Bad “dog” breath: Learn how to prevent it!

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This is a guest post from Debra Jo Chiapuzio, president of the Emma Zen Foundation and a pet first aid expert. The Emma Zen Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on pet safety. The foundation’s main goal is to provide pet oxygen masks to firefighters and other first responders.

Brushing your pet's teeth can ward off dental disease!

It’s the month of amore, so pucker up and go give your pet a smooch! What? You didn’t brush your teeth? Oh I’ve been there- please go take the time to take care of that. But what about your pets? They feel like that daily, compounded by years if you have never provided proper dental care. Can you imagine NEVER brushing your teeth?

Did you know plaque turns into tarter in 24 to 48 hours? According to the American Veterinary Dental Association, “more than 98% of dogs with bad breath suffer from gum disease, and 80% of our canine friends develop it before they are three-years-old.” And we can do something about it!

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[Giveaway] How do you show your love?

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National Love Your Pet Day

We know you love your pet every day, unconditionally. To celebrate that unique bond you share, this Friday is National Love Your Pet Day! Think of it as Valentine’s Day for pets — a special time to express how much your pet means to you and show him, her or them how much you really care.

Recently, we asked our Facebook friends and fans what they’ll do to celebrate this holiday with their beloved pets. Some of their great ideas included: Read More »

Does your pet need a fatty acid supplement?

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Fatty acids help keep your pet's coat shiny and healthy

The word amazing is used and overused way too much these days.  A new cell phone, a new camera, a new car, anything that is new or different inspires people to walk around saying “It’s amazing!” What I find interesting is that as we look around us and try to find amazing things, we sometimes miss the fact that the most amazing thing of all is actually us. Our bodies and the bodies of other mammals are truly a work of wonder that function better than any man-made machine or gadget. Our bodies have a truly amazing way of regulating itself, fixing itself, creating things, and doing other fantastic things on its own without anyone’s input. Better than any chemistry experiment, our bodies can take one substance that is useless and convert it into something that the body can use. However, there are some substances that seem to be of benefit but for some reason, mammals do not synthesize in sufficient quantities. An example of this is omega -3 and omega -6 fatty acids. Read More »

Some cats are not ready for romance

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Did you all have a happy Valentine’s Day? I enjoy any day that celebrates love. Did you know that I was in love once? It was with a special cat named Skeezix. He had to go to the Rainbow Bridge, but I have lots of special memories of him, as well as this beautiful catnip heart he gave me one year. My brother Harley has never had a girlfriend. Harley decided that he might be ready for romance, and he asked me for some assistance. Read More »

[Sweepstakes] What dogs really want!

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Dog Biscuits for Life Sweepstakes

We’re celebrating Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day with a special surprise. It’s what your dog dreams about — a never-ending supply of delicious, delectable, delightful gourmet dog biscuits! Not just once every few months for a special occasion when Mom or Dad remembers, but tasty, crunchy goodness all the time, for life!

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Spinning out of control: could your dog have OCD?

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Tail chasing, running in circles, or snapping at nothing might seem funny to an observer not familiar with compulsive behavior in animals, but the reality is nothing to laugh about. I was visiting a friend this past weekend and most of the time I was there, his dog was running in circles after his tail. My friend from college was hysterical laughing at this odd behavior and he claimed that his dog does this all the time. Although normal and healthy dogs do sometimes run in circles, bark at the air, and engage in other excessive uncontrollable behaviors in response to a particular trigger, a dog suffering from obsessive/compulsive disorder may begin these behaviors without a trigger and medical literature suggests that the “patient” actually loses the ability to stop the behavior on their own. When I suggested to my friend that his dog couldn’t stop this behavior even if he wanted to, his response was “How do you know that he even wants to stop?” Point well taken, I kept my opinions to myself after that. I’m not trained in diagnosing illnesses but it does seem more difficult to diagnose mental or emotional diseases in pets than in humans since pets can’t clearly describe their feelings and intentions. The thing is that when a particular behavior starts to interfere with the normal life or the health of a pet, it is absolutely time to make an appointment with the veterinarian for a proper evaluation. Read More »

Daisy’s plan for the perfect Cat Health Month celebration

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Daisy Cat Health1

February is National Cat Health Month! We cats might have gotten a little bit cheated, on account of there are only 28 days in February. But we can still make the most of our special month, which is meant to focus on feline health and wellness. I expect to get some balloons, extra treats and a basketful of new toys to kick off this celebration. Oh, and guess what? I turn ELEVEN on February 10th. That’s tomorrow! But since they didn’t name this National Daisy’s Birthday Month, I will stick to the subject of cat health. Read More »

What does responsible pet parenting mean to you?

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What does responsible pet parenting mean to you?

February is Responsible Pet Owners Month, and in a recent 1800PetMeds Facebook survey, we asked pet parents what they believe responsible pet parenting is all about. Read More »

Your dog’s head shaking: a sign of trouble?

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Excessive head shaking can have a number of causes

Almost every pet owner is familiar with the shaking that occurs after liquids get on our pet’s head. That energetic shaking that splashes water everywhere makes it quite impossible to finish giving our dogs a bath without us also getting thoroughly soaked along with them. There is a secret that nobody talks about though—the secret is that, although we sometimes complain about getting wet with the dog, most owners secretly love it when this happens! Most people, including me, consider this part of the fun and excitement of owning a pet. It also provides particular amusement to family members who witness the event from far away, and usually much laughter ensues.

There are times however when head shaking is a cause for concern. When a pet continuously shakes his or her head without an apparent reason, it could be an indication of a possible ear infection, inflammation, or even the result of an uncontrolled allergy. Since allergies are among the most common causes and often even predispose the pet to infections and inflammation in the ears, we’ll start with that topic. Read More »

Groundhog, go back to your burrow!

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Groundhog day1

Happy Groundhog Day! On this day every year, a big rodent named Punxsutawney Phil crawls out of his burrow to predict the weather. If he sees his shadow, that means he predicts 6 more weeks of Winter. If he does not see his shadow, then Phil predicts an early Spring. This year, Phil predicted 6 more weeks of  Winter!Well, I have a big problem with this procedure… Read More »