Little Do They Know…

what do you mean there's no Santa?

This year we decided to break it to Skipper and Slouch that there really is no Santa Claus.  Or Santa Claws, or Hanukkah Hairy, or even red-nosed Rudolph and his herd of yummy reindeer.  The Easter Bunny is another story because they swear they’ve seen it.  Hundreds of it.  “Fine, yes, the Easter Bunny brings you those… [Read more]

Lending an Ear – No Matter the Reason


Skipper and Slouch were the (almost) perfect walking partners this past Saturday, helping me log two more miles on my “Pink Power Mission,” tagging along on the Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes’ Walkathon in Ithaca, NY.  Okay, so maybe the boys aren’t so great on their leashes, in crowds, with toddlers, and food,… [Read more]

Walk and Walk and Walk Some More

Skipper and Slouch are ready to WALK!

It’s WALK Season! Well, it’s always walk season with the boys, but October seems to bring the longer walks, the group walks, you know – the pink walks. And the pink collars!  This weekend is a Walkathon that is especially close to my heart – the Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes Walk & 5k here… [Read more]

You Can Never Have Enough Max!

oldies but goodies

It made me kinda sad to learn that the boys aren’t really “dog toy” dogs.  I mean, they don’t rip stuffed squirrels to shreds, and they don’t attack and destroy every fuzzy, squeaky toy ever presented to them.  They’re just not into toys, but that’s probably because they have each other. In fact, they actually use… [Read more]