[Contest] Your pet could be a TV Star!

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1800PetMeds Calling All Pets Sweepstakes and Contest

Rin-tin-tin. Morris. Lassie. Grumpy Cat. And…. Who will be the next beloved pet celebrity?
It could be your pet! The 1800PetMeds Calling All Pets Sweepstakes & Contest is in full swing and open to pets nationwide. Enter your pet now for the chance to become America’s next pet TV star, and a chance to win other valuable prizes!

How the 1800PetMeds Calling All Pets Sweepstakes & Contest Works

Submission Phase

The Calling All Pets Submission Phase is open now and extends through May 12th, 2015. This is the time to upload a picture of your pet and tell us why he or she should be the star of our next TV commercial.

You can enter one pet each week until the Submission Phase ends. Each week during the Submission Phase, 4 random winners (2 dogs and 2 cats) are chosen to receive a Pet Care Prize Pack. The Pet Care Prize Pack includes important products to help care for your furry friend, including a 3-pack Flea and Tick Supply, a Pet First Aid Kit and $50 in merchandise credit for the purchase of any of our high-quality 1800PetMeds Private Label products. Approximate Retail Value of $145!

That’s a total of 24 random Pet Care Prize Pack winners by the end of the 6-week Submission Phase! But the fun doesn’t stop there…

Calling All Pets Open Voting Phase

Following the Submission Phase, the Open Voting Phase begins! From May 20th-June 3rd, 2015 all 24 random winners from the Submission Phase will be posted for public voting. Limit one vote per person per day.

To help encourage voting, 1800PetMeds is entering all voters in a random drawing to win a Sony 55″ LED 2160p Smart 3D Ultra HD TV with an Approximate Retail Value of $2,999.99! The winner of the voting prize will be notified on or around June 5, 2015.

It’s at this point that the Top 10 Finalists (5 dogs and 5 cats) will be determined and then move on to the final phase of the contest.

Top 10 Finalists Judging Phase

This is when the real excitement happens! Our judging panel will score the 5 Finalists in each category (dog and cat) in each of the following categories:

  • Appropriateness to Theme (50% of total score)
  • Originality/Creativity (30% of total score)
  • Clarity of Expression (20% of total score)

Two Grand Prize Winners will be chosen, one dog and one cat.
Winners of the Calling All Pets Sweepstakes & Contest will star in a 1800PetMeds TV commercial, filmed in his or her own home!

What’s more, the winning pet’s parents will receive a Sony 55″ LED 2160p Smart 3D 4K Ultra HD TV, Approximate Retail Value (”ARV.”) $2,999.99 each! So, you could get your pet on TV and a brand new TV to watch it on!

Remember to submit an entry each week to increase your chances of winning and be sure to share this with friends so they can vote and get their own chances to win a Sony 55″ LED 2160p Smart 3D 4K Ultra HD TV! Enter today and show America why your pet is the superstar of your home.

Enter Calling All Pets

Have a dog and a cat? Don’t make this mistake!

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Cats and dogs have many physiological differences

Cats and dogs often live in the same household like brother and sister. One is usually big and the other one small, one barks and the other meows. Many times we use the same veterinarian for both, and in certain instances, the same medication may be prescribed for both. This makes some of us sometimes incorrectly assume that cats are just little versions of dogs. Although there are some superficial similarities, cats and dogs are very different physiologically and from a medical treatment point of view. Read More »

How to restore peace between cats

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Sardine Catnip Toy3

Lately my maniac brother Harley has been getting on my last nerve! Whenever I am having fun, he always has to ruin my Good Times. So I have hatched a brilliant plan to keep him occupied and out of my fur. Read More »

[NEW PRODUCT] Keeping pets calm just got easier!

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Adaptil and Feliway

Even the most well-mannered pets can experience anxiety and stress, resulting in some unsavory behavior. When we go through times of change, excitement or upheaval, so do they! Of course, we have the luxury of understanding our circumstances (and the reasons behind them) better. As pet parents, we must help our pets get through tumultuous times.

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What you need to know about your pet’s medication dosage

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Medication dosages can vary in surprising ways between humans and animals

Humans and dogs have been friends for at least fifteen thousand years. It may be possible that living so close to each other for so long has caused similarities in certain traits and even in certain diseases. Obesity, hypothyroidism, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorders, and even certain cancers have been seen in both dogs and humans at a higher rate than those seen in the wolf that runs wild and has no human contact. Although some of these similar conditions may also have similar solutions in pets and humans, it is important to note that the doses of medication used in humans and in dogs could vary greatly. This week Melissa Selinger, our pharmacist student from Nova Southeastern University, will give an example of the difference in dosing for one of the most popular medications used in both human and veterinary medicine. Read More »

The one thing every cat should do after Easter

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Easter Daisy1

Did you all have a happy Easter? I wore my best Easter bonnet so the Easter bunny would know to bring me lots of presents and treats. But what I really look forward to each year at this time is…. Read More »

Behavioral issues in cats may not be what you think

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HomeoPet Feline UTI+

You were away from home longer than usual. When you walk in your door, you’re hit with an overpowering odor… and you know just what it is. But why? You may jump to the conclusion that your cat sprayed or urinated outside the box as a passive-aggressive way to say, “Your absence is unacceptable! You’d better come home on time from now on.”

In reality, there may be something altogether different going on with your furry companion.
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Pet safety is no April Fool’s Day joke

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The first day of April is known by many as a day for practical jokes. April Fool’s Day gives some a green light or excuse to say something or do something that isn’t based in truth. These jokes more often than not result in laughter, and the person who has been the victim of the prank often says something like “I didn’t even pay attention to the date” or “I should have known!” This whole day of pranks makes me wonder something about my own pets: do pets understand the concept of a practical joke? Do animals have the capacity to mislead each other or do something that isn’t based in truth? Jokes can be fun and the source of laughter and joy if planned properly; if not, they can create an atmosphere of danger. When my neighbor told his wife a few years ago that their dog ran away (as an April Fool’s day joke), she rushed home and in so doing got a speeding ticket. It would have been a lot worse had she gotten into an accident on the way home. After giving it some thought, I’m not sure how I feel about April Fool’s Day as a holiday or as a day for celebration. Call me a party pooper but I would probably prefer not to become a victim of someone’s practical joke, and I have no interest in playing a practical joke on another person. Read More »

Get prepared for April Fool’s Day!

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April Fool2

Heh heh heh! Guess what special day is coming up on Wednesday? April Fool’s Day! This is one of my most favorite days of the year, on account of I love to play practical jokes. In case you are still trying to think of a funny joke to play on someone, I will tell you about a great trick I played on Harley. I got the idea from reading a comic book! First, I saved up my allowance and bought  this fancy Whoopee Cushion…

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The importance of the expiration date

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Pay attention to drug expiration dates

Many pet owners would choose to skip their vacation or the purchase of a new television set if it was a choice between those things and the health of their pet. Everything seems so costly these days: dinner out, movies, clothes, even water which should really be free is on the shelves everywhere for sale in plastic bottles. Those of us with pets quickly come to realize that pet ownership is very costly under ordinary circumstances, and an unexpected illness could easily lay ruin to the most carefully planned out budget. Shopping around to decrease some of the costs associated with healthcare is generally not a bad idea, but sometimes I get calls from pet owners who want to cut costs in ways that are potentially harmful, such as trying to avoid bringing the pet to the veterinarian when the pet is not well. Another example of a bad idea is to use medication that is past its expiration date. While having a sick pet and not bringing him or her to the veterinarian for proper examination is obviously a very bad idea, many might not so easily recognize other dangers such as using expired medication. Read More »