Funny Face

I am a cat of many emotions, and I show them all on my face.  Would you like to see some of my funny faces? Okay, I will show you! First up, this is my Wacky Face.   I make this face a lot.

This is my Wacky Face.

Next, I will demonstrate my Crabby face! This is how I might look on Monday mornings, only I am just acting here.

This is  my Mad face!

This is my Shocked and Surprised expression.   I look like this when Harley acts like a maniac, on account of he does unbelievable things.  I am not pretending when I say that!

This is my Shocked and Surprised face!

Next up, my face of Disgust.  If I could, I would go “Pffffftttt” when I make this face.

Daisy is disgusted.

Are you ready for more? This is my sour face.  I am pretending I bit into a sour lemon.  Acting is hard!

Did I just taste a lemon?

I would like to say that this is my extra-scary face, but I am really just yawning real big here.

Daisy is yawning, but pretending to be scary!

Finally, this is my nom, nom, nom face.   It is best to use this face after getting some delicious treats to show appreciation.  You could also do this to cover your nostrils if you smell something bad!

Nom, nom, nom face

Do you like to make funny faces?

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  1. Daisy, we like your shocked and surprised face the BEST!!! You look even more shocked and surprised than the OMG cat! …and you are WAY cuter, of course.
    xo Katie & Glogirly

  2. Thanks Katie & Glogirly! Maybe I can become an actresscat!

  3. You are a very accomplished actress Daisy! You should win the Acatamy Awards!

  4. You make great faces Daisy! On facebook we found someone passing around a funny photo of you and we said We Know her! (It was one of your actress faces) so we know that you are ever so popular!

  5. “I would like to thank all of my loyal fans for this award…. “

  6. Thanks, Chey! I would like to say I am a great actress, but some of those faces come naturally when I am around Harley!

  7. I make faces too – especially at the snow. That’s when I stick out my tongue. I hate the snow. I am an African goat.

    You are very accomplished Daisy!

  8. Oh Daisy we love your funny faces!! We will have to get Mom to show some of our funny faces, too!!! Have a wonderful Monday!
    Your TX furiends,

  9. Pricilla, I don’t blame you for making faces at the snow!

  10. Thank you Sam, Clem & Mav! I would love to see your funny faces also!

  11. Your faces are priceless Daisy!

  12. Thank you, Rose!

  13. We didn’t realize you were a cat of so many faces Daisy!

  14. I didn’t either, until now! 🙂

  15. Daisy, you are hilarious! All your posts make me laugh out loud. Thank you for the much needed laughs!!!

  16. Thank you! Making people smile and laugh is my very most favorite thing!

  17. We make all sorts of funny faces, just that mum doesn’t get pictures to them!

  18. I guess this shows I always have a silly camera in my face!

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