Daisy’s Boxing Day fiasco

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Even though I am a little bit sad when Christmas is over, there is one consolation. The day after Christmas is one of my favorite days of the year, Boxing Day! This is a special day designed just for cats who enjoy boxes, so we can have a good time with all the leftover boxes from Christmas. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s what Boxing Day means. Let me tell you my Boxing Day tale of woe. After carefully perusing all the leftover boxes last week, I selected this box. It’s just the right size!  Read More »

New Year’s resolutions for your pet

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New year's resolutions for your pet

The beginning of a new year is always a good time to readjust our habits and patterns, even those that involve our pets. We can each apply a little modification to our pets’ lives. A New Year Resolution simple means to “do” an act of self-improvement or something slightly nice for someone. Of course, being pet lovers, to us that “someone” is our pet! We can all be better, give more time to and pay more attention to our pets or even someone else’s!

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Urinary incontinence—there is a solution

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Proin is often prescribed for dogs with urinary incontinence

Incontinence, or the loss of the ability to control the bladder, is not only quite common in humans but is also very common in dogs. This condition is the cause of much stress to pet owners with the task of caring for a pet suffering from it. Inappropriate urination is one of the top reasons why many pet owners resort to the unthinkable solution of surrendering a beloved dog rather than attempting to deal with the problem. In some cases, families can become disrupted to the point of tension which often results in strained relations. Once identified, dog incontinence must be dealt with, and dealt with quickly. To begin, it’s important to understand what causes bladders to leak and not work as they are designed to. Read More »

Merry Christmas and a Harley New Year

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Christmas Daisy1

So, I put on my fanciest most sparkly holiday dress so I could make a beautiful holiday card for you. And because I am a Very Good Cat, I told Harley he could be in the card, too. This was a terrible mistake… Read More »

[Giveaway] Paw Print Ornament Kit

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Paw Print Ornament Kit

This Christmas, you can commemorate this joyful holiday season with your pet forever with the fun and festive Paw Print Ornament Kit.

Inside the kit, you’ll find everything you need to create a keepsake holiday decoration you can treasure for years to come. It’s the perfect holiday project and a great way to include your dog or cat in the festivities!

When you buy the Paw Print Ornament Kit, you’ll get:

  • One packet of air dry clay
  • One rolling pin tool
  • One plastic straw for making the ribbon hole
  • Two sizes of plastic shaping rings (3” and 4”)

A red satin ribbon is also included for hanging your precious paw print decoration on the holiday tree, fireplace mantle or anyplace you might like to be reminded of the special bond between you and your pet.

Create a Holiday Memory You’ll Treasure

Creation and clean-up for the Paw Print Ornament is amazingly quick and easy. The special impression clay requires no mixing or baking, and it’s also non-toxic so it’s gentle on paw pads, too! After making the impression, simply wipe your pet’s paw with a wet towel.

Make a Holiday Memory in 6 Easy Steps:

  • Knead the clay for a few seconds
  • Spread the clay out inside one of the plastic ring molds using the included rolling pin Place your pet’s paw firmly in the center
  • Create a hole at the top with the included straw
  • Allow the clay to dry

When the ornament feels solid and dry, simply remove the ring mold, insert the ribbon through the hole and tie in a bow.

Now you have the perfect ornament to immortalize your beloved pet for years to come!

Win the Paw Print Ornament Kit from 1-800-PetMeds

The Paw Print Ornament Kit is the perfect gift for the pet parent on your gift list, or to accompany a new puppy or kitten brought by Santa.

Making a new Paw Print Ornament for each stage of your pet’s growth is another fun way to give your pet a chance to participate in the holiday festivities. Anytime is a great time to create an heirloom of a beloved family pet!

Win Your Own Paw Print Ornament Kit!

We’re giving away one Paw Print Ornament Kit (as shown in picture above) to two lucky winners! To enter for your chance to win, leave a comment below and share a memory you have of your pet’s first Christmas with you! The winner will be chosen on 12/19/2014. Good luck!

Congratulations to Christina and Victoria, the winners of the ornament kit. Look for an email from us! Thanks to everyone for sharing your holiday memories.

Pet allergies—nothing to sneeze at

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Pets can suffer from allergies, too

Allergies affect people of all ages and can produce a variety of symptoms ranging from mild inconveniences such as red itchy eyes on one end of the scale all the way up to full blown anaphylactic reactions that can affect breathing and be life-threatening on the other end. Most of us pet owners know too well that some people are sometimes prevented from visiting us because they are allergic to our pets. My brother recently developed a cat allergy and he stopped coming over to visit until he found a temporary solution in the form of an antihistamine. After trying a variety of different medications he found one called loratadine, which is an antihistamine that works temporarily to suppress allergy symptoms.

The most common antihistamine that is used for allergies, however, is called diphenhydramine (Benadryl). This drug is extremely effective at suppressing the allergy symptoms, but it does have sedating properties. Most people who take diphenhydramine quickly find that their sneezing is replaced by yawning, neither of which is good to have while playing board games with the family. Loratadine (Claritin) on the other hand does a wonderful job at suppressing allergies but does not cause much drowsiness. Other antihistamines for humans include drugs such as cetirizine (Zyrtec), Chlorpheniramine, Desloratidine (Clarinex), and some others. Some of these have longer action, and some cause less drowsiness. Since product selection between these antihistamines could involve many factors including the potential of drug-drug interactions, it is extremely important to consult with a doctor or pharmacist before initiating therapy. Read More »

Daisy’s tips for a coal-free Christmas

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Are you ready for the holidays? Christmas is one of my favorite days of the year, on account of it is a special day where I get lots of toys and treats. But did you know that Santa Claws keeps a list of all cats and dogs, and he writes down if they have been naughty or nice? I am pretty certain that the nicer you are, the more presents you get! But I see a little problem with this system… sometimes I do bad things, but I still want to get lots of presents. Do not worry, I have worked out a solution for you! Read More »

Little-known winter pet health dangers

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Cold weather dangers

We all know that extreme cold can be a threat to our pets’ health in the winter. However, there are some other threats that can’t afford be overlooked. Here are some other winter pet health dangers to keep in mind:
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Himalayan Dog Chews are a safer alternative to bones and rawhide

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Happiness is a Himalayan Dog Chew!

Happiness is a warm day, green grass and a Himalayan Dog Chew!

Knick, Knack, Paddywhack! Give the Dog a …
Himalayan Dog Chew?!

Isn’t it fun to give your dog a bone? You can’t help but smile watching as he wags his tail with glee and gnaws away for hours. Dogs love chewing on bones so much, they even write songs about it! Nothing matches the enthusiasm of a dog with a bone, but have you ever wondered if those bone shards could break teeth, cut gums or do some kind of damage to your dog’s delicate digestive organs?

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Dealing with your pet’s constant itchiness

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There can be many causes for your dog's persistent itchiness

One of the most puzzling and frustrating conditions that we as pet owners may face is a dog that keeps scratching. This scratching often keeps both pet and owner awake at night staring into the darkness in frustration. Besides the inconvenience and discomfort, continuous scratching in one area can damage your pet’s skin and lead to a possible infection. The most immediate thought that often enters the mind, among the many possible causes, is that your dog could have something crawling on the skin. This leads to possibly over-medicating the pet with topical or oral flea medications and the subsequent loss of confidence in the product’s ability to protect against infestation when your pet continues to scratch.

The reality is that itchy skin can simply be caused by the skin becoming too dry.  Although the itchiness could be the result of fleas or other parasites, it can also be caused by a variety of other factors that may have nothing to do with fleas. Read More »