PetMeds’ Pets Share Their Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at PetMeds!

A wise fortune cookie message once read “Value your present moments”, and the Thanksgiving holiday allows us a special time to do this as well as reflect on all the things we’re thankful for.  But what about our pets? If they could talk, what would our pets be thankful for? So naturally, we asked a few of our employees to share their pet’s messages of gratitude.

Harley: “I am thankful for TOYS! My toybox is overflowing with toys and I love digging through it every day to find my favorites to play with. I especially love playing with fishing-pole toys. Once I catch the lure I will never let go! I also like to run and jump and chase Daisy all around the house. Wanna play?”


Daisy: “I am thankful for many things but most of all, I am grateful for my Mommeh. She gives me lots of hugs and kisses, and she knows my favorite spot to be scratched behind my ears. She also gives me lots of treats! Every day I purr a special song into her ear to thank her.”

Daisy and Harley’s owner, Abby R., Digital Content Specialist

Tallulah: “I’m thankful to have a mom that brings me a toy at least 3 times a week, all kinds of treats and  that I have my own couch!”
Tallulah’s owner, Laura T., Quality Assurance Manager



Raven: “I’m thankful to have found a home with people who love me, but I’m MOST thankful for naptime!”
Raven’s owner, Alex I., Online Programs Director


Josh: “I’m thankful for my family rescuing me, but don’t like when they go away without me!”


Lola: “I’m thankful for all my toys & then sleeping afterwards!”

Josh & Lola: “We’re thankful for each other!”

Josh and Lola’s owner, Chris P., Advertising Director


Riley and Ender: “As Beagles, we’re thankful for having such an incredible sense of smell because we instantly know when food is near.”
Riley and Ender’s owner, Vanessa P., Content & Inbound Marketing Director
Riley and Ender

We’d also love to hear what your pets are thankful for this year. Feel free to share the discussion with us on Facebook.

Lastly, we’d also like to wish a Happy Hanukkah to those who may be celebrating later this evening!

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