Daisy Celebrates National Cat Health Month

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February is National Cat Health Month, but even more importantly, today is my BIRTHDAY! I know it is very hard to believe, but I am ten years old now. You are probably thinking, “How does Daisy stay so young and beautiful looking?”  In honor of National Cat Health Month, I will share my secrets because I want every cat to be happy and healthy, just like me. Keeping in tip-top shape is really pretty simple. Here is my 4-point plan:

  1. Take the right supplements
  2. Eat healthy food
  3. Take care of your teeth
  4. See your veterinarian regularly

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Celebrate National Pet Dental Month by brushing your pet’s teeth

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Did you know more than 80% of pets over 3 years old have periodontal disease (gum disease)? That’s why it’s so important to take care of your pet’s oral health. If you have a regular dental/oral regimen for your pet, good for you, it’s one of the most important ways to keep your pet happy and healthy. If not, it’s time to start.

February is National Pet Dental Month, which reminds us that our pet’s oral health is just an important as our own. Periodontal disease occurs when bacteria in your pet’s mouth hardens on your pet’s teeth and becomes a layer of plaque. Periodontal disease can affect both dogs and cats and it includes symptoms such as:

  • Drooling
  • Painful mouth
  • Loose teeth
  • Chewing on one side of the mouth
  • Receding gums
  • Sneezing, nasal discharge
  • Bleeding or red gums
  • Tooth loss

The worst part, periodontal disease not only affects your pet’s teeth, it can also affect different organs in your pet’s body. Chronic periodontal disease can cause infections of the liver, heart and kidneys. As a pet parent, you definitely want to prevent that!

A finger toothbrush provides a gentle method of removing plaque and food debris from your pet’s teeth.

Therefore, brushing your pet’s teeth is a must! Brushing bacteria from food and other debris away from your pet’s teeth reduces your pet’s risk of getting periodontal disease. When brushing your pet’s teeth make sure to only use toothpaste made for pets. Never use human toothpaste on your pet. Some pets may need to work up to a regular toothbrush, until he or she is comfortable with one. In the meantime try using a finger toothbrush, which fits on the end of your finger and is less invasive.

Be Fresh Dental Care Solution is available at PetMeds

Also, consider adding a water additive to your pet’s water bowl. The solution helps kill plaque and bacteria every time your pet takes a drink. Although  water additives and brushing your pet’s teeth are two great ways to reduce the risk of  periodontal disease, check out the Dental Care Guidelines for more easy ways to take care of your pet’s teeth.

As pet owners ourselves we know how important your pet’s dental health is; that’s why we’re giving away 10 dental health kits filled with easy-to-use dental products such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental wipes, treats and more!

To enter, visit the Pet Dental Month Sweepstakes on our Facebook page for your chance to win!

Helping pet parents and pet allergy sufferers coexist

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Pet owners and allergy sufferers can peacefully coexist

My brother came over last weekend and right away he started complaining that my cats were causing him to cough, and scratch his skin. For some reason this past year he developed an allergy to my cats and this has made planning family functions quite difficult. Even a simple cup of coffee and a chat now is not possible unless we meet at the local Starbucks.

At first I took it personally; I knew that my brother wasn’t a big fan of cats and I somehow felt that he was hatching some sort of plan to get me to see how much trouble my cats were. After he came over the last time however, I had no doubt that the rash I was seeing was real and he even began having a runny nose and other clear allergy symptoms. Sure, I know that some people have pet allergies but why did it have to be my own brother? As I sat there feeling bad I started wondering, can pets can be allergic to people? After thinking about it for a while, I decided to put my experiences and thoughts on paper so hopefully I can rid myself of resentments and maybe even help another person who may be facing a similar problem.

Here are some basic ground rules for pet owners and their house guests: Read More »

Daisy prepares for the Sochi Olympic games

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You might be wondering why I am wearing this sporty hoodie today, especially since it is not glamorous like most of my fancy suits. Here is a hint…I am preparing for a big event coming up in just a few days! Can you guess what it is?

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Finding the right treat for pets with grain allergies

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Many pets are intolerant to grains in the diet

Did you know that before we started raising dogs as household pets they roamed free and ate mostly meat? It’s true! In fact, our pet’s digestive system isn’t really made to handle all the grains some pet foods and treats contain. That’s why many of our pets have an intolerance to grains. A diet high in grains such as wheat and corn can lead to problems such as stomachaches, ear infections, and even skin issues. Read More »

Kennel cough, a condition of our times

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Kennel cough is transmitted from dog to dog

Maybe my memory is mistaken, but it seems as though the changes that have occurred over the past forty years have been not just technological in nature. It seems that somehow people themselves have changed in very contradictory ways. For example, when I compare the athletes playing in the 70s and 80s to today, the John McEnroes and Walter Paytons for example, I notice that today’s athletes seem to be at a whole different level. Not to take anything away from the heroes of the past who were phenomenal in their day, the athletes of today seem almost “bionic” in strength and speed compared to the athletes of a generation ago.

Now when we go to the opposite side of the spectrum and discuss illnesses, it seems that for some reason illnesses have gotten worse and scarier than past years. I never heard of the “old timers” sitting around discussing cancer when I was a child the way people do today. Illnesses that were never heard of before seem to be surfacing and causing much pain and suffering. Fibromyalgia was an illness I had never heard of, even when I was in pharmacy school in the early ‘90s, but now it’s a condition almost everyone has heard of. It seems to me that more people have back pain, myalgia, cancer, colitis, and a number of other illnesses than a generation ago. Read More »

Harley tells all

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Is this thing on? Ohai! You were probably expecting to hear from Daisy today. But guess what? It’s me, HARLEY! Since Daisy calls me the Harleymaniac, you might think I am one crazy cat. Well, I am. But I like to do other stuff, too. Today I’ll tell you some important things about me.

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Bella cheers for Change A Pet’s Life Day on January 24th

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Hi again everypawdy! It’s me, Bella Pomeranian again. This January 24th I am teaming up with my furrends at PetMedsHill’s Pet Nutrition, rescue groups and animal shelters on a National Day to promote pet adoption. Hill’s will pay for the first ten adoptions at each of their 300 partner animal shelters across the country, and the new pet owners will receive some free Science Diet pet food.  If you know of someone who is ready to add a new four-footed fur child to their family, tell them about this so they can take advantage of the additional help being offered by Hill’s.

Hill's is giving away free pet food to promote pet adoption

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Ease aggressive behavior and have a blast with your pooch!

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Active dogs are less likely to get into trouble

Sometimes when your dog is pent up in the house for too long, or hasn’t had the appropriate amount of exercise, he or she can start to develop some aggressive behavior. Unfortunately, this aggression can rear its ugly head and cause destructive behavior such as chewing, barking or destroying your furniture. Read More »

Dealing with your dog’s dry, itchy skin

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dry itchy skin in dogs can have several causes

The phrase “having thick skin” to describe someone who can take a lot of abuse and still be forgiving or even somewhat happy must not have been coined by a person who knows anything about dogs. A dog’s skin only contains one layer compared to a human’s skin that has three different layers. Yet, with only that one layer, most dogs can keep a positive attitude as they withstand quite a bit of abuse, neglect, mistreatment and more. The fact that a dog will generally accept an apology from his or her owner no matter who the owner is or what they have done certainly makes me want to re-evaluate that saying.

Because dog skin is a single layer, it is extremely sensitive to a variety of conditions. Some of these can be treated and the condition relieved or cured, while other conditions are caused by something that cannot be cured but only managed. In those cases, managing the condition day-by-day or week-by-week does sometimes allow the dog to be as symptom-free and as comfortable as possible. Read More »