The best thing you can do for your cat

do not be afraid of the vet

Today I am wearing my lab coat because I have something serious to discuss: your cat’s health. I know, no one enjoys going to the doctor, and especially not cats. But did you know that a study found that more than half of owned cats had not been to the veterinarian in the last year?… [Read more]

Have fun, but remember the meaning of Memorial Day

I hope you are having a nice Memorial Day today! Most of the time I’m all about having fun, playing with toys, eating snacks and just generally having an all-around Good Time (especially on long weekends). But today is actually a serious and important day, because it’s a day for us to commemorate the brave… [Read more]

[Giveaway] Your pet will love these reduced calorie treats

Now that I am getting older, it is harder to keep my girlish figure. And I dearly love my treats! What to do? The solution is simple…  reduced calorie treats! But this will only work if the treats are something delicious I would enjoy inside my tummy. And I am very particular about treats. So… [Read more]