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The Pet Talk blog features the adventures of Daisy the Curly Cat, a cat owned by one of our employees Abby.

Daisy’s tips for a coal-free Christmas

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Are you ready for the holidays? Christmas is one of my favorite days of the year, on account of it is a special day where I get lots of toys and treats. But did you know that Santa Claws keeps a list of all cats and dogs, and he writes down if they have been naughty or nice? I am pretty certain that the nicer you are, the more presents you get! But I see a little problem with this system… sometimes I do bad things, but I still want to get lots of presents. Do not worry, I have worked out a solution for you! Read More »

Daisy the Curly Cat flips for YEOWWW! catnip toys

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new catnip toys1

I have many obligations, and one of the functions that I take very seriously is Official Toy Tester. Today I have cleared my busy schedule in order to test these YEOWWW! Catnip Toys, and provide you with my test results. I know, this is a difficult and challenging task but I take it on willingly. No need to thank me. Read More »

It’s not too late to enter to win prizes for National Mutt Day!

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You might be wondering why I’m wearing this pointy hat and scratchy beard. In fact, I’m kind of wondering the same thing myself! I don’t know how you longhaired cats do it, because this beard takes a lot of maintenance. But I digress… actually, I am getting ready play Santa Claws and tell you how you can enter to win some fun presents. How exciting! Read More »

National Flossing Day — the worst holiday, ever!

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Ohai! Even though I’m wearing my lab coat, I am not a dentist. I’m going to tell you about a holiday — Friday November 28th is National Flossing Day. Gross, right?! Most holidays are fun, and you get to open presents or eat delicious food. Not for this holiday! National Flossing Day is a day when people are encouraged to consider the role flossing plays in their dental health. So if you’re a human, I recommend you brush and floss every day. This could be the worst holiday in the world! The only thing worse though, is having poor dental health. Read More »

It’s National Unfriend Day– who will YOU unfriend?

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I’ll bet you didn’t know that today is National Unfriend Day, or “NUD.” This is a day when you are supposed to “Unfriend” those Facebook users who are not really your friends. I enjoy making friends more than losing friends, so this is a confusing holiday for me. And because I’m an Indoor Cat, I am not allowed to go around outside looking for friends; this means that I have many online friends. Even though I have never met them in person, or gone to a party with them, or even lounged around the house with them, I still think of them as friends. Read More »

Daisy reveals her secret to staying young

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Ohai! You might think that as a professional model, I am a hard-working cat. You would be correct to think this. However, I also have lots of time to relax and just lounge around. You might not realize it (on account of I look so young), but I’m actually a senior, and I don’t mean a senior in high school. I am TEN years old! Since November is National Senior Pet Month, I’ll let you in on one of my secrets for staying so spry… Read More »

Who’s the dunce? Daisy prepares for National Dunce Day!

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As you can probably tell by my lab coat, I’m no dunce! But did you know there is actually a holiday that celebrates dunces? It’s called National Dunce Day, and it’s observed on November 8th.

What exactly is a dunce? I looked it up in the dictionary, which said that a dunce is defined as “a slow-witted or stupid person.” Hmmm, that’s not too nice! In olden days, when a student misbehaved or acted like a dunce, as a punishment he had to wear a pointed hat called a dunce cap. The conical hat was supposed to funnel knowledge straight into the wearer’s head. Read More »

Daisy dispenses Halloween advice

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Since Halloween is just a few days away, I thought I would unveil my costume… Ta-Da! I’m the Great Pumpkin. Last week I explained the importance of getting a big enough treat bucket. Today, let’s talk about the importance of a good costume. First of all, if you do not enjoy dressing up, it is okay to skip the costume and just wear your furcoat. You can always accessorize with a festive kerchief or hair bow instead. If you do decide to wear a Halloween costume, make sure it’s comfy and easy to move around in. I like this Pumpkin Suit because it’s real puffy, and the color complements my fur.  Read More »

Daisy’s tips for maximizing your Halloween treats

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A small Halloween bag is a mistake

Besides choosing your costume, one of the most important parts of getting ready for Halloween is selecting your Halloween treat bag. I hope you have not already gotten your bag, because I have some important advice to keep you from making a dreadful mistake. See this bag? It is NO GOOD, on account of it is way too small! This candy corn bag is cute, but the goal on Halloween is to get as many treats as possible, so you obviously need a much bigger bag.  Read More »

Daisy takes a spin in the Cat Crinkle Tunnel

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I got this Crinkle Cat Tunnel to test out.  I will admit, at first it did not look like a very fun toy, on account of it was only a few inches long–I could run through this tunnel in less than a second. But then I realized that if you untie the sides, it expands real BIG! Read More »