Little Do They Know…

This year we decided to break it to Skipper and Slouch that there really is no Santa Claus.  Or Santa Claws, or Hanukkah Hairy, or even red-nosed Rudolph and his herd of yummy reindeer.  The Easter Bunny is another story because they swear they’ve seen it.  Hundreds of it.  “Fine, yes, the Easter Bunny brings you those little, brown pellet-shaped treats scattered around the yard.”  I mean, we had to let them believe […]

Remembering Spud

Skipper and Slouch aren’t the only adopted canines in our life. First there was Spud. When I first met my (soon-to-be) husband, Chris, the love of his life was Spud.  She was his rescue mutt and the sweetest little fuzzy baked potato I’ve ever rocked to sleep on a first date. I think I fell in love with Spud at first sight, which was quite a shock if you’ve never seen […]

Happy Thanksgiving from Skipper and Slouch

Oliver and Dodger. Skipper and Slouch. Salt and Pepper. Grover and Elmo. Comet and Cupid. Jerry and Bobby. Roger and Pete. Bingo and Bongo. Click and Clack. Thing 1 and Thing 2. Ernie and Bert. Marco and Polo. Yin and Yang. They ALL wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and want to know if you’re gonna eat that. Sometimes it takes more than words to give thanks. Sometimes it takes a […]

What Time Is It? Is that AM or PM?

Daylight Savings. Just when you thought it was getting a bit nippy on those “after work” dog walks, they go and make it dark out. Welcome to November on Porcupine Farm, where getting home and letting the dogs out to pee takes on a whole new dedication. I now gear up like I’m going mountain climbing in the Alps. And I have to put the boys on their leashes, which isn’t […]

Where’d Those Superhero Capes Go?

Dodger and Oliver are getting a little old to just be throwing on their Skipper & Slouch Superhero capes (and masks) and running out their doggy door to save the world from disaster.  Too bad because they are so cute when they try to fly.  They wish they could now, fly down to New York City, as it’s been difficult watching Hurricane Sandy (call it what you want) devour and […]

When Pets ARE the Costume!

I know.  It’s all about Halloween, and you were expecting to see Skipper and Slouch all costumed up and tricked out like Salt and Pepper or Batman and Robin or John and Yoko or fuzzy barnyard animals, and I am sorry to disappoint.  We just don’t get real creative at Halloween.  To us, the best part of the night is when our ONE trick-or-treater arrives – our grand (gasp)-nephew, Paul. […]

Lending an Ear – No Matter the Reason

Skipper and Slouch were the (almost) perfect walking partners this past Saturday, helping me log two more miles on my “Pink Power Mission,” tagging along on the Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes’ Walkathon in Ithaca, NY.  Okay, so maybe the boys aren’t so great on their leashes, in crowds, with toddlers, and food, and (gasp) other dogs – but they’re so cute, they can easily be forgiven for tackling the […]