5 Ways to Honor Your Pet On National Pet Memorial Day

September 8th is National Pet Memorial Day

Pets play a huge role in our lives, and when a beloved pet passes away, the loss can be devastating. It’s important to grieve the loss of our pets, and it’s also important to honor our pets and celebrate the good times that we shared with them.

Sunday, September 8th marks National Pet Memorial Day, a day where pet parents can commemorate pets that have brought joy to their lives. So, whether your pet loss is recent, or longstanding, here are five great ways to celebrate and honor your beloved pet’s life.

  1. Think About Your Pet: One of the easiest ways to honor your pet is to just spend time thinking about him or her on National Pet Memorial Day. It seems so simple, but many times when we grieve our pet, we don’t want to think about him or her because we don’t want to be sad. However, creating new and happy thoughts about our pet’s life can help with the grieving process, and it’s a great way to celebrate your pet.
  2. Plant a Garden or Tree: Another great way to honor your pet is to plant a tree or a garden in your yard. A tree or garden can serve as a living memorial for your deceased pet. You can also add a stone to your garden or beside your tree with your pet’s name on it for remembrance sake.
  3. Give Your Time: If you have some time to give, consider volunteering at a local shelter. Donating your time to other pets in need is a great way to celebrate your pet on National Pet Memorial Day. Most shelters love volunteers and will be happy to meet with you and to discuss ways you can help.
  4. Write It Down: Whether you want to write your feelings down about your pet through a journal, letter to loved ones, or a blog, it’s good to get sad feelings out and keep your pet’s legacy alive. In fact, Bella, our loveable “spokespooch”, wrote a blog about “Dealing with Grief” to inform others about her wonderful sister who passed away.
  5. Donate: Make a plan to donate to a pet charity close to your heart, for example your local Humane Society or the ASPCA. One-time donations are always appreciated and accepted.

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