Year End Review

Hi, everybuddy! A couple of weeks ago I told you all the things I am thankful for.  This does not mean that my Mommeh is perfect.   In fact, it is time for her year-end review!

Daisy is ready to give her year-end review.

Here is my special review form.  I must think very carefully, because I am a fair kitteh. Mommeh, I will grade you on a scale of one to four paws.

Daisy is careful to be fair in her evaluation.

Here are your grades:

Giving Treats on Demand – You only get TWO paws.  I do get treats, but not EVERY time I ask for them… even when I ring the treat bell!

New Toys Daily – Your grade is ONE paw.  Even though I have lots of toys, a new toy every DAY would be best.

Time Spent Petting Me – Mommeh, you get THREE paws here.  I get lots of pettings, but my pettin’ time is interrupted when you leave the house.   Please stay home 24 hours a day.

Play Time Together – You score ONE paw.  I do not always feel like playing, but you should ask me if I want to play a game.  Every hour.

Four paws indicates an excellent review.

I am very sorry, Mommeh, but you need improvement in every area.  I still loves you though.

A fully completed year-end scorecard.

Have you had your annual review yet? How do you stack up?

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  1. Awww, poor Mommeh! We know she deserves four paws across the board!

  2. Well, she is a good Mommeh. I think she will try harder next year!

  3. Daisy…you are a TOUGH marker! I know Mommeh is much better to you and Harley than you portray her. She is always trying hard for her fur babies and you would be SO sad if you weren’t her kidlet.

  4. Oh Daisy! I think you are too hard on your mommeh. Where would you be without her. You might have to live in cold Montana with me. Instead you get to live in warm Florida…..
    I think you should give her 4 paws!

  5. Well, next year maybe I will grade on a curve!

  6. But if I give her 4 paws, then she may never improve!

  7. I think you did a fine job Daisy–Mine would not get that high of score.

  8. Daisy, I must say you have Management’s mentality about grading. If you give 4 paws, there would be little room to improve. However…that can be discouraging..try to be a bit more understanding when she goes on her day hunt. xoxoxoxox

  9. Awww. I hope your Mommeh gets full marks next time. 🙂

  10. It is always good to give them something to strive for!

  11. Well, maybe next time I will allow for Extra Credit.

  12. Do not worry, Keisha, I think she will continue to improve!

  13. Wow, your Mom did better than ours would if we graded her. She’d only get 1 paw or maybe even a half a paw on everything!

  14. I think it is always good to have goals for improvements!

  15. We think that was a very fair appraisal, Daisy. We hope your mommeh improves next year.

  16. We agree with your grades Daisy. We think our mom should stay home 24 hours a day to serve us too.
    Madison and Keegan

  17. Yes, I have to give her something to strive for!

  18. Definitely! This will help her keep her priorities straight.

  19. You’re a tough cookie, Daisy! I like your review form. I think it’s time to rate Glogirly. hmmmmm…how do you think she’ll fare?
    xo Katie

  20. Ooooh, Daisy…You are tough! You’ve given me some good ideas for reviewing my own humans, though!!

  21. Lucky your mommeh only got graded by one kitteh…there are five disapproving of me in most arears in my house.

  22. Daisy the Curly CatJuly 25, 2012 at 11:07 am

    Judith, they must keep you on your very best behavior!

  23. Not as far as they are concerned. There are lots more things that they desire that i don’t allow, such as brother biting, eating out of everyone else’s bowl before the bowl is left, and jumping over old dogs in the middle of the night.

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