Instantly control dog barking with the Bark Genie + GIVEAWAY

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Control barking indoors and outdoors with the Bark Genie

Springtime means outdoor time! While pet owners and their pets are out walking, playing and enjoying the change of season, this time of year could also create additional distractions for your dog causing him or her to be on alert.

It’s no secret that barking is your dog’s way of alerting and protecting your family from potential dangers, but in some cases this natural alarm system can become frustrating not only for you but for your neighbors as well. Controlling excessive barking may be achieved with hours of discipline and training, although it may not work 100% of the time.

First Alert Bark Genie available at 1800PetMeds

That’s why the Bark Genie is your silent solution to instantly stop annoying barking. With its ultrasonic technology, the Bark Genie immediately detects barking within a 50 feet radius and emits an ultrasonic sound only dogs can hear to instantly stop their barking behavior. Not only is the Bark Genie safe and effective for indoor or outdoor use, it also works on dogs of all breeds and sizes!

Whether it’s the noisy dog next door causing you restless nights, or your own dog incessantly barking when the doorbell rings, the Bark Genie can eliminate all of your dog barking problems with the touch of a single button – at the price less than most training sessions.

Comment to win your own Bark Genie!

Leave a comment below sharing your barking frustrations. We’ll randomly select one comment on Friday, April 25th as the winner of his or her own Bark Genie. Good luck!

Congratulations to Janet Venable! You won our random drawing for the Bark Genie.

Itchy dog? Understanding atopy in pets

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Atopy affects as many as 10% of all dogs

Last week I ran into my friend Jenny who reminded me of my first job as a pharmacy intern at a pharmacy in Bayside, New York. Jenny was the head pharmacist there and she was a beautiful young woman who seemed to have everything a recent graduate could want: intelligence, friends, family, a wonderful profession, and a great job. Every day when I came in for my shift, Jenny would greet me with a great big smile and a loud “good morning Mr. Eddie!” Her entire demeanor was saying “I am happy and wish to spread some of this happiness to you.”

One day as I was putting stock up on the shelves I noticed that Jenny began to seem uncomfortable and had lost her characteristic good cheer. No one could understand what had caused such a change in Jenny’s demeanor. A week later Jenny explained to the whole staff that she had something called Atopy or “atopic syndrome” and her whole body was full of an itchy rash which required her to be on medication. It was apparent that these medications had caused a change in her personality. Since Atopy also occurs in pets I thought it would be a good week to discuss this condition as well as some of its treatments. Read More »

Daisy is chillin’ with her Peeps

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If you celebrate, did you have a good Easter yesterday? I did, I did! One of the best things about Easter is the chance to wear a pretty Easter bonnet. I also got to wear my “Cute Chick” tee-shirt. Usually it is a mistake to combine a casual tee-shirt with a fancy bonnet, but I think in this case it works.

Easter2 Read More »

Get the ultimate protection against fleas and ticks!

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It’s springtime, and you know what that means. It means it’s time to defeat all the yucky, lurking bugs that are just waiting to jump on your unsuspecting pet. The most common bugs that impact your pet are fleas and ticks, and both can cause major problems. Skin allergies, hot spots, skin infections, deadly disease and even internal parasites are some of the troubles fleas and ticks can cause. Sometimes, it takes just one bite to cause major damage. Read More »

Daisy’s tax day advice

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Well, tomorrow is Tax Day. That means it’s time to gather up your tax forms, calculator, and a crayon and start preparing your taxes. I have the E-Z form, so this should be a snap!

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Bella spreads the word about National Pet Day

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Hi everypawdy! It’s me, Bella. Today is April 11th and do you know what day it is? It is National Pet Day. This day has been founded by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert & Animal Welfare Advocate “Colleen Paige”  with the motto “Adopt, don’t shop.” I have been given permission by the Animal Miracle Foundation + Network to use their pretty logo for this blog:

April 11th is National Pet Day Read More »

Dog boredom – The #1 cause of mischievous behavior

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When dogs get bored, many problems can occur. These problems can include digging your yard, chewing furniture, or even trying to escape. The reason why your dog may get bored is because dogs are naturally social animals. They are used to living in packs and constantly having others around them. So, when you leave your pup alone for a while, even just to go to work or to the mall, your dog could get bored and start to wreak havoc in your home. Read More »

Steroid Responsive Meningitis in beagles

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Beagles are prone to a condition called steroid responsive meningitis

The ’80s were truly an interesting decade full of great music and strange hair. Musicians of the ’80s had their own particular sound, and that decade is probably responsible for more “one hit wonders” than any other time period in history. Not only were the 1980s great for music but some of my favorite books were also written during that time: The Color Purple introduced us to the struggles of “Celie” and the book Watchmen describes superheroes who suffer with what they consider human weaknesses. Another one of my favorite books from that time period is called Ender’s Game which is about a highly intelligent boy (Andrew “Ender” Wiggins) growing up at a time when children are recruited to fight off an alien race. What actually made me think about the 1980s and beagles this week was being told that the beautiful Vanessa P., our Content and Inbound Marketing Director, not only has two beagles but one of them she actually named “Ender.”

To people who  love beagles, the ’80s were extremely important for veterinary medicine because research identified a syndrome called Steroid Responsive Meningitis (SRM) also known as Beagle Pain Syndrome (BPS). This condition, although first discovered while researching beagles, can also occur in several other breeds. Most of the cases occur in dogs under a year old but it can occur in later years, and both sexes seem equally susceptible. Inflammation of the vessels in the central nervous system causes what appears to be neck pain, weakness, a hunched over back, cervical pain, fever, and changes in appetite. Read More »

Daisy’s advice for National Pet First Aid Awareness Month

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First aid1 copy

First aid2 copy Read More »

Bloating is life threatening. Don’t let your dog suffer.

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Although it may not seem like a big deal if your dog is a little bloated after eating a meal, it can actually be life threatening. In fact, bloating kills 20,000 dogs per year, and is generally caused by eating too quickly. Have you ever watched your dog eat? For the most part, dogs tend to gobble up food in a blink of an eye. It may take your dog only 1-2 minutes to eat, which isn’t very long considering how much food is in the bowl. Read More »