Are You Guilty of These Dog Park Faux Pas?


Most people love the idea of dog parks -dogs playing together in harmony, and running through endless fields of lush foliage. But then again sometimes that’s not exactly how it works. Many times our pets become the brunt of a dog bully, or even worse our dog acts like the bully. While it’s easy to turn a blind eye and just let dogs play, it’s important to keep other pet parents in mind when we take our pups to the park.

Be a Mindful Pet Parent

Many pet parents will tell you that they can’t stand it when a pet parent pays no attention to their pooch. This allows for dog fights to happen easily. Just like humans, dogs won’t get along with “everyone” they meet, therefore you must make sure your dog is treating others well. If you see some aggression and your dog is involved take him or her out of the situation immediately. It’s also good etiquette to apologize to the other pet parent. The bottom line is, don’t be oblivious to what’s going on with your pet.

Don’t Scold Other Peoples’ Pets

When you see someone else’s dog acting up it may be a basic instinct to scold that dog. However, you shouldn’t try to reprimand anyone’s dog but your own. Many pet parents take offense to other people yelling or warning their pet. Calmly walk over to the other pet parent and let them know their pet isn’t playing by the rules. Pet parents will react better if you talk to them and not Fido.

Leave the Attitude at Home

We all want our dog to have other dog friends and have a great time at the park, but the fact is, some dogs just can’t play nice with each other. Dominant dogs like to be in control of others, and if your dog is dominant and he or she meets another dominant dog, then many times there will be an issue. That’s why you must always keep an eye on your pet, and if need be, keep him or her on a leash for a while. If your pet is still having issues after the first couple of visits, it might be a good idea to play elsewhere.

Truth be told, not all dogs are cut out for the dog park. If we do go to the dog park, just remember it’s our job as dog parents to make sure our playful pooch is  behaving. If we listen to others at the dog park, pay attention to our dogs, and communicate well with other pet parents, surely a good time will be had by all.

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  1. My biggest problem with dog parks is that people neglect to pick up after their pets. Come on, it’s not that hard!

  2. Oh yeah, that’s a good one Chris!

  3. It’s a good idea to excersize your dog before going to the dog park. If dogs can walk or run off their anxiety & pent up energy before getting to the dog park, there will be fewer problems.

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