Does My Pet Need a Multivitamin?

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A multivitamin is especially beneficial for growing puppies and kittens

One of the more common questions I get in the veterinary clinic is whether or not a pet should be given a multivitamin. In most cases, and especially in growing puppies and kittens, I will often recommend a multivitamin. This is because many key nutrients are lost in the cooking and processing of commercial pet foods, which form the basis of many pets’ diets. Many animal guardians feed the same foods day in and day out. With time, nutrient deficiencies may often develop, if these deficient diets are not supplemented, in my opinion. That is why I always recommend a minimally processed natural diet, such as PetGuard, Wysong or Nature’s Variety.

Ideally, pets should be given complete and balanced raw meat diets, which often do not have to be supplemented. However, even in those cases, it is usually safe to add a complete multivitamin such as Vitachews, or the wonderful multivitamins known as Canine Plus or Nu-Cat from the company Vetriscience. In addition to a good multivitamin, I will also recommend supplementing with a good probiotic/enzyme product such as NaturVet Digestive Enzymes, as well as a good Omega 3 fatty acid supplement such as ones made by Nordic Naturals. I find that by supplementing most processed commercial foods with these supplements, that pet health and wellness are indeed enhanced.