Treatments for dry eyes in dogs

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Certain breeds are predisposed to getting dry eyes

For many years I have suffered from dry and red eyes. I often get asked if I have been crying or if I was up late. The response is always the same, “I have light, sensitive eyes and I’m particularly vulnerable to getting red eyes, especially during the time of year when the pollen count is high.” Dry eyes occur in pets as well, and it occurs when there isn’t enough lubricant released from the eye glands to keep the eye moist. Natural tears not only contain soothing ingredients they also contain antibodies to help fight against potential infection. Read More »

Professor Daisy’s tips on preventing an upset stomach

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stomach ache6

Today I am going to talk to you about a very serious subject: stomach upset. I know, it is No Fun to have an upset stomach and it is even worse to throw up or have diarrhea. But first I have to give you some important advice– if you have more than a mild digestive upset, or your vomiting or diarrhea gets worse or continues, please have your mom or dad take you to see the veterinarian. Luckily, there are some simple ways to help you avoid getting a stomachache in the first place. Read More »

Celebrate National Splurge Day with Daisy

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I know, I look extra-fancy today, right? Well, I have a good reason to get dressed up. Wednesday is National Splurge Day.  It’s a day where you are encouraged to do something special… for yourself. That’s my kind of holiday! In honor of the day, I put on my fanciest party collar and coordinating tutu. I think this collar qualifies as a splurge, since it’s covered in eleventy-eight REAL diamonds. I hope no one breaks into my home to steal my party collar! Forget I told you about the diamonds, okay? Read More »

5 things your dog wants to tell you–before you bring him home

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What your new puppy wants you to know

A dog is a great addition to a family; bringing a dog home is such a rewarding experience, and the joy and love a dog can bring to a family is tremendous. When I walk into my home, I’m greeted by my dogs Duke and Daisy with their tails furiously wagging, and I feel the stress of the whole day leave my body. When I put the leash on them and take them for a walk, I feel totally different than how I felt just moments before when I exited my car and headed into the house. It’s difficult to explain the feeling, but when I see my two dogs enjoying themselves immensely looking at the trees, the blades of grass, and the ducks swimming in the lake, I can’t help but to notice those things myself. The thought of walking into the house with no dogs to greet me saddens me a little, but I also know that some homes and some people should probably not own or raise a dog. A dog in the shelter or the pet store with a wagging tail that screams “take me home” is so difficult to resist that I decided to write this blog about the five important things your dog doesn’t tell you–until you bring him home. Read More »

Daisy’s thoughts on superstitions

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Opening an umbrella indoors is considered bad luck

Oh my Cod, I’ve opened an umbrella indoors! Opening an umbrella indoors is supposed to be very bad luck. That is one of the silliest superstitions, ever. Isn’t it worse luck for it to be raining and NOT have an umbrella? Since Friday the 13th is just around the corner, I thought I would share my thoughts on superstitions: I think superstitions are stupid! Except maybe the one about cats having 9 lives; that one is most likely correct. Read More »

Win: Kitty A GoGo – a stylish cat litter box alternative

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Give your cat a stylish home and some privacy with a Kitty A GoGo

If you’re a cat owner, you know the topic of your cat’s litter box isn’t exactly an exciting one. Traditional cat litter boxes can be quite an eyesore which often designates them to less frequented rooms in the home. But what if you’re cat’s litter box could be both functional and dare we say…stylish?


With the Kitty A GoGo cat litter box you can have the best of both! Available in 6 design covers, this attractive cat litter box arrives preassembled to save you time. Simply add your favorite cat litter and the Kitty A GoGo is ready to use. Cleaning the litter box is easy too. Use the pull-out tray and included metal sifter rake to remove clumps in a single comb through motion. Need to throw out old litter? No problem! A removable plastic liner is included to dispose of old litter in one step.

The Kitty A GoGo is ideal for all cats and kittens with the opening measures 12″ wide and 8″ high. Its overall design measures 16″ high, 18″ wide, 21″ long, making it a perfect fit for small spaces and apartment homes. Not only will your cat love his or her new litter box, but you’ll love the stylish design!

Win a Kitty A GoGo!

To enter to win the Kitty A GoGo cat litter box, leave a comment below sharing a fun fact about your cat.

Congratulations to Audrey Macie, the winner of the Kitty A GoGo!

National Hug Your Cat Day– please approach carefully!

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Cat bites can easily become infected

Today is National Hug Your Cat day. Go ahead and hug your cat, pick your cat up, put the cat on your lap–caressing a cat has actually been known to lower stress markers and maybe even prolong life for both the human and the cat. Now who wouldn’t want a longer, happier life? It seems like a fail-proof method of achieving health and long life, unless the cat doesn’t agree or care about those medical findings and doesn’t wish to be handled. Approaching a cat that wants to be left alone is the fastest way to increase stress for both you and the cat. Cats have extremely sharp nails and sharp, powerful teeth that can cause severe harm. Getting scratched or bitten by a cat is not only painful but it is potentially dangerous. If a cat puts on a display that shows he wants to be left alone, it is best to leave him alone. Read More »

Professor Daisy on urinary tract infections

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Ohai! You caught me about to use the litter box. So much for privacy! Just give me a moment to take care of some business… Read More »

Do pets have the capacity to truly love?

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Many times in an extremely close relationship between two humans there develops a feeling of “oneness.” I have even encountered several people who have developed such a strong feeling of connection that it seems to include the whole of creation. Sometimes the question arises as to whether our pets have the ability to truly love and if they have a soul similar to that of humans. Most people who have felt or heard a cat purring when touched or a dog wagging his tail when near a certain family member would argue that animals do have the ability to love unconditionally. That being said, there are many people in the scientific community who would argue that pets only seem to love others in their “pack” simply as a survival instinct. Read More »

Daisy’s Memorial Day plans

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Memorial Day3

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you get to have today off from work. Before we get to the usual Memorial Day activities (like eating some delicious hamburgers fresh off the grill), I want to take a few minutes today and remember the brave men and women who gave their lives serving our country. I would be too scared to do that myself! Read More »