Safer, slower meal times with Gobble Stoppers

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Does your dog seem to eat like each meal is a race to the finish line? Some dogs enjoy meal time so much that they gobble down their food too fast. Although it may seem like a harmless habit, speed eating can actually pose a danger to your pet’s health. Fortunately, there is a way to put the brakes on your dog’s chow time for better digestion.

Dangers of speed eating

When dogs eat too fast, they often swallow large amounts of food without chewing it properly. This can result in postprandial (after-meal) vomiting, choking or abdominal bloating. Bloating can in turn lead to gastric dilation volvulus, where the stomach will rotate or twist. This can result in a serious health emergency. Stomach twisting can create a blockage of blood flow to the heart or other areas of your dog’s body, which may send your pet into shock or even result in death.

Gobble Stoppers – the slow feeding solution

Gobble Stoppers

Gobble Stoppers is an easy, affordable way to slow your dog’s eating. This cute, bone-shaped apparatus instantly turns any ceramic, plastic or stainless steel feeding bowl into a slow feeder.

Just press the strong suction-cup base into the bottom of your pet’s feeding dish and it instantly creates an obstacle, which slows the rate at which your dog is able to eat up to 500%.

Gobble Stoppers are top rack dishwasher-safe and easy to remove using the attached pull-tab. It is made of non-toxic, BPA-free durable plastic and comes in small, medium and large sizes.

Slow your eager eater down to a healthy mealtime pace with the help of Gobble Stoppers, the slow feeding alternative.

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  1. my john john is the fastest dog ive seen to eat everything i mean he just doesnt chew i dont understand it i worry about him

  2. I never knew about issues from eating too fast! We have 2 dogs- we feed the older dog wet food due to his lack of enough teeth for hard food and the younger dog sticks with the kibble. But Kipper likes it when we let him have some of Bandits wet food and man, that dog can scarf a whole bowl down in seconds without a break! He even does that with table scraps too, he’s crazy!

  3. my jack russell/beagle mix doggie Charlie is a speed eater, and he is always getting choked! this would be great!

  4. My mom’s dog is a fast eater and has choked a few times. He’s on medication that makes him hungry so when he gets breakfast and dinner he chows down and it gets pretty dangerous.

  5. Oreo my pitbull sucks his food down so fast I never seen anything like it. MY 4 month old german shepard/dachshund mix eats her so fast and then goes into the other room to eat my pit bulls food. ..they are incredible eaters

  6. I watch my neighbors new puppy very often and he is a GOBBLER. i have never seen a dog eat the way he does…it’s like he’s never seen food before. This would be so great for me to have because I would hate to have him choke while he is my responsibility (or ever). He is a little shih tzu/maltese mix.

  7. We adopted a sweet dog that had be neglected. She was not fed regularly and has developed the habit of eating really fast. It is as though she thinks that someone is going to take her food away. Poor poor pooch! Nothing that we have done has slowed her down. This bowl looks like a wonderful solution to her problem. A larger bowl would be great, thanks!

  8. I actually have two fast eaters-it seems like they don’t even chew the food sometimes-they are like large vacuum cleaners!!

  9. My dog Pucca is poodle/beagle mix. She inhales her food in a second. I dread each time I take her to the vet, because she is overweight, she is on prescription food but consumes it immediately. I tried to place my hand over her food to allow her to breath in between but does not work. I would appreciate if Pucca can get this one.

  10. My little Shorkie, Cocoa, loves to eat his kibble so fast, he chokes on it. Then I try to give him water but, of course, he won’t take it. I’d love to try small gobble stopper for my dog Cocoa!

  11. My mini doxie Sasquatch is hands down the faster eater I’ve ever seen. I’ve tried a few different slow feed bowls but he learns the patterens quickly and they because just another bowl. This would be a huge help for him! Thanks so much for the chance to win one.

  12. Two large breed puppies equals 2 very fast eaters! Always worried the other one has more/something better. So fast they give themselves the hiccups (even when we separate them at meal times).

  13. Little Swami inhales his food. He thinks by eating fast he can go eat his brothers food so he tries to finish first. I have to stand guard. Giving wet food has helped BUT he still inhales like a vacuum! I really want to try this stopper to see if it helps!

  14. I have two rescue Boxers; a female and a male both adult dogs. The male, Scooby Doo, was 10 pounds under weight when rescued and I had to slowly put 10 pounds on over the next 9 months. Because, he was under feed he cries before every meal and inhales his food before my female has begun to eat. It would be interesting to see if this would help. Please also when looking for a Pet consider adopting. They have so much love to give!

  15. I worry about my dog sometimes because he eats so fast that he often chokes on his food. Sometimes I feed him myself by spoonfuls to be sure he does not eat too quickly. This product really sounds like it could benefit my fur man! Thanks so much for this chance!

  16. My dog Max sure could use the large Gobble stopper. He’s a fairly big size dog, being half German Shepherd and half Border Collie. So he has a big appetite. He’s always in such a rush to eat his food. I would love to try out this Gobble stopper for him, especially if it’s beneficial to his health.

  17. We run a greyhound rescue and this is just the thing we need. Greyhounds are notorious for inhaling their food! Having large, deep chests, inhaling food is particularly risky for these retired racers. We’d love to have a large one to use here and to recommend to all of our adopters.

  18. Love this, I have a dog that does just that, she was together with one of her pups for about 5 years and it was always a competition when feeding time came, but she still does it, even after her pup was adopted. This might just do the trick.

  19. I have been looking for one of these for a while. I have two dogs, one eats slow, but the other eats fast. She is a shelter rescue and has always eaten extremely fast, she’ll make her self sick and worst she’ll eat fast to go after my other dogs food and he’ll stop eating and let her. She is eating to fast and too much and he’s not eating enough. I can’t separate them because they will not eat if they’re not in the same room as the other. I would love to have one to slow her down so they both can eat in peace.

  20. Rade, I can’t tell you why he has that name, is from a bad situation at his previous home. He’s a pit/lab mix who has a food aggression problem. I believe he was the only dog is his previous home so I think his problem stems from the mistreatment by his previous human companions. I can’t touch him when he eats which isn’t any big deal. He eats alone so no one else will touch him either. He eats so fast though. Too fast. He eats almost all his food before I get to the next dog. He slams his face down in his bowl so hard it spills it all out and you would think that would slow him down but it doesn’t. I’ve never thought to get him something for it. I feel like a bad dog mom now. I think I knew in the back of my mind that it’s bad for him but I didn’t know what to do for it. That’s no excuse. Thanks for the chance to win a solution.

  21. My pup is such a fast eater. Every time I feed him it’s as if I starve him (trust me, I don’t!). He’s a rescue, so I’m unsure if it has something to do with his past life or just a bad habit. He’s a large dog btw 🙂

  22. Our 9 month old corgi, Biscuit, is an extremely fast eater! We have tried slowing him down with so many different things, including putting a tennis ball in the bowl (he just picks it up and throws it out) and taping a bowl in a bowl (which he ended up just tearing apart). We’d love a small Gobble Stopper

  23. My puppy Addy eats every meal like she’s in a speed eating contest. She’s choked a few times and I’m frightened every time it’s time for her to eat. Having one of these would be amazing and give me peace of mind.

  24. I do not have a fast eater but my son does. He has a 100 lb. lab mix who gobbles his food. He can empty the bowl in way less than a minute. I would love to win this for him.

  25. Not only does eating fast make my dog gassy, it also encourages him to try and still the other dogs food, I prefer for the larger size dish.

  26. My dog eats her food quickly so this would be perfect for her

  27. Pooh, my rescue Chihuahua eats so fast his food is gone before I even put it on the ground and he’s off to see who else he can help eat theirs. I actually try to spread his food all over the ground so he’ll eat it slower because he makes this horrific hoover noise as he inhales. This would be perfect for him.
    Thank you,
    Lisa Popovic

  28. I have 2 small dogs that both wolf down their meal and look and me as if to say, is that all. I have tried putting a ball in the dish but they are too smart and toss it out. Have tried 2 different styles of dishes to slow them down but no great success. The one you are offering as a prize really has promise. HELP!!

  29. my dogs gobble up fast so to beat out others to food. large be great. 3 dogs eat fast.

  30. My Penny can scarf down 1 1/2 cups of food in about 2 minutes i don’t know why she is always hungry. she gets a high quality of food she would benefit from this is she wins .

  31. My dog will literally inhale food without even chewing it. He gets so choked up sometimes, so this seems like a great thing to have!

  32. I have 2 dogs and both of them speed eat and both almost choke a lot while eating. I have to watch them like a hawk and I don’t feel they are safe when they are eating.

  33. My Boston eats like she never ate before. She is a rescue so I don’t know if that was part of her history. I’ve tried lots of slow down bowls but she isn’t fazed. Still eating without even chewing. A small gobble stopper might do the trick.

  34. Daisy (my 8 yr old Jack Russell) flies down the stairs the second she hears her bowl hit the floor in the morning and eats it all up without hesitating. She’d need the small bowl.

  35. My dog Smokey is a rescue Pitt Bull who just can’t seem to slow down no matter what. This sounds perfect for him!

  36. Raleigh, my 112 lb. golden retriever will eat so fast I say he inhales it, he actually drools, drips while getting food ready. He could use a large gobble stopper.

  37. Both my dogs speed eat now I know why they puke.

  38. we have a gobbler named Max, he is a beagle and he basically inhales his food, no matter how we try to feed him its like he has never eaten before

  39. fat frankie eats to fast and sounds like a piggy when he eats

  40. Poor guy he eats so fast sometimes he inhales a piece and it sounds like he’s going to choke to death crazy!

  41. my dog molly eats like a vacuum cleaner. she just sucks her food up. She is finished before my other 2 and then she tries to eat their food also

  42. We have a large Aussie named Calvin and he has always been a speed eater. There have actually been a couple of times when I had to help him cough up food that he got stuck in his throat and that is incredibly scary. We started using three golf balls in his bowl to try and help slow him down, but this product looks like it would work much better. We would need the large size. Thanks for the chance!

  43. We have 2 dogs Sammy and Maggie. Maggie is a cockapoo and is the fastes little eater I’ve ever seen. She scarfs her food down in an instant and then tries to eat poor Sammy’s food next! We’d love to win the small size. This is such a great idea, thanks for the chance to win!

  44. my pup loves to eat fast, he often gobbles his food

  45. This would be perfect for my Burk ! He eats so fast and I don’t know how to control it , I think he thinks the cat is going to take his food . Thanks for the chance.

  46. This would be great for my dog! We actually had a little scare last week when my dog started feeling ill. We took her to urgent care thinking she had bloat. Luckily the doctor just said she was bloated. I noticed she always eats as fast as she can… Hopefully a gobble stopper will help!

  47. I have a large dog, and one of my small dogs that eat too fast. We are always worried about the large dog getting bloat, and the small dog always starts choking afterward and harassing the other dogs for their food because she finishes first. Either size would work in my house.

  48. Abby inhales her food. We add water to slow her down a little. I’d like the small if I won.

  49. My dog eats too fast that it causes him to vomit.

  50. Wow, this would be great, my dog eats so quick that she chokes, I’m not sure why she would keep doing it!!!

  51. My dog Pickles is a fast eater and sometimes throws it right back up.

  52. My 4 year old Pit-Whippet mix is a gobbler. She eats so quickly that it’s not long before it comes right back up. We are concerned about her weight loss. We bought her a bowl that has prongs in it to slow her down but it doesn’t work very well. This looks like it might work better

  53. Would love this for my sisters small dog who is her service animal. He will eat so fast that he throws up. So she has to feed him a few kibbles at a time by hand. This would help her so much since she is wheelchair bound and is hard enough caring for herself.

  54. Leela eats very fast when she gets excited because she thinks she’s going somewhere. When we do go for a ride, eating fast right before the ride can spell disaster! I feel so bad for her when she gets sick 🙁

  55. When our dog eats fast she sometimes gets sick.

  56. We feed our Beagle in the morning and she hogs the entire bowl of food down before we can put the scoup away. lol Would love to win a Gobble Stopper to get her to slow down.

  57. My lab must have learned in the shelter that if she did not just inhale her food she would not get any. I have had her for a while and she still has her food gone before I can blink. Never has slowed down a bit. What a great idea to help her slow down eating.

  58. 5 wiffs and it’s gone. Sometimes it ends up back on the floor. Also teaching the other dog a bad habit.

  59. I have a 1 1/2 yr English Bulldog, Spankie that is like a super wide-mouthed dog vacuum. He doesn’t even come up for air until he’s finished! He’s never been deprived his breakfast or super. He’s been like this since puppyhood. Help! I realy would love to win something thst could slw him down. Thank you.

  60. Both our Shelby and Copper are fast eaters. Copper gets sick more than Shelby

  61. My chocolate lab Deuce seems to inhale his food! Would love a large Gobble Stopper to slow him down to taste and enjoy his food.

  62. Our large rescue dog Chumley gulps his food down without chewing at all. Sometimes he brings it back up just the way he swallowed it. He is the #1 piggy for sure. I would love to win one of the Gobble Stopper attachments to help him eat his food like a doggie should.

  63. When our lab eats, you can literally see him inhale and then take like 5-6 huge mouthfuls of food at once!!

  64. I have two pugs and they’re always choking on their food from eating too fast. Would love to try one of the small ones! Thanks!

  65. I have three little rattys.. Well two rat terriers and a rat terrier shi tzu. The ratshi he’s a speed eater and still a pup. This will help slow him wayyyyyyyyy down. He’s like a vacuum to his food gone in one or two suckitoins,, so please help . All my guys are small under 20 pounds

  66. Our corgi eats REALLY fast. I think something like this would really help him out!

  67. Our puppy tries to swallow his meal whole! this could help!

  68. i have one dog who eats super fast. He eats as fast as he can. The other 2 don’t do that.

  69. My dog Max gobble it up so fast that i think swallow half of it with chewing it up

  70. Roxi will eat so fast…she swallows it practically whole….only to throw it up.

  71. I rescued a pitbull named China from a local shelter almost a year ago. It never fails she gulps her food up in a matter of seconds. I feel that one of these feeders would definitely help her make her food last a little longer. But I guess this has something to do with being starved and only weighing 40 pounds with her bones showing when she showed up at the shelter.

  72. I have a rescue puppy. and for first time of ever having dogs.. I see her gobble gobble down..i was sure it cant be that good for her. be nice to slow her down befor adult . never saw your product.. wow 😉

  73. I have a vizsla thats loves to eat even out of your hand. She eats so fast rhat dhe vomits i really needvto try a large one to see if she slows down her eating

  74. I have a chi-mix that gobbles her food down way too fast. We really need something to help slow her down. I am worried about her eating habits eventually making her sick. I’m curious to see if this would work for her.

  75. I think that Gobble Stoppers are a fantastic idea!
    I have 2 wonderful doggies, mother and daughter Cavalier King Charles
    The “mama” dog, Lara, soon to be 13, has only 2 teeth left because when
    we lived in a house, with several large evergreens that had enormous
    cones, she couldn’t wait to see a large pine cone fall and go fetch it. This,
    over several years, completely destroyed her gums and therefore she lost
    her teeth. At one veterinary visit, the vet decided that 10 teeth were
    unhealthy and pulled ALL of these at once! Poor baby!😪
    The feisty “daughter,” Maya, devours her food as if she has never seen
    any before! It is incredible, she ends up with the food stuck on her long,
    ears, in her nostrils, on her brows…..
    If Gobble Stoppers could help, I will be delighted!

  76. Our dog, Artie eats so fast that i’m not sure he even chews. We have a raised feeder, but that has not slowed him down. I would love to win the large size for him.

  77. I recently adopted a rescue who eats so fast she chokes. It’s a scary proposition. This appears to be the product that will slow her down!

  78. I have 2 English Bulldog pups one 5 months the other 3 months they have a very short face/ nozzle they eat so fast it blows my mind. It can’t be good

  79. I have a great dane and he has been prone to bloat, I think this would help him tremendously! I would need a size large for my mini horse:) Thanks for the chance!!

  80. Our Freddie eats so fast that he gets choked and coughs for a long time after eating. The vet put him on a diet because of his weight so he wolfs his food down in about 3 min. and suffers because of it. This would be awesome for Freddie the Bagel (Bassett hound/beagle) and his health!

  81. our new puppy is the worst offender because he literally ZOOMS through his meals like its nothing and of course, he ends up puking a lot – and it’s the food, exactly the way he ate it

  82. My yorkie can eat faster than I can and I am pretty quick!

  83. My dog Artie is a speed eater. I have a raised feeder and that has not slowed him down. A gobble stopper may be the answer to this problem.

  84. 🐶 Our mini B eagle🐕 is wolfer, goobler when he eats😔. The poor guy, the he barfs up part of it , because he has SUCH a full tummy so fast. We have made a wee bench to put his dishes up on … but..he is JUST excited.

  85. We have three dogs – all rescues. Two of them eat normally but the third (Sparky) inhales her food so fast that there is no way she can taste any of it.

  86. My cat (Chanel) and I would love to have crazy playtime with the Jackson Galaxy Telescoping Cat Toy. Chanel loves those types of toys over all others! She will play for hours & hours if I let her. She told me she would be very heart broken if she didn’t win!😪 So please put us in the drawing & we will keep our fingers & paws crossed! Thank you 😻

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