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The Pet Talk blog features the adventures of Daisy the Curly Cat, a cat owned by one of our employees Abby.

Daisy’s tax day advice

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Well, tomorrow is Tax Day. That means it’s time to gather up your tax forms, calculator, and a crayon and start preparing your taxes. I have the E-Z form, so this should be a snap!

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Daisy’s advice for National Pet First Aid Awareness Month

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First aid1 copy

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Harley, Stop That!

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You  know, living with a maniac like my brother Harley can try my patience. I know that boy just wants to have fun, but sometimes he really ruins my Good Times.  But guess what? I think I have found the answer to my problem with this stuff called Stop That! It is a “behavior correction spray.”

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Daisy discusses birds, bees and bugs

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Thursday was the first day of Spring, my favorite season. There are lots of great things about Spring: it’s not too hot and not too cold and, best of all, there are lots of birds and BUGS! Since we’re celebrating springtime, I decided to put on my fanciest feather and insect-adorned hat. It’s pretty, right?


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Daisy goes to the dogs for St. Patrick’s Day

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybuddy. Are you all wearing green? If not, you might get a pinch! Lucky for me, I have this shiny necklace of green jewels to wear so I will not get pinched. My necklace is not made from real emeralds though– I guess you could say they are made from Sham-rocks!

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Daisy springs ahead, Harley gets left behind

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I hope you are all adjusted from the time change this weekend. Luckily I am a well-adjusted cat, so my internal clock is back to normal. But the Harleymaniac is a different story… Look, he’s still in bed!

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Cuddle up with Daisy the Curly Cat

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Ohai! You might think that I am outside, but I am just pretending. I’m actually sitting in a sunny window enjoying the view. Even though I live in south Florida, sometimes I still get cold. For example, if the A/C gets turned down too low…. Brrrrrrr!

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Harley’s heartbreak

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Daisy wigs out for Presidents’ Day

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You might be wondering why I am wearing this cool wig. It is in honor of Presidents’ Day today! This holiday was originally created to celebrate George Washington’s birthday, on account of he is the father of our country. Thanks, George! (am I allowed to call him George?)

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Daisy Celebrates National Cat Health Month

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February is National Cat Health Month, but even more importantly, today is my BIRTHDAY! I know it is very hard to believe, but I am ten years old now. You are probably thinking, “How does Daisy stay so young and beautiful looking?”  In honor of National Cat Health Month, I will share my secrets because I want every cat to be happy and healthy, just like me. Keeping in tip-top shape is really pretty simple. Here is my 4-point plan:

  1. Take the right supplements
  2. Eat healthy food
  3. Take care of your teeth
  4. See your veterinarian regularly

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