PetMeds TV Star Photo Contest – Top 10 Finalists

After 2 weeks of voting and sharing, the long-awaited finalists from the PetMeds TV Star Contest have been tallied. We’re proud to present to everyone the Top 10 finalists below:











Thelma Lou
Thelma Lou




We’d also like to thank everyone for participating in the PetMeds TV Star Contest, and wish each of the finalists the best of luck as our judges will make their final decision tomorrow, August 16th for the winners of the grand prize, as well as 2nd and 3rd place.

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  1. “Thank you Shelly for being my new fan. Please visit me at where you can read my story or go to my Mommy’s facebook page Mary Carotenuti where you can see more photos of me. I’m not going to give up on becoming a celebrity……. like I always say… the food dish is half full not half empty.” Love, Fatboy Babushka.

    “Oh.. and to the lady who thinks that Bella’s poop doesn’t stink…. guess what…it does…. just saying. I was going to donate my winnings to the Humane Society too… and I have just as many credentials as Bella….. probably more….I just didn’t list them because I’m not a braggart…… like some people who I won’t mention”.

  2. “Thank you for your comment. I am a little sad… but I like to turn a negative into a positive. Like just a little while ago….my Mommy made a huge sign that reads “PetMeds Unfair to Cats”. She put in on our front lawn mostly to make my Daddy laugh when he comes from work… but it has slowed down the traffic on our busy street… so see? It’s all good”. Love, Fatboy Babushka

  3. I too know many of my friends VOTED daily and at the top of my dogs picture it only showed one friend…..and many could not get it to work…..very disapointed in the way the contest was handled…..

  4. “Tell Jerry to go to my Moms facebook page (Mary Carotenuti) and see the sign I made for all us cats who got ignored by the stinky judges at PetMeds. He will feel much better”! Love, Fatboy Babushka.

  5. “If I wasn’t double-pawed I’d get a violin and start playing…..” Love Fatboy Babushka

  6. LMAO! I don’t know why that just struck me funny…. I guess because it’s true. Whether it’s a lampshade, a hat, or whatever….. it’s true… put anything on a dogs head and it’s funny… but being photogenic is another thing. The winner, Bella, is a very cute little dog.

  7. “didn’t share as much as the dogs did”? I don’t buy it… they wanted a dog and that was obvious. They could have found a cat whose owner knit 3 piece suits and sent them overseas to the troops and worked 2 jobs working animal shelters and homeless shelters and who would donate their winnings to PETA….but they wanted a dog; plain and simple… period!

  8. Thank you for the congratulatory messages for Bella’s win, and I too offer congratulations to the Top 10 Finalists. You all know how hard you had to work to get there, it took so much more than throwing a cute pet picture up on the gallery and then hoping for votes. And yes, we all had the same difficulties with the voting site. I was never sure if the votes were being counted; there were days that I couldn’t vote at all; I heard back every day from friends that tried to vote and had the same issues. In the end it was sheer determination, perseverance, and the help of lot of friends and friends-of-friends networking like wet hornets daily. We worked our butts off never knowing what the actual vote count ever was.

    Again, thanks to those who have posted their congratulatory, uplifting and positive messages. There are way too many who are being downright ugly. Just know that I didn’t have any more information than you did.

  9. What breed is Bella?
    Thank you,
    Patsye Seaback

  10. Please, what breed is Bella?
    Thank you,
    P. Seaback

  11. Bella is a pomeranian.

  12. I think the dog that won is absolutely adorable and deserved to win.

  13. Why did you even have us enter pictures of our cats when you didn’t even plan to have any for the commercial??? Why all Dog’s??

  14. Michelle, I don’t understand your question! These photos are from the August 2011 contest, not the current one. These ten were the top ten vote getters. I guess there were no cats in the top ten. There IS a cat in the 2012 top ten though. And, PetMeds DID put me in the commercial! It has been airing since October of 2011.

  15. \What? another contest? How did I not hear about this? Oh, well, Michelle, you are correct. There were hundreds maybe even millions of pets entered in the last contest and even birds and hamsters, and oh … even a mouse I think. Anyway, the only winners were dogs. I asked all my friends to vote for me and I had my suitcase packed and everything and I didn’t win and I am a cat. You can read all about my experience with this contest here: I ran away from home and everything because I didn’t win just sayin’. Oh, and hello Bella you’ll probably win again this year so congratulations in advance …and Merry Christmas. Love, Fatboy Babushka\.

    Fatboy Babushka has always dreamed of becoming famous. When PetMeds notified him that he was eligible to enter a contest that might make him a celebrity and the \next TV Star\ he was thrilled. He asked all his friends to vote for him and he even packed his little suitcase in the hopes of winning the trip to Florida and starring in a TV Commercial.

    So on 8/1/11 Fatboy Babushka entered the contest sponsored by PetMeds. It was called \The TV Star Search Pet Photo Contest\ and the winner was to star in PedMeds next TV commercial. The pet who received the most votes would become the winner as determined by PetMeds’ judges. The photo below is the photo that was submitted along with the following caption and biography per the contest rules:

    \ … while visions of tuna and catnip dance in his head …\

    \Fatboy Babushka is a 24 lb, 2 year old, double-pawed tiger cat who was abandoned as a kitten and raised by a family of opposums. He doesn’t know how to \meow\. He \quacks\. He loves to be loved and will allow anyone to pet him.\

    On 8/18/11 the winner was announced and Fatboy didn’t win. The winner was a pretty little dog named Bella. The 9 runners-up were also dogs. Out of over 10,000 entrants, not one cat was chosen and that upset Fatboy. He was convinced that he had received a \hundred million votes\ and was so disappointed at losing and embarassed that he had let down all this fans who voted for him.

    Fatboy Babushka was so despondent at not winning the contest he ran to the top of this cat tree and refused to come down.

    Then, when he did … he tried to run away from home so I had to buy him a harness. He is so smart that he was able to escape from his harness in less than 2 minutes but promised not to try and run away again.

    In this frame of mind, he hastily posted a comment on the PetMeds Facebook Page and said:

    \The winner of the PetMeds contest has been announced and I didn’t win. PetMeds … PetShmeds. Mommy told me to be gracious so I won’t say the judges stink even though I think they stink on ice. I’m not bitter … I’m just sayin … they might stink because I didn’t win the contest and I didn’t even win a cat toy. If I gave a rats patoot, which I don’t …. I would write the judges and tell them what I think of them … but I don’t. They can \talk to the butt\ for all I care and if they ever have another contest and think that I will enter, they’ve got another think coming. Mommy says I will always be her little \star\ and besides who wants to go on TV and make a stinky commercial for PoopheadMeds. I’m not even disappointed and I’m not crying, I just have something in my eye. I hope I didn’t disappoint all my fans who voted for me. I have to go and unpack my little suitcase because I’m not going anywhere now; and I have to help my brother, Sunny Papoochie take down my \Congratulations, Fatboy Babushka\ banner that he made for me. Hugs and Kisses to all my fans\. Love, Fatboy Bbaushka. P.S. \Congratulations to the little dog who won the contest … I was just wondering … can you \Quack\? No? Well I can. Oh … and do you have a big flully tail? No? Well, I do. Oh … and can you groom yourself? No? Well, I can … because I’m a Cat .. just sayin\.

    Comments came in from many other cats who also entered and did not win. As not a single cat even made the top 10, Fatboy and his brother, Sunny Papoochie, took it upon themselves to make a sign (see below) and post in on their front lawn.

    Fatboy then wrote another comment on the PedMeds Facebook wall.

    \Sunny Papoochie and I made this sign and it is on our front lawn. We live on a very busy street and it is slowing traffic down – which is a good thing … just sayin’. We dedicate it to all the cats who were overlooked in the contest. Love, Fatboy Babushka\.

    At that point, PetMeds decided to award Fatboy a consolation prize and even posted a photo of him on their website. The photo and their response is below:

    \Congratulations to Fatboy Babushka and his owner, recipients of today’s random giveaway. Hopefully your cat will accept our goodie box as a consolation prize 🙂 Remember, with great catnip comes great responsibility\.

    Fatboy was thrilled because he not only won a prize but he was also featured on the PedMeds Facebook page in their Profile Photos; so he wrote PetMeds the following letter:

    \I would like to thank you all for the very nice comments. I would also like to thank PetMeds for randomly choosing me to receive a consolation prize of a goodie box even though I did not win the contest and will not become the \next TV Star\. I apologize for calling the judges \PoopheadMeds\ and for saying that they \stink on ice\. It wasn’t nice. I’ve never even smelled them … just sayin’. I will be putting my little suitcase on eBay. (The one I bought for my trip to Florida which I won’t be needing anymore). Love, Fatboy Babushka\.

    Fatboy Babushka and PetMeds are now great friends and have put the past behind them. Although Fatboy didn’t win the contest to become the next TV Star, he is still determined to become famous and dreams about stardom. He is writing his biography and has also written a book of poetry for children. He hopes to inspire children to be the best that they can be and to never ever give up on their dreams.

    Fatboy Babushka sells products featuring himself and his friends on-line with 100% of his royalties going to other kitties on Facebook who need financial help for medical treatments and food. He will continue to do so but hopes that he will become even more famous so that he can generate more income to help that many more kitties as well as dogs who may need his help.


    Rebel (Fatboy’s sister): \Oh … no! He’s talking in his sleep again …. some jibberish about not winning a contest.\

    \High Five to all my fans and friends. Love, Fatboy Babushka.\

    10/19/11 – Fatboy Babushka is having a little tantrum because PetMeds removed his photo from their website and replaced it with a cat who is playing the piano. He is insisting I buy him an electric guitar. \Fatboy Babushka … what am I going to do with you\?

    Content copyright 2011-2012. Fatboy Babushka. All rights reserved.

  16. Fatboy Babushka is my brother and he should have won. No offense, Bella, but Fatboy wanted to go to Florida and star in a commercial and he was very disappointed he didn’t win. The runners up should have been kitties also. So I think their contests stink on ice too! Thank you. yours very truly, Sunny Papoochie.

  17. Feel bad for 1-800-pet meds, since they have to deal with craziness of the sore losers. My pet was not into the competition but I enjoyed seeing different animals and voting. At times my vote seem to go off to la la land as I am sure others had the same issue. I am sure that if fatboy had his forces behind him he would have won. Those who won obviously had more. It is a simple process. Vote, the one with most votes win. I am sure Bella and her peeps worked there fuzzy butts off to be winners. I have seen where sometimes she has entered other competition lost, and has been gracious to congrat and wish well to others. That is true sportsmanship. If you cant handle loss may i suggest never for you to place yourself or your pet in that position again. “You cant handle the truth!” Like Jack Nicholson said in one his movies, previously I thought your writing was comical, now you prove openly that you are a sore loser. Deal with it.

  18. Oh hello relative of Bella. I mean, Juls. I am sorry you don’t have a sense of humor. I hope your pet does. Oh, I think I hear him laughing. He gets the joke, too bad you don’t. And, by the way, I think you stink on ice too … sincerely, and very truly yours Sunny Papoochie. by the way, Bella knows we all love her and are happy she won; so lighten up you big hen.

  19. Those are not the top 10 pets with the most votes. What happened to the pets with the most votes? Your rules said you were going to select from the pets with the most votes?

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