift him. At 14 (almost 15) he goes crazy for catnip where other toys leave him cold.

  303. Oh man my three cats would go crazy for this.. be just as much a gift for us getting to watch them on it .

  304. My two cats would love this! Thanks for the chance to win!

  305. my cat Mr. Meow would love this

  306. Thank you for the chance!

  307. My kitties love catnip. This would definitely be a hit!

  308. My cat is very playful and I think he would love this!

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  311. Thank you for the giveaway

  312. My cat Gracie would be very appreciative!! Thank you

  313. My 9 cats would have a blast with this catnip and my golden retriever would love to watch them !

  314. They’re always snoozing unless they have kitty nip!!

  315. would love to win this for my daughter’s cat MJ

  316. My cat could use some catnip to play with some of her toys

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