A Fun Guessing Game!

Ohai!  Come closer… do you like to play guessing games and riddles? I hope so, because today we are going to play a very fun game!

We will play a guessing game today!

I am going to tell you a riddle, and you get to figure out the answer!  Are you ready? Here is the riddle:

Only one color,
but can change size some

Sticks to my feet
but is not gum!

Loves the sunshine,
and hides at night

Follows me everywhere,
but sometimes leaves my sight

What am I?

You might have to think very extra-hard to figure this one out.  When you think you have the correct answer you can press the Answer Button at the bottom to see if you are correct.  You would not press the Answer Button before you have thought real hard, would you? I didn’t think so.

Do not press the Answer Button too soon!

When you are ready, here is the answer button! Press it to see if your answer is correct. Good luck!

Click here when you think you know the answer!

Did you guess the correct answer?

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  1. Very clever! (the captcha on this site is VERY difficult)

  2. You are so clever Daisy. I thought it was a lizard. I know you like lizards….

  3. Shadow!

  4. I was right! YEAH I got it!!!

  5. I thought real hard and got it right! Yay!

  6. WE guessed right! HURRAH!! This was fun, Daisy.

  7. Ohhhh… you got me! I thought it was a bug!!!

  8. Wow, I did not guess that one. You are very smart!

  9. I guessed correctly, too! That was fun, Daisy 🙂 That is a very cute shirt you’re wearing, too!

  10. We thought it was a sunbeam!

  11. Yay! We got it right!! That was fun, Daisy!!

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