It’s National Pet Fire Safety Day – keep your pet safe

July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day

July 15th marks National Pet Fire Safety Day, which was first launched by the AKC in 2009. In an effort to help reduce the whopping 500,000 pets that are affected by house fires each year, here are a few tips to keep your beloved pet safe.

Home Alone

If you are like most people, at some points during the day your pet is most likely left at home alone. If you leave your pet enclosed in a cage or gate, he or she could be in danger should there be a fire emergency. In cases like these, keep your dog or cat close to an entryway so you or anyone else can help your pet reach safety.

Secure Puppies & Kittens

Make sure you keep a new puppy or kitten away from fire hazard. These little critters tend to have a lot of curiosity and can unfortunately get into mischief quickly. Keep your young pet in a place away from electrical outlets, stove knobs and loose wires.

Put Out Fires

Although they may bring ambiance to a room, candles and fireplaces are an easy target for inquisitive pets. If your pet is left in a room alone with an open flame, it won’t be long before he or she gets hurt. If you are going to light candles or have a nice sit by the fire, if your pets are around, be sure to always extinguish any flame before leaving the room.

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s important for you and your pet to know exactly what you will both do during a fire. Come up with an escape plan and practice the route with your pet. Be sure to make the route simple and practice it a number of times. Some pet owners may find it helpful to push and hold the “test” button on the smoke detector to teach pets to correlate the sound with the procedure.

Announce Your Pet

Placing information on the outside of your house is a great way to let others know you have pets inside during an emergency. A window sticker or cling allows you to write down the number of pets in your home to not only tell rescuers you have pets, but how many they should be looking for. Get a free window decal from the ASPCA at

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