Dog treats: how much is too much?

A dog looks longingly at a pile of dog biscuits

Most people enjoy giving their beloved pooch a special treat, and there are some nice benefits to treating your pet. For example, treats can reinforce and nurture the bond between you and your pet, and they’re a great training aid to reward desired behavior. But while treats can be an enjoyable and yummy addition to your dog’s diet, too many treats can be unhealthy. The basics about treating your dog:

How many treats can I give my dog? 

Keep in mind that dog treats should make up no more than around 10% of your dog’s total caloric intake. Too many treats can lead to obesity, and a diet filled with treats can be nutritionally unbalanced. Additionally, if you constantly feed your dog treats, the treats tend to lose their value as a training reward. If your dog is overweight, calculate the calories from treats he is receiving and subtract that amount from his regular food intake.

What are some healthy dog treats? 

If you do enjoy giving your dog frequent treats, try breaking the treats into smaller pieces, or look for lower-calorie treats. Lots of dogs enjoy healthy low-calorie treats like bits of carrot, apple, green beans or sweet potato. Plain, cooked pumpkin or a bit of canned pumpkin purée is especially good for your dog’s digestive health. If your dog turns his or her nose up at plain veggies, a treat like Dogs Love Kale or Dogs Love Snapeas are crunchy, tasty treats with the veggies baked right in!

You can also try giving your dog pieces of his regular kibble as a reward; this is especially effective for pets that aren’t free-fed and don’t have food readily available for snacking all day. Do not ever give your dog grapes, raisins, onions, chocolate, or anything sweetened with xylitol as these are toxic to dogs.

All pets enjoy getting a treat, and the feeling of being rewarded. Just make sure to give healthy treats, and treat in moderation.

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  1. Is there any other med for pets wound in the nose?? The German Shepherd have some scratch in nose and whenever apply some ointment it troubles a lot.

  2. We love to reward our dog with treats but know that sometimes less can be more when it comes to feeding a pet. It is good to know that dog treats should make up no more than ten percent of your dog’s total caloric intake. It would not be good for your dog to suffer from obesity because of too many treats. We will keep this in mind as we feed out dog.

  3. How many time to give dog treats for day . Because that l was worried dog to eat too much poo and sick . That to use two time for noon and evening by one treats to best for dog . So please can you explain to me that l was worried over weight by food and treats to less weight that over vet. But the dog to been out walking lots to know that problem to been home to give small treats that all . But because the dog alway to try get more food that l use half biscuit small space to in bowl that all. That why the dog alway hungry food that want get more food .if they have bone to chew up that l try take it too much chew up to make them sick .if you think l was right for information to know that point it .call me 07856574621 to use text . That l am deaf

  4. Hi Glen. There is no set limit on how often you can treat your pet, provided you try to keep the treats to no more than about 10% of your dog’s total caloric intake. If you choose lower calorie treats such as raw carrots, then you’ll be able to give more treats than if you were to give more calorie dense treats.

  5. Be nice that I can win this is hard for me to bye my dog treat sometimes because I’m a senior citizen and she deserves it she’s such a good dog my daughter’s dog die this month from a heart attack it was hard on my grandkids

  6. If u give your dog to many treats they get full and won’t eat there dog food. If they are a small dog they really don’t eat but if you cook a egg over easy and put it in with there dog food they will eat it and it is good for there coat

  7. I give my 2 little dogs treats all day I am cutting down on how many treats I give them now coz I no was giving them to many they are cheeky dog coz they would look at u then run to the cupboard an there little face even me so in law open cooked meat an get them coz there like my baby’s

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