PetMeds® Hurricane Preparation Tips for Pet Owners

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Hurricane season has officially started! And whenever the potential for this type of weather, it is important to have plans to handle such disasters. First, I highly recommend a permanent pet ID such as an ID microchip. This will help if your pet is lost during the storm. Because not everyone has a microchip reader, I would also recommend getting a collar with an address and phone number for each pet.

If you choose to stay at home during a hurricane I would buy enough pet food and/or kitty litter for cats for up to two weeks supply. For pets that are on medication and need medical supplies, try and buy enough for several weeks. Never leave pets outside during a hurricane, as they can easily become lost in severe weather.

Hurricane preparation can help you and your pet's safety during a storm

During the storm it is often helpful to put a pet and some of his or her toys and bedding in a carrier. Using a carrier can help calm your pet, as well as prevent running out into the storm should he or she get the opportunity during the storm.

If you plan on evacuating your home and leaving your pet behind, it is important to find friends/relatives or a boarding kennel for proper care ahead of time during the hurricane season. Inspect local kennels ahead of time to make sure that they have adequate and safe indoor housing.

If you decide to take your pets with you during an evacuation, there are several points to consider. If pets are small enough to fit in a carrier, guardians should buy ones large enough for them to stay in. Bring an ample supply of water and pet food, food and water dishes, pet meds, toys, vaccination certificates, as well as any pet prescriptions for refills a pet may need.

Call ahead to friends/relatives or motels to make sure the pets are welcome during the storm. Motels will have different pet policies, and not all are universally pet friendly, and often these policies will change from one year to the next so it is important to call ahead. Red Roof Inn, Holiday inn and Motel 6 are a few well known chains that often have pet friendly policies.

Although these storms may be unavoidable, planning can greatly help with ensuring you and your pet are safe during a hurricane and the after effects.