Your pet’s skin and coat provide clues to overall health

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Fatty acid supplements can help your dog's skin and coat

It seems like a big concern for many people today is keeping the skin looking and feeling young.  Aging gracefully has been for the most part replaced with the concept that aging is a disease that can be prevented. Everywhere we look we see words such as anti-oxidants, free radicals, lasers, surgeries, essential fatty acids, and other drugs or methods designed at keeping us feeling and looking younger for longer than ever before. When we’re young we wish to be older, when old we wish to be young, when wealthy we see the beauty in the simplicity of not having much, and when we’re struggling with finances we believe that money can solve all our problems. Probably the best way to avoid the trap of always looking for that something “else” to make everything better, is to begin appreciating what we do have and to live in the present.  There is something beautiful about a person who appreciates who they are, what they have, does not regret the past, and is not afraid of the future. Read More »

National Flossing Day — the worst holiday, ever!

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Ohai! Even though I’m wearing my lab coat, I am not a dentist. I’m going to tell you about a holiday — Friday November 28th is National Flossing Day. Gross, right?! Most holidays are fun, and you get to open presents or eat delicious food. Not for this holiday! National Flossing Day is a day when people are encouraged to consider the role flossing plays in their dental health. So if you’re a human, I recommend you brush and floss every day. This could be the worst holiday in the world! The only thing worse though, is having poor dental health. Read More »

Dermalone™ Ointment Treats Many Common Pet Problems

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Dermalone™ antibiotic ointment for dogs

As pet parents, we tend to get used to our pets’ scratching, chewing and head-shaking. Sometimes it’s hard to tell when these behaviors are indicating a real problem that needs to be treated — until it becomes annoying or distracting.

If your pet’s constant scratching and licking annoys you, just imagine how your pet feels! Constant irritation of the skin or ears could cause your dog or cat to withdraw from affection, negatively impacting mood and playfulness.

Finding a solution to your pet’s discomfort is a relief to the whole family. Since there are so many possible causes of scratching, chewing, head-shaking and the like, finding a single solution that can treat a multitude of sources is ideal.

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It’s National Unfriend Day– who will YOU unfriend?

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I’ll bet you didn’t know that today is National Unfriend Day, or “NUD.” This is a day when you are supposed to “Unfriend” those Facebook users who are not really your friends. I enjoy making friends more than losing friends, so this is a confusing holiday for me. And because I’m an Indoor Cat, I am not allowed to go around outside looking for friends; this means that I have many online friends. Even though I have never met them in person, or gone to a party with them, or even lounged around the house with them, I still think of them as friends. Read More »

RenAvast is a Safe Solution for Kidney Problems in Cats and Dogs

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Kidney supplements for dogs and cats

The heartbreak of chronic kidney disease in pets

Few things in life are as painful as watching your beloved pet lose the battle with chronic kidney disease. Damage to tubules and tissues in the kidneys impact the natural filtering ability of these vital organs.

Kidney failure causes a dangerous buildup of toxins in the blood. If neglected, your pet could die as a result. Kidney disease is all too common in middle-aged and senior pets, and symptoms can often be mistaken for just the condition of being “old.” Left untreated, chronic renal disease can shorten the time you get to spend together by months or even years. However, there are steps you can take to support your pet’s kidney health.

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Managing your pet’s dry eyes

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Dry eyes are more common in dogs than cats

My cat is extremely selfish, yet he is very much loved. As far as I’m concerned, because Midnight isn’t always trying to be something he’s not, that makes him wholly good and wholly loveable. He always follows his nature and that’s honesty at a very pure level. I was reading a book recently that was based around Eastern teachings that suggested the way to enlightenment is to completely give up desires. Halfway through the book I began questioning the concept or its feasibility, since wanting to give up desires is a desire in itself. I kept reading to see if the author had a suggestion and the theme of meditation came up. He suggested that I stare at a spot on the wall for as long as it takes to “clear the mind.” Two hours later my mind was still whirling, and my only thought was that my eyes had become so dry from staring at one spot for so long without blinking. I’m not giving up just yet on the whole ‘desire to decrease desires’ concept, but I do still have many questions; for example: does Midnight have dry eyes? Does he have to keep staring at things to reach enlightenment? I don’t have all the answers, but I know that Midnight always seems content and he’s always loved. Read More »

Daisy reveals her secret to staying young

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Ohai! You might think that as a professional model, I am a hard-working cat. You would be correct to think this. However, I also have lots of time to relax and just lounge around. You might not realize it (on account of I look so young), but I’m actually a senior, and I don’t mean a senior in high school. I am TEN years old! Since November is National Senior Pet Month, I’ll let you in on one of my secrets for staying so spry… Read More »

[Contest] National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week Contest

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1-800-PetMeds Animal Shelter Appreciation Contest

1-800-PetMeds Helps Those Who Help Animals!

In celebration of National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week, 1-800-PetMeds would like to give your animal shelter or animal rescue operation a special gift to support your efforts on behalf of animals in need of help and homes.

To show our appreciation of your tireless work to feed, shelter and care for neglected, abused and abandoned animals, we’ll be giving away over $1,500.00 worth of PetMeds Bucks and prizes to participating shelters and rescue groups with the most votes.

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What’s keeping your dog awake at night?

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It's important to identify the cause of your dog's insomnia

A close friend recently recommended I watch videos about something called sleep whisper hypnosis to help me fall asleep. Apparently there is a phenomenon called Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) that is supposed to produce a pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, and back in response to hearing or seeing certain things. Watching a video of mundane things such as of someone getting a haircut or scalp massage, or hearing someone whispering a story are such examples. I did try watching a few of these videos and although I can’t claim to have felt any tingling sensations, the gentle whispering really did help me fall asleep more quickly. Now that we have “horse whisperers” and “people whisperers,” I just need to find a “dog whisperer” to help my elderly dog Duke, who has slight arthritis, fall asleep. Read More »

Who’s the dunce? Daisy prepares for National Dunce Day!

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As you can probably tell by my lab coat, I’m no dunce! But did you know there is actually a holiday that celebrates dunces? It’s called National Dunce Day, and it’s observed on November 8th.

What exactly is a dunce? I looked it up in the dictionary, which said that a dunce is defined as “a slow-witted or stupid person.” Hmmm, that’s not too nice! In olden days, when a student misbehaved or acted like a dunce, as a punishment he had to wear a pointed hat called a dunce cap. The conical hat was supposed to funnel knowledge straight into the wearer’s head. Read More »