What is it about chocolate that’s so bad for dogs?

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Dogs beg for treats that may not be good for them

I just watched a story about the Ivory Coast farmers who are the largest exporters of cocoa beans in the world, and yet they had no idea what the cocoa beans are used for.  They somehow decided that their beans are being used to make wine. This falsehood spread throughout the village and from generation to generation. The farmers harvest the beans and yet they have never tasted chocolate, or even knew about it. When a man came over from the city and gave them all a piece of chocolate, their eyes lit up and they were amazed as well as happy that their hard work creates something so delicious. This story brought to mind two separate things: Firstly, if awareness of an object or a fact is not complete, the mind fills in the blanks even though many times the part that is filled in is completely wrong. Secondly, I started thinking about chocolate and dogs, and how people eat almost any amount of it and have no adverse effects (except to the waistline), yet a dog could get poisoned with an ounce of the same product. It’s sad to see my dog Duke watching me with those big, brown eyes when he sees me eating chocolate and it’s obvious that he wants a small piece for himself. Read More »

Daisy gets Maxed out

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Psssst! Is that dog still behind me? Max is always trying to steal my thunder! Just because he’s a TV star and wears a lab coat, he thinks he’s top dog. Well, I’ve been thinking…. give a yellow Lab a coat and what’s he wearing? A LAB coat! I think I look much more purrfessional in my lab coat. Read More »

#PetMedsMutt photo entries = Chance to win $100 PetMeds gift certificate

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Upload your #PetMedsMutt photos for a chance to win $100 towards a future PetMeds purchase

Did you know next Thursday, July 31st is National Mutt Day? This special pet holiday was created to raise awareness concerning mixed breeds available for adoption, but to also celebrate these lovable pets!

In celebration of the holiday, we’re giving away five $100 PetMeds gift certificates for pet photos uploaded to Instagram with the hashtag #PetMedsMutt.

To enter:

  1. Upload a new photo of your pet to Instagram
  2. Include the hashtag #PetMedsMutt in the photo caption/description field

Please note, tagging old photos with the hashtag will not be eligible. The photo with the hashtag must be a new uploaded photo. Winners will be randomly selected and announced on the PetMeds Facebook page on August 1st. Take a peek at some of our current #PetMedsMutt entries available on our Facebook page.

Don’t worry if you’re pet isn’t a mixed breed – this giveaway is open to all dogs and cats regardless of breed! Take a look below at some of the current entries we’ve received.

Interested in ways you can help mixed breeds? Contact your local shelter to make a financial donation or to inquire about products needed. Some shelters and rescues may also need volunteers so it would be a good way to also get help from them in that area.

Feeding your older pet for optimum health

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Good nutrition is even more important as our pets age

As our pets get older, their energy level goes down and they may seem to be eating a lot less than they used to. Older pets may develop illnesses that the pet didn’t have when he or she was younger. Their disrupted immune system predisposes them to maladies such as allergies, joint inflammation, infections, skin disorders and even allergies to foods that they have eaten their whole lives without problem. My dog Duke, who is now 13 years old, suddenly developed sensitivity to certain foods and now even a bite of that food gives him diarrhea and makes him lethargic for a day or two. I’ve decided this is a good time to learn more about feeding the older pet. Read More »

Daisy celebrates the 45th anniversary of the moon landing

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This is my most patriotic suit! I wore it yesterday to celebrate the anniversary of a huge accomplishment. Yesterday was the 45th anniversary of the Lunar Landing on July 20th, 1969. NASA astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the very first humans to set foot on the moon. That was way before I was even borned! Read More »

How to prevent litter box problems

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Litter box issues are a common problem

One of the most difficult things a cat owner may  have to deal with is a cat having litter box problems. Sadly, more cats are sent to shelters or rejected because of this one problem than anything else. In this blog I will try to give a few bits of advice about this complex topic that usually leads to frustration for the owner and also puts the cat’s life in danger. Read More »

Celebrate Bastille Day with Daisy the Curly Cat

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How do you like my chapeau? That’s French for “hat.” You might wonder why I’m wearing a French beret, and why my hat is so BIG. Today is Bastille Day, a special day to celebrate everything French, which is why I’m wearing this jaunty beret. My hat is so big on account of my head is tiny. Read More »

How to determine the correct syringe for your pet’s insulin

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It's important to use the correct syringe for your pet's insulin

A syringe is a syringe, right? Actually, syringes come in different units of measure, different sizes, different needle length, different needle width, different, different, different! Giving insulin to a pet, especially if you’ve never done that before, is stressful enough without having to worry about giving the wrong dose. Unfortunately the body of an animal (or a human) is not so willing to forgive an insulin overdose. Hypoglycemia can and frequently does become life-threatening. Read More »

Daisy reflects on the FIFA World Cup

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Are you following the World Cup? I admit that I jumped on the bandwagon late, when the United States team was advancing to the final 16. Even though the US is no longer in the tournament, it is still a fun sport to watch. I even have my very own soccer ball! I have a confession to make–sometimes I get confused between soccer and football. Read More »

Tuggo adds tug-of-war fun to your pet’s summer

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Enjoy more outdoor time this summer with the Tuggo Dog Toy

As pet parents we’re always on the lookout for new toys we feel our pets can get excited about. If your pet tends to take their toys apart it’s certainly a benefit when the toy lasts longer than a few minutes of bringing it home.

This summer consider giving your pet a Tuggo Dog Toy. Whether you’re at the beach, dog park or your own backyard this durable tug-of-war style dog toy has adjustable resistance up to 20 lbs making it a great toy for dogs of all sizes and breeds.

Tuggo dog toy

Curious how the Tuggo Dog Toy works? Its unique design includes a tug rope which passes through a hollow plastic ball. Simply use as is (weighing 1 lb), or you can adjust the resistance of a Tuggo Dog Toy to give your pet more of a workout during playtime. Simply unscrew the cap on the ball and fill with water, sand or gravel to the desired weight. Place the cap back on and give to your pet for playtime!

What do you think of the Tuggo Dog Toy? Is this a toy your pet would enjoy?

Looking for more toys and supplies to make the most of summer with your pet? Read our pet supplies checklist.