The one thing every cat should do after Easter

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Easter Daisy1

Did you all have a happy Easter? I wore my best Easter bonnet so the Easter bunny would know to bring me lots of presents and treats. But what I really look forward to each year at this time is…. Read More »

Behavioral issues in cats may not be what you think

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HomeoPet Feline UTI+

You were away from home longer than usual. When you walk in your door, you’re hit with an overpowering odor… and you know just what it is. But why? You may jump to the conclusion that your cat sprayed or urinated outside the box as a passive-aggressive way to say, “Your absence is unacceptable! You’d better come home on time from now on.”

In reality, there may be something altogether different going on with your furry companion.
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Pet safety is no April Fool’s Day joke

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The first day of April is known by many as a day for practical jokes. April Fool’s Day gives some a green light or excuse to say something or do something that isn’t based in truth. These jokes more often than not result in laughter, and the person who has been the victim of the prank often says something like “I didn’t even pay attention to the date” or “I should have known!” This whole day of pranks makes me wonder something about my own pets: do pets understand the concept of a practical joke? Do animals have the capacity to mislead each other or do something that isn’t based in truth? Jokes can be fun and the source of laughter and joy if planned properly; if not, they can create an atmosphere of danger. When my neighbor told his wife a few years ago that their dog ran away (as an April Fool’s day joke), she rushed home and in so doing got a speeding ticket. It would have been a lot worse had she gotten into an accident on the way home. After giving it some thought, I’m not sure how I feel about April Fool’s Day as a holiday or as a day for celebration. Call me a party pooper but I would probably prefer not to become a victim of someone’s practical joke, and I have no interest in playing a practical joke on another person. Read More »

Get prepared for April Fool’s Day!

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April Fool2

Heh heh heh! Guess what special day is coming up on Wednesday? April Fool’s Day! This is one of my most favorite days of the year, on account of I love to play practical jokes. In case you are still trying to think of a funny joke to play on someone, I will tell you about a great trick I played on Harley. I got the idea from reading a comic book! First, I saved up my allowance and bought  this fancy Whoopee Cushion…

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The importance of the expiration date

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Pay attention to drug expiration dates

Many pet owners would choose to skip their vacation or the purchase of a new television set if it was a choice between those things and the health of their pet. Everything seems so costly these days: dinner out, movies, clothes, even water which should really be free is on the shelves everywhere for sale in plastic bottles. Those of us with pets quickly come to realize that pet ownership is very costly under ordinary circumstances, and an unexpected illness could easily lay ruin to the most carefully planned out budget. Shopping around to decrease some of the costs associated with healthcare is generally not a bad idea, but sometimes I get calls from pet owners who want to cut costs in ways that are potentially harmful, such as trying to avoid bringing the pet to the veterinarian when the pet is not well. Another example of a bad idea is to use medication that is past its expiration date. While having a sick pet and not bringing him or her to the veterinarian for proper examination is obviously a very bad idea, many might not so easily recognize other dangers such as using expired medication. Read More »

How to keep your aging cat active and playful

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Daisy jumps1

Whheeeeeeehhhhh! I’ll bet you didn’t know I was so acrobatic. I love to leap, jump, and climb on things. You might be wondering, “How does Daisy stay so limber when she is 11 years old?!?”  I’ll tell you! Read More »

Learn from the past to prevent a modern pet poison tragedy

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If you suspect that your pet has been poisoned, immediately contact your veterinarian or poison control center for guidance

It seems like almost every day or week of the year is devoted to recognizing a person, event or special cause. Since this week it’s National Poison Prevention Week, I began writing this blog on the topic of pet poisonings. Halfway through, I realized that although the information is certainly useful, it would be more interesting to connect it to a famous person who might have firsthand knowledge on the topic. Socrates, one of the world’s most famous philosophers, was not a chemist but since he did himself die from poisoning I will credit him with being an expert whether or not he deserves this distinction. First let’s find out what kind of poison was responsible for killing Socrates, and what information such a genius philosopher might shed on the topic of pet poisoning if he were alive today. Read More »

A St. Patrick’s Day celebration your cat will love

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St patricks day2

Ohai! Did you notice my sparkly green bowtie? Most people are getting ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, but I am going to celebrate St. Catrick’s Day instead. St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, and he did some real good things like getting rid of a bunch of snakes. I don’t know too much about him, but I will tell you about St. Catrick. Read More »

[New Product] Does your happy pet look sad? Angels’ Eyes can help

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How to treat tear staining

One of the toughest pet grooming challenges to master is that of tear stain removal. When a cat or dog experiences excessive tearing, called Epiphora, staining of the fur around the eyes, nose and mouth can result. This is due to porphyrins, a compound in the tears that reacts with light creating a reddish-brown, rusty looking stain.
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Is the secret to happiness hidden within our pets?

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Some consider happiness to be the ultimate goal in life. The feeling of happiness has been studied and evaluated to find out why some people seem happy while others do not. Researchers set out to evaluate whether happiness is determined by genes, by life circumstances, or if it’s simply a choice that one makes. While many of these tests seem to fall short of actually answering why a person becomes happy, the conclusion that many of these tests did reach is that happy people do live longer–up to a decade longer than unhappy people. The immune system functions better, the central nervous system is healthier, there are lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and the heart beats at a lower rate in people who describe themselves as being happy. Read More »