The basics of emergency care for your pet

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It's important to be prepared and know basic pet first aid

Last week near my home I noticed a pickup truck with a small dog in its bed moving at a fast pace down a major road and it reminded me of an event that I witnessed many years ago. While driving on a rural road in Central Florida about ten years ago I witnessed an automobile accident that involved a pickup truck that was carrying several hunting dogs that were being transported unsecured in the bed of the pickup. The driver had swerved off the dirt road and as the truck started going into the ditch it clipped the side of a tree. Luckily the vehicle was moving slowly at the time and nobody was seriously injured. One of the dogs however did get a few cuts when he fell out as the truck turned on its side. If this had occurred on a paved road and the truck was going faster, I’m almost certain that both dogs would have sustained major and possibly life-threatening injuries. I don’t believe that pets should ever be transported in this manner.  Read More »

Are you ready for some football?

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Are you ready for some football? I am, sort of. Anyway, the good part is that football Sunday is the perfect excuse to put on a comfy football jersey and lounge around the house watching TV all day. Read More »

#PetMedsDogWeek – Enter to win prizes for your pup!

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As pet owners we don’t need a national day or week to celebrate the love for our pets, but in our opinion it makes things around the PetMeds office that much more fun with regard to giveaways. Let’s take National Dog Week for instance. Going on now until the end of next Friday, September 26th, share a photo of your dog via our contest page, or upload the photo to either Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #PetMedsDogWeek and you could win a fall checklist pet care package including a variety of pet supplies like those pictured and listed below:

#PetMedsDogWeek prizes

One winner will be selected each day and posted to the winners tab of the contest app as well as on our Instagram page.

Interested in more giveaways? Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for our weekly giveaways to win helpful supplies and products for your pet!

The 5 steps to eradicating fleas

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Even indoor cats can get fleas

My brother lives on the 12th floor of a high-rise in Miami.  His cat “Vivi” has been living there with him for the past seven years, and that cat doesn’t leave the apartment other than for yearly veterinary exams. Vivi goes in a carrier and comes back in a carrier, and she has never been allowed to roam around outdoors or with other pets. A few weeks ago I got the following recorded message: “Vivi has fleas, and the apartment is full of them! I can’t believe it and don’t understand where she could have picked them up. Please call me back, I really need help with this.” Read More »

Daisy reflects on National Pet Memorial Day

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Yesterday was National Pet Memorial Day

Today I am feeling a little bit melancholy. That’s because yesterday was National Pet Memorial Day, which is observed on the second Sunday of September. This is a special day to honor and remember all the wonderful cats and dogs who came before. Read More »

Teddy Bear Day is not for Daisy

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Teddy Bear Day 1

You might or might not be wondering why I am posing next to this toy. I’ll tell you the reason: tomorrow is Teddy Bear Day. Teddy bears are cute and cuddly, but they’re not all THAT great. I’ll tell you why… Read More »

A Labor Day misunderstanding

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Daisy plans to sleep in on Labor Day

Harley is confused about the meaning of Labor Day Read More »

Win 1 of 4 Pet Therapeutics Comfort Pads

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Looking for a new way to keep your pet comfortable? Pet Therapeutics is an innovative line of comfort pads to provide soothing relief through the use of orthopedic foam, magnet therapy, and cooling or warmth technology. Each comfort pad can be used on its own, making it perfect for traveling, or they can be used on a sofa or crate for additional support and comfort.
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Harley’s thoughts on male vs. female cats

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Testing, testing, testing, one-two-three, is this thing ON? I know you were probably expecting Daisy, but I can be a good spokescat, too. MALE cats such as myself are pretty awesome if I do say so myself. In fact, let’s talk about male cats vs. female cats. Read More »

Let’s hear it for ear cleanliness!

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Ohai everybuddy! It’s me, Daisy. You might have noticed that I have big ol’ ears. But did you also notice how clean my ears are? I’m very proud of my ear hygiene. Read More »