5 ways to celebrate Love Your Pet Day

Valentine’s Day is over, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop celebrating. In fact, another fun-loving holiday is here called Love Your Pet Day. Love Your Pet Day is celebrated on Monday, February 20th, and it’s a chance to show your pets just how much you love them. Sure, hugging, petting and giving an occasional treat is great, but if you’re looking for something different, here are 5 ways to celebrate Love Your Pet Day.

Keep your pet “pretty”
Although it may not seem like a way to show your pet some love, grooming really does wonders for your pet’s health. Brushing your pet’s hair helps relieve your pet of tangles, reduces shedding, and helps to spread skin oils evenly. Shampooing keeps your pet’s coat dirt free, which means he or she will look like a million bucks. In addition, giving your pet omega 3 fatty acids helps keep your pet’s skin supple, which helps flea and tick topicals spread evenly and helps give your pet ultimate pest protection.

Don’t forget the “pawdicure”! When trimming your pet’s nails, be very careful to avoid cutting the nail quick which can be quite painful and cause bleeding from the nail. The QuickFinder Deluxe Safety Nail Clipper has technology which detects the quick and alerts you before you cut. This is especially helpful if your dog has dark-colored nails that make it difficult to locate the quick.

Cook a homemade meal
Taking a night off from commercial pet foods is a great way to show your pets love . Using proteins such as lean chicken or turkey can really make the difference in your pet’s diet. Homemade diets have been known to help relieve gastrointestinal problems and skin allergies in pets. Plus, they are just downright yummy! If you are uncomfortable in the kitchen, check out Wysong and Taste of the Wild foods, which give your pet great flavor with whole ingredients.

Bake healthy homemade treats
Fattening treats really do nothing for your pet. But did you know that you can make your own? Making your own pet treats is a great way to keep weight under control while also keeping preservatives out of your pet’s system. One healthy and simple treat to make for your pet is chicken jerky. Commercial chicken jerky has in the past been in the spotlight as being incredibly harmful for your pet, so making your own is a wonderful way to bypass unsafe ingredients. Find out how to make homemade chicken jerky treats.

You don’t even have to turn on the oven to make homemade treats for your dog or cat! PetCakes Organic Treat Kits include everything you need to whip up a batch of delicious organic treats in the microwave in just 3 minutes! The kit even includes a reusable pan to make bone-shaped treats for dogs or sardine-shaped treats for cats. Serve them plain, or “frost” them with peanut butter or yogurt for dogs, or anchovy paste for cats.

Give pets their own space
Pets really do need their own space sometimes. Pets feel safe when they have their very own place to hang out, whether it’s a crate, bed, or even a mat on the floor. For instance, when guests are over, or when your pet just wants to relax, having a crate or other spot where your pet can lay, helps your pet feel less anxious. If you bring a crate bed, or mat into your home, place it where your pet usually likes to lay. For crates, just leave the door open so your pet can come and go as he/she wants.

Buy a new toy
Who doesn’t love something new? A new toy gets most pets very excited, and your pet is probably no exception. Whether you have a dog or cat, chasing, pouncing, hunting and fetching are some of your pet’s favorite pastimes. Try using interactive toys to keep your pet interested and coming back for more. Tug-o-war games are a great way to bond with your dog. If you love sharing photos of your pet on social media, the Humunga Bling Fetch Toy is great fun for dogs who love to chase, and your dog will have no idea how hilarious he’ll look sporting a blinged-out toothy grin when he has the toy in his mouth.

Cats particularly enjoy toys that mimic stalking prey, and it’s always fun to watch the tiny panthers play. If you have a catnip-loving cat, catnip-filled toys come in a wide variety of colorful shapes and sizes, and what could be cuter than seeing your cat “smoking” a cigar-shaped catnip toy?

How do you plan to show your pet some extra love?  

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  1. Brittany Marie ThompFebruary 20, 2014 at 3:14 pm

    don’t forget to take them on a nice leasurely walk as well

  2. Great tips to show our love to our beloved four-legged family members. I baked some treats for my dogs and they loved it! Will definitely have to try out your link 🙂

  3. Take them outside and play fetch

  4. Let them sleep on the bed!

  5. I love to give my dogs new treats and toys and take for an extra long walk!

  6. Play date at that dog park !!!!!!!!

  7. Last week we had snow, ice and an earthquake…..today it is in the 70’s! My little doxie Rusty is relaxing in the yard.

  8. Thanks for the jerky great recipe!

  9. My Titus would love to win something! Today on Love Your Pet Day he had to endure a stressful 2 hour visit to the vet. He is elderly and needed a good checkup so winning something would really cheer him up.

  10. my cats love chasing the laser pointer then crawl up on the couch and rest for awhile.

  11. Thank you for all the chances to win.

  12. Also making them a nice home made frozen dinners are nice. My boys get home made dog food then I freeze it. So home made food 2 a day for my boys.

  13. Every day and night here is Love your pet day! Each and every one of our 4 furbabies! I took them to be groomed and pampered today!

  14. today i brought sadie some of her favorite leftovers of my lunch with was Chinese food. She loves Chinese food. And we also cuddled all day.

  15. I had the day off, and since it was Love Your Pet Day I couldn’t think of a better way to spend it than finishing up the sweater I knitted her! Of course, there were lots of snuggle and play breaks mixed in, too.

  16. Bodie (my rescue boy) and I play out in the snow every day… He just loves his “mommy time”. We also make sure to play inside every evening – and then of course, some snuggles!

  17. Give them a doggie vitamin!!

  18. I give her treats when she asked for them. i will also brush her. also she loves to curl up next to me when i sleep. she will juat get under the covers like to say hi mom i ready for bed. she my little angel cat that was brought home by another cat. Shes also a long hair angel in her ealry teens for human years. she found her way to us in 2001 i believe and she was an adult cat when she adopted us.

  19. I spent an entire day doing Spa Day for my 3 dogs and 1 cat. They had so much energy and excitement after they we’re cleaned and groomed. I had the satisfaction of caring for them myself. Always my pleasure and honor to be their Mom!

  20. I have six long hair dachshund and love me to make a fire in the fireplace and have a wienie roast!! My dogs will sit there and smile at me!!! Ilove them so much!!

  21. For us, trick training is an important part of our bond. He loves the mental exercise and the treats that come along with it!

  22. My dog loves to snooze in his bed along with extra long belly rubs.

  23. I show my dog Jax that I love him by getting him professionally groomed. I usually do it myself but my dog loves his day at the doggie spa.

  24. Both my cats sleep on my pillows some nights. I have 2 pillows and 2 cats. I gladly let them (especially because one has arthritis).

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