Celebrate Plush Animal Lover’s Day with a PetMeds Max Doll

Does your pet have a favorite plush toy he or she likes to play with? I’d like to think my two Beagles, Ender and Riley, enjoy a good stuffed toy yet they always want to de-stuff them, too. Of course it still doesn’t prevent me from buying them new toys. So what’s better than buying a new stuffed toy you know you’re dog will love? How about getting one for free! Well, in honor of Plush Animal Lover’s Day we’re giving away 10 Max dog toys!

Aren’t they cute?

We're giving away 10 Max dog toys!

How to enter to win:

Simply comment below with a story about your dog’s favorite stuffed toy. Please note: Including your email address in the form below will help us contact you if you are chosen as a winner.

Winners will be chosen Friday, November 1st. Good luck!

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  1. My little Peek-a-poo, Toby, took to a stuffed cat shortly after we brought him into our home. He loves that thing like it’s his mother. His second favorite is a little chirping chick we got him one Easter. He goes nuts when we make it chip.

  2. Bo, our black lab absolutely loves bunnies. We got him a
    stuffed bunny for his 1st easter 3yrs ago. It had a squeeky in the middle and he cherished it! Bo took it every where with him, outside for a run, to bed at nite and of course the first thing in the morning he wanted to play with. Unlike his other stuffies, he never tore it apart, just enjoyed it until the stiching started to wear thin. We all miss bunny, but Bo keeps on being the best dog ever!

  3. My little toy poodle, Kolby, loves all the toys I give him. From small little balls he can kick around with his paws, to teddy bears that are his same size. I have noticed that he likes playing with the toys that have a squeaky part to it. Everytime he hears the squeaky noise he jumps up & down to grab it away from me. Everytime me or my husband come home, he immediately greets us at the door & grabs the nearest toy in sight so that we can play with him. Honestly I’m glad he doesn’t have a favorite toy or shall I say everything I get him is his favorite toy. I know Kolby would love one of these plush toys so hopefully we can win one!!!

  4. My little shihtzu , Toby Tangles, LOVES plush toys! Her absolute favorite one is a plush pink heart and she carries it around everywhere. Every time I come home from anywhere, she is waiting to get something new. I never disappoint her, even if I have to secretly take one from another stash she already has and give it to her. She’s so tickled for every one of them!!

  5. My dog has to bring me a toy every time I come home from work. Her favorite is an old ratty kitty that she has all chewed up. darlinpa@yahoo.com

  6. My dog Max loves squeaky toys. His favorite to play with is a cow that has 5 different squeak points in it.

  7. Our pet Akira loves this little blue Eyeore that heehaws. She brings it to me to get it to make the sound. If one of our other pets get it she’ll take it away from them.

  8. Carrie loves this giant blue stuffed ball/animal that wiggles.

  9. My dog loves to play with his Santa Toy. We have to throw over and over every night.

  10. My dog loves the plush toys, but he always seems to tear out the stuffing within a few days. Lately I bought a squirrel plush toy without the stuffing and includes a squeaker. He cannot quit playing with it. He loves the squeak.

  11. Our Corgi/Pom mix loves his Xmas moose. The toy goes everywhere with him

  12. My guinea pig loves to curl up with a plush catepillar I found at the dollar store.

  13. My Yorkie, Buster, has a stuffed bear that he took to when he was very small. We call it his girlfriend and he drags her all over the place. It is almost the same size as he is and it is funny watching him drag it around and especially trying to jump up on the sofa with him dragging her by her ear.

  14. My dog, Bimbo, used to carry around a mini-baby blanket with a stuffed dog’s head on it. He just drug it with his mouth everywhere in the house.

  15. Our puppy, Brutus, is a Mastweiler (bull mastiff/rottweiler mix) and can he ever chew. He is so much fun. I think his favorite toy is a long alligator. So far it’s still recognizable.

  16. my basset hound sookie, needs a new friend to help him stay in his yard. He breaks out daily, so maybe a new friend would help him stay home.

  17. My dog loves his stuffed star. Mainly because he knows it is his own. Ki90ing@aol.com

  18. My dogs name is Malika and ever since we have had gotten her at 8 weeks she has loved a big stuffed dog that was a childs toy that I bought at a yardsale. She destroy’s all her other toy’s, but no not her baby she plays and plays with it throw’s it in the air and it goes everywhere with her 🙂

    my email is courtneyrach@hotmail.com

  19. Our 10 year old black pug, Dartagnan,gets so excited whenever given a new toy -especially if it squeeks (did I see that Max dog has 2 squeekers – he would be beyond ecstatic!). His most favorite though is a black skunk – he’ll push it up against you and squeek for as long as you allow him. The skunk doesn’t look very cute anymore, but luckily the squeeker can be replaced – I’d say we are on about the 100th squeeker:)

  20. My dog loves her teddy bear. She carries it around in her mouth and will go find it when I put it away in her basket. She also loves to eat the flowers off my hibiscus bush.

  21. My dog Roxie, almost 2 years old. She chewed most her stuffed animals up, just one she has left that she didn’t damage yet. It is a pink pig that she carries with her every where she goes. She brings it to bed, lays the pig between me and her and uses my pillow to put her head on and holds the pig like it’s a baby. It is so cute to see this every night.

  22. My rescue mutt Jett is very insecure so he always likes to carry around one of his stuffed toys in his mouth. He constantly takes them out as well and we have to scour the yard to retrieve them for him. His favorite toy is his stuffed raccoon which he has mangled and chewed but still loves. I think it reminds him of the squirrels and animals he chases sometimes in the yard but never seems to catch.

  23. My dog Patch loves her stuffed turtle. Of course, it will only last for a week and then be virtually threads on my rug BUT I will go buy her another because it makes her happy.

  24. My Doberman Pinscher is such a smart, sweet dog! He has a green dragon that he loves! He drags it everywhere! Logan shares it with my husband and myself! It is unstuffed so he is in no danger of tearing it apart and swallowing any stuffing! He is our 10-year old Wonder Dog! Thank you.

  25. Zena, a Whippet pup, never tires of chasing after her PAC-MAN ball. She even brings it in the house and sleeps with it! The inside (of PAC-MAN) is quite squishy, like a NERF ball. It’s exterior is a supple leather casing, all sewn neatly together like a baseball. Unlike other balls, PAC-MAN has an open mouth and Zena can pick it up and carry it around by it’s mouth. It’s easy for her to grasp it with her tiny little mouth.

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